Dååth Sign With Metal Blade Records, Premiere New Song “No Rest No End”

Dååth hav signed a new deal with Metal Blade Records. With this news, the band have also released a new song titled “No Rest No End.” You can check that out below:

The group had the following to say about signing with Metal Blade Records:

“After 12 years on hiatus, we agreed that if we’re bringing Dååth back, we’re doing it right. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve signed to our dream label, Metal Blade! From day one, they understood and backed our vision for the future, have an inextinguishable passion for the genre, an incredible staff, and are one of the reasons Metal is on the map and thriving.

We’re excited to add to the growing metal history Slagel & Co have forged with unstoppable determination. Dååth signing to Metal Blade couldn’t be a better pairing – we’re taking this to its full potential, letting nothing and nobody stand in our way. If you’re not going all out, what’s the point?”

Memebres of the band also commented on the song:

Eyal Levi:

“‘No Rest No End‘ is the reason Dååth is back. When the writing began, I was looking for proof that we still had it. The last thing I want to do is put out music that sounds like a bad cover of our back catalog. When this song came together, it was clear that we needed to see this through.

‘No Rest No End‘ is the pinnacle of everything I’ve wanted to do with this band and features our full lineup firing on all cylinders: crushing riffs, orchestrated to the max, an infectious chorus, insane solos, my favorite metal drummer, baroque insanity, signature clean guitars, and an incredible mix. It’s the most ambitious song we’ve ever written or recorded and we’re just getting started. Enjoy!”

Sean Zatorsky:

“The first time I heard ‘No Rest No End‘ in demo form, I was blown away! I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do vocally. The words practically flew off the page. During every step of the creation process, the song was an obvious masterpiece. It’s meant to be heard, and it’s meant to be played loud!”

Jesse Zuretti:

“‘No Rest No End‘ is what happens when everyone involved pushes themselves to their extremes. In metal, we often pride ourselves on how difficult something is to master – and this song is the pinnacle to that thought. We all showed up at our very best to make ‘No Rest No End‘ our masterpiece. From the orchestration standpoint, we took this to cinematic & baroque levels in one song. The guitars were also deeply challenging and equally fulfilling to track. Not to mention the Michelin rated guest solos.”

Kerim “Krimh” Lechners:

“A furious ride with the perfect title, ‘No Rest No End.’ At least that’s how I feel while playing this song. From a drumming perspective – you better get your running shoes on because this track makes you work hard!

It has fast double bass, blast beats and a ton of groovy parts. It is definitely one of our strongest songs and with its many layers you will find new things each time you listen to it.”

Dååth Stream Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, And Morbid Angel Medley

Dååth are streaming the studio version of their Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, and Morbid Angel medley. The group said the following about that:

“If you’ve ever seen us live you know that back In the day we used to play a death metal covers medley of three of our favorite bands: Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, and Morbid Angel. The wait between finishing work on The Concealers and releasing it was dragging on and order to keep the momentum going, sometime In late 2008 we decided to record the medley. It was super fun, came out slamming, and also features Jonny Davy from Job For A Cowboy on the Morbid Angel segment.”

Dååth Stream Cover Of Oingo Boingo’s “Nasty Habits”

Dååth are streaming their cover of Oingo Boingo’s “Nasty Habits.” The band said the following about that:’

“As promised, here’s another rare track! We’ve always been huge fans of Danny Elfman, the legendary film composer. Not everyone knows that long before the film scores he had a band called Oingo Boingo. They were like a 1980s Mr. Bungle. When we recorded ‘The Concealers’ in 2008, we included this cover of their song ‘Nasty Habits.’ Sadly, it never made It onto the album but it always held a special place in our hearts. Now you get to either enjoy It, or think we’re really weird, or both. You can hear It on our YouTube channel.”

Guitarist Emil Werstler Is Not Part Of Dååth’s Current Lineup

Guitarist Emil Werstler has officially confirmed that he is no longer a member of Dååth. This news comes shortly after it was revealed that the band are working on a new EP.

Werstler said the following:

“For clarity — I will not be involved with any of the new Daath music.

I will look back fondly on what we achieved together and appreciate all of your support over the years.

Aside from Verlorener, I’m involved in a few projects which you’ll hear more about in time.


Guitarist Eyal Levi and vocalist Sean Zatorsky also issued a statement:

“Hello everyone, we just wanted to confirm that Emil Werstler will not be involved with the upcoming DAATH music.

We are endlessly grateful for the amazing work we did together, and wish him the utmost success with Verlorener.

He is truly one of the greats of his generation and our collaboration made it’s mark. That music will live on forever.

Moving forward is not about replacing him as you can’t replace the un-replaceable.

The future is about blowing your minds with the new songs, new lineup, and the rebirth of DAATH.

We eagerly anticipate your reaction this October.

– Eyal Levi and Sean Z“

Dååth Recruit Septicflesh Drummer Kerim Lechner For New EP

Dååth have started the recording process for their new EP. Notably, the effort will feature drums from Septicflesh’s Kerim Lechner.

Guitarist Eyal Levi issued the following statement:

“Eyal here with our 2nd studio update. Drums for the new DAATH songs are done, and are incredible! This time we collaborated with the one and only @_krimh_ . He is perfect for the new music. His blend of power, tasteful playing, deep groove, and unrelenting speed made him our top choice, and thankfully, he was down!

I became a fan of Krimh in 2020 when @jensbogren mentioned him, and noted that at some point I would work with him. I didn’t know how. I just knew that I wanted to.

Fast forward to late 2021: DAATH was back and new music was being seeded. After 12 years off nobody knew if it would even be good. It wasn’t just good, it was awesome! Once we had a clear initial direction @seanzscreams and I hit up Krimh and to see if he wanted to write the new music with us. Not as a session drummer, but as a true collaborator. We agreed to try one song and see how it goes. One song quickly became more.

The last several months we went back and forth on the music. I would write, send to him, he would write parts on his e-kit, make suggestions, and send it back. Then I would evolve the song further, and repeat the process until we ended up with something amazing.

Krimh elaborates: “I remember back in the day when I went to my local music store to check out “The Hinderers“. I especially enjoyed the groovy elements in DÅÅTHs music and now, years later, I can be part of this project. It felt good to be involved with the songwriting and not just get a final song structure with pre-made midi drum beats. It definitely helped the songs and made them as powerful as they are.”

He recorded with his longtime engineer, @leitner.norbert , who did a great job capturing some ferocious performances. Previously I’ve felt the need to be involved in every part of DAATH productions, and it was nice to trust that it would come out great without me there. And it did!

More studio updates OTW. We are tracking bass, leads, orchestra, and synth. The mix is in September. New music is out in October!

Help fund this recording by picking up some newly re-issued merch over at: http://daath.indiemerch.com

[via The PRP]