Visions Of Atlantis Premiere “Legion Of The Seas” Music Video

Visions Of Atlantis have premiered a new video for their new song “Legion Of The Seas.” This track is from the band’s new album “Pirates,” which will be released on May 13.

The band said the following about the new song:

“‘Legion Of The Seas’ is a statement song that embodies the mindset we carry throughout the entire record. No matter what we are facing, we remain the masters of ourselves and our lives. We are delighted to welcome the listeners on board of this new age of Visions Of Atlantis with this powerful video, for one of the heaviest songs of the record. Acting scenes meet a fiery band performance, all in a very cinematic way, conveying our universe the best way.”

They also added the following about the new album:

“Being a pirate to us is being fully aware and having our lives in our own hands, living and thinking freely, embracing life as an adventure with all its light and darkness.

With the new album, we are opening a new era for Visions Of Atlantis, fully embracing the identity we have been flirting with for several years now — making the music that truly resonates with our souls. We continue our journey taking us through darker waters, heavier storms, where all serves as background for a metaphor about personal growth and spirituality. If ‘Wanderers’ was more about the bright side of our path, ‘Pirates’ definitely takes us deeply into shadow work, where we are facing other kinds of monsters along the way.”

“Pirates” Track Listing:

01. “Pirates Will Return”
02. “Melancholy Angel”
03. “Master The Hurricane”
04. “Clocks”
05. “Freedom”
06. “Legion Of The Seas”
07. “Wild Elysium”
08. “Darkness Inside”
09. “In My World”
10. “Mercy”
11. “Heal The Scars”
12. “I Will Be Gone”