Metallica Donate $50,000 To Haiti Earthquake Relief

Metallica have donated $50,000 to Direct Relief’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. The donation was made through the band’s All Within My Hands foundation.

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“A 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the nation of Haiti, just northeast of Saint-Louis-du-Sud, on Saturday, August 14. According to Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency, this disaster has left at least 2,207 people dead, more than 12,200 injured, and over 50,000 homes destroyed.

The devastation persists as loved ones remain missing, with little comfort taken as bodies are found. Some hope miraculously endures, as survivors are discovered alive in the ruin like the 20 adults and four children – all reported missing – who were recovered and immediately transported to the hospital on Sunday.

Tragedies such as this are precisely why All Within My Hands partners with Direct Relief for our work in “critical local services,” as outlined in our Mission Statement. Direct Relief has supported healthcare providers in Haiti for nearly 40 years, including a significant, multi-year response after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince. Since then, Direct Relief has delivered more than $321 million worth of medicines and supplies into Haiti and is committed to continuing this support well beyond the current emergency.

Visit to learn more and join us in supporting Haitians desperately in need of assistance. Direct Relief will use all contributions designated for the Haiti Earthquake solely for relief and recovery efforts related to the Haiti Earthquake.”

KISS Team Up With David Garibaldi And SPIN To Raise Money For Crew Nation Through Prizeo Live! Partnership

KISS are joining forces with David Garibaldi, SPIN, and Prizeo in an effort to raise money for Crew Nation during the current North American leg of their “End Of The Road” tour. Garibaldi will open each date of the trek by painting live portraits of the band and fans will have a chance to win the artwork by donating $10 to Crew Nation.

KISS shared more information regarding the initiative on social media:

“KISS continues to build on the $600K raised through the tour to-date, by encouraging concertgoers at its 2021 North American shows to donate to Crew Nation for a chance to win one-of-a-kind KISS artwork painted by David Garibaldi

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band KISS is partnering with world-renowned visual artist David Garibaldi, SPIN and leading sweepstakes platform Prizeo to raise funds for Crew Nation at the North American stops on the final leg of their End of The Road Tour.

After having raised over $600,000 on the first leg of the tour, Garibaldi will return as the opening act for KISS by painting live portraits of the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers’ on-stage prior to each KISS concert on their final run. At each concert, fans in attendance will have the opportunity to donate $10 to Crew Nation to enter to win Garibaldi’s painting from that night, through Prizeo’s in-venue functionality Prizeo Live! For larger donations, fans earn additional entries to the charity sweepstakes.

“We are thrilled to be giving the KISS Army the ultimate celebration with our biggest and best shows yet. The End of The Road Tour would not be possible without our hardworking crews, and we are incredibly grateful to be partnering with Crew Nation, as we continue to do our part in helping support the music industry & live music crews,” said KISS.

As a proud promotion & marketing partner for the End of The Road Tour, SPIN will join KISS in their efforts to raise funds for Crew Nation, by utilizing their media presence and sponsors to drive awareness to the organization.

KISS and Prizeo joined forces for the first leg of the End of The Road Tour to pilot the Prizeo Live! in-venue product, as a fun way to engage concertgoers in KISS’s philanthropic efforts.

“Prizeo is proud to be partnering again with KISS and David Garibaldi, this time raising funds for Crew Nation,” said Charity Network Vice President Nichol Carlson. “Our friends in the music industry were among the workers most impacted by the global lockdowns over the last 18 months, and we welcome the opportunity to help these incredible members of the live touring industry as they turn the lights back on.”

KISS and Garibaldi will be performing and fundraising for the next leg of the End of The Road Tour, August 18 through October 9.

To enter to win, just donate a minimum of $10 to Crew Nation in support of their amazing work supporting essential music venue staff and crew that have been out of work for over a year. If you want to give more, you’ll get extra entries and score some cool KISS memorabilia!

To learn more and buy tickets for the End of the Road Tour, visit

For more about Prizeo and its Prizeo Live! technology, please visit

Metallica’s Scholars Initiative Expands Into Nine New Schools

Metallica’s scholars initiative will be expanding into nine new schools this year. That initiative seeks to support community colleges and their career and technical education programs.

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“Following a competitive selection process conducted by All Within My Hands (AWMH) and our partners at American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), nine new schools will receive $100,000 to transform the future of students in their communities. This work is highlighted at a global level by leveraging the influence of Metallica, who continue to speak out about the dignity of professional trades and community colleges as a means to prepare students for the workforce. To date, the Foundation has provided $4.1 million in grants to career and technical education programs.

