Cynic To Release Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing Of “Humanoid”

Cynic‘s latest single “Humanoid” is set to be released as a limited edition 10″ on December 7. The effort will also include a remixed/remastered version of “Veil Of Maya” on the b-side. Pre-orders can be found HERE.


Cynic’s Paul Masvidal Working On An Acoustic Album

Aside from new Cynic, it looks like Paul Masvisdal is also working on a new acoustic album. He confirmed the news in the below Instagram post, saying the effort, which is going to be released this fall, is “a barebones, raw, intimate, collection of songs, direct from the heart.”

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Salut fellow beings! I’m holding an Orgonite Pyramid I made recently. It consists of gemstones, metals, and sacred geometry, encased in resin. “Orgone” can help protect us from WiFi and electro-magnetic frequencies in our energy field, along with many other benefits I’ve discovered. More info on this work later ✨In other news, I’m currently sleepless, and blissfully immersed in recording an acoustic record! It’s a barebones, raw, intimate, collection of songs, direct from the heart, and will be released sometime this fall, along with a few other surprises. Cynic is in progress as well. How is your Sunday? 👁👽🖤🖖🏽🌹🧘🏽‍♂️ #orgone #masvidalienorgone #orgonitepyramid #orgonitehealing #orgoneenergy

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Cynic Premiere New Song “Humanoid”

Cynic have premiered a new song titled “Humanoid.” The track, which was mixed by Adam “Nolly” Getgood (ex-Periphery), is available in digital outlets now. This news comes after frontman Paul Masvidal and former drummer Sean Reinert reached a settlement, allowing for Masvidal to use the Cynic name. The band’s current lineup features Masvidal, along with bassist Sean Malone and new drummer Matt Lynch.

Masvidal commented:

“‘Humanoid‘ is a portrait of contrasts, like those between struggle and stillness, or the immediate against the limitless. Our Stargate is planet Earth — consciousness, the transmitter. We, sentient creatures of light, are alive now — on a sphere, floating in a galaxy fixed amidst the infinite. It’s quite miraculous to be aware of this, and it invokes a sense of urgency and empowerment that is unlike anything else.”

In other news, Masivdal has also released a new signature guitar, called the Masvidalien Cosmo, via Strandberg.

Settlement Reached Over Use Of Cynic Name

Cynic frontman Paul Masvidal and former drummer Sean Reinert have officially reached a settlement, allowing for Masvidal to use the Cynic name. Reinert revealed the news in the below Instagram post, which also officially confirms his departure.

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Today I post with a heavy heart, but also a lightened spirit. A settlement has been reached between Paul and I in regards to CYNIC. I am unable to disclose any of the details regarding this agreement but I am at peace with the arrangement. I am going to step aside from CYNIC and continue with my personal projects – Paul is going to continue with CYNIC and his. I want to take this official “CYNIC-SIGN OFF” post as an opportunity to humbly thank all of the musicians, engineers, technicians, companies, booking agents, managers, crew, press, labels, lawyers and friends that I've worked with (and will likely continue to) over this past 30-year span. Most of all – I would like to thank the fans, who to this day still blow me away with their loyalty and love. You've always been the inspiration and the fuel for the machine! To Paul, I sincerely wish him and the musicians he hires nothing but the best. Love, Sean ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ #seanreinert #cynic #endofanera #thenewnew #newbeginnings #30yearsgoneby #boundless

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Cynic To Release “Uroboric Forms – The Complete Demo Collection” In February

Cynic will be releasing a new compilation of early demos titled “Uroboric Forms – The Complete Demo Collection.” The release, which features tracks “Demo 1988,” “Refections Of A Dying World” (1989), “Demo 1990,” and “Demo 1991,” will be available on CD and on black and limited edition colored vinyl. It will also come with two previously unreleased tracks titled “Uroboric Forms” and “The Eagle Nature,“ an in-depth interview with Paul Masvidal, pictures, and more. All songs were remastered by Patrick W. Engel.


Track Listing:

01, “Uroboric Forms”
02. “The Eagle Nature”
03. “Pleading For Preservation”
04. “Lifeless Irony”
05. “Thinking Being”
06. “Cruel Gentility”
07. “Denaturalizing Leaders”
08. “Extremes”
09. “A Life Astray”
10. “Agitating Affliction”
11. “Once Misguided”
12. “Weak Reasoning ”
13. “Dwellers Of The Threshold”
14. “Uroboric Forms”
15. “The Eagle Nature”

Tracks 1-3 taken from “Demo 1991”
Tracks 4-6 taken from “Demo 1990”
Tracks 7-10 taken from “Reflections Of A Dying World”
Tracks 11-13 taken from “Demo 1989”
Tracks 14-15 are previously unreleased, vocal audition with Brian DeNeffe (Viogression)