Decapitated Premiere “Never” Music Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Anticult”

Decapitated have premiered a new video for their new song “Never.“ This song is from their new album “Anticult,“ which will be released on July 7.

“Anticult” Track Listing:

01. “Impulse”
02. “Deathvaluation”
03. “Kill The Cult”
04. “One-Eyed Nation”
05. “Anger Line”
06. “Earth Scar”
07. “Never”
08. “Amen”

Vader & Decapitated Announce 2017 European Co-Headlining Tour

Vader and Decapitated will be heading out on a European co-headlining tour together. Thy Disease and more will serve as support for the trek.

Tour Dates:

05/11 Vilnius, LIT – Paleda
05/12 Riga, LAT – Melna Piektdiena
05/13 Tallinn, EST – Tapper
05/14 Seinajoki, FIN – Rytmikorjaamo
05/15 Tampere, FIN – Klubi
05/16 Helsinki, FIN – Nosturi
05/18 Stockholm, SWE – Kraken
05/19 Oslo, NOR – Parkteatret
05/20 Finspang, SWE – Plektrum & Hugo
05/21 Gotebord, SWE – Sticky Fingers
05/22 Copenhagen, DEN – Beta

Decapitated Fire Back At Earache Records’ Claims That Their Royalties Lawsuit Was Settled In 2015

Decapitated recently announced that they were planning to sue Earache Records for unpaid royalties. This led to Earache Records‘ UK/European label manager Dan Tobin attacking the band’s claims, and saying that things had already been settled in November. Now, Decapitated have responded to those comments, and said that “there was no court case” last year.


The group posted the following:

“In response to Earache‘s statement issued on Monday – 27th June, 2016.

The only thing that is garbage is the terrible failure by Earache to properly account, pay royalties and to have left us in a position where we need to pursue legal action in order to enforce our rights.

In reply to Earache’s statement – there was no court case – what actually happened is that we served Earache with a formal request for payment of what we believed to be due. Hoping to settle the matter with Earache without going to court, we agreed to withdraw the demand. The court decided nothing and did not even consider the claims. Predictably, and despite Earache’s undertaking to do so within 28 days in September last year, we’re still waiting! So we are now raising funds to instruct a lawyer to pursue our claims.

You might have also noticed that we’ve withdrawn the limited edition t-shirt/ tops that we planned to sell to help us raise funds for the case. This is because Earache immediately sent us a cease and desist letter to stop us using the artwork on them, despite us having the blessing and support of the original artist who created the “Organic Hallucinosis” album cover. If only they would act as quickly for serious matters.

It’s disappointing, but unfortunately not surprising, that Earache would rather waste time and money being obstructive and uncooperative instead of simply paying their bands what is due (yes, sadly we are not the only band Earache have treated appallingly and/or haven’t paid, but more on that later!) Fear not though, as we will be releasing limited edition tops with new artwork on our website ( soon.”

Earache Records‘ UK/European Label Manager Says Decapitated Royalties Lawsuit Was Settled In 2015

Decapitated recently announced that they were planning to sue Earache Records for unpaid royalties. Now, Earache Records‘ UK/European label manager, Dan Tobin told Team Rock that the case had already been taken to court last November, and that the court took the label’s side.


Tobin said the following:

“The court decided in Earache’s favor back in November, actually awarding Earache substantial costs, which are yet to be received. Obviously they feel wronged by the court decision, which by the way, was instigated by the band.”

He also added:

“The fact that the band’s representatives failed even to turn up in court to hear the judgment on the proceedings they themselves instigated says it all. Clearly, they knew then as they know now that this is garbage.”

Decapitated To Take Legal Action Against Earache Records Over Unpaid Royalties

Decapitated have decided to take legal action against Earache Records, due to unpaid royalties from the albums they released through the label. If you want to help the band with legal expenses, you can purchase the new “20 Years of Madness” shirt HERE. Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka discussed the suit in the below video:

Vogg said the following:

“I’d like to tell you about something very important. In 1999 we signed a 4-album deal with Earache Records. We have, as a band, fulfilled all the requirements of the contract. We recorded 4 albus, promoted them, played shows, etc.. However, they haven’t paid a penny in royalties since the deal ended 10 years ago, For that reason, we’ve devided to begin legal action against the label. In order to raise the funds for the legal proceedings, the lawyers and so forth, we’re issuing a limited edition t-shirt. We’re now asking you all on behalf of the band, Covan‘s and Vitek‘s families to purchase this t-shirt to support the band and for JUSTICE to be done. I hope this is enough to convince you to buy this t-shirt and help us out! Finally, I’d like to say thank you to each and everyone of you for coming to our shows, buying our album and for being such amazing fans.”

Decapitated Premiere Animated Music Video For “Veins”

Decapitated have premiered a new animated video for their song “Veins.” This song is from the band’s latest album, Blood Mantra, which is available now.

Lukasz Rusinek, who made the video, said the following:

“Animation is an area extremely time-consuming and the fact that I work alone only adds to the sad fact that, especially during complex productions such as the video for the song ‘Veins‘ by Decapitated, my little ones await their father to come back home in the evenings in vain and my newlywed wife withers at the window longing to see me. Despite these minor inconveniences, I do not complain because I love to combine sound with vision.

On most occasions I prepare scripts myself. And so it was this time. I came up with a short story with the apocalypse in the background, set in a slightly imaginary universe in which droids fight on battlefields instead of humans, intelligence cells of feuding superpowers plot their rise to power, and the relics of the Cold War keep waiting for someone to finally press that ‘damn button’. Enjoy.”