Perfect Beings Feat. Former Cynic/Death Drummer Sean Reinert Premiere New Video For “Vibrational – Mysteries, Not Answers”

Perfect Beings, the progressive rock group featuring Sean Reinert (ex-Cynic/Death), have premiered a new video for “Vibrational – Mysteries, Not Answers.” The band’s new album “Vier” will be released on January 19.


Settlement Reached Over Use Of Cynic Name

Cynic frontman Paul Masvidal and former drummer Sean Reinert have officially reached a settlement, allowing for Masvidal to use the Cynic name. Reinert revealed the news in the below Instagram post, which also officially confirms his departure.

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Today I post with a heavy heart, but also a lightened spirit. A settlement has been reached between Paul and I in regards to CYNIC. I am unable to disclose any of the details regarding this agreement but I am at peace with the arrangement. I am going to step aside from CYNIC and continue with my personal projects – Paul is going to continue with CYNIC and his. I want to take this official “CYNIC-SIGN OFF” post as an opportunity to humbly thank all of the musicians, engineers, technicians, companies, booking agents, managers, crew, press, labels, lawyers and friends that I've worked with (and will likely continue to) over this past 30-year span. Most of all – I would like to thank the fans, who to this day still blow me away with their loyalty and love. You've always been the inspiration and the fuel for the machine! To Paul, I sincerely wish him and the musicians he hires nothing but the best. Love, Sean ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ #seanreinert #cynic #endofanera #thenewnew #newbeginnings #30yearsgoneby #boundless

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Perfect Beings Feat. Former Cynic/Death Drummer Sean Reinert Premiere New Video For “Anunnaki – Patterns Of Light”

Perfect Beings, the progressive rock group featuring Sean Reinert (ex-Cynic/Death), have premiered a new video for “Anunnaki – Patterns Of Light.” The band’s new album “Vier” will be released on January 19.

Perfect Beings Feat. Former Cynic/Death Drummer Sean Reinert To Release New Album “Vier” In January

Perfect Beings, the progressive rock group featuring Sean Reinert (ex-Cynic/Death), have announced that their new album “Vier” will be released on January 19. You can check out “A New Pyramid” preview from the effort’s opening track “Guedra” below:

Track Listing:

“Guedra” – 18:23

01. “A New Pyramid”
02. “The Blue Lake Of Understanding”
03. “Patience”
04. “Enter The Center”

“The Golden Arc” – 16:47

05. “The Persimmon Tree”
06. “Turn The World Off”
07. “America”
08. “For A Pound Of Flesh”

“Vibrational” – 18:17

09. “The System And Beyond”
10. “Mysteries, Not Answers”
11. “Altars Of The Gods”
12. “Everywhere At Once”
13. “Insomnia”

“Anunnaki” – 18:42

14. “Lord Wind”
15. “Patterns Of Light”
16. “A Compromise”
17. “Hissing The Wave Of The Dragon”
18. “Everything’s Falling Apart”

Gruesome Stream New Song “Fragments Of Psyche” Feat. Sean Reinert (Ex-Death/Cynic)

Gruesome are streaming their new song “Fragments Of Psyche” featuring Sean Reinert (Ex-Death/Cynic). This song is the title track of the band’s new EP, which is set to be released on March 31. This release will feature the previously mentioned track, along with a reworked cover of Death’s “Choke On It” and some demos.


“Fragments of Psyche” Track Listing:

1. “Fragments of Psyche”
2. “Choke on It ’91”
3. “Closed Casket” (Demo Version)
4. “Gangrene” (Demo Version)
5. “Gruesome” (Demo Version)
6. “Psychic Twin” (Demo Version)
7. “Savage Land” (Demo Version)

Matt Harvey (also of Exhumed) said the following:

“We are super psyched about this EP as it features a very, very special guest: Mr. Sean Reinert who did an incredible job on the tune we wrote for him. I can’t even express how humbled I am to have such an incredible musician and equally great dude as Sean playing on one of our songs. Having Sean do this with us really makes it feel like we are honoring the legacy of Death in the best way that we collectively know how.

This EP is all about connecting the different eras of the Death discography and also bridging the Gruesome sound into new areas moving forward. It’s only fitting that we pay homage to the Leprosy record with this “Humanized” reimagined version that Gus and Dan did a fantastic job arranging.

We are really excited to continue paying tribute to Chuck‘s work in all the different eras of Death as we move forward with Gruesome. We hope that you enjoy going along with us, thanks for checking out our tunes and let the Death Metal Flow.”

Cynic To Perform At Euroblast Festival

Despite their apparent break-up, Cynic have announced that they will be playing this year’s Euroblast Festival, in Cologne, Germany. Sean Reinert will not be performing, leaving Matt Lynch (Trioscapes) to take his place. The band issued the following statement:

“The remaining members of Cynic will headline Euroblast on October 3rd as scheduled. Many thanks to the fans, promoters, agents and others, working on behalf of the band to make this show happen. It is the only show that was salvageable from Cynic’s European tour, cancelled without the band’s consensus by a single member last week.”


In other news, Paul Masvidal has also issued a personal statement about the band’s performance:

“Hey friends, thank you for being there for me and Cynic. We worked really hard to turn things around with this European tour but it wasn’t possible despite efforts from many people. I know many of you have gone through considerable costs to attend our shows and I’m so deeply sorry for the inconvenience, expense and whatever trouble it may have caused you. I want you to know that we will make it up to you, somehow, someway.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity for Cynic to headline Euroblast as scheduled. It was the only show of the tour that we were able to do. Sean Malone and I will be there with drummer Matt Lynch of Trioscapes. Cynic‘s spaceship is preparing for liftoff! Please keep your eyes on the skies. Your transmissions of positive vibes help keep us afloat.

Thank you, love Paul“