Decapitated Issue Statement Following Recent Attempts “To Cause Damage To The Band” By Revisiting Dropped Rape Charges

Decapitated have issued a statement regarding recent attempts “to cause damage to the band” by bringing up past rape and kidnapping charges that were leveled against them. The charges, which have since been dropped, originally stemmed from an incident that occurred after their August 31, 2017 show in Spokane, WA, in which a woman claimed to have been gang raped by the group.

Decapitated said the following:

“As many of you may or may not be aware, back in 2017 in the midst of our USA tour we had the worst experience of our lives during the time we got arrested and jailed after being falsely accused of sexual assault. We went through hell and back. After all charges got dropped when evidence that would prove our innocence came to light and we were able to return to Poland, we made a short statement about the situation and had decided not to go into any sort of detail. The band had not been found guilty and we didn’t want to share much, if any, of the details of what we had to go through.

We have known the truth and the truth will always win.

Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that a small group of people, who know nothing about our case or have any connection to it or us, have been reaching out directly to some of our beloved UK venues and promoters of the 25 year anniversary EU/UK tour that we announced earlier this week, bringing up old articles from when we got arrested, in an attempt to cause damage to the band and our shows.

Over the past weeks and months, we’ve heard about several industry players (be it bands, promoters or agents) rightfully coming under fire after severe allegations of unacceptable misconduct.

This is absolutely unrelated to Decapitated.

We have nothing to do with this and don’t deserve to be dragged through the mud again.

The band has ZERO interest in rehashing the past and certainly, the scars need to be kept closed. We value the emotional and mental health of our band members and ALL involved in their lives. We will not go back to one of the, if not, the worst times of our lives. It hurts us that some people are forcing us to go relive all those terrible feelings again, while we moved on and have been working very hard to rebuild this band.

Our members, family, label, closest fans, friends and people from the music industry have helped every step of the way to keep us afloat, as well as mentally and emotionally strong.

Decapitated has never used and will never build their strategy and recognition, or look for media attention, by talking about private life, being scandalists, or provoking and offending others.

But once and for all to set the record straight: We strongly stand with the victims of ACTUAL sexual abuse, homophobia, racism and strongly condemn any actions or sentiment of this kind, ALWAYS! There is NO room for this in our beloved metal community (or anywhere else). Accusations related to any kind of abuse or assault should always be taken seriously. Sexual harassment does happen and it is horrible.

But false accusations do also happen and can also very easily and rapidly destroy lives, relationships and careers. Unfortunately, we experienced this first hand and this keeps chasing us to this very day. It is very unfortunate and disrespectful that some people are trying to take this away from real survivors of abuse.

After months of hard work together with our team, we were very excited to announce our 25 year anniversary tour this week. In case some venue or promoter would still want to cancel our show, it would sadden us deeply but we will respect that decision and move on.

We cannot wait to hit the road again after these challenging Covid times and hope to see many of you on one (or more) of our below tour dates.

Thank you once again to everyone who has supported us over the years.”

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Decapitated Announce 25th Anniversary European/UK Tour

Decapitated have announced a 25th anniversary European/UK tour with Black Tongue, Heart Of A Coward, and Inferi. Guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka commented:

“25 years in the band… Wow, I would have never ever guessed it would survive that long. But time flies and we are still here as strong as ever, with the new album almost there and an amazing line-up, ready to get out on the road again. This is just the beginning! We are ready to discover, learn and conquer more than before!!! So, let’s celebrate together and let’s have some fun friends!”

