Incantation Premiere “Messiah Nostrum” Music Video

Incantation have premiered a new video for their new song “Messiah Nostrum,” via Revolver. This song is from the band’s new album “Profane Nexus,“ which will be released on August 11.

Kyle Severn said the following:

“Our second offering off of our new album Profane Nexus, ‘Messiah Nostrum‘, is about world religion and prayer culminating at a point in the cosmos before time, creating a messiah. This messiah’s only desire is to destroy what created it. The performance was filmed by Don Tyler, who captured the darkness of the song perfectly.”

Incantation Release 360° Video For “Rites Of The Locust”

Incantation have premiered a 360° video for their new song “Rites Of The Locust.” This song is from the band’s new album “Profane Nexus,“ which will be released on August 11.

John McEntee said the following:

“With the advent of 360-video visualizer technology, we were able to convey the song’s powerful imagery alongside the intensity of the music. This song is an example of one of the more aggressive songs on the album. We feel it’s the perfect representation of death metal and everything an Incantation fan wants. Rage motherfuckers!”

Incantation To Release New Album “Profane Nexus” In August, Band To Appear In “Death Metal” Horror Movie

Incantation have revealed that their new album “Profane Nexus” will be released on August 11. You can find a teaser for that below:

In other news, the band have also revealed that they will appear in the upcoming horror film “Death Metal,” which drummer Kyle Severn has been working closely on with writer/director Michael Kuciak. The movie is about fictional metal band called Abyssinister, who “inadvertently write a song so evil that anybody who hears it falls under a deadly curse.” The band’s cameo will be filmed on June 8 at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, OH. Fans are welcomed to attend.