Former Darkest Hour Guitarist Mike “Lonestar” Carrigan Accuses Kris Norris Of “Faking” His Guitar Solos

According to The PRP, ex-Darkest Hour members Kris Norris and Mike “Lonestar” Carrigan have been beefing online. Among the insults hurled back and forth was one from Carrigan, who accused Norris of “faking” his guitar solos.

Carrigan said the following about his departure from the band

“Reason #973 why I quit Darkest Hour.

I remember being on a zoom call in spring 2020 and John Henry was having a meltdown saying something along the lines of “if trump wins re election, we’re probably gonna need your guns for a war” and i almost spit my out my drink. Not only had this dumbass previously told me he thinks owning guns should be illegal, but he was asking me to particpate in some really stupid stuff.”

Carrigan and Norris then got into an argument with Carrigan having shared various screen caps. In those messages, Carrigan said Norris was “faking” solos by recording them at half-speed and speeding them up with a computer.

Further insults and shots were taken, including ones related to politics. Publishing/royalty payments and their contributions to the band were also brought up. Carrigan asserts that Norris‘ legacy is “fake guitar solos,” while Norris asserts that Carrigan wasn’t “on any songs any one cares about…”

Carrigan also added the following about Darkest Hour as a whole:

“They recorded them at half speed and sped them up. Then tried to pull a RATM and say that there’s no keyboards on their records knowing that they faked all their “virtuosic” guitar playing. Their entire sound is stolen from 3 bands.”

You can read more HERE.

Upon A Burning Body To Replace Born Of Osiris On Upcoming In Flames, Darkest Hour, And Hammerhedd Tour

Born Of Osiris have dropped off of their October tour with In Flames, Darkest Hour, and Hammerhedd. Upon A Burning Body will now be taking their place. Here’s the dates:

10/17 Tampa, FL – Jannus Live
10/18 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
10/20 Richmond, VA – The National
10/21 Warrendale, PA – Jergels
10/22 Cleveland, OH – TempleLive at Cleveland Masonic
10/23 London, ON – London Music Hall (no Hammerhedd)
10/24 Niagara Falls, NY – The Rapids Theatre
10/26 Hampton Beach, NH – Wally’s
10/27 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance Theatre (no Darkest Hour)
10/28 Reading, PA – Reverb (no Darkest Hour)

Darkest Hour Plan To Release New Album In 2023

Darkest Hour are planning to release a new album next year. The band recently confirmed the news while reflecting on their 27th anniversary.

The group said the following:

“Happy 27th birthday to US, DARKEST HOUR!

Check out this classy cake lol!

That’s right, 27 years ago on September 23rd, 1995 we played our first show and this wild adventure began!

When we started this band we had just a few simple goals: travel the world, make new friends, experience new cultures, play bad ass music, inspire, and leave a legacy to be remembered! Happy to say 27 years later we are still working towards those exact same goals.

We can not say thank you enough to those of you who have supported us, via our brand new Patreon, those of you who have come out to a show, bought a record, T-shirt, CD, attended a Meet & Greet, or just jammed our music and connected with it!

What are our plans for our 28th year?

How about releasing our 10th full length studio album and traveling with world to hug you in person!

For now, cheers to MANY MANY MORE YEARS!

❤ Mike, John, Tito, Deal, Travis, Nico !!!"

The Black Dahlia Murder To Return With New Lineup, Announce Trevor Strnad Tribute Show

The Black Dahlia Murder have confirmed that they are planning to move forward following the death of their frontman Trevor Strnad. Guitarist Brian Eschbach will now be taking on vocals for the band, while Ryan Knight will be returning on guitar. The new lineup will be paying tribute to Strnad during a special show with Darkest Hour and Plague Years at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI on October 28.

Eschbach told Decibel Magazine the following about their decision to continue:

“We spent many days thinking things like, ‘Is this over?’ None of us wanted it to be over. We still feel like there is a lot left to do. I know Trevor would keep this band going if I went down a deep, dark path and weren’t here. It’s bigger than us. When we finally started talking about it, we thought, ‘Let’s remake it from within and see if Ryan wants to return.

And I’ll take a crack on the vocals and see how it goes.’ I can’t go out there and do Trevor’s voice or try to be him. I can only execute the music of The Black Dahlia Murder with respect and try to do it the most justice I can. I’ve heard Trevor perform more than anyone else alive.”

Knight also commented:

“The time I’ve spent with this band is the best time I’ve ever had. Being away has given me a lot of time to reflect, and it always occurred to me that being in BDM is the best use of my time. I’ve thought a lot about the band while I was away and realized how much value this band has. I almost feel like I let some opportunities slip, being away from the band. So, it feels great to be back and like everything has come full circle. I’ve realized how much I love being in this band.”

Guitarist Brandon Ellis continued:

“It was the only way it could work. Brian has been the president and mastermind of the band from the beginning. He’s our leader. For him to take over as the face and frontman of the band is the only option. We are all so thankful that there is a path that seems to make sense.

