Filming Has Started For Upcoming Ronnie James Dio Documentary

Wendy Dio, wife and longtime manager of Ronnie James Dio, has confirmed that filming has already started for the documentary on her late husband. The film will cover the legendary singer’s career from Elf to Heaven & Hell.

Wendy told The Metal Voice the following:

“We just started shooting. We did interviews last week — a few with me, with some technical people, with Geezer Butler [of BLACK SABBATH and HEAVEN & HELL] — and we will continue that in between the [‘Dio Returns’ hologram] tour, we’ll continue on with that. And then, hopefully, that should be out by next year — probably latter part of next year.

We started with Geezer Butler, who’s obviously Ronnie’s best friend from BLACK SABBATH. And I think we’ll probably do some of the [DIO] band while we are on tour. And other people — all the people close to Ronnie, people that played with Ronnie or were influenced by Ronnie and also his childhood years and going all the way through his time with ELF, with RAINBOW, with BLACK SABBATH. And I have so much footage — stuff that people have never seen. I’ve got some Super 8 stuff. I found a whole huge box of stuff — stuff from his childhood, stuff from the RAINBOW days, behind-the-scenes stuff. I’m getting it now transferred, so that we can actually view it.

A lot of these Super 8s were at Ronnie’s parents’ house, and when they passed away, Ronnie and I went there and took a bunch of stuff — we found a bunch of Super 8s — but we haven’t looked at them yet, so we don’t know what’s on them. Hopefully some surprises… I also found a whole bunch of tapes. Ronnie would always demo his songs in his own studio, and we had all these tapes which I had no idea what they were, but Ronnie’s engineer, Wyn Davis, who he always worked with, was over at the house and he looked at me and said, ‘Wendy, this is a goldmine.’ This is demo stuff. This is stuff that probably was never heard before, or it’s the beginnings of songs, it’s songs that haven’t been finished, or have been finished, or were cast aside. He said, ‘This is a treasure trove.’ So we will go through those and hopefully put some of those out as bonus material. We’re gonna do some re-releases that BMG is putting out of Ronnie, which starts, actually, later this year. And so hopefully we can put some bonus material on there. So a lot of exciting things going on.”

Wendy went on to say she is hoping to release the documentary in theaters, before it hits streaming services. She also added the following when asked about the possibility of a Ronnie James Dio biopic:

“No, I don’t wanna do a biopic. Nobody could play Ronnie, I don’t think. I don’t think so. I’d like to do a straightforward documentary of Ronnie’s life, with lots of footage of Ronnie. I’ve got so many interviews that Ronnie did and so much stuff that I’d really like to just keep it very, very natural.”

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Dates Revealed For U.S. Ronnie James Dio Hologram Tour

The dates have officially been revealed for the U.S. leg of the Ronnie James Dio hologram tour. The backing band will consist of Craig Goldy, Simon Wright, Scott Warren, and Bjorn Englen. Tim “Ripper” Owens and Oni Logan will also contribute extra vocals.

Tour Dates:

05/31 Ft. Myers, FL – Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
06/01 Orlando, FL – The Plaza Live
06/02 St. Petersburg, FL – Palladium Theatre
06/03 Atlanta, GA – Vinyl at Center Stage
06/06 Worcester, MA – The Palladium
06/07 Glenside, PA – Keswick Theatre
06/08 Asbury Park, NJ – Paramount Theatre
06/09 Huntington, NY – The Paramount
06/11 Detroit, MI – The Fillmore
06/12 Grand Rapids, MI – 20 Monroe Live
06/14 St. Charles, IL – The Arcada Theatre
06/15 St. Paul, MN – Myth
06/16 Milwaukee, WI – Pabst Theater
06/19 Kansas City, MO – Uptown Theater
06/20 Oklahoma City, OK – The Criterion
06/21 Dallas, TX – Bomb Factory
06/28 Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
06/29 Las Vegas, NV – Brooklyn Bowl

Watch New Trailer For Upcoming Ronnie James Dio Hologram Tour

A new trailer has been shared for the upcoming Ronnie James Dio hologram tour. The hologram, which was created by Eyellusion, will make its U.S. debut on June 1 and details for further touring are expected to be revealed soon. The Dio Disciples will serve as the backing band, while Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest) and Oni Logan (ex-Lynch Mob) will handle additional vocals.