The Metallica Scholars Initiative is now in its third year and has fundamentally improved the earning potential for students who become Metallica Scholars. Each school intends to prioritize students interested in the skilled trades and those reconnecting to advanced manufacturing careers. Metallica Scholars will be showcased to promote varying skilled trade pathways as a means to economic development.

“The Foundation and the band pay attention and follow these programs and students, and there is no doubt that lives have been changed. What makes this work so unique is that, in addition to supporting students directly, our goal is not just to change individual lives, it is to unabashedly promote the trades as meaningful and well-paying career pathways. We are not afraid to be loud nor to dig in on things we believe in, and we believe in these students,” said Dr. Edward Frank, Executive Director of AWMH.

“As the country recovers from the pandemic, career and technical education is essential to rebuilding communities and the resilience of America,” said AACC’s Jen Worth, Senior Vice President, Workforce and Economic Development. “From the first year, AACC has been honored to design and conduct this important work on behalf of All Within My Hands and AACC’s member colleges.”

Northwest-Shoals Community College, Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Pima County Community College, Tucson, Arizona
Hartnell College, Salinas, California
Victor Valley College, Victorville, California
Clinton Community College, Clinton, Iowa
Central Community College, Grand Island, Nebraska
Columbia Gorge Community College, The Dalles, Oregon
Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, Virginia
West Virginia University Parkersburg, Parkersburg, West Virginia

To learn more about the Metallica Scholars Initiative, please visit”

James Hetfield added:

“As a touring entity we are in direct involvement with multiple essential career choices along our path. From electrical, professional driving, culinary, mechanical maintenance, public safety, logistical organizers. And that just scratches the surface. Those, along with a multitude of other technical careers, make our touring and our performances possible. We are passionate and grateful to these trades and tradespeople.”


Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Helps Heavy Metal Truants Raise Over £1 Million For Children’s Charities

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson recently took part in the Heavy Metal Truants’ “Nine Lives” ride. That event helped raise over £1 million for children’s charities.

The Heavy Metal Truants, who were founded in 2012 by Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood and ex-Metal Hammer magazine editor-in-chief Alexander Milas, bring together fans, musicians and entertainment executives for the annual cycle ride, which goes from London to Donington. They will also be serving as the official charity partners for the 2021 “Download Pilot” event. That limited capacity festival is scheduled to take place at Donington Park on June 18-20. Smallwood said the following:

“Download’s support for the Heavy Metal Truants from day one has been absolutely terrific and much appreciated. It’s especially important now given how hard these charities have been hit by the pandemic, we sincerely thank Andy and Melvyn for their incredible support. It’s all about the kids and these four amazing charities after all — that’s why we do it!”

Festival Republic’s Melvin Benn continued:

“We’re delighted to be able to support the Heavy Metal Truants as the official charity partner of the Download Pilot. It’s a very special event and a very special milestone for the Truants as they’ve hit over a million pounds raised for these four incredible charities.”

Live Nation and Download organizer Andy Copping added:

“It’s always an honor to be able to support the Heavy Metal Truants. Cycling the equivalent of the whole way around the earth in twelve days? That’s an incredible achievement. We couldn’t be prouder to be partners with them.”

Milas also commented:

“The Heavy Metal Truants are a tremendous expression of our musical community. So many people — fans, artists, and indeed industry — have joined us or supported us over the years so hats, or indeed cycling helmets off to them. A million pounds isn’t the finish line for us — we are just getting started so watch this space!”

[via Blabbermouth]

Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Etc. Donate Items For “#ILoveMetal” Charity Raffle

A new “#ILoveMetal” charity raffle has been launched in an effort to raise money for Stagehand, a charity that benefits stage and road crew workers. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motörhead, My Dying Bride, Nuclear Blast Records, and more have donated bundles for the raffle. Each prize has a different drawing and you can enter by donating HERE.

The following was said about the initiative:

“UK Metal Merger is raising money for stage crew charity Stagehand’s #ILoveLive campaign, which is providing financial help for all UK stage crew who are in the greatest need. Stage crew seem to be the forgotten ones in the current pandemic. They’re the unsung heroes of the live entertainment world. Without them shows just couldn’t happen.

The impact of Covid-19 has been devastating for the whole music industry but particularly for the stage techs, sound engineers, guitar techs, keyboard techs, drum techs, stage managers, production managers, tour managers and other live support personnel who make shows possible.

With no shows since March 2020, crew’s income has been slashed with many finding that they are ineligible for any kind of government financial aid. Many are in desperate need and most are sitting with mental health issues.”

Metallica’s Scholars Initiative Expands Into Eight New Schools

Metallica’s scholars initiative will be expanding into eight new schools this year. That initiative seeks to support community colleges and their career and technical education programs.