Tour Dates:

01/25 Vienna, AUT – Viper Room
01/26 Salzburg, AUT – Rockhouse
01/27 Munich, GER – Backstage
01/28 Milan, ITA – Slaughter Club
01/29 Aarau, SWI – Kiff
01/30 Lyon, FRA – CCO
01/31 Istres, FRA – L’Usine
02/01 Barcelona, SPA – Bodeva
02/02 Madrid, SPA – Caracol
02/03 Bilbao, SPA – Stage Live
02/04 Nantes, FRA – Le Ferrailleur
02/05 Paris, FRA – Le Trabendo
02/07 Southampton, UK – The Loft
02/08 Bristol, UK – Trinity
02/09 London, UK – Islington Assembly Hall
02/10 Manchester, UK – Club Academy
02/11 Limerick, IRE – Dolan’s Warehouse
02/12 Dublin, IRE – Button Factory
02/13 Glasgow, UK – The Classic Grand
02/14 Sheffield, UK – Corporation
02/15 Birmingham, UK – Mama Roux’s
02/16 Brighton, UK – Chalk
02/17 Antwerp, BEL – Kavka
02/18 Oberhausen, GER – Kulttempel
02/19 Eindhoven, NET – Dynamo
02/20 Hannover, GER – Bei Chez heinz
02/21 Wiesbaden, GER – Schlachthof
02/22 Haarlem, NET – Patronaat
02/23 Hamburg, GER – Bahnhof Pauli
02/24 Nuremberg, GER – Z-Bau
02/25 Berlin, GER – Hole44
02/26 Wroclaw, POL – Pralnia
02/27 Dresden, GER – Puschkin

Decapitated To Release Early Demo Collection “The First Damned”

Decapitated will be releasing a new demo collection titled “The First Damned” on June 4. The effort will feature early tracks in their original state.

“The First Damned” Track Listing:

01. “Intro” (“The Eyes Of Horus” demo, 1998)
02. “The Eye Of Horus” (“The Eyes Of Horus” demo, 1998)
03. “Blessed” (“The Eyes Of Horus” demo, 1998)
04. “The First Damned” (“The Eyes Of Horus” demo, 1998)
05. “Nine Steps” (“The Eyes Of Horus” demo, 1998)
06. “Danse Macabre” (“The Eyes Of Horus” demo, 1998)
07. “Mandatory Suicide” (Slayer cover) (“The Eyes Of Horus” demo, 1998)
08. “Into” (“Cemeterial Gardens” demo, 1997)
09. “Destiny” (“Cemeterial Gardens” demo, 1997)
10. “Way To Salvation” (“Cemeterial Gardens” demo, 1997)
11. “Ereshkigal” (“Cemeterial Gardens” demo, 1997)
12. “Cemeterial Gardens” (“Cemeterial Gardens” demo, 1997)

Guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka commented:

“For some of you, the story behind these demos might be an awesome way to learn about the band or refresh your memory on our history. Demo tape is at the core of the band’s DNA and when I think about it now, I am really surprised that we were able to record both demos at such a young age.

I am excited that it was possible to work on this release with a great team and deliver something for our die-hard fans. ‘The First Damned‘ is unique, with an awesome layout and bio, which some of you might not be familiar with.

If it wasn’t for Sauron who came up with the idea of starting a band, my brother Vitek who played drums at the age of 12, and Martin who had the idea of going to the studio to record those tracks – there wouldn’t be a band called Decapitated. We were just a bunch of young guys who were inspired by thrash and death metal.

Now, with the help of great people: Dom Lawson, Micah Ulrich, Marcelo Vasco, and all the team who worked on this release, we were able to create – in my opinion – a cool design and honoring the true demo cassette vibe.

For the first time this record will be released on LP, and we couldn’t of course forget about cassettes, which are another cool way to keep the memories alive. We didn’t change anything with the sound. We took the sound from the original DAT masters, so it’s the real, organic sound of the music we recorded back in the days.

I hope you will enjoy it the same way I do.”

You can stream “Destiny” from the effort below:

Decapitated Re-Sign With Nuclear Blast

Decapitated have officially re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records. With this news, the band have also confirmed that new music is in the works.

Guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka commented:

“We have been working with Nuclear Blast Records for over a decade now and I am more than happy to announce that we have re-signed our contract. The bond which we have between the band and the label is really great, it’s not only a business relationship but also a lot of respect, loyalty, understanding, and support over the years, definitely the core of any relationship. Many things will happen in the upcoming months! I am super excited to continue this journey with such a professional team again! Wait for the new music! It’s coming!”

Nuclear Blast USA General Manager Geraldo Martinez added:

“Decapitated has been in my life literally since the band started, and soon after the first time they toured the US with their second album – first time seeing them live, I knew that the band had “IT”. Fast forward to the Organic Hallucinosis days and I became very good friends with all of them and I haven’t left them since. We’ve gone through highs and lows, but one thing that makes me feel great is that we are here, in 2020, extending their deal so we can continue to be in the family and release more music together for many years to come!”

Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka Says Decapitated’s New Album Will Be “A Tribute To The Old Gods” Of Death Metal

Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka is currently on tour with Machine Head, but he is still taking time to work on material for Decapitated’s new album. He said the following about the effort during an interview with

“…With the new record, I’ll be back with fast aggressive riffs and technical stuff, so the old fans will get what they deserve after years of my experiments. There will be songs in the style of ‘Earth Scar‘ and ‘Kill The Cult‘, but from what I have now, the new ideas sound brutal and crushing. The new Decapitated will be, in a way, a tribute to the old gods, like Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Deicide… so I feel I want to deliver more blast beats and double bass death Metal. I would also like to go for more melodic things this time, plus heaviness.”

Decapitated Recruit Aborted Drummer Ken Bedene For Upcoming European/UK Tour

Decapitated have recruited Aborted’s Ken Bedene to handle drumming duties on their upcoming European/UK tour. This news comes after the band previously toured with Vader’s James Stewart following Michal Lysejko’s departure.

Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka commented:

“Decapitated are stoked to announce that Ken Bedene will play as session drummer throughout the upcoming Faces of death tour! Ken is one of my favourite death metal drummers – he’s a great guy and an incredibly talented musician. We’ve toured with his band Aborted several times in the past, and the experience was always great. We have some awesome memories of sharing the stage together. I cannot wait!”

Bedene added:

“I’m very excited to announce that I will be filling in on drums for death metal legends Decapitated on their upcoming Faces of Death tour. Decapitated is a band that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing very well and have toured with multiple times throughout my career. I can’t wait to share the stage with them and bring my own intensity to their music!”

Tour Dates (with Beyond Creation, Ingested, Lorna Shore, and Viscera):

03/06 Berlin, GER – Lido
03/07 Hamburg, GER – Bahnhof Pauli
03/08 Aarhus, DEN – VoxHall
03/09 Hannover, GER – Bei Chez Heinz
03/10 Oberhausen, GER – Kulttempel
03/11 Nijmegen, NET – Doornroosje
03/12 London, UK – ULU Live
03/13 Glasgow, UK – Slay
03/14 Manchester, UK – Club Academy
03/15 Birmingham, UK – Mama Roux’s
03/16 Bristol, UK – The Fleece
03/17 Southampton, UK – The Loft
03/18 Aarschot, BEL – De Klinker Club
03/19 Paris, FRA – Le Trabendo
03/20 Aarau, SWI – KIFF
03/21 Karlsruhe, GER – Weiße Rose
03/22 Padern Dugnano, ITA – Slaughter Club
03/23 Munich, GER – Backstage
03/24 Vienna, AUT – Viper Room
03/25 Budapest, HUN – Durer Kert
03/26 Prague, CZE – Nova Chmelnice
03/27 Wroclaw, POL – Klub Pralnia
03/28 Dresden, GER – Club Puschkin

Listen To Decapitated & Vader’s Acid Drinkers Covers

Decapitated and Vader are among the artists that contributed to the new Acid Drinkers tribute album “Ladies And Gentlemen On Acid (A Tribute To Acid Drinkers).“ Decapitated and LXMP recorded a cover of “Fuel Of My Soul,“ while Vader recorded a cover of ”Dancing In The Slaughterhouse.“