Heartsick Premiere “Animal Instinct” Video

Heartsick have premiered a new video for their new song “Animal Instinct.” This track is from the band’s new EP “Cinco,“ which will be released on July 16. Alfonso Civile commented:

“‘Animal Instinct‘ is a song about human beings and our inability to separate our selves from other animals. We seem to always use the example of dogs to somehow insinuate that we are better than animals. But the way I see it dogs and animals in general are often times more civilized than human beings. We rape, murder, steal, commit atrocities for mostly selfish and awful reasons. Animals are programmed through instinct they take only when they need. They don’t make the conscious decision to hurt or kill others our of hate or jealousy only when needing to hunt or otherwise protect their own domain. It feels as society as moved forward our killer instincts have grown more ravenous….humans to me could learn a thing or two from animals like dogs.”