BABYMETAL To Play 10 Shows At Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan, First Six Dates Announced

BABYMETAL will be celebrating their 10th anniversary with 10 shows at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. The first six dates have already been announced and can be found below:

01/19 Tokyo, Japan – Nippon Budokan
01/20 Tokyo, Japan – Nippon Budokan
02/16 Tokyo, Japan – Nippon Budokan
02/17 Tokyo, Japan – Nippon Budokan
02/19 Tokyo, Japan – Nippon Budokan
02/20 Tokyo, Japan – Nippon Budokan

Moametal told Billboard the following:

“I consider the Budokan shows as the period we properly display everything we’ve gained in our journey over the past 10 years, and our gratitude to everyone who encountered us along the way.”

BABYMETAL To Release “10 BABYMETAL Years” Greatest Hits Collection

BABYMETAL will be celebrating their 10th anniversary by releasing a new greatest hits collection titled “10 BABYMETAL Years.” The effort will be released on December 23 and it will be available in 10 different options.

The following was said about each of the 10 editions on the band’s official website:


Note that all each version below will include 1 standard version in addition to the other items listed.

② INITIAL LIMITED VERSION A: contains 1 Blu-ray Disc of past music clips of 16 songs
③ INITIAL LIMITED VERSION B: contains 10 artworks reflecting on the past 10 years SU-METAL and MOAMETAL have journeyed. Each of the 10 artworks are analog sized covers that can be displayed according to the purchaser’s preference.
④ INITIAL LIMITED VERSION C: contains a poster and a Blu-ray Disc featuring 10 LEGEND MOVIES. Based on fan vote, 10 songs will be selected which fans feel best represents what BABYMETAL is all about. Each chosen 10 songs will be compiled with past live footage from different performances.

THE ONE LIMITED EDITION is available in 2 versions.
⑤ THE ONE LIMITED EDITION VERSION A “KARUTA BATTLE SET” : contains battle cards (42 images), a battle CD, and also a battle field.
⑥ THE ONE LIMITED EDITION VERSION B “CHRONICLE SET” : contains 2 Blu-ray discs, a photo book, and a big flag. Blu-ray Disc-1 showcases an interview of SU-METAL and MOAMETAL looking back on the past 10 years of their journey. Blu-ray Disc-2 features live footage of the 10 songs featured on the CD. This edition also contains a big flag with a special 10th year design and a photo book capturing exclusive photos of BABYMETAL’s journey over the past 10 years.

Both versions (⑤ and ⑥) are jam-packed with special contents so don’t miss the opportunity to get a hold of these items. 

⑦ SU-METAL VERSION, ⑧ MOAMETAL VERSION, and ⑨ KOBAMETAL VERSION features a selection of their personal 10 best songs. In order to obtain this very special version which is not available for sale, one must first purchase any one of the initial limited version ①〜⑥ which includes a randomly distributed PROPHET CARD. Each version contains 1 PROPHET CARD (PROPHET CARD S, M, or K) which has a unique serial number on it. Whichever card (PROPHET CARD S, M, or K) the purchaser received, he or she will have the privilege to obtain this very special version only if he or she correctly guesses what 10 songs were selected and the correct order.

That’s not all for the 10 BABYMETAL YEARS. There is also a ⑩ X version, which will not be released in conjunction with the other variations. The release date for this X version is something ONLY THE FOX GOD KNOWS. Wait and see what the FOX GOD has in store for the final piece to complete the 10 BABYMETAL YEARS! 

Click here for more info pertaining to THE ONE LIMITED EDITION A・B


BABYMETAL Premiere “BxMxC” Video

BABYMETAL have premiered a new video for their song “BxMxC.” This track appears on the band’s latest album “Metal Galaxy” and it will also be released on 12″ vinyl in Japan on December 9. That effort will also feature live tracks from the group’s “Legend – Metal Galaxy” set.

