Watch Anthrax Members Cover Fear’s “I Don’t Care About You” With Lee Ving

Anthrax’s Charlie Benante and Scott Ian have teamed up with their ex-bandmate Dan Lilker for a quarantine cover of Fear‘s “I Don’t Care About You.“ The performance, which actually features Lee Ving himself, can be seen below:

Benante commented:

“How the hell did you guys hook up with Lee Ving??? He’s a fucking legend!

We will surely be asked that question too many times to answer over the rest of our lives so… He DM’d Scott on Instagram. Yep, sometimes social media is awesome.

First off, the fact that Lee was even paying attention to our Instajams blows my mind. And then he hit Scott up and asked if we could do something together. Could we? Holy shit yes we can! Scott couldn’t text Me and Danny fast enough and we felt the same as He did We are all such huge fans of Lee and Fear.

The Record, Fear’s debut album was such a direct influence on S.O.D. They were hard as hell and twice as tight. I used to watch their performances in Decline of the Western Civilization over and over, marveling in their ability to not give a fuck. When scott started drawing the S.O.D. comic strips in 1984 Sgt. D was basically a zombie Lee. For us they were inspiration and our aspiration. We even covered I Love Livin’ In The City live to fill out our set (S.E.O.D. was only 28 minutes long).

I replied, “I Don’t Care About You” to Scott’s query about doing a track with Lee and Danny and I were in. Lee was just as excited about doing this as we were. Turns out he’s a Fan! Have fun watching/listening my friends, we did!

Thank you Lee! Thank you to Andy Lagis and Dima Levanchuk for the mix and Vid edit”

Anthrax Launch Video Series For 30th Anniversary Edition Of “Persistence Of Time”

Anthrax have launched a new video series focusing on the 30th anniversary deluxe edition of “Persistence Of Time“ (out August 21). The series is hosted by drummer Charlie Benante and the first episode can be seen below. More details on the 30th anniversary deluxe edition of “Persistence Of Time“ can be found HERE.

Anthrax Announce New Bourbon Inspired By Dimebag Darrell

Anthrax have launched a new limited edition 115.6 proof bourbon, which they are calling “The Healer.” The drink’s name was inspired by the late Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), who used to say “booze is the healer.”

The following description of the bourbon was shared on

“This is a highly limited, cask strength edition of Hillrock’s famous Solera Aged Bourbon personally selected by Anthrax.

The slight cinnamon aromas are surprising along with the oaked caramel-vanilla and floral, fruit notes on the nose of this golden amber bourbon. Sweet, yet spicy full-bodied flavors are warm with maple syrup, brown sugar, molasses, toffee, roasted corn, and raisin notes on the palate are balanced by spicy notes of clove and cinnamon. The medium to long warm finish abounds with sweet caramel and butterscotch. Familiar characteristic of Oloroso sherry flavors of walnut, fig and candied fruit balance the spicy rye undertones. A lush and velvety expression of our Solera Aged Bourbon amplified at undiluted proof. Specially selected for its clear Oloroso sherry influence and delicate balance of proof and flavor, as well as it’s incredibly long finish. A truly decanter worthy bottling.”

Charlie Benante said the following:

“The first time I heard Dimebag refer to booze being a healer was when we were on tour together and I was really sick. He came onto our bus, opened my bunk curtain, gave me a shot of whiskey and said ‘booze is the healer.'”

Scott Ian also commented:

“‘If we arrived for soundcheck a little hungover, Dimebag would be standing there with a knowing Cheshire Cat smile, a shot of whiskey at the ready and the words ‘booze is the healer.’ And goddamn if it didn’t work. Put us right back on the horse.”

“To my uneducated palate, this high rye content bourbon with notes of toffee, molasses, cinnamon and mint was incredibly well-balanced. The depth of the flavor was intense. In layman’s terms, it’s some damn-good hooch!”

Frank Bello added:

“This bourbon got my vote right away. When I took the first sip, the mix of flavors really came out in a big way, and it was obvious to me that this bourbon had to become my new best friend. It was like a cool smooth vibe that made me pour a second glass. Second glasses are fun.”

Anthrax To Release 30th Anniversary Edition Of “Persistence Of Time” In August

Anthrax will be releasing a deluxe 30th anniversary edition of “Persistence Of Time” on August 21. The effort, which will be available on CD and vinyl, has been remastered and it will come with updated cover art, expanded liner notes, and various bonus tracks. The CD version will also come with a bonus DVD focusing on the band’s 1991 tour with Iron Maiden.

“Persistence Of Time” Deluxe 30th Anniversary Edition Vinyl Track Listing:

Side A:

01. “Time” (Remastered)
02. “Blood” (Remastered)
03. “Keep It In The Family” (Remastered)

Side B:

01. “In My World” (Remastered)
02. “Gridlock” (Remastered)
03. “Intro To Reality” (Remastered
04. “Belly Of The Beast” (Remastered)

Side C:

01. “Got The Time” (Remastered)
02. “H8 Red” (Remastered)
03. “One Man Stands” (Remastered)
04. “Discharge” (Remastered)

Side D:

01. “I’m The Man” (The Illest Version Ever)
02. Time (Live at The Palace of Auburn Hills)
03. “Got The Time” (Pre Production)

Side E:

01. “In My World” (Pre Production – Scott Guide Vocal)
02. “H8 Red” (Rehearsal Room/Charlie’s, Riff Tape/Pre-Production)
03. “Discharge” (Charlie’s Riff Tape/Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)

Side F:

01. “Keep In In The Family” (Rehearsal Room/Scott Guide Vocal)
02. “Blood” (Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)

Side G:

01. “Intro To Reality” (Pre-Production)
02. “Belly Of The Beast” (Tracking)
03. “Gridlock” (Tracking)

Side H:

01. “One Man Stands” (Pre-Production)
02. “Time” (Pre-Production, Scott Guide Vocal)

Frank Bello commented:

“One of the things I’ll never forget from the ‘Persistence Of Time‘ tours was when we played the songs ‘Time‘ and ‘Got The Time‘ live. We had this big clock on our stage, the ‘Persistence Of Time‘ clock, and the hands on this clock went around and around while we played the songs ‘Time‘ and ‘Got The Time.’

