Watch Clip Of Charlie Benante Playing Drums On Demo Version Of New Anthrax Track

Charlie Benante has shared a clip of himself playing drums on a demo version of a new Anthrax track. You can check that out below:

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Anthrax Announce Limited Edition “Persistence Of Time” Wristwatch

Anthrax have joined forces with Nezumi Studios to create a limited edition “Persistence Of Time” Nezumi Baleine dive watch. The product is limited to 50 individually numbered pieces and it can be purchased HERE.

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante commented:

“We connected with Nezumi and David Campo through our mutual friend David Ellefson (Megadeth). David sent us photos of watches he had made and they were all just beautiful, we were blown away. I sent him the album’s cover artwork, but as there’s only so much you can fit on the face of a watch, he came up with a tremendous design. These watches are awesome, we all love them, and think our fans will really love them as well.”

Nezumi Studios founder David Campo added:

“I got to know Charlie through David Ellefson of Megadeth, and the stars aligned. Charlie asked if I would want to design a watch for the ‘Persistence Of Time’ 30th anniversary. I thought that album’s title and hit song ‘Got The Time’ made the limited-edition watch a perfect fit, and, being a fan since the late ’80s, it’s been an honor to take part in this.”

Anthrax Team Up With Z2 Comics For “Among The Living” Graphic Novel

Anthrax have joined forces with Z2 Comics to create a new graphic novel inspired by their 1987 album “Among The Living“. Members of Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and more contributed to the book, which can be pre-ordered HERE.

A press release offered the following description of the effort:

“An anthology narrated by longtime mascot “The Not Man,” newly designed by Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead), Among the Living unites [Charlie] Benante and [Scott] Ian with writers Brian Azzarello, Grant Morrison, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brian Posehn, Rick Remender, Corey Taylor, Joseph Trohman, Gerard and Mikey Way, and Rob Zombie, with more to be announced.

Artists include Roland Boschi, Maan House, Dave Johnson, Scott Koblish, Darrick Robertson, and Erik Rodriguez, and more, with covers by Benante, JG Jones, and Eric Powell. Band members Benante and Ian will collaborate on an original story inspired by the fan favorite anthem “I Am the Law,” featuring the legendary comic book antihero Judge Dredd, in partnership with 2000 AD.

This will make official the decades long connection between the character and the band, rewarding comic book fans and metalheads alike.”

Charlie Benante commented:

“Doing a comic book has always been a huge goal for me. I’ve tried for years, but something always comes up and sidetracks me. I was ecstatic when Josh Bernstein brought the idea to us to do a graphic novel based on our album ‘Among The Living‘. I felt that it was the perfect time and opportunity to fulfill that dream.

I am a lifelong artist and have been drawing during the pandemic more than ever, so I had the idea to bring my own artwork to this project. As a fan of the Judge Dredd series since the 80’s, it was an honor to create cover art based off of Dredd and Judge Death. The amount of talent that is going into this project is astounding, I scratch my head just thinking about it!”

Scott Ian added:

“Comics are one of the two things (the other thing being Horror) that I’ve been into longer than music. Comics were/are my constant. Music joined the party and became my constant as well. I started a band. I wrote lyrics about comics and horror and they connected with people all over the world. And now for the 40th (40!!!) anniversary of Anthrax, I get to cross the streams and merge my constants with a graphic novel (comic) celebrating the album that made such a mark on the planet – ‘Among The Living.’

Getting to be a part of this process – choosing writers and artists to express what these songs mean to them – has been incredible. I made a wish list of writers/artists/musicians that I would love to be a part of this, not really thinking we’d get them.

I was aiming high, the list had Grant Morrison‘s name at the top – and Grant said yes. Brian Azzarello said yes. Eric Powell, J.G. Jones, Greg Nicotero, Corey Taylor, Rob Zombie, Brian Posehn, Rick Remender, Joe Trohman, Gerard & Mikey Way – they all said yes. Holy crap!”

“I pitched a Judge Dredd story for ‘I Am The Law‘ that I’d been thinking about for a while. It was an idea I actually talked to Grant about one night after an Anthrax show in Glasgow over a few drinks. This idea has stayed with me, I’d never written it down, it was one of those ideas that would smack me in the face every few months demanding to be recognized, I just didn’t have an outlet for it.

And then I did have an outlet with this project but, we didn’t have the rights to use Dredd in our book. You have to ask right? So we sent my idea to the kind folks at Rebellion and they green-lit my story. And there, my friends, is the moment where everything came full circle for me as a life-long comic nerd and the as the guy in Anthrax. Thank you ‘Among the Living.’ for making it all happen.”

Anthrax Share Quarantine Performance Of “Gung-Ho”

Anthrax have shared a quarantine performance of “Gung-Ho” in honor of the 35th anniversary of “Spreading The Disease.” Charlie Benante commented:

“In honor of Our Spreading the Disease album having a Birthday, we decided to Thrash this one out. Hope ya dig it!”

Anthrax Announce “Evil Twin I” And “Evil Twin II” Double Cask Ryes

Anthrax have teamed up with Hillrock Estate Distillery to create two new double cask ryes, “Evil Twin I” and “Evil Twin II.” You can pre-order “Evil Twin I” HERE. Pre-orders for “Evil Twin II” will launch later.

The band commented:

“Anthrax’s ‘Evil Twin I’ and ‘Evil Twin II,’ the band’s brand new, limited edition, award-winning, high-end Double Cask Ryes. Only one barrel of each spirit will be produced, yielding 238 numbered bottles for ‘Evil Twin I’ at cask strength of 120.1 proof.

