Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Asks Fans To Help His Sister-In-Law Battle Cancer

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe’s sister-in-law Bianca is currently battling Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer and you can help her out by donating via GoFundMe. Blythe shared the following Instagram post regarding the situation:

This is my kid brother Scott’s wife, Bianca– she’s the only sister I’ve ever had, & I love her so very dearly. Bianca is undergoing chemo right now before she has a double masectomy– after that, she has to undergo radiation treatment- she has Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, & it’s brutal. Her spirit is strong, & she’s fighting hard, but my brother still has to go to work, she still goes to work when she is well enough, & they still have my 7 year old nephew to look after- it’s exhausting for all involved, especially Bianca. Over the years I’ve donated to & used my platform to raise money/awareness for various disease related charities– the #LeukemiaandLymphomaSociety, the #StoneCircleofFriends (Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy), the #PinkInkFund (a masectomy tattooing fund), I did a 60 mile walk in 3 days wearing pink corpse paint & a kilt (yes, THAT kilt, from Killadelphia) while pushing an injured friend in a wheelchair to raise money for breast cancer research- all ya have to do is google my name + these diseases & a story will pop up. I’ve posted here about & donated my money to various fundraisers for musicians with medical bills (just scroll back.) I’m not saying this because I’m the greatest dude on earth (because I’m absolutely NOT) but I definitely have tried to use my position as a musician/photographer/writer to help others, whether it’s friends, fans, fellow musicians, or strangers. Up until now, it’s always been people outside my family– sadly, that is no longer the case. It sucks, but I can only try to help out my sister-in-law using any means at my disposal. To that end, Bianca’s friends set up a GoFundMe because this cancer bullshit is EXPENSIVE, so if you can, kick down a few bucks (of course, my wife & I already have)- LINK IS IN MY BIO, or you can go to: If you can’t, send her some positive vibes- she’s the best & my family needs her to stick around for a long time. I freaking hate this cancer crap! And ladies, please check your breasts & get them checked by the lady doctor regularly- it’s a matter of life & death. Thank you for reading this, I truly appreciate it. I love you, Bianca! #fuckcancer #PMA

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He has since followed up with another post thanking fans for their support:

“Humbled” I had my friend @d_villain take this photo of me at the ATL gig yesterday- I bow my head to all of you who responded with donations/well wishes to my last post about a fundraiser for my sister-in-law Bianca, who is currently fighting Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Some of you I know well- you are friends from the music scene, bands, road crew, photography world, literature world, my sober people posse, the surfing & skateboarding world. Most of you I do not know- you are fans of my band, photography, writing, or just people who happened upon my post randomly. Regardless of who you are, I bow my head to you each of you in gratitude & in respect. My brother & his wife are so grateful & are writing something I will post later– right now they are pretty overwhelmed by the response. So am I, but there is a difference- they are bit shocked at the # of complete strangers willing to help them. However, they haven’t spent the last 20 years touring the world making music, shooting photos, writing, surfing/skating, & just seeing our planet– I have. During that time, I’ve met literally thousands & thousands of folks– the vast majority of them have been awesome, so no… I am not surprised. There is still COMMUNITY. You are MY PEOPLE, & my people are good people who have ALREADY helped me help others before this. So am I overwhelmed with gratitude & emotional about this? YES. But am I surprised? Absolutely NOT. And on the topic of generosity– maybe you are someone who can’t afford to give any money- guess what? That’s ok. Don’t feel bad- just help someone else down the line when you can. Or do something to help someone that doesn’t require money- you can do that at anytime. Generosity does not always equal money. Everyone has a talent/skill/resource they can use to make someone else’s life easier- sometimes it’s just listening to someone in a rough spot who needs a sympathetic ear. Never think that you don’t have something to offer others & your community– YOU DO. Once again, I thank you so much- if could, I would bear hug you all until you were gasping for air. Each and everyone of you have BIG HEARTS- that counts more than anything. #fuckcancer #pma

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Watch Footage Of Lamb Of God Performing With Art Cruz (Prong, Winds Of Plague) For The First Time

As previously reported, Lamb Of God have recruited drummer Art Cruz (Prong, Winds Of Plague) to fill in for Chris Adler, who is missing the band’s current tour with Slayer due to “unforseen circumstances.” Now, footage of the group’s first show with Cruz, which took place on July 26 at Gilford, New Hampshire’s Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion, is available below:

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Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler To Miss Upcoming Slayer Tour

Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler will be missing the band’s upcoming tour with Slayer, Anthrax, Testament and Napalm Death, due to “unforseen circumstances.” During his absence, Art Cruz (Prong, Winds Of Plague) will be filling in. The group commented:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to inform you that Chris Adler will not be performing on our upcoming North American tour with Slayer. In his absence, we would like to welcome Art Cruz, who will be filling in at the recommendation of Chris. We expect to see Chris returning in the very near future. We will see you all on the road soon.”

Randy Blythe Praises Sign Language Interpreter Who Went Viral After Translating A Lamb Of God Show

A video of sign language interpreter Lindsay Rothschild-Cross translating a Lamb Of God show previously went viral and now it has crossed over to the mainstream media. ABC News have shared a new story on her and the below video report was shared on “Good Morning America.”

Rothschild-Cross said the following in the video:

“I grew up with Guns N’ Roses, and Alice In Chains and Iron Maiden and things like that. I’ve never actually interpreted for death metal though. This is the first time.”

Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe also issued a statement to ABC News:

“I am always extremely pleased when I see sign language interpreters at our shows, and the show in Austin was no exception. A Lamb of God concert is a highly visceral experience for both the performers and our fans — we all feel the music together in an emotional and physical way, creating a symbiotic exchange of energy that can and does have profound effects. Deaf fans are no different, and I have long been aware that hearing impaired folks can feel the vibrations of amplified sound waves from a loud P.A. system.”

That day, there were several interpreters taking turns — they were all working hard and doing a great job, but Lindsay’s interpretation of our performance stood out to me enough that I hopped down off the stage and sang beside her for a bit. Lindsay and the other interpreters became a part of that massive exchange of energy that occurs at our shows, just as important as any of us performing on stage. I hope to see her at a show in the future!”

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Behemoth Prank Lamb Of God By Invading Their Set Dressed As Lambs

The first North American leg of Slayer‘s farewell tour wrapped up in Austin, TX last night (June 20), and Behemoth decided to pull an end of tour prank on Lamb Of God. While Lamb Of God were performing, people dressed as lambs, presumably members of Behemoth and their crew, invaded the stage and started dancing. Nergal shared footage of that:

U had it coming @lambofgod …🤪💩🤮❤️

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Lamb Of God Premiere New Video For Their Cover Of Big Black‘s “Kerosene“

Lamb Of God have premiered a new video for their cover of Big Black‘s “Kerosene.“ This track will appear on their new Burn The Priest covers album “Legion: XX,“ which will be released tomorrow (May 18). Randy Blythe commented:

Although [Steve] Albini’s lyrics for ‘Kerosene’ evoke small-town boredom, there is no geography more terrifying to me than the ever-spreading and soulless cookie-cutter sprawl of suburbia. After I suggested a suburban location for the ‘Kerosene’ video, director Zev Deans took it to the next level with visual nods to one of my favorite films, the classic punk flick ‘Suburbia’. I first saw this film in the ’80s at the midnight movies at the Naro Theater in Deans’ hometown of Norfolk, Virginia, yet another example of synergy at work. Enjoy!”