Today, something like that would be motorized, but back in 1990, it had to be done manually using a hand crank on the back of the clock. My bass tech from that time, Troy, it was his job to keep those hands turning during those two songs, throughout the entire songs. I mean, what a workout that guy got from turning that crank.”

Charlie Benante added:

“It was a weird time for us for a number of reasons, but at the same time, a lot of great things happened. We did ‘Married With Children” we toured with Slayer and Megadeth on the ‘Clash Of The Titans Tour,’ and we recorded ‘Bring The Noise‘ with Public Enemy‘, and that turned everything around.”

Anthrax And Skid Row Members Share Quarantine Cover Of Iron Maiden’s “Transylvania”

Anthrax’s Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, and Jonathan Donais recently teamed up with Skid Row’s Dave “Snake” Sabo for a quarantine cover of Iron Maiden’s “Transylvania.” You can check that out below:

Benante commented:

“Iron Maiden, Who doesn’t know them? They changed the face of Heavy Metal, literally, with “Eddie”. The 4 of us – SNAKE, FRANK and JON have so much respect for Maiden. They made every band that were influenced by them aspire to be Like them.

When I was learning to play guitar, Practicing along with Maiden, AC/DC, Priest, etc helped my coordination get better and better. Transylvania had so many cool guitar parts and I learned them all (at least I thought I did ). Maiden had something different, they brought out that Primal roar from us. This was a New style of Hard Rock and Metal: they had a Punk Drive to them with Boston styled guitar licks. They changed the game! I often say, “no Maiden, no Big 4”

Here is our version of Transylvania, a Classic Maiden Instrumental that to this day makes the hair stand up on our arms! Up the Irons! “Oh well, wherever, wherever you are, Iron Maiden’s gonna get you, no matter how far.” Scream for us YOU TUBE!!”

Anthrax Have About Six Or Seven Songs Written For Their New Album

During a recent “HardDrive DL Roundtable”, Charlie Benante offered an update on the new Anthrax album. The drummer said the following: “There is new music — there actually is. There’s about six, seven songs. And it’s really good.” However, he went on to say that release plans are still up in the air due to the coronavirus pandemic: “I don’t think anybody’s thinking anything is coming out until… The first thing I wanna see come out is a vaccine. Then we’re gonna put a record out.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Charlie Benante And John Bush Reunite For Quarantine Performance Of Anthrax’s “Packaged Rebellion”

Charlie Benante and John Bush recently reunited for a quarantine performance of Anthrax’s “Packaged Rebellion.” Benante commented:

“An intimate version from the Sound of white noise album with my Friend- Happy Anniversary . If you like the song , please just enjoy it for what it is and nothing else”

Anthrax Announce Virtual Clinics, Release “Quarantine Drop” Merch

Members of Anthrax have announced that they will be hosting some virtual clinics. Scott Ian will be offering fans a “Guitar Session,” a “Songwriting Session,” and a “20 Questions Session”; Frank Bello will be offering fans a “Bass Clinic,” a “Songwriting Session,” and a “20 Questions Session”; Charlie Benante will be offering fans a “Drum Session” and a “Songwriting Clinic”; and Jonathan Donais will be offering fans a “Guitar Clinic.” In other news, Anthrax have also launched some “Quarantine Drop” merch. Fans can buy two limited edition shirts HERE and get a face mask until May 18 at 11:59 a.m. ET. A portion of the proceeds will go towards Direct Relief.

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Super7 Reveal Release Date For New Anthrax & Motörhead Action Figures

Super7 have confirmed that their new Anthrax and Motörhead “ReAction” figures will be released on May 13. The toys will be available via

Former Anthrax Singer Dan Nelson Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Two Elderly Men

According to MetalSucks, Dan Nelson has pleaded guilty to assaulting two elderly men. This news comes after the ex-Anthrax vocalist was arrested following an incident at the Aloft Hotel in New York City on August 31, 2019.

The victims, 74-year-old James Paolino and 73-year-old Philip Falcone, were at Nelson’s concert supporting their friend who was playing drums for the singer. At the time, Paolino said the vocalist appeared very intoxicated onstage.

After the show, Paolino and Falcone were in an elevator with Nelson and the singer allegedly attacked them after Paolino told him: “You had a rough night.” Paolino told Daily News the following:

“He started kicking me and punching me in the head. These were real MMA kicks. He knocked me down. I’m on the floor bleeding. He broke my glasses and I knew the next kicks were coming for my head. I’m helpless.”

Falcone added:

“I’m still shaking. It was very traumatizing. He knocked my hearing aids out. This guy is an animal.”

Nelson turned himself in at the 115th Precinct in Jackson Heights, Queens, on September 11, 2019. He then appeared in court on January 17, 2020 where he pleaded guilty to one count of second degree assault for injuring a victim aged 65 or older and one count of assault of recklessly causing physical injury. He is expected to be sentenced on April 3.