Trapt Premiere “Make It Out Alive” Lyric Video

Trapt have premiered a lyric video for their song “Make It Out Alive.” This track is from the band’s new album “Shadow Work,” which will be released on July 3.

Chris Taylor Brown commented:

“This song is dedicated to every American doing their best to weather a storm none of us could have been prepared for! We want to dedicate this video to any American who passed away, every person out there on the frontlines taking care of the sick, every mom and dad out there homeschooling their kids, everyone who lost a job, everyone who lost a loved one and everyone who is ready to do what we can to repair the damage that has been done for future generations of Americans. We may be staring into an abyss of the unknown, but like we always do, as a nation we will MAKE IT OUT ALIVE!”

Body Count’s Ice-T On Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown: “I’m Not Planning On Fighting Him – I Don’t Want To Hurt The Guy”

During his nonstop Twitter rampage, Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown ended up challenging Body Count frontman Ice-T to a bare knuckle fight. Now, during a fan Q&A hosted by Kerrang!, Ice-T was asked about the potential fight and he responded by saying he’s “not planning on fighting him.”

Ice-T said the following:

“Yeah, that’s a weird question. I don’t know that, dude! I never heard of the band Trapt before all this started. I think he was in an altercation, he’s speaking of Power Trip and he’s talking shit to Riley.

Now why that started I have no idea, but in the midst of this he went off on the entire Sumerian label – which we’re no longer on, we’re on Century Media. But in the midst of that rant he included Body Count in one of the groups that he sells more records than on Pandora.

And of course, like we say on the street, ‘Keep my name out of your mouth.’ You could say, ‘We sell more records than everyone on Sumerian’ but once he named Body Count, I decided to say something.

I just told him, ‘Keep talking, we’ll bump into each other one day,’ which he took as a threat. Maybe when I bump into him I’ll want an autograph, I don’t know, I just said, ‘I’ll see you.’ That was gonna be it, but he continued to rant and rave and that turned into him wanting to do charity fights.

My boy Danny Diablo jumped in, ‘Don’t speak on Ice-T,’ because believe it or not, people respect me out there (laughs). People were like, ‘Ice, he’s just trying to use you guys for publicity’ and I let it go.

But the theory that you’re going to talk shit to somebody and then get in a charity boxing match, what kind of clown shit is that? Like, really? Nah, nah, if I do bump into him, it’ll be in a parking lot some place and then we’ll see if he wants to repeat his words. I’m not planning on fighting him – I don’t want to hurt the guy, we’ll just see what happens.”

Trapt Premiere New Songs “Make It Out Alive” & “Tell Me How You Really Feel”

Trapt have premiered two new songs, “Make It Out Alive” and “Tell Me How You Really Feel.” These tracks are from the band’s new album “Shadow Work,” which will be released on June 19.

Trapt To Release New Album “Shadow Work” In June

Trapt have announced that their new album “Shadow Work” will be released on June 19. The effort’s first two singles, “Make It Out Alive” and “Tell Me How You Really Feel,” will be available on May 15. A third single, “Far Enough Away,” will also be available on May 22

“Shadow Work” Track Listing:

01. “Make It Out Alive”
02. “I Want To Want What I Want”
03. “Tell Me How You Really Feel”
04. “Too Little Too Late”
05. “Far Enough Away”
06. “Turn Me Around Again”
07. “Trying Too Hard”
08. “Let Me Down Slowly”
09. “Too Far Away”
10. “Get You Back”
11. “Hold And Be Held”
12. “Save Your Soul” (Jewel cover) (digital only)

You can find a teaser for “Make It Out Alive” below. Chris Taylor Brown said the following about that track:

“‘Make It Out Alive‘ was the last song written for our new album ‘Shadow Work‘ and I hope it inspires people to never give up. Times can get so tough and it can be easy to just want to let go of all the struggle. But I think the struggles we go through define us. Each crisis we go through, staring into an abyss of the unknown, makes us stronger when we come out the other side. I know that we will come out stronger, as a country and as a world, through the current crisis we find ourselves battling and every other crisis that comes our way in the future. We always do!”

He also made some bold claims about the new record and the band’s fans on his notorious Twitter account:

Danny Diablo Challenges Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown To A Charity Boxing Match

It’s no secret that Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown has been on a nonstop Twitter meltdown and now things are getting even more interesting. All the drama has actually led Danny Diablo to challenge Brown to a charity boxing match.

Diablo and Power Trip frontman Riley Gale, who previously challenged Trapt to a concert battle to see which band can draw a bigger crowd, recently discussed Brown’s meltdown with Revolver. Gale said the following:

“I felt the need to step in and say you’re an idiot. I was bored cause of the quarantine, otherwise I would have never engaged. But I saw this guy saying all this hateful stuff. When I grew up, I was in an all-male high school and when someone was being bullied, there was always a group of people to step in and defend them and I was one of those people. I saw this dude putting people down for being poor [or] promoting socialism, calling people ugly, saying anti-Semitic stuff, and now he’s climbed the ladder, saying [Trapt are] more successful than Body Count.”

