Behemoth Premiere Video For Cover Of The Cure’s “A Forest”

Behemoth have premiered a new video for their cover of The Cure‘s “A Forest.“ This track features Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth and it will serve as the title track of the band’s new EP. That effort will be released on May 29 and it will also include a live version of the cover and two previously unreleased songs from the “I Loved You At Your Darkest” sessions.

“A Forest” Track Listing:

01. “A Forest” (The Cure cover) (feat. Niklas Kvarforth)
02. “A Forest” (The Cure cover) (live from ‘Merry Christless‘, Warsaw Poland, December 2018) (feat. Niklas Kvarforth)
03. “Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha”
04. “Evoe”

Behemoth commented:

“Legions! Our new EP “A Forest” releases May 29th including the title track featuring Niklas Kvarforth of Shining! Covering music outside of metal is a challenge – covering legendary music is an even greater challenge…that is what drove us throughout this process.

The EP contains two brand-new Behemoth songs, “Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha” and “Evoe”. The tracks act as a continuation on from ILYAYD – no more, no less. We hope this brings some respite for anyone struggling during these strange times on our planet! Stay safe, stay positive, Hail Satan!”

Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Behemoth’s Nergal Offers Update On His Ongoing Court Cases

Behemoth’s Adam “Nergal” Darski has offered an update on his ongoing court cases. The first one is a case in which the frontman was accused of disrespecting Poland’s national coat of arms with a piece of merch. That was previously dismissed in 2018, but has since been reopened. The second one involves a piece of artwork that shows Jesus Christ crucified on a wooden dildo. That item was given to Darski by Triptykon’s Tom Gabriel Warrior and it apparently got him into trouble due to Poland’s blasphemy laws. Darski said the following:

“In case some of you are wondering what’s going on with my legal cases while we r on quarantine… The “Polish emblem blasphemy “ has just been reopened and we r going thru this bullshit again in June. The same month I’m confronting Polish law system with “dildo jesus” case as well… “Although the most acute judges of the witches and even the witches themselves, were convinced of the guilt of witchery, the guilt nevertheless was non-existent. It is thus with all guilt. On the photo with my attorney Gosia and my fellow “criminals” @manticore677 and @too_many_skulls 🤓🥳💩”

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Watch Behemoth’s “Messe Noire: Live Satanist” Set

Behemoth‘s live set from their 2018 release “Messe Noire: Live Satanist“ has been shared online. The performance finds the band playing “The Satanist” in full during a 2016 show in Warsaw, Poland. The concert was streamed earlier today on Various streams have been airing on the site every Friday and they also include live chats with the artists and exclusive merch.

Behemoth’s Nergal Calls Out Polish Government For “Using Isolation Restrictions To Enact Complete Abortion Ban”

Behemoth’s Nergal has called out Poland’s parliament for trying to move forward with a “Stop Abortion” bill as everyone is currently focused on the coronavirus pandemic. If passed, the regressive bill would restrict the reproductive rights of women in the frontman’s country. Nergal said the following:

“Polish government is using isolation restrictions to enact the complete abortion ban in my home country. I’m speechless and terrified to see how shameless they are on the way to utter victory… to turn Poland into next North Korea or Belarus. Utterly disgusting. I honestly hate the fact I breathe the same air…”

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Behemoth To Release New Music In 2021

During a recent interview with Overdrive, Behemoth’s Nergal was asked if the band are planning to celebrate their 30th anniversary next year. The frontman responded by saying that he is not sure if they will be doing anything to commemorate the milestone, but he did add that they will be releasing new music in 2021.

Nergal said the following:

“Yes, it will be 30 years of BEHEMOTH. Holy fuck!! [Laughs] Well, I’m going to be straight with you here. I’ve always mocked the fact that in Poland, they always book so many anniversary gigs. No one would give a fuck otherwise. It’s just one fucking anniversary show after another one, and I’m, like, ‘So fucking what.’ I mean, no one really cares.

I am aware that people are anticipating something from BEHEMOTH on this one because we didn’t do anything for our 20th or the 25th, and, honestly, I don’t see a reason why we should do something. I’m always too busy with the stuff that’s going on now, in present day. There is so much stuff happening at the moment, so, for me, I’d rather just concentrate on the now. I’ve never been a fan of that stuff because it just shows how old we are! [Laughs]. I’d rather show you by my actions that I’m ever inspired and I’m ever driven and I have so much more to say other than just getting people to feed off my history for the sentiment of the fans.

So, I really don’t know if we will do anything, but what I know for sure is that we’ll be coming back in 2021 with new BEHEMOTH music. I’ve been very productive with both BEHEMOTH and ME AND THAT MAN [Nergal’s folk side project]. When we’ve been on tour recently, I’ve been working on a lot of new ideas, so you can definitely expect new music as there’s just no time to stop now.”

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Behemoth Premiere “Rom 5:8” Music Video

Behemoth have premiered a new video for their song “Rom 5:8.” This track is from the band’s latest album “I Loved You At Your Darkest.” A new tour edition of that record will be released on January 24 and it will feature the original album, as well as a BBC Radio 1 session, new artwork by Nicola Samori, and a previously unreleased documentary called “Thou Darkest Art,” which was filmed at the band’s art gallery in London, England.

Behemoth Planning To Reissue Their Back Catalog

According to Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski, the band are planning to reissue their “back catalogue with massive bonus content, both audio and aesthetics.” The first release in the series is a reissue of the group’s debut EP, “And The Forests Dream Eternally,” which is expected to be released in May.

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When I thought that all of those tapes were long gone buried by time and dust I came across this hidden treasure…! One of my garage band’s names was Centaur and we played… Black Death metal! It must have been ‘88 or ‘89 I believe. All I remember from those “session” is that there was a song called “Necromancer”. Now I’m waiting for a friend of mine to bring the cassette player so I can check if the tape is legit. It should be! I don’t think it’s ever worth publishing but for my personal archives and the whole career profile it is pretty crucial. For all the @behemothofficial fans out there, along with this tape I found several Behemoth demo masters, rehearsal cassettes and live recordings from late ‘90! What I am working on now is reissue of the back catalogue with massive bonus content, both audio and aesthetics! Stay tuned! “…And the forests dream eternally” comes out first in May 2020!

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