BABYMETAL To Release New Live Albums This Month

BABYMETAL will be digitally releasing “Legend – Metal Galaxy“ as two live albums on September 9. The records were recorded at Makuhari Messe Kokusai Tenjijou Hall in Chiba, Japan on January 25-26. Those shows featured completely different sets with one performance serving as the “World Of Light” and one performance serving as the “World Of Darkness.” Pre-orders can be found HERE. A live film/album featuring the shows will also receive a physical release in Japan.

“Legend – Metal Galaxy” [Day 1]:

01. “Future Metal”
02. “Da Da Dance”
03. “Elevator Girl”
04. “Shanti Shanti Shanti”
05. “Oh! Majinai”
06. “Yava!”
07. “Brand New Day”
08. “Gimme Chocolate!!”
09. “Megitsune”
10. “Night Night Burn!”
11. “The One”
12. “Road Of Resistance”

“Legend – Metal Galaxy” [Day 2]:

01. “In The Name Of”
02. “Distortion”
03. “Pa Pa Ya!!”
04. “Karate”
05. “Kagerou”
06. “Bxmxc”
07. “Syncopation”
08. “Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!”
09. “Starlight”
10. “Shine”
11. “Arkadia”
12. “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”

BABYMETAL To Release “Legend – Metal Galaxy” In September

BABYMETAL have announced that they will be releasing a new Blu-ray/DVD/CD, titled “Legend – Metal Galaxy,“ on September 9. The effort was recorded at Makuhari Messe Kokusai Tenjijou Hall in Chiba, Japan on January 25-26. Those shows featured completely different sets with one performance serving as the “World Of Light” and one performance serving as the “World Of Darkness.” The release will be available as a standard edition or as a limited edition “The One” set with a 64-page booklet, titled “Apocalypse,” featuring interviews with BABYMETAL.

BABYMETAL To Stream “Live At Tokyo Dome” This Week

BABYMETAL have announced that they will be streaming their “Live At Tokyo Dome” release on YouTube. The “Red Night” performance will be streamed on April 10 at 4:00am PDT/7:00am EDT and the “Black Night” performance will be streamed on April 11 at 4:00am PDT/7:00am EDT.

BABYMETAL Share New Trailer For “Live At The Forum” Blu-ray/DVD

BABYMETAL have shared a trailer for their new Blu-ray/DVD “Live At The Forum.” The effort features the band’s October 11, 2019 set at The Forum in Inglewood, CA and it will be released on May 13.

BABYMETAL Become First Act From Asia To Hit No. 1 On Billboard’s “Top Rock Albums” Chart

BABYMETAL have hit No. 1 on the Top Rock Albums chart with their latest album “Metal Galaxy.” According to Billboard, the band are actually the first act from Asia to achieve this ranking. “Metal Galaxy” earned 28,000 equivalent album units (including 27,000 from album sales) in its first week of release and it entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 13. The record also topped the Hard Rock Albums chart as well.

BABYMETAL Explain Why They Haven’t Officially Replaced Yuimetal

After YUIMETAL left BABYMETAL, the band chose to move forward without an official replacement, instead opting to use back-up dancers, which they refer to as the Avengers. SU-METAL recently discussed this decision with Kerrang!, saying it would be hard to replace someone like YUIMETAL.

SU-METAL said the following:

“YUIMETAL has been someone very special to us. So obviously it’s been very difficult, but we want to fully support what she wants to pursue.”

“We wanted to continue BABYMETAL and continue the tradition. Also there’s just no-one like YUIMETAL, so it’s not an easy replacement. And that’s why we decided – SU-METAL and MOAMETAL – to form the core of BABYMETAL.”

The band’s producer KOBAMETAL added:

“Obviously YUIMETAL’s departure was something that they’d never experienced before. It was a difficult moment for BABYMETAL, but it was more that SU-METAL and MOAMETAL had their strong desire to continue [the band]. They wanted to become the core of the group. I think it was a time where BABYMETAL continued to evolve.”

As previously reported, BABYMETAL’s new album “Metal Galaxy” will be released on October 11.