Butcher Babies Stream New Song “Pomona (Shit Happens)”

Butcher Babies have released a new song titled “Pomona (Shit Happens).” You can stream that on Spotify, or check out an unofficial stream below. This song is from their new album “Lilith,“ which will be released on October 27


Butcher Babies Premiere “Lilith” Music Video

Butcher Babies have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Lilith,” via Loudwire. That effort will be released on October 27.

Heidi Shepherd commented:

“In creating the video for ‘Lilith‘ we knew exactly what we wanted for a video when we wrote the song. As per usual, we aid in producing the video. This one, however, was completely in house. My mom drove in from Utah and provided the grip and lighting from their production company, Shepherd Grip & Lighting. Two of my brothers doubled as gaffer, key grip and production assistant.

One of those two, Danny Shepherd, also starred as the lead male in the video. His friend and YouTube sensation, Clarissa May, and actress, Bobbi Ward, embodied the tale of Queen Bathory to perfection. I was honored to act as wardrobe, hair & make up, producer, craft services, location etc. After weeks of planning and the help of friends, family, our amazing director Strati Hovartos and his team, we pulled of our most thrilling music video to date. We now bring to you our masterpiece, ‘Lilith.’”

Carla Harvey also added:

“We are thrilled to release the first video for our new album. This song, ‘Lilith,’ became our title track for a reason; it perfectly encompasses the mood of our third studio album with a groove that drips sensuality while remaining heavy hitting. The vocals on this song run the gamut between soaring harmonies to the deep growls and screams that we’ve become known for in our eight years as a band.

The lyrics are a glimpse at not only the classic Lady Bathory tale, but a look at ageism in today’s society and the idea that some women will do anything to maintain their youthful beauty. We wanted to tell a modern day Bathory story with this video and director Strati Hovartos really made our ideas come to life. The coolest thing about all of our videos is that from initial treatments to casting to helping out on set, we do it all!”

Butcher Babies Reveal Details For New Album “Lilith”, Title Track Available To Stream

Butcher Babies have revealed the details for their new album “Lilith.” The effort will be released on October 27, and a stream of the title track can be found below. Preorders can be found HERE.

Heidi Shepherd commented:

“After a year of writing and recording we are thrilled with the growth and maturity of this album. Leading with our title track ‘Lilith‘, the artistic development within the band shines. We worked with producer, Steve Evetts to bring you the rawest form of Butcher Babies.

No auto-tune, 100% real drums, real guitars, real bass, and an all out Butcher Babies assault on your senses. As we know in this industry, these standards are quickly replaced by machines and can eliminate what makes a band an actual band. We are so proud of the hard work and dedication that each member of our team put in to create this masterpiece.”

“Lilith” Track Listing:

01. “Burn The Straw Man”
02. “Lilith”
03. “Headspin”
04. “Korova”
05. “#Iwokeuplikethis”
06. “The Huntsman”
07. “Controller”
08. “Oceana”
09. “Look What We’ve Done”
10. “Pomona (Shit Happens)”
11. “Underground And Overrated”

Butcher Babies Reveal Cover Art For New Album “Lilith”

Butcher Babies have revealed the cover art for their new album “Lilith.” More details and a new single are expected to arrive next week, while retail listings are saying it is scheduled for an October 27 release.

Heidi Shepherd commented:

“Historically, Lilith has become demonized as a representation of promiscuity and disobedience. We, however, see her as a positive figure. A symbol of autonomy, sexual equality, and full control over your own destiny. Lilith is the supreme representation of the left-hand path woman: independent, having discarded the patriarchal yoke, and not afraid to use all the tools available to her, including her sexuality, to gain the most out of existence.

The eels in the cover art represent sleek symbolism of new beginnings and adventure. With this album we have musically taken a leap through old boundaries and landed in new oceans. It is said that a the dream or visions of eels is confirmation that the path we currently lead is the right one. In this new chapter of Butcher Babies, we welcome evolution as we bare ourselves with ‘Lilith.’”

Carla Harvey added:

“When we were thinking of titles for our album, we wanted to find something that embodied sensuality, lust, danger and power. We kept going back to Lilith. We researched Lilith and her origins in different cultures and forms and knew that this figure, once feared but now a beautiful, symbolic middle finger to repression, would be a perfect representation of our album.

The cover art we created with our graphic artist perfectly pulls together the last year we’ve spent working on ‘Lilith‘. I’ve always loved water themes and there is something terrifying yet calming about the deep sea; submersing yourself in it could be the death of you, yet at the same time it’s cleansing and renewing. With this album we dove in fully and drowned ourselves in emotion, sexuality and even turmoil, and let the two headed beast we created has emerged even stronger.”

Butcher Babies Welcome New Drummer Chase Brickenden (Ex-Thrown Into Exile/Otep)

Butcher Babies have parted ways with drummer Chris Warner, and taking his place in the band will be Chase Brickenden (ex-Thrown Into Exile/Otep). The band made the following post:

Butcher Babies Begin Recording Third Album, Post Brief Snippet Of New Song

Butcher Babies are done with the pre-production process for their new album, and are now working on recording the effort. The album is expected to be released later this year, and a brief snippet of new music can be found in the below Instagram post:

Welp! Pre-production out.. Tracking in!!! Which one should we start with? #butcherbabies #3

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