Death To Release Vinyl Deluxe Version Of “Human”

Death‘s 1991 album “Human” album is set to get a a deluxe vinyl reissue on March 31. It will be available as a single LP and as a 2xLP box set, which includes instrumental tracks (limited to 500). It will also come with a poster, slipmat, and magnet sheet.

The LPs in the box set are bone white/aqua blue mixed with blood red/bronze splatter, while the single LP will be available in black (3800), metallic gold (500) (Retail Exclusive), blood red (500) (European/Rough Trade Germany Exclusive), black/blood red (500) ( Exclusive), clear with blood red/bronze/aqua blue splatter (300) ( Exclusive), and on picture disc (300) ( Exclusive).

Death’s “The Sound Of Perseverance” To Be Released On Deluxe Limited Edition Vinyl

Death‘s “The Sound Of Perseverance” is set to be released on limited edition colored vinyl via Relapse. It will contain three records full of remastered tracks in a special case with expanded artwork. It will be available on November 28 and preorders can be found HERE.

Track Listing:

LP 1:

01. “Scavenger Of Human Sorrow”
02. “Bite The Pain”
03. “Spirit Crusher”
04. “Story To Tell”
05. “Flesh And The Power It Holds”
06. “Voice Of The Soul”
07. “To Forgive Is To Suffer”
08. “A Moment Of Clarity”
09. “Painkiller”

LP 2:

10. “Spirit Crusher” – 1998 Demos (No Bass)
11. “Flesh And The Power It Holds” – 1998 Demos (No Bass)
12. “Voice Of The Soul” – 1998 Demos (No Bass)
13. “Bite The Pain” – 1998 Demos
14. “A Moment Of Clarity” – 1998 Demos
15. “Story To Tell” – 1998 Demos
16. “Scavenger Of Human Sorrow” – 1998 Demos
17. “Bite The Pain” – 1997 Demos
18. “Story To Tell” – 1997 Demos
19. “A Moment Of Clarity” – 1997 Demos

LP 3:

20. “Bite The Pain” – 1996 Demos
21. “Story To Tell” – 1996 Demos
22. “A Moment Of Clarity” – 1996 Demos
23. “Bite The Pain” w/ Paul Payne On Vocals – 1996 Demos
24. “A Moment Of Clarity” w/ Paul Payne On Vocals – 1996 Demos
25. “A Moment Of Clarity” w/ Chuck Schuldiner On Vocals – 1996 Demos
26. “Story To Tell” w/ Chuck Schuldiner On Vocals – 1996 Demos
27. “Bite The Pain” w/ Shannon Hamm on Vocals – 1996 Demos
28. “A Moment Of Clarity” – 1996 Demos (Instrumental)
29. “Bite The Pain” – 1996 Demos (Instrumental)
30. “Story To Tell” – 1996 Demos (Instrumental)
31. “Voice Of The Soul” – 1996 Demos (Instrumental)
32. “A Moment Of Clarity” – 1996 Demos (Instrumental)

Remastered Version Of Death’s “Legion Of Doom” Available For Streaming

Death’s remastered version of “Legion Of Doom” is available to stream, via Guitar World. This song is an original Mantas demo, and it will be available on the deluxe reissue of the Death’s 1987 album “Scream Bloody Gore,” which will be released on May 20, via Relapse Records.

Remastered Version Of Death’s “Baptized In Blood” Available For Streaming

Death’s remastered version of “Baptized In Blood” is available to stream, via Loudwire. This version of the song will be on the deluxe reissue of their 1987 album “Scream Bloody Gore”, which will be released on May 20, via Relapse Records.

Click the LINK to go to the stream.


Death “Scream Bloody Gore” Deluxe Edition & Bobblehead To Be Released In May

Death’s 1987 album “Scream Bloody Gore” will receive a deluxe reissue on May 20, via Relapse Records. The effort was remastered by Alan Douches (Death, Mastodon), and it will also feature previously unreleased recordings, unreleased demos, and special liner notes from Chris Reifert (ex-Death), Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura, etc.) and producer Randy Burns. It will be available on a two-CD set, a limited edition three-CD, vinyl, and a deluxe double vinyl box set and cassette. A limited edition bobblehead, made by Aggronautix, will also be available, and will feature the cover art (limited to 1000). You can check out the remastered version of “Zombie Ritual,” along with the track listing below, and can preorder the release HERE.

“Scream Bloody Gore” (Deluxe Edition) Track Listing:

Disc 1:

01. “Infernal Death”
02. “Zombie Ritual”
03. “Denial of Life”
04. “Sacrificial”
05. “Mutilation”
06. “Regurgitated Guts”
07. “Baptized in Blood”
08. “Torn to Pieces”
09. “Evil Dead”
10. “Scream Bloody Gore”
11. “Beyond the Unholy Grave”
12. “Land of No Return”

Disc 2:

01. “Torn to Pieces” (Original Florida Session)
02. “Legion of Doom” (Original Florida Session)
03. “Scream Bloody Gore” (Original Florida Session)
04. “Sacrificial” (Original Florida Session)
05. “Mutilation” (Original Florida Session)
06. “Land of No Return” (Original Florida Session)
07. “Baptized in Blood” (Original Florida Session)
08. “Regurgitated Guts” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
09. “Sacrificial” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
10. “Sacrificial” – Take 2 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
11. “Torn to Pieces” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
12. “Do You Love Me?” V1 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
13. “Infernal Death” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
14. “Zombie Ritual” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
15. “Beyond the Unholy Grave” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
16. “Do You Love Me?” V2 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
17. “Denial of Life” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)

Disc 3:

01. (Part Of) “Scream Bloody Gore” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
02. “Legion of Doom” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
03. “Beyond the Unholy Grave” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
04. “Scream Bloody Gore” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
05. “Torn to Pieces” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
06. “Mutilation” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
07. “Torn to Pieces” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
08. “Zombie Ritual” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
09. “Land of No Return” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
10. (Part of) “Evil Dead” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
11. “Baptized in Blood” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
12. “Infernal Death” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
13. “Denial of Life” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
14. “Death Metal” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)


First Part Of Death DTA 2016 European Tour Rescheduled

The first part of the Death DTA European tour has been rescheduled due to Steve Digiorgoio’s and Gene Hoglan’s commitments to Testament. Obscura will still serve as support, but won’t play the final dates.

Tour Dates:

03/30 Rome, ITA – Traffic
04/01 Athens, GRE – Fuzz Live Music Club
04/02 Thessaloniki, GRE – Principal Theater
04/03 Sofia, BUL – Mixtape 5
04/04 Bucharest, ROM – TY Events Hall
04/05 Belgrade, SER – Dom Omladine
04/06 Budapest, HUN – Barba Negra Music Club
04/07 Brno, CZE – Fleda
04/08 Kosice, SLO – Colloseum
04/09 Katowice, POL – Mega Club
04/10 Wroclaw, POL – Alibi
04/12 Riga, LAT – Melna Piektdiena
04/13 Tallinn, EST – Club Tapper
04/18 Aschaffenburg, GER – Colos-Saal (no Obscura)
04/19 Strasbourg, FRA – La Laiterie (no Obscura)
04/20 Aarau, SWI – Kiff (no Obscura)
04/21 Brescia, ITA – Circo Colony (no Obscura)
04/22 Cagliari, ITA – Cueva (no Obscura)
04/23 Pordenone, ITA – Deposito Giordani (no Obscura)