Fear Factory Release Instrumental Version Of “Aggression Continuum”

Fear Factory have released an instrumental version of their latest album “Aggression Continuum.” You can find that on the service of your choice HERE. As previously reported, the original version of the record was the band’s last to feature ex-frontman Burton C. Bell.

Fear Factory To Release Instrumental Version Of “Aggression Continuum” In September

Fear Factory have announced that they will be releasing an instrumental version of their latest album “Aggression Continuum” on September 17. As previously reported, the original version of that record was the band’s last to feature ex-frontman Burton C. Bell.

KEN mode Release Instrumental Version Of “Loved”

KEN mode have released an instrumental version of their latest album “Loved.” You can find that effort in various digital outlets.

The band said the following:

“Evidently bandcamp is switching up and not doing bandcamp friday for this month the way they normally do…we had a plan, and it’s still going ahead either way: we’re releasing an asset TODAY that we’ve been sitting on since 2018, one which we know might not be for everyone – but for those that will get something out of it, we figured it’s worth putting out there. We constructed a fully instrumental version of our ‘Loved‘ album when we did a mix/master of the album back when we made it, and today we’re releasing it to the world digitally.

If you’ve ever wanted to do KEN mode karaoke, play along on guitar/bass/drums, or solo with another instrument over top without Jesse‘s stupid voice muddying everything up, or even just hate Jesse‘s voice so much that you’d much prefer this version, tomorrow is the time to check this out!

It feels strange watching the US excitedly begin opening everything up, while up in Canada, I’m literally sitting in the covid hot spot of North America, here in Winnipeg, where we’re not even allowed to rehearse.

Here’s hoping as many of you who read this as possible are vaccinated and are starting to be able to do the things you actually enjoy doing again.

This is all still just us trying to fundraise for the recording that is now supposed to happen in October. We’re presently working through a few more song ideas that are pushing us into the 70-75 minute territory, so at least the fall should be crazy, in theory. 2022 is going to be interesting for us, as we figure out the smartest way to release this miserable batch of songs.

We still have lots of t-shirts and vinyl available, so check that out on our page, or hit our international stores for more options:

Rings Of Saturn Part Ways With Vocalist Ian Bearer, Plan To Move Forward As An Instrumental Band

Rings Of Saturn have parted ways with vocalist Ian Bearer. The group will now continue as an instrumental act.

Rings Of Saturn said the following:

“Rings Of Saturn is transitioning towards a strictly instrumental direction which will open up many new doors in terms of musical creativity for the bands future. We are looking forward to exploring new territories of writing and expand on the band’s overall sound in this way.

Along with the recent instrumental album release versions of our past discography, every album since ‘Dingir‘ has traditionally included an instrumental track, so many fans will appreciate what’s coming next with a sense of familiarity. We would love to have Ian Bearer on any tours we currently have booked, but that decision remains ultimately up to him, and moving forward this also means that live shows will be done completely as an instrumental band.

We would like to thank Ian Bearer for his years of hard work and commitment as the voice of the band during its most recent 10 years. On tour and in the studio, it has been an honor to create and perform music alongside such a great vocalist. We absolutely wish him the best in any endeavor he decides to pursue, and we hope that fans show him the same love and support as well. – Joel Omans & Lucas Mann.”

This news comes after the band were recently dropped from Nuclear Blast Records.

Reflections Release Instrumental Version Of “Cicada”

Reflections have shared an instrumental version of their song “Cicada.“ You can check that out below. The original version of the track, which features Calle-Magnus Thomér (Vildhjarta, etc.), can be found HERE. As previously reported, the band’s new EP “Silhouette” will be released on May 25.

Steve Von Till (Neurosis) To Release Instrumental Album “A Deep Voiceless Wilderness” & New Spoken Word Release

Steve Von Till (Neurosis) has announced a new instrumental version of his album “No Wilderness Deep Enough.” This version of the effort is titled “A Deep Voiceless Wilderness“ and it will be available on April 30. A new spoken word release featuring poems from Von Till’s “Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems” book will also be available on the same day.

Von Till said the following about the instrumental album:

“This is how I originally heard this piece of music. Without the voice as an anchor or earthbound narrative, these pieces have a broader wingspan. They become something else entirely and unfold in a more expansive way. The depth of the synths, juxtaposed with the strings and French horn, have space to develop and allow the listener to imagine their own story.”

He also added the following about the spoken word release:

“Being a constant sound-seeker, I thought it would be more interesting to have some textures and treatments to break up the intimate voice recordings. The background sounds used on some of the tracks were pieces related to ‘No Wilderness Deep Enough‘ that were either not used or repurposed to interweave further connections between my artistic output at this time of my life.”

[via The PRP]

Lorna Shore To Release Instrumental Version Of “Immortal”

Lorna Shore will be digitally releasing an instrumental version of their latest album “Immortal” on March 5. The original version of the effort featured vocals from ex-frontman CJ McCreery, who was fired the band after a number of women accused him of sexual abuse and more.

Loathe Surprise Release New Ambient/Instrumental Album “The Things They Believe”

Loathe have surprise released a new album titled “The Things They Believe“. The ambient/instrumental record can be found on the service of your choice HERE.

The band commented:

“The concept for ‘The Things They Believe‘ was born from the incredible response to ‘I Let It In And It Took Everything‘, which became the impetus to extend the identity and timeline of the record. Creating sonic landscapes and parallels that explore and expand further on the areas within ‘I Let It In And It Took Everything’.

As we release this collection of atmospheres, we hope you lose yourself further within this chapter and, much like our love for soundtracks and soundscapes provides us with solace in times of distress and need, we hope you find comfort inside too.”

The group also further discussed the album with Kerrang!:

Feisal El-Khazragi:

“We’ve always been into ambient music. When we hit lockdown, and there was that pressure to do something different, we weren’t really fans of what other bands were doing in terms of livestreams and all that. I guess what fans would’ve expected would be a ‘regular album’. We thought it would be cool to do something more unexpected, while also tapping into that element of ambient sound that’s already baked into the band.”

Erik Bickerstaffe:

“The idea has been around for ages. It’s kind of a mix-and-match of ideas amassed over a long period of time. Some elements were taken from sessions for I Let It In… Some ideas originated ages ago.”

Kadeem France:

“This album is so different to anything we’ve done before and I knew that the [ambient, instrumental] side of things was more the forte of Erik and Feisal, so I was happy to take a back seat and just let them do their thing. I knew and trusted in their abilities. As a band, we’re all on the same level when it comes to making our music. I definitely had some input, though. The track title The Year When Everything And Nothing Happened came from me.”