Cynic Announce “Focus” 30th Anniversary Shows

Cynic will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Focus“ by performing it in full during two shows next year. One performance will take place aboard the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise, which will sail from Miami, FL on January 30 – February 3, while the other will take place at the ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, GA on September 6. Furthermore, vocalist/guitarist Paul Masvidal is also planning more shows in honor of his late bandmates Sean Reinert and Sean Malone. The band’s live lineup will consist of Masvidal, guitarist/vocalist Max Phelps (Exist), bassist Brandon Giffin (The Zenith Passage), and drummer Matt Lynch (Nova Collective). Masvidal commented:

“Eight years since Cynic’s last live performance, like a blink of an eye. In this chapter we explore perseverance, overcoming hardship, and the healing power of music.”

Cynic Finish Remixing Their Debut Album “Focus”

Cynic have finished remixing their debut album “Focus” for a future release. Paul Masvidal said the following about that:

“We did it! Cynic’s debut record ‘Focus’ has officially been remixed. Thanks to Warren Riker for his tireless commitment to process. Warren always shows up completely and delivers like no one else. We can’t wait to share it with you guys. Release date TBD 🌀

*Special thanks to OG Scott Burns, who we originally recorded Focus with in 1993. Scott captured the moments that paved the foundation for us to take this journey 💫💚🛸”

Cynic Premiere “King Of Those Who Know” Live Video

Cynic have premiered a new live video for their song “King Of Those Who Know.” The clip was filmed during the band’s set at the 2010 “Eyescream Metalfest II” event in Mexico City. The track appears on their 2008 album “Traced In Air.” Paul Masvidal commented:

“I’m grateful to be sharing this rare moment from our concert history with you. Cynic was a fluid and supercharged band at this point after many tours for ‘Traced In Air,’ so it’s a real gift to revisit this show again. It also touches my heart to see the great, Sean Reinert doing what he did best. Hugs to the friends and colleagues who helped make this night happen, and thank you Mexico for a memorable evening, you guys rule! Love, Paul Masvidal“

Cynic Premiere “Diamond Light Body” Music Video

Cynic have premiered a new video for their new song “Diamond Light Body.” This track is from the band’s new album “Ascension Codes,“ which was released today (November 26). Paul Masvidal commented:

“‘Diamond Light Body‘ is a song that emerges from the ashes like a phoenix.”

Cynic Share Drum Playthrough Video For New Song “In A Multiverse Where Atoms Sing”

Cynic have shared a drum playthrough video for their new song “In A Multiverse Where Atoms Sing.” This track is from the band’s new album “Ascension Codes,“ which will be released on November 26.

Cynic Tease New Song “Diamond Light Body”

Cynic have shared a teaser for their new song “Diamond Light Body.” The full track will appear on the band’s new album “Ascension Codes,“ which is set to be released on November 26. Paul Masvidal commented:

“‘Diamond Light Body‘ is a song that emerges from the ashes like a phoenix.”

Cynic Tease New Tracks “Sha48*” & “6th Dimensional Archetype”

Cynic have shared some previews of their new songs “Sha48*” and “6th Dimensional Archetype.” The full tracks will appear on the band’s new album “Ascension Codes,“ which is set to be released on November 26. Paul Masvidal commented:

“Here’s a preview of ‘6th Dimensional Archetype‘ from our new album ‘Ascension Codes‘—featuring artwork by Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman. This album and its forthcoming film immerse us in the Starseed’s journey.”

Cynic To Release New Album “Ascension Codes” In November, Premiere New Song “Mythical Serpents”

Cynic will be releasing a new album, titled “Ascension Codes,” on November 25. You can find the cover art and tack listing for that effort below:

“Ascension Codes” Track Listing:

01. “Mu-54*”
02. “The Winged Ones”
03. “A’-va432”
04. “Elements And Their Inhabitants”
05. “Ha-144”
06. “Mythical Serpents”
07. “Sha48*8. 6th Dimensional Archetype”
09. “DNA Activation Template”
10. “Shar-216”
11. “Architects Of Consciousness”
12. “DA’z-a86.4”
13. “Aurora”
14. “DU-*61.714285…”
15. “In A Multiverse Where Atoms Sing”
16. “A’jha108”
17. “Diamond Light Body”
18. “Ec-ka72”

“Ascension Codes” was recorded with bass synthesizer parts from keyboardist Dave Mackay. Frontman Paul Masvidal said the following about that:

“He’s got a vast jazz harmonic vocabulary, which is what’s needed in the context of Cynic‘s music, especially for bass lines. I knew that I could never replace [Sean] Malone. Anyone I would find would be expected to play like him, and that’s not fair to another musician. And things were too fresh for me with the loss of Malone, so I had to go somewhere new.