“He’s clearly trolling cause he’s irrelevant. A ton of people haven’t even heard about the band until this beef popped off. What’s funny is he talked about his one hit and people under 25 don’t know his band and some people I know over 30 don’t. He’s trying to use this as a way to get supporters, say his band is relevant and get new supporters out of sheer curiosity, which is probably working cause some people are streaming his band like, ‘Who the fuck is this guy?’

I have a feeling this guy is just broke cause he’s spent his days attacking everybody, strangers, celebrities for no rhyme or reason and looking for a reward for having blind loyalty to Trump.”

Diablo continued:

“I’m not really into politics, even though I’m from the hardcore scene, which I know those guys were fighting about. Power Trip is a great band. Riley is a sweet dude. Then I saw the same dude was fucking with Ice-T, blatantly disrespecting him. How do you talk to Ice-T like that? I’m very influenced by him, how we came up, his music, how we changed his life, so I chimed in and he talked some shit. In my world, no one speaks to me this way.”

“I’m stuck in this house, I’m thinking about smashing this guy’s face. Me and Ice-T were texting about it and how we don’t know this guy, laughing about it. He did have one hit, he did have fans at one point, but it was when record labels were still able to pump lots of money into the band, the radio stations, etc. But the sad thing is not a single fan has written me to defend this dude.”

He also added the following about the proposed boxing match:

“Fighting is second nature to me my entire life. I’ve boxed. Everyone knows my reputation in the streets. All you have to say my name and people know what I can do, in and out of the ring. But look, I would never want to hurt this guy for real. Look, I would train with Gavin, and Craig Setari from Sick of it All, and fight for charity, donate money towards the children’s tumor foundation. Diablo loves the kids. I want to help the kids. Most people talk, I’ve challenged people to fights and most people haven’t showed up. If he shows up and accepts, I’d shake his hand and be cool, mad respect.”

For his part, Brown has since responded to Revolver’s article:

He has since challenged Ice-T as well:

Defiler Share Parody Of Trapt’s “Headstrong”

Trapt‘s Chris Taylor Brown recently made headlines after going on a Twitter rampage and numerous rock/metal musicians have since blasted the singer. Now, Defiler have even shared a parody of Trapt’s “Headstrong.” Defiler‘s Jake Shaw said the following about that:

“I one take’d these vocals in an hour with my iPhone 6’s voice memo app, and honestly had a lot of fun making this. Many of us are currently confined to our homes due to Covid-19, so I wanted to record this, and hopefully make a few of you laugh or smile in these trying times. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and we do not tolerate bullies or people that spend their free time punching down. Besides, I’m just here for a silly goose time! Love ya. – Jake.”

Scott Stapp, Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Etc. Set For 2017 Blue Ridge Rock Festival

The lineup has been revealed for the 2017 Blue Ridge Rock Festival. The event will take place on September 9 at the Phase 2 Festival Grounds in Lynchburg, VA, and it will include: Scott Stapp, Everlast, Drowning Pool, Twiztid, Sick Puppies, Dope, Adema, Saliva, Trapt, Ill Niño, Texas Hippie Coalition, Moonshine Bandits, (hed)p.e., Orgy, Saving Abel, Crazy Town, Tantric, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Flaw, Whitney Peyton, Almost Kings, Something Clever, Reliance Code, Media Downfall, Razorz Edge, Hardrive Crew, Hateful Bones, Demyze, GypsyRoad, Shun The Raven, and LNV.

Scott Stapp, Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Trapt, & Adelitas Way Set For 2017 “Make America Rock Again” Tour

Scott Stapp (Creed, Art Of Anarchy), Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Trapt, and Adelitas Way will be hitting the road together on the 2017 “Make America Rock Again” tour. Check out the dates below.

Tour Dates:

08/04 Sturgis, SD – Buffalo Chip (Drowning Pool & Trapt only)
08/09 Omaha, NE – Ralston Arena (no Adelitas Way)
08/15 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Live
08/17 Lafayette, LA – Festival International Stage
08/018 Edinburg, TX – HEB Park
08/19 Austin, TX – Bat Fest (no Drowning Pool)
08/20 Houston, TX – Pub Fountains outdoors
08/24 Sylvania, OH – Centennial Terrace
08/25 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave (no Trapt)
08/26 Island Lake, IL – Bands in the Sand
08/27 Sterling Heights, MI – Freedom Hill Amphitheater
08/29 Dewey Beach, DE – Bottle & Cork (no Drowning Pool/Adelitas Way)
08/31 Huntington, NY- Paramount Theatre
09/01 Montclair, NJ – Wellmont Theatre
09/03 Presque Isle, ME – The Forum
09/08 Fayetteville, NC – Crown Complex
09/09 Lynchburg, VA – Blue Ridge Rock Fest

Art Of Anarchy, Sick Puppies, Trapt, Etc. Set For 2017 Rock Into Spring Festival

The 2017 Rock Into Spring festival, which is set to take place April 29-30 at the M Resort Spa & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Check out the daily linups below:

April 28: Crazy Town, The Broken Thumbs, DJ Lethal, and DJ Liz Clarke.

April 29: Art Of Anarchy, Gemini Syndrome, Shallowside, Artifas, Vyces, Silent Theory, Quor, and Behind The Fallen.

April 30: Sick Puppies, Trapt, Eve To Adam, Bobaflex, Another Lost Year, Blacklite District, Cage 9, The Broken Thumbs, and Lola Black.