Decapitated‘s Waclaw Kieltyka & Michal Lysejko Make First Court Appearance

Decapitated’s Waclaw Kieltyka and Michal Lysejko have made their first court appearance in Spokane, WA yesterday (October 13), following an incident that occurred after the band’s August 31 show in the same city. Both were formally charged with first degree kidnapping, and rape, with Kieltyka being charged in the second-degree, and Lysejko being charged in the third-degree. Their passports have been turned over, and their bail is set at $100,000. Spokane Superior Court Judge Annette Plese also said that the members can’t have any contact with one another. Rafal “Rasta” Piotrowski and Waclaw “Vlogg” Kieltyka are are facing similar charges and are expected to appear in court on October 18. You can find photos from Kieltyka and Lysejko’s appearance ovber at The Spokesman-Review.


Decapitated Issue New Statement Following Official Rape Charges

Earlier today, it was reported that Decapitated have officially been charged with rape following an incident that occurred after the band’s August 31 show in Spokane, WA. Now, the band have issued a new statement regarding the charges, which you can read read below.

Decapitated’s statement:

“An update – following extradition from California to Washington, the band has now been charged. We’d like to emphasise; the Spokane Police Department has pressed charges as procedural formality, without doing so, they would be forced to release band – this is not a conviction or any indication of guilt or innocence.

Once again, we ask that everyone wait for each party’s case to be presented and await the court’s decision. With that said, whilst cases are being prepared on both sides, some facts are indisputable at this point – that the original officer who took the complaint from the accuser stated, “I do not have probable cause that a rape occurred”, and it’s taken a full 30 days to file charges, which is right up against the point at which the defendants would legally have had to be released.

The band firmly refutes the allegations and are confident that once the facts and evidence have been seen and heard, they will be released and able to return home.

Individuals who were present on the night in question with information about the case are asked to reach out to the defense lawyer, Steve Graham of Spokane, Washington.”

All Four Members Of Decapitated Officially Charged With Rape

According to The Spokesman-Review, Decapitated have officially been charged with rape following an incident that occurred after the band’s August 31 show in Spokane, WA. The band were originally only charged with first degree kidnapping, with a gang rape accusation. Vocalist Rafal “Rasta” Piotrowski and guitarist Waclaw “Vlogg” Kieltyka are both charged with second degree rape, while drummer Mikola Llysejko and bassist Hubert Wiecek are charged with third degree rape. Kieltyka is scheduled to appear in Superior Court today, (October 13).

Decapitated Start Extradition Process To Spokane, WA

Decapitated have officially started the extradition process from Los Angeles, CA to Spokane, WA following a first degree kidnapping charge and a gang rape accusation. So far, Waclaw Kieltyka and Michal Lysejko have been moved, while the other two are still waiting to be transferred at a later date.

The Spokesman-Review have shared some new information on the situation as well, including a statement from attorney Steven Graham who said the following:

“We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit the band of her own free will and left on good terms. The accuser has a documented history of providing false information to the police dating back to 2014.”

A police report offered some of those witnesses’ claims, including one who said the two women were “groping” members of the band earlier that night, and that he later saw the women smoking a cigarette outside the bus, before one of them walked away, while having an angry conversation on her cell phone.

The report also said that one of women claimed to have escaped by kicking Rafal Piotrowski in the groin. After she left, she was charged with a DUI. Although, the member of the the Washington State Patrol that pulled her over said she never told the police anything about sexual assault until she was in custody. The report said “She spoke to someone on the phone and then said to him that her friend was raped by five men downtown.”

It was also revealed that the alleged gang rape victim and her mother are not happy with the way the police are handling the case.

[via The PRP]

Decapitated Comment On Kidnapping & Gang Rape Accusations: “We Are Not Kidnappers, Rapists Or Criminals”

Decapitated have officially issued a statement after being accused of first degree kidnapping and gang raping a woman who went to their August 31 show in Spokane, WA. The band were arrested in Santa Ana, CA on September 9 and currently waiting to be extradited to Spokane, WA.

Decapitated’s statement:

“While we are not perfect human beings, we are not kidnappers, rapists, or criminals. As such, we strongly deny the allegations that have recently been brought against us.

We ask that everyone please reserve their judgement until a definitive outcome has been reached, as charges have yet to be pressed. Full testimony and evidence will be presented in due time, and we have faith in that process.

As there is uncertainty regarding a timeline for prospective proceedings and out of respect for fans and promoters, due to the severity of the claims, we have cancelled all planned touring.

All social media platforms have been temporarily disabled as they have been used as destinations for defamatory and malicious remarks. We would like to point out that the statements in the published police report were given prior to an arrest. At that point, no member of the band was aware of an active warrant being issued.”

Venom Prison Drop Off Decapitated’s 2017 European/UK Tour

Decapitated’s planned European/UK tour with King Parrot, Venom Prison, and Thy Disease will probably end up cancelled, considering the fact that Decapitation are being held in a Los Angeles jail as they await extradition to Washington, where they will face kidnapping and gang rape charges, but just in case it doesn’t, Venom Prison will be dropping off the trek. The band made the decision based on the aforementioned crimes Decapitated are accused of.

Venom Prison commented:

“It is with great dismay that Venom Prison is opting to pull out of our scheduled dates in the UK with Decapitated. As you are no doubt aware, the members of Decapitated were arrested on Saturday, 9th September in Santa Ana, California.

It is no secret that Venom Prison are opposed to rape and sexual assault, the band continue to advocate women’s rights and bring attention to the many serious issues which continue to plague the extreme music genres.

Venom Prison would like to stress that everyone is entitled to a fair trial – via the appropriate legal channels, not just via social media – and Decapitated remain respected musicians until proven otherwise. In addition, we would state that the burden of proof in any criminal matter, at least in the UK, is that of beyond all reasonable doubt, that 99% what is alleged to have happened did happen. On that basis, until an individual is convicted, we are not in a position to comment on the present allegations.

It is imperative that we state that we don’t believe these things ‘just happen’, so regardless as to the extent of the allegations, inevitably situations such as the one Decapitated have found themselves in, more often do than don’t involve some degree of inappropriate behaviour.

As above, we have not made any effort to hide our views on what we see as an issue that is becoming more and more visible, an unfortunate ugliness that continues to spread. On that basis, we apologise to anyone who has already purchased tickets specifically to see Venom Prison, and whilst we would ask that you reserve your judgment, Venom Prison will not be performing at the scheduled dates.

Furthermore, we have opted to donate £200 to Rape Crisis England & Wales. We hope that you will continue to raise awareness to issues such as rape and sexual assault, in music and anywhere, we must continue to take a stand and as long as Venom Prison is a band, we will continue to resist censorship and make our feelings known.

We thank you for your continued support.”

Decapitated Make First Court Appearance In Los Angeles, CA

Decapitated members, Michael M. Lysejko (27), Waclaw J. Kieltyka (35), Rafal T. Piotrowski (31), and Hubert E. Wiecek (30), have made their first court appearance in Los Angles, CA, after getting arrested in Santa Ana, CA on September 9, after being accused of first degree kidnapping and gang raping a woman who went to their August 31 show in Spokane, WA. During the appearance, the band all agreed to be extradited to Spokane, WA. You can find a video report of that at KABC, while a summary of recently released court documents can be read HERE.