Def Leppard, Misfits, Rancid, Nightwish, Etc. Set For 2020 Domination Mexico Festival

The lineup has been revealed for the 2020 Domination Mexico festival. The event will take place at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City, Mexico on May 1-2 and the daily lineups can be found below:

May 1: Def Leppard, Rancid, Opeth, Sonata Arctica, Lacuna Coil, Dropkick Murphys, Krokus, Beast In Black, Scar Symmetry, Power Trip, After The Burial, Anima Inside, Bokassa, Dischord, Ego Kill Talent, El Chivo, Intronaut, Lack Of Remorse, Nunca Digas Muere, Qbo, Serpyants, Shiraz Lane, Split Heaven, Thrashock, Three Maze Stone, and Tygers Of Pan Tang.

May 2: The Original Misfits, Nightwish, Blue Öyster Cult, Testament, UFO, Motionless In White, Fever 333, Clutch, Resorte, Cenotaph, Agora, Angelus Apatrida, Anvil, Douchebagz, Exxocet, Finntroll, Floatsam And Jetsam, Gatecreeper, Knocked Loose, Lethal Creation, Marko Hietala, Rivers Of Nihil, The Anchor, The Warning, Uncured, and Unidad Trauma.

Scar Symmetry Part Ways With Bassist Andreas Holma

Scar Symmetry have parted ways with Andreas Holma. The bassist’s departure was related to scheduling conflicts.

Guitarist Per Nilsson commented:

“It is with disappointment and a sense of disbelief that we announce the departure of Andreas Holma from Scar Symmetry just weeks before our tour of Finland, Japan and the Baltic Sea. Andreas recently informed us that he couldn’t take part in these shows due to a scheduling conflict with another band that he’s playing with, even though the Scar Symmetry shows (that he agreed to do!) have been planned for several months and he’s had ample time to notify us about the situation.

With this short notice, it’s impossible for us to a secure a Japanese visa in time for a replacement bass player, as well as finding someone good enough to learn all the music and rehearse in just a few weeks. Also, since the flight tickets are non-refundable, we’d be forced to shell out for new ones.

Cancelling with just a few weeks notice without a very good reason is completely unacceptable to me, it puts the tour in jeopardy and makes the band look bad, and as a consequence Andreas is no longer a member of Scar Symmetry. For our upcoming shows we won’t have a bass player, instead we will use a pre-recorded bass performance (by me) on backing tracks. It might not be optimal but it’ll sound really good and we’ll have a little bit of extra space on stage 🙂

As for a permanent replacement, we have a few people we’re gonna talk to but since we don’t have any shows beyond this tour booked we aren’t in a big hurry.

Even in our upset and disappointment, we still want to thank Andreas for the good times we had and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Thank you everyone for your support and understanding, hope to see you soon in Helsinki, Tampere, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo or on the Close-Up Cruise in the Baltic Sea!


Holma also issued his own statement:

“A letter of resignation

Due to time restraints I have decided to resign from my position as bass player in Scar Symmetry.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank; Per, Henrik, Roberth, Lars and Benjamin for three amazing years. I’m very proud and happy to have played in this very musically gifted sextet and I wish you guys all the best on your future musical ventures. Furthermore, I’d also like to thank all of you Scar Symmetry fans around the world for all the love and support that you give. ❤️

Moving forward, I appreciate all of you for your continuing support for my band, “The ROAD “ – Thank you / A.H.”

