Original Artwork For Death’s “Symbolic” Sells For More Than $10,000

The original artwork for Death’s 1995 album “Symbolic” recently sold online for $10,100. The eBay description for the piece of art said the following:

“Up for grabs is the original cover artwork for Symbolic signed by Rene Miville. It measures roughly 65’’ X 55’’. At some point Chuck [Schuldiner] had it tacked on his wall so there is some wear on the corners as pictured but it is in otherwise excellent shape. Again, this is the original artwork not a copy. I provide a personalized COA upon request.”

Limited Edition Live Death Vinyl Box Set To Be Released In September

Relapse Records will be releasing a limited edition live Death vinyl box set on September 6. It will come with pressings of “Live in L.A.” and “Vivus Dividium: Eindhoven ’98,” as well as a Chuck Schuldiner slipmat and a band poster. Pre-orders can be found HERE and they are limited to 500 copies.

Relapse Records To Release Death “Leprosy” Bust + Vinyl Deluxe Package

Relapse Records have announced that they will be releasing a deluxe package featuring a limited edition vinyl pressing of Death‘s “Leprosy” and a resin bust based on the effort’s cover art. It will be available on July 26 and pre-orders can be found HERE. Only 500 units are being made.

Death Documentary “Death By Metal” To Be Released On DVD This Friday

“Death By Metal,” the documentary focusing on Chuck Schuldiner and Death, is officially set to receive a DVD release on Friday (July 6). Pre-orders can be found HERE. The film was directed by Felipe Belalcazar and it features exclusive interviews, rare footage, and demos. A trailer and description can be found below:


“Here comes DEATH’s probing and pulsing rock doc, DEATH BY METAL, pulling back the palm fronds of DEATH’s origins in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and latching a narrative hook into the headstrong Chuck Schuldiner juggernaut for fifteen gratifying if sometimes frustrating years. As the baby steps become giant leaps, the stable of supporting players grows and continually shines in its own devious light. Excitement grows as Schuldiner, his band, and the world around him evolve, and the music grows ever-more outrageous and bombastic. DEATH’s threat morphs from simple zombie attack to multi-headed mega-monster hellbent on absorbing entire planets. Then suddenly, Chuck is just gone, and the lights go out. The formula for movies about bands dictates that victory is seized from the jaws of mortality in the final act. This is where things get weird. Chuck Schuldiner perished during the moment of heavy metal’s weakest ebb, and possibly the quietest moment of his own career. The drawling guitar demon in the kitty cat shirt will not rise again to tour county fairs, swap one-liners on late-night TV, and jam with Judas Priest at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But this documentary itself joins reissues, partial reunion tours, and an international reawakening as part of a decade-long ascent for DEATH to its proper place of high dominion. As you read these words and watch this film, Chuck Schuldiner and DEATH return to glory, and the legend itself becomes an eternal encore.”

Death’s “Leprosy,” “Individual Thought Patterns,” & “The Sound Of Perseverance” To Receive New Anniversary Vinyl Pressings

Relapse Records have announced that they will be releasing deluxe anniversary vinyl reissues of three Death albums on July 20. They include a 30th anniversary edition of “Leprosy,” a 25th anniversary edition of “Individual Thought Patterns,” and a 20th anniversary edition of “The Sound Of Perseverance.“ Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Track Listings:

“Leprosy” (2xLP):

LP 1:

“Born Dead”
“Forgotten Past”
“Left To Die”
“Pull The Plug”
“Open Casket”
“Primitive Ways”
“Choke On It”

LP 2:

“Leprosy” – 9/23/87 Rehearsal:

“Open Casket”
“Choke On It”
“Left To Die”
“Left To Die” (take 2)

“Leprosy: – 12/05/87 Rehearsal:

“Left To Die”
“Open Casket”
“Pull The Plug”
“Choke On It”
“Born Dead”
“Forgotten Past”

“Individual Thought Patterns” (2xLP):

LP 1:

“Overactive Imagination”
“In Human Form”
“Trapped In A Corner”
“Nothing Is Everything”
“Mentally Blind”
“Individual Thought Patterns”
“Out Of Touch”
“The Philosopher”