The following was said on

“In a year fraught with uncertainty, the Metallica Scholars Initiative outpaced expectations, prompting a unanimous decision by the Board of Directors to expand the nationwide program from 15 community colleges to 23 schools in 2021. The Foundation plans to donate $1.6 Million in funding with the goal of reinvesting in communities that have supported the band over the last four decades.

The Metallica Scholars Initiative was created in 2019 through a partnership between the band’s All Within My Hands foundation (AWMH) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), a Washington, D.C. based organization representing the country’s more than 1,000 community colleges. Starting with 10 colleges located in communities that supported Metallica on tour, schools were selected via a competitive application process, each receiving $100,000 toward programs designed to support students training to enter the American workforce.

The Metallica Scholars Initiative has found success by connecting students to skill-building opportunities in their local communities, bridging the talent needs of the American workforce through the community college system. Kicking off the third year of the program, we will be joined once again by Rockford, Michigan-based Wolverine Boots and Apparel, along with other notable partners to be announced, supplementing our cumulative $1.6 million contribution. Wolverine VP of Marketing Andrew Shripka commented, “Wolverine is dedicated to supporting the people who have the grit and work ethic it takes to pursue a career in the trades, and we are excited to join forces again with All Within My Hands to support the next class of Metallica Scholars.”

Final reports from all 15 schools in 2020 proved that, even with the obvious complications presented by a pandemic, each school selected for the Metallica Scholars grant successfully modified programming to provide students with industry-relevant applied learning programs based on local demands. Funding served over 1000 students at community colleges across the US in career and technical training programs last year, and outcomes exceeded expectations.

From Central Piedmont in Charlotte: “97.6% of the Metallica Scholars scheduled to graduate in the spring or summer 2020 semesters were successful. Students across ten different academic health programs were supported by Metallica Scholars funds. Certification exam pass rates and employment rates of those who were eligible exceeded 90%.”

While high rates of achievement are certainly proof that the Metallica Scholars Initiative is accomplishing its goals, we find inspiration from personal anecdotes shared by the students themselves. Emma-Lynn Ponds, a welding scholar from Valencia College, articulates how her training goes beyond establishing a career path when she says, “The whole reason I’m doing this is because I wanna be the first in my family to break the cycle of poverty.”

Jennifer Worth, Senior Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development at the American Association of Community Colleges, works closely with AWMH to connect students with employment opportunities. She speaks to the relationships between Metallica/AWMH and the AACC as well as that between the scholars and the growing workforce in communities across the country saying, “AACC is honored to manage All Within My Hands’ Metallica Scholars Initiative. As we engage more communities, we have the opportunity to connect with more industry partners, each of which affirms that high-quality, skilled trade jobs are available, and community colleges are the premier places to train and amass talent. We will not stop doing this work until that recognition is as awesomely global as the band’s trust in us, our colleges, and the students with whom we work.”

This announcement comes on the heels of a special Metallica Mondays concert, streamed on Metallica’s YouTube channel as a part of our Month of Giving supporting Direct Relief and Feeding America. The fundraising efforts throughout May have included specially designed merchandise, a fan fundraising contest, and an autographed guitar auction. Conceived within the restrictions of COVID-19 and designed to adhere to the Foundation’s mission dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and critical local services, this was our second Month of Giving.”

Metallica’s James Hetfield added:

“It has been amazing to see this program continue to grow and thrive. I get so grateful hearing from those who benefit from our grant. Hearing their story of doubt to direction. From those who are able to pursue additional education leading directly to meaningful employment. It gave us confidence that we are doing the right thing and inspired us to do even more. We are very proud and excited to work with additional schools encouraging even more Metallica Scholars to pursue a profession in the skilled trades.”


Rammstein Auctioning Off Gold & Platinum Awards For Charity

Rammstein have announced that they will be auctioning off some of their gold and platinum awards for charity on The band said the following about that:

“Rammstein are now auctioning carefully selected gold and platinum awards from the band for a good cause. Sorted by albums, the trophies will be released for auction in the coming months. Each time different organizations will benefit from the distribution of the donations. It starts today with Paul‘s platinum award for the album ‘Herzeleid’ – one of the first awards in the band’s history.”

You Can Help Gojira Make A Difference In The Amazon Rainforest

Gojira have launched two new fundraisers in an effort to help save the Amazon. Those include a Propeller auction featuring items donated by members of Gojira, Metallica, Lamb Of God, Bring Me The Horizon, etc. and an art print sale. Notably, the first 500 fans who purchase the limited edition print will have their names added to the final design.

Gojira commented:

“THIS IS A CALL FOR UNITY and solidarity with indigenous peoples, to end genocide and ecocide in the Amazon.