Watch Members Of Kreator, Sepultura, Destruction, Sabaton, Cannibal Corpse, Etc. Take Part In 70000 Tons Of Metal All-Star Jam

During the 2018 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise, members of Kreator, Sepultura, Destruction, Sabaton, Cannibal Corpse, Metal Church, etc. took part in in a special all-star jam hosted by Annihilator’s Jeff Waters. You can see footage of the performance, which was called “Jamming With Waters In International Waters,” below:


01. Metal Health / Bang Your Head (QUIET RIOT) 02:42

Vocals: Chris Bay (FREEDOM CALL)
Drums: Specki T.D. (IN EXTREMO)
Guitar: Ryoji Shinomoto (GYZE)
Guitar: Joona Björkroth (BATTLE BEAST)
Bass: Schmier (DESTRUCTION)

02. Rock You Like A Hurricane (SCORPIONS) 10:47

Vocals: Adrienne Cowan (SEVEN SPIRES)
Drums: Specki T.D. (IN EXTREMO)
Guitar: Alex Beyrodt (PRIMAL FEAR)
Guitar: Tommy Johansson (SABATON)
Bass: Jari Kainulainen (MASTERPLAN)

03. Killing Machine (JUDAS PRIEST) 19:05

Vocals: Mike Howe (METAL CHURCH)
Drums: Francesco Jovino (PRIMAL FEAR)
Guitar: Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA)
Guitar: Daniel Mongrain (VOIVOD)
Bass: Johan Jönsegård (OCTOBER TIDE)

04. The Number Of The Beast (IRON MAIDEN) 24:42

Vocals: Päivi “Capri” Virkkunen (AMBERIAN DAWN)
Drums: Francesco Jovino (PRIMAL FEAR)
Guitar: Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN)
Guitar: Johan Reinholdz (DARK TRANQUILLITY)
Bass: Pasi Kauppinen (SONATA ARTICA)

05. Neon Nights (BLACK SABBATH) 31:50

Vocals: Rick Altzi (MASTERPLAN)
Drums: Eloy Casagrande (SEPULTURA)
Guitar: Kurdt Vanderhoof (METAL CHURCH)
Bass: Hugo Doyon-Karout (BEYOND CREATION)

06. Running Wild (JUDAS PRIEST) 38:40

Vocals: Ralph Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR)
Vocals: Nick Seymour
Drums: Eloy Casagrande (SEPULTURA)
Guitar: Sami Yli-Sirniö (KREATOR)
Guitar: Rob Barrett (CANNIBAL CORPSE)
Bass: Linus Klausenitzer (OBSCURA)

07. Hells Bells (AC/DC) 47:00

Vocals: Noora Louhimo (BATTLE BEAST)
Drums: Cato Bekkevold (ENSLAVED)
Guitar: Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR)
Guitar: Elias Viljanen (SONATA ARTICA)
Bass: Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR)

08. Pull The Plug (DEATH) 55:02

Vocals: Steffen Kummerer (OBSCURA)
Drums: Cato Bekkevold (ENSLAVED)
Guitar: Steffen Kummerer (OBSCURA)
Guitar: Ricardo Falcon (SINISTER)
Bass: Bud Burke (EXHUMED)

09. D.O.A. (VAN HALEN) 1:04:02

Vocals: Adrienne Cowan (SEVEN SPIRES)
Drums: Stet Howland (METAL CHURCH)
Guitar: Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR)
Bass: Eero Sipilä (XANDRIA)

10. Swords & Tequila (RIOT) 1:10:40

Vocals: Snake (VOIVOD)
Drums: Stet Howland (METAL CHURCH)
Guitar: Mike (DESTRUCTION)
Guitar: Tom Naumann (PRIMAL FEAR)
Bass: Jesper Anastasiadis (KORPIKLAANI)

11. Chemical Warfare (SLAYER) 1:15:20

Vocals: Matt Harvey (EXHUMED)
Drums: Vaaver (DESTRUCTION)
Guitar: Ivar Bjørnson (ENSLAVED
Guitar: Markus Vanhala (INSOMNIUM)
Bass: Dominique Laroche (VOIVOD)

12. Whiplash (METALLICA) 1:24:40

Vocals: Mille Petrozza (KREATOR)
Drums: Vaaver (DESTRUCTION)
Guitar: Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA)
Guitar: Matt Harvey (EXHUMED)
Bass: Schmier (DESTRUCTION)

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Meshuggah Guitarist Fredrik Thordendal To Miss The Band’s Summer Tour

Meshuggah have announced that guitarist Fredrik Thordendal will missing their upcoming summer tour. During his absence, Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) will be filling in.