As ‘Evil Twin II’ has not yet been ‘dumped,’ the number of bottles and cask strength for it will be announced shortly. For a Happy Halloween, ‘Evil Twin I’ is available to order starting today and, if ordered before 10/23, delivery can be expected by 10/31. Details for ordering ‘Evil Twin II’ will be announced shortly, and can be expected to arrive on your doorstep in time to help make your year-end holidays a little brighter.

Both ‘Evil Twin I’ and ‘Evil Twin II’ were produced by Hillrock Estate Distillery, located in the luxuriant Hudson Valley Highlands in New York State. Both of these whiskeys are delicious,” said Anthrax’s Scott Ian, who recently went up to Hillrock to check out the process, from the planting to distilling to the bottling. He sampled eight different rye whiskey barrels and personally ’emptied the ‘Evil Twin I’ barrel”

Ian also added:

“All eight were different from each other as every barrel expresses itself differently and I chose my two favorites. The barrel that became ‘Evil Twin I’ showed off espresso, caramel, vanilla and spice — the barrel that became ‘Evil Twin II’ had maple, cinnamon, clove and black pepper notes that all played together really well — both barrels were delicious so we decided to do both! I’d put these ryes up against any rye on the market. The care and attention that went in to both of them, every step of the way, from field to glass, from the harvesting of the estate-grown rye to the distillation, to the beautiful bottles and the labels, each was made with the highest levels of perfection.”

“We decided to release another whiskey because it seemed like people were very happy with ‘The Healer’. Where ‘The Healer’ bourbon was extremely approachable and smooth, the ‘Evil Twins’ are spicier, sweeter, richer, stronger, and bolder. So, when we say ‘Evil Twin,’ we mean it in a great way.”

Scott Ian Says New Anthrax Material Is “Faster And Riffier”

During a recent appearance on‘s “Mosh Talks With Beez,” Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian offered an update on the band’s new album. According to him, the group have been working on material that is “faster and riffier.”

Ian said the following:

“We started writing new ANTHRAX last year — obviously, without a crystal ball knowing what was going to happen in the world, but with the intent of having a record out this year. Obviously, that’s not happening now. So we’re still writing — we’re still working on it. The COVID has obviously put a crimp in our plans, because we can’t just get together and jam when we want to, and traveling has become not so easy, and all of that. So we’ve just been, slowly but surely, working on new material. And if anything, it just affords us more time to come up with more stuff.

We’ve never been the kind of band to have, like, 30 songs, and then we’re gonna choose the best 10 — we’ve never done that. I think the most we’ve ever had was maybe two more than we needed for a record, and it’s usually pretty obvious, like, ‘These two aren’t gonna make the record.’ But maybe this time around we’ll end up with 15 songs or something. But because we’re afforded this much time to be writing, it’s not like we’re gonna know, ‘These are 10 for the record, and who knows what we’ll do with these five.’ So I have a feeling it’s gonna be more, like, we’re gonna have 15 album tracks. We’re not releasing a double record, if it’s up to me, because what a waste of material that would be. But I just like the fact that we will have a lot of great material.

Maybe sometime early next year we’ll be ready to go in and make a record — if it makes sense. I’ve said it before — I don’t wanna put a record out till we can play shows. For me, to put a record out in a vacuum, it makes no sense to me. I’m not gonna put a record out and not play proper gigs — I’m not gonna do that. So we have to be patient — everyone has to be patient.

We can’t wait to play shows again. That’s all I wanna do. This is the longest, I think, we’ve ever not played a show. Our last ANTHRAX show was November 15th of last year.”

He continued when asked if the new music has a specific vibe to it:

“Yeah. It sounds like us.

If I had to say what this next record sounds like to me, or a vibe, in a way, it’s riffier — it’s a riffier record.

I think we’ve kind of proved to ourselves over the last two records that we’ve gotten pretty good at a certain style of ANTHRAX songwriting, and now we’ve taken a left turn away from that, because we don’t want to do the same thing again,” he explained. “So if anything, I think this record is a little bit riffier, maybe a little less linear, and certainly faster.

We’ve always been really good at making things more difficult for ourselves. So if anything, yeah… I hate to say, ‘Well, it’s more of a thrash metal record,’ because I’ll let people decide what it is when they hear it. But from my point of view, it’s definitely faster and riffier.”

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Anthrax To Release “Stop Spreading The Disease” Hand Sanitizer

Anthrax are planning to release their own “Stop Spreading The Disease” hand sanitizer in the near future. Drummer Charlie Benante recently confirmed the news on Instagram:

“Stop spreading the disease #handsanitizer coming soon @anthrax #covid_19 #stayhealthy #clean @globalmerchservices”

Anthrax Share Quarantine Performance Of “Time”

Anthrax have shared a quarantine performance of “Time” from their set for the “Wacken World Wide” virtual festival. You can check that out below. This news comes as the band are preparing to release a 30th anniversary deluxe edition of “Persistence Of Time” tomorrow (August 21).

Anthrax Share Fourth Episode Of “Persistence Of Time” Video Series

Anthrax have shared the fourth episode of their “Persistence Of Time” video series. That series was recently launched to promote the 30th anniversary deluxe edition of “Persistence Of Time,“ which will be released on August 21. The latest episode focuses on the band’s “Married With Children” appearance.

Anthrax Share Third Episode Of “Persistence Of Time” Video Series

Anthrax have shared the third episode of their “Persistence Of Time” video series. The series was recently launched to promote the 30th anniversary deluxe edition of “Persistence Of Time,“ which will be available on August 21. More details on that release can be found HERE.