With Mackay, I heard his groovy left-hand approach, and how musical he was across the board having played with a variety of musicians and styles. I realized he would bring something fresh to the table, and he provided a space for me to start again with a completely different instrument and forgo any traditional ideas I had about what Cynic bass lines should sound like.”

The record’s first single, “Mythical Serpents,” can be found below. Masvidal added the following about that:

“I invite you to sit back, close your eyes, and listen to ‘Mythical Serpents‘ as a fully realized piece of music. No phones or screens necessary, just the power of sound communicating directly into the ears of your heart. In the coming weeks, Cynic will be revealing further details on the constellation that is ‘Ascension Codes‘, including a ‘Mythical Serpents‘ animated video, featuring the artwork of Martina Hoffmann & Robert Venosa. Stay tuned.”

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal Reveals Sean Malone’s Cause Of Death, Shares Previously Unreleased Version Of “Integral” In Honor Of The Late Bassist

Cynic guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal has shared a new tribute for his late bandmate Sean Malone, who passed away in December 2020. In the heartfelt message, he also confirmed that the bassist died of suicide.

Masvidal said the following:

“Since my friend and Cynic bandmate Sean Malone‘s passing in late 2020, many people have publicly speculated about, and privately reached out to me regarding, the circumstances of his death. I have kept my silence as I have worked through my grief and out of respect for Malone‘s privacy. Questions and rumors have persisted, so I want to share what I can with the many fans whose lives he touched so deeply and who are seeking closure.

On December 7, 2020, Malone was found dead by suicide in Largo, Florida, where his mother had lived. She had been ailing for some time before her death in 2018; Malone had been her sole caregiver during her difficult final year. Then, in January 2020, we suddenly lost our bandmate Sean Reinert. Combined with his mother’s loss, it was an emotional double whammy that hit Malone hard.

After his mother’s death, we spoke often, having long chats about grief, loss, and the future of Cynic. I urged Sean to move out to California and live with me so he could get back on his feet and start fresh, and he did. I noticed a newfound vigor in Malone I hadn’t seen before.

He was excited to be in the world again, we were working on new music, and he even began teaching bass privately. Then came the pandemic. Everything shut down and so did Malone. His pain and suffering re-emerged and his light began to dim.

Matters took an unexpected turn. Late one early summer night, he disappeared. I called him, left messages, texted, emailed, contacted missing persons and everyone we had in common, but no one had heard anything. There was no response. He quit the world. My hope that he was regrouping in private and would turn up safely turned to heartache on December 7th.

As I share this sad news about his death, I want to celebrate his life by sharing one of his most beautiful and lyrical moments ever recorded, and one which his fans have not yet heard. A few years after the release of Cynic‘s ‘Re-Traced‘ EP, Sean Malone recorded fretless bass on this solo guitar and vocal track titled “Integral.” Here’s a video celebrating his playing, and a full transcription in his honor along with the song file for download.

I am grateful to be able to share this video with you now, and I will share details about new music in the coming weeks. Please celebrate the genius and transcendent talent that was Sean Malone. Read more about his fascinating life, unique passions and accomplishments at his Wikipedia page.

As an act of support, and in honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, I invite you to donate as you wish for the “Integral” song download which comes with a guitar/bass transcription of the song and an instrumental (no bass mix) for fellow musicians to play along with. 50 percent of proceeds will be shared with suicide prevention organizations To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA), and The Trevor Project. The remaining will go towards funding a documentary about the lives and artistry of Malone and Reinert.

With love and courage, Paul Masvidal“

You can check out the above mentioned version of “Integral” below and purchase it HERE.