Ronnie James Dio Documentary In The Works

Wendy Dio has revealed that a documentary on her late husband Ronnie James Dio is currently in the works. She told The Metal Voice that she is “interviewing people” about producing the film and that it will cover Dio’s career from Elf to Heaven & Hell. She also added:

“The documentary will go back to his childhood. I have many photos. We have a lot of old videos. There’ll be things that people have never seen.”

On another note, she also offered an update on the Dio hologram:

“We have a new [Ronnie hologram] we’re developing that’s gonna be fantastic. I’m actually seeing the finish of it on the 4th of February, and we are hoping to tour with this probably from May onwards.”

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Ronnie James Dio Hologram Set For Over 100 Shows In 2019

According to Billboard, Eyellusion, the company that created the Ronnie James Dio hologram, has signed with the Agency For the Performing Arts and will be represented by agency partner Steve Martin. With this news, it has also been confirmed that the hologram will hit the road in April and that it will appear in over 100 cities next year. The Dio Disciples will serve as the backing band, while Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest) and Oni Logan (ex-Lynch Mob” will handle additional vocals. Eyellusion CEO Jeff Pezzuti told Billboard the following:

“The big question when we first toured Dio through Europe was ‘Is anyone actually going to show up? We sold out the last three shows in Europe and we did really, really well. We’re such believers in what we were doing and we’re all such massive fans — in my sixth-grade class picture, I’m wearing a Dio shirt, so you can imagine taking this all the way across the finish line has been a dream come true.”

Ronnie James Dio’s Clothing, Gold Records, Guitar, Etc. To Be Auctioned Off

Julien’s Auctions have announced a “Property From The Estate Of Ronnie James Dio” auction, which is set to take place at The Hard Rock Café in New York on September 14-15. The auction will feature a number of items from his early days in Rainbow, things from his time with Black Sabbath, and stuff from his solo band. Among the items included are a sticker-covered wardrobe case, stage clothing, a white Charvel guitar, the Barry Jackson painting that was used as the cover for “The Last In Line”, gold sales plaques, the animatronic sphinx from the “Last in Line” tour, a dragon’s head from the “Sacred Heart”, etc. People will be able to bid on everything in person and online. More info can be found HERE. Wendy Dio commented:

“I am glad that Ronnie’s extensive collection of items will go to his fans, museums, and collectors around the world to be displayed for all to see and enjoy. These items are very special to me but I recognize the historical importance of anything to do with Ronnie and he would want his fans to be able to own, enjoy and see these items for many years to come.”

Wendy Dio Says The Ronnie James Dio Hologram Is “Back On The Drawing Board Right Now”, Thinks The Singer’s Autobiography Will Be Out In Late 2019

During an interview with The Metal Voice’s Jimmy Kay, Wendy Dio talked about the Ronnie James Dio hologram and said they have to fix some things before they take it back out on the road. She also talked a bit about Dio’s autobiography, which is expected in late 2019. You can check out the full chat, along with some excerpts below:

Wendy said the following about the hologram:

“It was a good test, we did very well, but there’s things I need to perfect on Ronnie. I’m really very critical. I need to perfect his face a little bit more — his eyes and his eyebrows are not quite right to me. So we’re back on the drawing board right now. And we’re hoping it will go out again probably the beginning of next year, and we will hit Canada and America. But it has to be right first.”

She also added the following about the mixed reactions:

“All the criticism is fine — everybody has the right to criticize something — but look at it and see it first before you criticize it, because most of the people that criticize it haven’t seen it and they don’t even know what to expect. It’s a whole experience that we take out. Ronnie comes in and out — you don’t know when he’s gonna come in or out. He does about six or eight songs — he comes in and out. The rest of the time is with Ripper and Oni singing the songs, sometimes singing together, singing alone. And what we are developing now is for Ronnie to sing together with them, so they sing different verses together. And plus, the band, of course, is superb — they are a fantastic band, because they played with Ronnie for 17 years, and he only picked the best. And then we also have all kinds of stuff going on with old photos of Ronnie, all different things going on at the same time, so it’s like an experience — it’s a whole experience.”

She also offered an update on the autobiography which she has been helping to finish:

“When I was in London last week I met with publishers, it’s on the way now. I think it should be out by late 2019. Ronnie wrote the book up until the middle of the Rainbow years. What I would like to do is continue it by taking interviews he has done with several people so it is still in his own words all the way through. Also interview people that have been on the road with him, bandmates, bands that have supported Ronnie or bands that feel that Ronnie has influenced their lives.”

She continued:

“The book will include explanations of lyrics and I also have another thought in mind and I haven’t approached it yet. I thought of doing an illustrative book of lyrics, in a medieval theme.”

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