Dino Cazares On The Possibility Of Fear Factory Returning To Active Duty: “I Can’t Say Yes Or No, But I’m Gonna Be Very Positive And I Hope In The Near Future That Things Will Change”

During a recent appearance on Nuclear Blast’s “Saturday Night Lockdown” with Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse), Dino Cazares addressed the status of Fear Factory once again. The guitarist said the band have been inactive due to lawsuits, but he is still hoping “that things will change.”

Cazares said the following:

“At the moment, the last three years, unfortunately, FEAR FACTORY has been plagued with lawsuits, so it has been preventing the band from doing anything for the last three years.”

He continued when asked if the band will have a proper comeback:

“We’ll see. I can’t say yes or no, but I’m gonna be very positive and I hope in the near future that things will change.”

Cazares also discussed the recent rumors suggesting that Fear Factory were planning to do a “Soul Of A New Machine” tour:

“That was definitely a rumor. I was actually answering somebody on Twitter, ’cause somebody asked, ‘Hey, would you ever considering doing that?’ And I said, ‘Hey, do enough fans know about that record?’ ‘Cause people really didn’t discover us till ‘Demanufacture’; not a lot of people really know about ‘Soul Of A New Machine’. So the answer was on Twitter, ‘Hey, do enough people know about this record to play it in its entirety on tour?’ And for some reason, the media took it as FEAR FACTORY was discussing on doing ‘Soul Of A New Machine’. It kind of blew out of proportion, and that’s not what I meant.

There was a lot of people saying ‘yes,’ [to the idea of doing a ‘Soul Of A New Machine’ tour]. There were some people saying ‘no.’ They were saying ‘no’ to the fact that a lot of people didn’t know about that record and maybe the tour wouldn’t be as successful because a lot of people may not buy tickets ’cause they didn’t know about that record. That’s what they were saying ‘no’ to. They weren’t saying ‘no,’ not to do it; they were just saying ‘no’ — maybe it wouldn’t be as successful.”

He also added the following when asked how he has been spending his coronavirus downtime:

“Me being quarantined, I’ve been really lucky, ’cause my engineer lives next door, so I was able to go over there and write a lot of music.

I’ve been writing for everything — for ASESINO, for DIVINE HERESY and for possible FEAR FACTORY. So I’ve been writing and getting ready, getting prepared, so I’ll be ready and prepared and have stuff already written.

My band ASESINO, we haven’t put a record out since 2007. So now that I’ve got this time, I go over there and we’re almost done with the record. So pretty soon you’ll be seeing some new stuff from ASESINO.”

Cazares also revealed that he is still trying to choose a singer for a new project “in the style of Fear Factory and Divine Heresy”:

“I was overwhelmed [by the response] — I got over three hundred submissions of vocalists. And I’m still going through some of the videos… There’s a lot of good singers out there and there’s a lot of good people. So we’ll see who I choose.”

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Dino Cazares Comments On Fear Factory Lawsuits

As previously reported, court documents recently surfaced and offered some more information on the lawsuits that have been plaguing Fear Factory over the years. Basically, Burton C. Bell was paying former members Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera a licensing fee to use the band’s trademarks, etc. and when they stopped receiving payments things got even more complicated. Dino Cazares has since addressed the situation on Twitter:

Interestingly, Fear Factory’s official account seemed to tease something in a since-deleted tweet that said “Fear Campaign #Monolith.” This led to rumors that seemed to suggest that the band are planning to release the album Bell previously mentioned, “Monolith,” under the name Fear Campaign. However, Cazares shot that down as well:

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Details Surrounding Fear Factory Lawsuits Surface

After years of rumors, details surrounding various Fear Factory related lawsuits have finally surfaced online thanks to MetalSucks. The site recently shared documents from a court decision involving Burton C. Bell and former members Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera that offer more insight into the whole situation.

In 2011, the three apparently reached an agreement that said Bell could use the band’s name as long as he paid Wolbers and Herrera a licensing fee. However, Bell and his wife ended filing for bankruptcy and were granted a discharge injunction. Herrera and Wolbers were listed as creditors, but Bell didn’t mention the settlement he made with them, so they stopped receiving payments.

Wolbers and Herrera then responded by returning to court in 2014, claiming that the terms of their agreement were violated. Bell was then ordered to pay $900,000 in damages and legal fees.