Because if we don’t continue this band, all of this music and all of these songs—everything we worked on with Trevor for over 21 years—just goes away. That didn’t seem like an option. This is the only way forward that is authentic, respectful and genuine. We have five guys that are and have been The Black Dahlia Murder. No one on the planet knows this band like Brian.”

Ellis also had the following to say about losing Strnad:

“People felt like, ‘This guy sees who I am and we are friends forever now.’ The next time he saw them, he would remember exactly who they were and what they talked about. People just felt this intense connection to him. When one of your friends dies, you go through all of these things in your head. I wondered if I was more like Trevor if he would still be around.

Maybe he would have known how appreciated he was. You always hear people saying, ‘Check on your friends,’ or ‘Tell people you love them.’ Everyone just goes back to their life. I’ve learned something from this and will forever be a different person. Everyone needs to realize life is fragile.

Your friends might be struggling, and you might not even know it or understand it. But you can still help. If there is any way that this tragedy can help move forward, it’s understanding that this guy was such a positive force in people’s lives and uplifted people’s lives. But even he was struggling.”

Eschbach added:

“I don’t have any doubts about what we’re doing. We are making the best out of a shitty, horrible situation. We are the people to do it. It’s always a challenge to write a new album, but it will be a different challenge this time to keep this legacy alive without Trevor. We aren’t going to start writing a bunch of political songs.

In the early days, we would always talk about horror comics. We wanted to tell dark and scary stories. That was the foundation of it, and will stay the same. [Second-guessing] is going to happen. We’re a big band. Some people will reject it just hearing about it, but this is just something we have to do. This is us, and we can’t stop it. If that bums them out, well, that bums us out, too. But we can’t stop doing it.”

In Flames Announce October North American Tour With Born Of Osiris, Darkest Hour, & Hammerhedd

In Flames have announced a North American tour with Born Of Osiris, Darkest Hour, and Hammerhedd. Here’s the dates:

10/17 Tampa, FL – Jannus Live
10/18 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
10/20 Richmond, VA – The National
10/21 Warrendale, PA – Jergels
10/22 Cleveland, OH – TempleLive at Cleveland Masonic
10/23 London, ON – London Music Hall (no Hammerhedd)
10/24 Niagara Falls, NY – The Rapids Theatre
10/26 Hampton Beach, NH – Wally’s
10/27 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance Theatre (no Darkest Hour)
10/28 Reading, PA – Reverb (no Darkest Hour)

Ghost, Mudvayne, Ice Cube, Etc. Added To 2022 Blue Ridge Rock Festival

More bands have been added to this year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival. The event will take place at Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia on September 8-11 and the updated lineup can be found below.


  • Slipknot
  • Disturbed
  • Ghost
  • Mudvayne
  • Ice Cube
  • 3 Doors Down
  • A Day To Remember
  • Halestorm
  • Lamb Of God
  • Alice Cooper
  • Tenacious D
  • Falling In Reverse
  • I Prevail
  • Stone Temple Pilots
  • Seether
  • Gojira
  • Underoath
  • New Found Glory
  • Pennywise
  • Skillet
  • Anthrax
  • Pierce The Veil
  • Killswitch Engage
  • Hollywood Undead
  • In This Moment
  • Motionless In White
  • Ice Nine Kills
  • Daughtry
  • Jelly Roll
  • Down
  • Nelly
  • Saliva (feat. Josey Scott)
  • Nothing More
  • Theory Of A Deadman
  • Sevendust
  • Wage War
  • Pop Evil
  • Badflower
  • Knocked Loose
  • Candlebox
  • Starset
  • Black Veil Brides
  • Thrice
  • Sleeping With Sirens
  • Insane Clown Posse
  • In Flames
  • GWAR
  • John 5
  • God Forbid
  • Apocalyptica
  • Spiritbox
  • Grandson
  • Fever 333
  • Puddle Of Mudd
  • The Amity Affliction
  • We Came As Romans
  • Bad Wolves
  • Kittie
  • Hatebreed
  • Silverstein
  • Queensrÿche
  • Shadows Fall
  • Story Of The Year
  • All That Remains
  • 3OH!3
  • Baroness
  • Buckcherry
  • Hoobastank
  • Hinder
  • Electric Callboy
  • Bad Omens
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Enter Shikari
  • Fit For A King
  • Memphis May Fire
  • Whitechapel
  • Zero 9:36
  • Suicide Silence
  • Slaughter To Prevail
  • Demon Hunter
  • Saving Abel
  • Adelitas Way
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Attila
  • Nonpoint
  • Hawthorne Heights
  • Lacuna Coil
  • From Ashes To New
  • The Union Underground
  • Chelsea Grin
  • Red
  • Mushroomhead
  • Powerman 5000
  • The Plot In You
  • Alien Ant Farm
  • Lacey Sturm
  • Dayseeker
  • Texas In July
  • Stick To Your Guns
  • Counterparts
  • A Skylit Drive (original lineup)
  • Cold
  • Sion
  • ERRA
  • Bleeding Through
  • The Acacia Strain
  • Crazy Town
  • Municipal Waste
  • Butcher Babies
  • Comeback Kid
  • Fit For An Autopsy
  • Terror
  • Fire From The Gods
  • Stray From The Path
  • Tetrarch
  • Attack Attack!
  • Nita Strauss
  • Unearth
  • Darkest Hour
  • Norma Jean
  • Kublai Khan
  • Smile Empty Soul
  • The Word Alive
  • Silent Planet
  • Crowbar
  • Otherwise
  • Twiztid
  • Point North
  • Jeris Johnson
  • Project 86
  • Upon A Burning Body
  • Redlight King
  • Icon For Hire
  • Palisades
  • Siamese
  • Holding Absence
  • Hollow Front
  • Orbit Culture
  • Vended
  • Close Your Eyes
  • (hed)p.e.
  • Emo Nite Brooklyn
  • Solence
  • Brand Of Sacrifice
  • Dying Wish
  • Alpha Wolf
  • The Dead Daisies
  • Blacktop Mojo
  • Islander
  • Small Town Titans
  • Traitors
  • Varials
  • Left To Suffer
  • Zao
  • He Is Legend
  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy
  • Afterlife
  • Sleep Token
  • No Resolve
  • Any Given Sin
  • The Lonely Ones
  • GFM
  • Vampires Everywhere!
  • Get The Shot
  • Silvertung
  • Vangogo
  • Burden Of The Sky
  • Dying Oath
  • Kings County
  • Lansdowne
  • Relent
  • Hollow Intent
  • Velvet Chains
  • Dead Fervor
  • Next Attempt
  • The Other LA
  • Frame 42
  • Two Sides Of Me
  • Last Nights Villain
  • Braincell
  • Preacher
  • We Demand Parachutes
  • Plainview
  • Noble Poets
  • Crystal Cages

