Ben Orum (All Shall Perish, Oblivion) Recovering From Neck Surgery

Ben Orum (All Shall Perish, Oblivion, etc.) has revealed that he is currently recovering after undergoing neck surgery. He said the following about that on Facebook:

“Over the last 3 years I’ve had shooting electrical pains down my left arm and my fingers on my left hand have become completely numb (certifical radiculopathy). after two MRIs we descovered a pinched nerve in my neck with my discs almost completely eroded at my c5-c7 with severe spinal stenosis on top of this. I wasn’t comfortable sitting, standing, laying down but worst of all, picking up a guitar was almost impossible for me and that was very emotional. I decided it was finally time for neck surgery to fix it. Yesterday they replaced two of my cervical discs with artificial discs, and I’m happy to report I am already feeling relief. Time to slow down a bit and recover.. Send good vibes, Love you all.”

[via The PRP]

All Shall Perish Reunion Reportedly Scrapped

It looks like the All Shall Perish reunion has officially been scrapped. According to Lambgoat, frontman Eddie Hermida (also of Suicide Silence) recently confirmed the news to a fan saying: “not happening, bro. Sorry. I tried really hard but it takes a whole band to want it.” This news comes after the group announced a reunion in 2015 and claimed new music was still in the works in 2019.


All Shall Perish Are Still Working On New Music

Back in 2015, All Shall Perish announced that they were planning to return with a lineup consisting of Eddie Hermida (Vocals), Ben Orum (Guitar), Chris Storey (Guitar), Caysen Russo (Bass), Matt Kuykendall (Drums), and Craig Betit (Additional Vocals). The band have yet to release any new music, but they did recently post a new update on Facebook:

“ASP is not dead. We have some challenges to deal with, but new music is being created. Thank you to all of our loyal fans who still write to us every day!”


All Shall Perish & Darkest Hour Members Comment On Phil Anselmo’s (Pantera) “White Power” Salute At Dimebash

Earlier today, Robb Flynn posted a video condemning Phil Anselmo (Pantera) for doing a nazi salute, and yelling “white power” while onstage at Dimebash. Now more artists have started calling him out as well, including All Shall Perish, and Darkest Hour’s Mike Schleibaum.

All Shall Perish posted the following:

“We consider Pantera to be the single greatest metal band of all time, but we should never be afraid to call out our heroes. Seeing Phil‘s actions and his cowardly justification is not only disgusting and inexcusable but antithetical to the punk, metal, underground ethos to which we subscribe. No gods, No masters, and certainly no master race.

Any justifications or cries of “reverse racism”, BET, Double standards, PC Police, Or general white whining are just profoundly ignorant of history, systemic effects, and the lasting impact of state sponsored racism, Jim crow, segregation and slavery. Talk with your black friends, if you have any, and try to gain some perspective. There has never, nor will ever, be a true incarnation of “reverse racism” until white people are swinging from trees en mass, sold into torture, defined in the constitution as 3/5th’s a person, denied from public institutions and forcibly segregated from society.

In the face of what an actual tit for tat reprisal would look like, affirmative action and understanding the significance and context of displaying black pride seem the least the multi-generational benefactors of being the master race can muster. Racism and its institutions are a stain on American culture; likewise, Phil’s actions are a stain on the legacy of Pantera, Dime’s memory and the metal community as a whole.

“Nazi punks, fuck off.” – Dead Kennedys“

Schleibaum also posted:

“I spent sometime watching this [Flynn‘s video] before my metalsucks podcasts today, we just finished recording so you will hear my thoughts on this whole thing via that interview coming soon. It’s a video like this that reminds me to say it was an honor to have toured with Machine Head. Rob is both brutality honest and totally on point in this video. I know that most of the world would watch this video and say who the fuck gives a shit – but Pantera meant a lot to me, music means a lot to me, and heavy metal is my life. So this is like sort of in my backyard.

I have nothing to add only to echo the rob and the bands sentiment. I’m not the moral police, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have many different fiends and fans who feel differently about a wide range of subjects… but racism has no place in metal to me, Metal / punk / hardcore / whateverthefuckyoucallit should be unifying. Its a shame to type these words as I am sure most of us know better. Honesty and sincerity in music now a days is hard to find, cheers to rob for keeping it 100!💯 – im going to crank up some machine head!”

All Shall Perish Classic Lineup Reunites Without Mike Tiner

All Shall Perish’s classic lineup is officially reuniting, but they are doing so without bassist Mike Tiner. The band’s current lineup features Eddie Hermida (Vocals), Ben Orum (Guitar), Chris Storey (Guitar), Caysen Russo (Bass), Matt Kuykendall (Drums), and Craig Betit (Additional Vocals). You can read an official press release below.


October 21, 2015

Happy Back To The Future Day from All Shall Perish!

“DOC! THIS IS HEAVY!” – Marty McFly

Hernan “Eddie” Hermida – Vocals
Ben Orum – Guitar
Chris Storey – Guitar
Caysen Russo – Bass
Matt Kuykendall – Drums
Craig Betit – Additional VoKills

San Francisco, CA – How perfect that today is Back to the Future Day! All Shall Perish cofounders Matt Kuykendall, Ben Orum, and Caysen Russo are back together with Hernan “Eddie” Hermida and Chris Storey. (Start the DeLorean!).

The “deathcore” titans hailed by fellow Bay Area dwellers like Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Robb Flynn (Machine Head) are making new music. Hermida fronted ALL SHALL PERISH on all three of their most recent albums: The Price of Existence (2006), Awaken the Dreamers (2008), and This is Where it Ends (2011). Hermida will continue in his role as fulltime vocalist for Suicide Silence. Orum plays guitar on all four All Shall Perish albums. Kuykendall, who created the name All Shall Perish, drums on all but the most recent album. Storey was a fan-favorite guitarist from 2003 to 2009. Hate, Malice, Revenge (2003) era guitarist Russo returns to the fold. Original vocalist Craig Betit also plans to contribute.

Nearing the conclusion of a legal arbitration over control of the band’s name, unpaid royalties, and other assets, bassist Mike Tiner declined a personal invitation from Kuykendall to rejoin his ex-bandmates. The legal system ultimately ruled in favor of the four out of five original members, their longtime vocalist, and guitarist. Russo will handle bass duties for ALL SHALL PERISH.

Hermida, Storey, Kuykendall, Orum, Russo, and Betit now look forward to putting their music in front of the court of public opinion: the fans, ensuring the legacy of ALL SHALL PERISH remains secure. Back to the Future Day, indeed!

As previously reported, the band have posted a teaser that says “The Rotting King” is coming, which seems to suggest that new music will be coming soon as well.

All Shall Perish Teasing Their Return?

All Shall Perish seem to be teasing their return. Their official website has a new teaser, which says “The Rotting King” is coming, and Metal Sucks got word from a Nuclear Blast representative, who said Lucas Durecki joined the band. It is important to note that Durecki’s involvement is not confirmed though. For now, fans will just have to wait for an official announcement.