However, Bell then filed a motion arguing that “the 2014 California lawsuit violated the discharge injunction by attempting to enforce a rejected executory contract.” The late Judge John J. Thomas agreed that three counts of the lawsuit did violate the discharge injunction, but two did not “inasmuch as they merely seek damages from Bell and others for using rights that belong to” Herrera and Wolbers.

Thomas ultimately granted Bell’s Motion for Contempt and a hearing was apparently scheduled to take place in March “to allow [Bell] to establish his damages for violation.” Whatever happened next is still unknown at this time.

At this point, the band’s status is still up in the air and it seemingly explains why Dino Cazares recently said “there is no new Fear Factory album.”

Dino Cazares: “There Is No New Fear Factory Album”

It looks like Fear Factory’s future is still up in the air. A fan recently asked Dino Cazares about the band’s new album on Twitter and he responded by saying “there is no new FF album.” This news comes after Cazares previously said he was unaware about Burton C. Bell’s claims that the group were getting ready to release a new record called “Monolith.” It is unknown what is going on, but as The PRP pointed out, there have been long-standing rumors that seem to suggest that the group were dealing with legal issues from former members. On top of that, a greatest hits album was released without the band’s knowledge in April and a number of albums have been removed from streaming services and digital retailers.

New Fear Factory Compilation “Linchpin” Released Without The Band’s Knowledge

Warner Music Group have apparently released a new Fear Factory compilation, titled “Linchpin,” without telling the band. Dino Cazares tweeted the following after a fan asked about it:

He then added that the group “had no input”:

Despite this, Cazares went on to say the company had “every right to do it”:

“Linchpin” Track Listing:

01. “Linchpin”
02. “Cars” (Gary Numan cover)
03. “Replica”
04. “Edgecrusher”
05. “Shock”
06. “Demanufacture”
07. “Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)”
08. “Self Bias Resistor”
09. “Resurrection”
10. “Scapegoat”
11. “Scumgrief”
12. “Zero Signal”
13. “Martyr”
14. “A Therapy For Pain”
15. “Crisis”
16. “Dark Bodies” (demo)
17. “Dead Man Walking”
18. “Full Metal Contact”
19. “Damaged”
20. “New Breed”
21. “Pisschrist”
22. “Soulwomb”
23. “Terminate”
24. “Body Hammer”
25. “What Will Become”

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There Seems To Be Some Confusion Regarding Fear Factory’s New Album Title

Fear Factory are planning to release a new album this year, but it looks like there is some confusion regarding its title. Back in November, Burton C. Bell was interviewed at “Headbanger’s Con” and he revealed that the effort will be called “Monolith,” while also sharing the cover art. Here’s what he said:

“Fear Factory, we have a new record. It’s done. It’s delivered to the label. And we’ve got some technical difficulties, and once that’s finished, the record’s gonna come out. It’s gonna be called ‘Monolith‘. It’s a great record.”

However, a fan asked Dino Cazares about it on Twitter and he said he was “not sure what [they were] talking about.” He also added the following in a since deleted tweet: “Not sure why he would say that’s the title of a album that is same name of a ex band members band?.” So at this point, fans will just have to wait until official details are confirmed.

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Fear Factory Planning To Release New Album In 2019

It looks like Fear Factory are planning to release a new album in 2019. Burton C. Bell confirmed the news during an interview with M.I.R.P. at the Headbangers Con in Portland, OR last month:

“Fear Factory has a record done. It’s delivered to the label. We’re just waiting for some legal technicalities [to be sorted out.] And the record’ll be out next year.”

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Fear Factory’s “Obsolete” To Be Released On Gold Vinyl

Fear Factory‘s 1998 album “Obsolete” is set to receive a gold 180 gram vinyl pressing. The effort, which will be released on October 12 in North America and October 5 in Europe, will be limited to 2,000 copies and it will come with a four page booklet.

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Fear Factory Resolve Logo Beef With UK Restaurant

Last year, a Bradford, UK restaurant called Food Fusion came to Fear Factory‘s attention due to their logo, which was pretty much exactly the same as the band’s. Now, it looks like the issue has been resolved after a year and two cease and desist letters.

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Dino Cazares (Fear Factory) Injures Foot, Plans To Perform Upcoming Shows In A Chair

While in Melbourne, Australia, Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares tore a muscle in his foot. Doctors say he can’t put pressure on it for two week, which means he will have perform in a chair for the band’s next four shows.