On March 26 we released our new single “Amazonia”. We wrote this song because we feel heartbroken to see the last ancient forest on earth disappearing before our eyes. If it continues at this rate, there will be no more Amazon forest in 15 years. We decided to do something to help the situation. We chose to make a donation and organize an auction to raise money around this release. We want to be vocal about it, raise awareness and start a movement with the help of our brothers and sisters from the metal / rock scene.


Since the dramatic increase of criminal fires and deforestation in the Amazon in 2019, we have been doing extensive research and speaking with some of the fiercest activists in the United States, France and Brazil. We’ve asked for their opinions their opinion and guidance on how to help with the conservation and reforestation of the Amazon rainforest. We quickly understood that the only way to protect the forest is to ensure the survival of its indigenous inhabitants.

Farmlands are taking over the forest at an incredible pace. The current Brazilian government is aggravating the situation. Attacks on indigenous peoples and general violence against them has been increasing at an alarming rate. Harassment, murder, criminal fires on indigenous land… is what’s happening right now.

We have a responsibility: Europe and America are Brazil’s largest markets for consumer goods and raw materials. Our consumer behavior thus helped trigger the situation in Amazonia and is providing incentives for the burning of the rainforest.

The impact of the destruction of the Amazon and its biodiversity can hardly be estimated. It is an irreparable loss for humankind!

The pressure on the Amazon and the (indigenous) peoples living there is growing steadily.

Insightful short documentary on the subject :…​


We spoke with the famous Sonia Guajajara, leader of the Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil (Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation or “APIB”), an organization that represents around 300 indigenous ethnic groups in Brazil and is known as the biggest indigenous owned NGO of the Amazon. We decided to collaborate with Sonia, APIB and many other indigenous leaders to amplify their call for solidarity and support, and orchestrate a movement amongst the music community. We are a community, a clan. Fellow musicians, music lovers, managers, booking agents, fans! Please help us spread this message!

We have the power to make a change. If we act together, we can make a stir and raise money that will empower the guardians of the forest in these critical times and allow us to participate in a plan to contribute in something important for the future of our planet. We will follow up to show tangible results of this operation.

We’ve already made a first donation of $5,000 to the Guarani-Kaiowa community to help finance the construction of 15 “healing houses” to ensure the birthright and health of its people already one “healing house” has been financed so far and hoping to fund many more. This initiative will continue to be financed under the umbrella of the auction for APIB. Other projects will be financed through APIB once these healing houses are built

Thank you in advance for your contribution! Much love and respect

Joe, Mario, Christian and Jean-Michel”

Metallica Donate $75,000 To Feeding America Supporting Texans Impacted By Winter Storm

Metallica have donated $75,000 to Feeding America in an effort to help those who have been impacted by the winter storm in Texas. The donation was made through the band’s All Within My Hands foundation.

The group commented:

“The winter storm that struck Texas last month was beyond anything the state’s residents could imagine preparing for. As temperatures dropped well below freezing and widespread power outages swept the area, families suffered. Grocery chains did the best they could to support their communities, but their supply was hit hard. While temperatures have risen and electricity has been restored in many areas, residents are still very much in the throws of a struggle.

Texans running low on food are finding empty grocery store shelves. Food pantries are running out of supplies. And the freeze has wiped out substantial portions of the state’s citrus and vegetable crops. As part of our commitment to fighting food insecurity, All Within My Hands has donated $75,000 to Feeding America to be distributed to Texas food banks.”

Metallica Raised Over $1.3 Million For Charity With Their “Live & Acoustic From HQ: Helping Hands Concert & Auction”

Metallica have revealed that their virtual “Live & Acoustic From HQ: Helping Hands Concert & Auction” has raised over $1.3 million for their All Within My Hands Foundation. That event was held on November 14 and it can still be watched on demand at until December 2.

The band commented:

“So many of you have already supported us by watching, donating, and participating in the online auction. Once again, your generosity and kindness have blown us away! Thanks to all of you and our generous sponsors, our first-ever pay-per-view event that streamed live a little over a week ago has raised over $1.3 million! Those funds will be used to work with our partners at Feeding America and the American Association of Community Colleges, along with supporting COVID-19 and disaster relief efforts in the coming months.

There are so many people to thank who made this event happen that we don’t know where to start! From the sponsors and those who donated auction items to the mighty Metallica crew who transformed HQ into one giant interactive party; to all of you who purchased tickets and contributed in any way you were able, and to the AWMH Executive Board and Board of Advisors, thank you! Oh, and let’s not forget the musicians who joined us for all the fun, Avi and Henry. This was truly an amazing effort and we hope that the work that All Within My Hands does continues to inspire you as much as it does us.”