Ded Premiere “Hate Me” Video

Ded have premiered a new video for “Hate Me,” via Loudwire. The clip was directed by Shan Dan Horan, and the song appears on the band’s album “Mis•an•thrope.”

Joe Cotela said the following:

“What’s up world! Today we are premiering our video for our new single “Hate Me”! This song is all about self-empowerment. It’s about following your gut and being who you know you truly are, without being influenced by all of the bullshit around you. It’s about not succumbing to negative energy from negative people.

There are people that do nothing with their lives, but talk shit about someone who is on their grind. You can hate my hustle all day – but you will not stop it. This isn’t a song for boneheads that think it’s cool to be an asshole. It’s about doing something positive for yourself and going hard in your life in the face of adversity. I firmly believe that the power of the mind is infinite and with the right focus and determination, anything and everything is within your reach.”

He also added:

“It was rad to switch up directors for our third video to try something new. Filming the whole thing with new and longtime friends in our home state of Arizona was killer. We hope you guys enjoy this bad boy.”

It is worth noting that the video also features a guest appearance from Jose Mangin and that Cotela credits Oliver Porter and Oddities by War for their use of real human skulls and taxidermy.


Ded Premiere “Remember The Enemy” Video

Ded have premiered a new video for “Remember The Enemy,” via Loudwire. The clip was directed by Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, and the song appears on the band’s album “Mis•an•thrope.”

Joe Cotela said the following about the song:

“‘Remember The Enemy‘ is a song about self-reflection. A couple years ago I started defeating myself with anxiety and depression. I was taking a lot of Xanax and medicating heavily with booze. It was at some point in there that I realized that I am in control of all of this.

My brain and my thoughts only exist in ways that I allow them to. A great quote I came across summed it up: “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.’”

“I started going to cognitive therapy. I had to stop what I was doing, honestly look at myself and pick my ass up! I got mad at the anxiety/depression, I made it my ‘enemy.’ I had to beat the shit out of it and stomp it out. I was in my own way, my own worst enemy. It hasn’t completely gone away, it still rears its ugly fucking face at times – but now I know what the fucker looks like and how to deal with it.”

He also added:

“We shot the video for ‘Remember The Enemy‘ in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. The old abandoned L.A. Zoo, that was opened in 1912 and closed in 1965 has since turned into a hidden park/hiking destination. It is really eerie and is supposed to be haunted by the animals that were once imprisoned there in such obsolete, harsh conditions. They also shot that scene from the Will Ferrell ‘Anchorman‘ movie there — the scene where they fall into the bear pit (laughs).”

“Fred picked out the location and had the vision before we even got there. This is the second video we’ve shot with him and we had total faith in him. Once we got there we saw the vision and were instantly blown away. We really went for a dark, nightmarish horror movie vibe.

Fred is just so beyond legit with this stuff, every location we shot in the park was exactly what we were looking for and it’s just so effortless to collaborate with him. He does push you really hard though! The scene where I’m in the cage went on for a while and I came out of there with a broken toe (laughs). We hope you enjoy RTE!”