Scar Symmetry Officially Welcome Benjamin Ellis (ex-Bloodshot Dawn) & Andreas Holma (ex-Hypocrisy) To The Band

Benjamin Ellis (ex-Bloodshot Dawn) and Andreas Holma (ex-Hypocrisy) have officially joined Scar Symmetry. You can read more about their additions in the below statement from Per Nilsson.

“It’s about time we make the official announcement:


We are stoked to announce the addition of Benjamin Ellis on guitar and Andreas Holma on bass to our official lineup!

Benjamin Ellis (ex-Bloodshot Dawn) is a British guitar virtuoso who filled in for me a couple of years ago when I had to sit out an East European tour, and has played alongside me on tour since. Ridiculous player and a total sweetheart!

Andreas Holma is mostly known as a guitar player – he used to play for Hypocrisy but also did short stints as a touring guitarist for Pain and Soilwork – though the bass guitar is his main instrument and we are excited to pull him back into the spotlight after some years away from the scene. Incredible musician and a gentle soul!

Check out this video from one of our recent shows to see our new lineup in full action!

Cheers’n’beers and much love /Per“

Scar Symmetry Reveal Dates For 2016 North American Tour With Arsis, Shattered Sun, & Painted In Exile

Scar Symmetry have officially revealed the dates for their North American headlining tour. The band will also be joined by special guests Arsis, Shattered Sun, and Painted In Exile.


Tour Dates:

09/08 Orlando, FL – Haven
09/09 Atlanta, GA – Prog Power USA (Scar Symmetry only)
09/10 Boonsboro, MD – G Boone’s
09/11 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
09/12 Philadelphia, PA – Voltage Lounge
09/13 Providence, RI – Firehouse 13
09/14 Montreal, QC – Petit Campus
09/15 Toronto, ON – Hard Luck
09/16 Columbus, OH – Al Rosa Villa
09/17 Valparaiso, IN – Big Shots
09/18 Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
09/19 Fort Worth, TX – Rail Club
09/20 Austin, TX – Dirty Dog Bar

Scar Symmetry Planning 2016 North American Tour With Arsis, Shattered Sun, & Painted In Exile

Scar Symmetry are planning a North American headlining tour. The band will also be joined by special guests Arsis, Shattered Sun, and Painted In Exile on this run.

Scar Symmetry Part Ways With Kenneth Seil

Kenneth Seil has exited Scar Symmetry “to pursue other interests.” With this news, the band also revealed that Andreas Silén and Benjamin Ellis will join them on their upcoming tour.


We are sorry to announce that Kenneth has left Scar Symmetry to pursue other interests, we miss him dearly but as they say: the show must go on! Much love and many thanks to Kenneth for all the years, all the drunken tour stories, all the good times!

We did our first show of the Epica/Eluveitie/Scar Symmetry tour tonight, and we are excited to announce that for this tour we have enrolled the amazing Andreas Silén on bass and Benjamin Ellis on guitar (of Propane Headrush and Bloodshot Dawn fame respectively), these guys shred like noone else!

We hope to see you guys at the shows, cheers everyone!”

Lineup Revealed For 2016 “ProgPower USA” Festival

The lineup has been revealed for the 2016 ‘ProgPower USA‘ festival. The event will take place September 9 – 10, in Atlanta, GA, and will include:

Fates Warning (performing “Awaken The Guardian” with John Arch), Scar Symmetry, Gentle Storm, Freedom Call, Vanishing Point, and Ascendia on September 9, and Devin Townsend (feat. Anneke van Giersbergen), Haken, Refuge, Green Carnation (performing “Light Of, Day, Day Of Darkness“), Serious Black, and Savage Messiah on September 10.


Scar Symmetry Premiere New Song “Cryonic Harvest”

Scar Symmetry have premiered a new song titled, “Cryonic Harvest.” This song will be on the band’s new album, The Singularity (Phase 1 – Neohumanity), which is the first part of the band’s upcoming trilogy. It will be released October 14, via Nuclear Blast.