Bloodlet Announce July Tour

Bloodlet have announced a July U.S. tour. The trek will include the band’s previously announced dates with Darkest Hour and Zao and new headlining shows.

Tour Dates:

07/01 Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
07/02 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
07/03 Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern
07/05 Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506
07/06 Nashville, TN – Drkmttr
07/07 Cincinnati, OH – Legends

With Darkest Hour and Zao:

07/08 Chicago, IL – Reggies
07/09 Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary
07/10 Pittsburgh, PA – Crafthouse
07/11 Rochester, NY – Photo City M.H. (no Darkest Hour)
07/12 Worcester, MA – Palladium
07/13 Mechanicsburg, PA – Lovedraft’s
07/14 Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus
07/15 Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus
07/16 Washington, DC – Black Cat

Darkest Hour Announce “Deliver Us” 15th Anniversary European Tour

Darkest Hour have announced the dates for the European leg of their “Deliver Us” 15th anniversary tour. The trek will find the band performing the album “in it’s entirety plus a whole bunch of hits (where time permits)!” Here’s the dates:

08/07 Munchen, GER – Backstage
08/10 Jaromer, CZE – Brutal Assault Fest
08/12 Frankfurt, GER – Batschkapp
08/13 Stuttgart, GER – Juha West
08/14 Lindau, GER – Vaudeville
08/15 Nurnberg, GER – Hirsch
08/16 Dresden, GER – Chemiefabrik
08/17 Berlin, GER – SO36
08/18 Dinkelsbuhl, GER – Summer Breeze
08/19 Sulingen, GER – Reload Open Air
08/20 Trier, GER – Summer Blast Fest

As I Lay Dying Announce August European Tour

As I Lay Dying have announced an August European tour. Lorna Shore, Darkest Hour, Tenside, and Ten56. will serve as support on select dates.

Tour Dates:

08/04 Feldkirch, AUT – Poolbar-Festival
08/06 Wacken, GER – Wacken Open Air
08/09 Dublin, IRE – Academy
08/11 Josefov, CZE – Brutal Assault
08/12 Frankfurt, GER – Batschkapp
08/13 Kortrijk, BEL – Alcatraz
08/14 Koln, GER – Essigfabrik
08/15 Munchen, GER – Backstage
08/16 Lyss, SWI – Kulturfabrik
08/17 Padova, ITA – Dissonance Festival
08/19 Sullingen, GER – Reload Festival
08/20 Trier, GER – Summer Blast

The group commented:

“It feels good to finally make our way back and play some of the finest heavy music festivals Europe has to offer. We look forward to catching up with old friends and celebrating the return of these large musical gatherings that we’re grateful to be a part of. Due to scheduling conflicts, we’ve condensed all rescheduled ‘Two Decades of Destruction‘ EU dates to a handful of headlining shows in between festival appearances, including our very first appearance in Ireland. This will be a great finish to our 2022 touring before we finalize writing and enter the studio for our next album. We’ll see you soon🤘🏽⁣”