LP 2:

Live In Germany – April 13th, 1993:

“Leprosy” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Suicide Machine” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Living Monstrosity” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Overactive Imagination” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Flattening Of Emotions” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Within The Mind” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“In Human Form” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Lack Of Comprehension” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Trapped In A Corner” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Zombie Ritual” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)

“Individual Thought Patterns” – Studio Outtake:

“The Exorcist” (studio outtake):

“The Sound Of Perseverance” (3xLP):

LP 1 & LP 2:

“Scavenger Of Human Sorrow”
“Bite The Pain”
“Spirit Crusher”
“Story To Tell”
“Flesh And The Power It Holds”
“Voice Of The Soul”
“To Forgive Is To Suffer”
“A Moment Of Clarity”
“Painkiller” (Judas Priest cover)

LP 3:

“Spirit Crusher” (1998 demos) (no bass)
“Flesh And The Power It Holds” (1998 demos) (no bass)
“Voice Of The Soul” (1998 demos) (no bass)
“Bite The Pain” (1998 demos)
“A Moment Of Clarity” (1998 demos)
“Story To Tell” (1998 demos)
“Scavenger Of Human Sorrow” (1998 demos)
“Bite The Pain” (1997 demos)
“Story To Tell” (1997 demos)
“A Moment Of Clarity” (1997 demos)

Death’s “Individual Thought Patterns” To Receive Deluxe Vinyl Reissue In October

Death‘s “Individual Thought Patterns“ will be receiving a deluxe vinyl reissue on October 20 via Relapse. The effort has been remixed and remastered by Alan Douches, and it will be available as a standard LP and as a deluxe 2xLP boxset (limited to 500). The second LP in the deluxe set contains live audio from a show that took place on April 13, 1993 in Germany, along with the studio outtake “The Exorcist“.

Here’s the available vinyl options:

– 500 x DLX 2xLP reissue (white inside of ultra clear with heavy baby pink, blood red and bronze splatter) (Relapse.com exclusive)

– 300 x picture disc (Relapse.com exclusive)

– 300 x grimace purple and baby pink merge with heavy bone white and black splatter (Relapse.com exclusive)

– 500 x black and bronze merge with heavy bone white splatter (U.K. retail exclusive)

– 500 x blood red with heavy bronze, white and black splatter (Germany retail exclusive)

– 500 x baby pink with heavy blood red splatter (U.S. indie retail exclusive)

– 2500 x milky clear with heavy baby pink , blood red and bronze splatter (European retail exclusive)

– 2090 x black standard gram

Track Listing:

LP 1:

01. “Overactive Imagination”
02. “In Human Form”
03. “Jealousy”
04. “Trapped In A Corner”
05. “Mentally Blind”
06. “Individual Thought Patterns”
07. “Destiny”
08. “Out Of Touch”
09. “The Philosopher”

LP 2:

01. “Leprosy” (Live in Germany – April 13th, 1993)
02. “Suicide Machine” (Live in Germany – April 13th, 1993)
03. “Living Monstrosity” (Live in Germany – April 13th, 1993)
04. “Overactive Imagination” (Live in Germany – April 13th, 1993
05. “Flattening Of Emotions” (Live in Germany – April 13th, 1993)
06. “Within The Mind” (Live in Germany – April 13th, 1993)
07. “Lack Of Comprehension” (Live in Germany – April 13th, 1993)
08. “Zombie Ritual” (Live in Germany – April 13th, 1993)
09. “The Exorcist” (Studio Outtake)

Death To Release Vinyl Deluxe Version Of “Human”

Death‘s 1991 album “Human” album is set to get a a deluxe vinyl reissue on March 31. It will be available as a single LP and as a 2xLP box set, which includes instrumental tracks (limited to 500). It will also come with a poster, slipmat, and magnet sheet.

The LPs in the box set are bone white/aqua blue mixed with blood red/bronze splatter, while the single LP will be available in black (3800), metallic gold (500) (Retail Exclusive), blood red (500) (European/Rough Trade Germany Exclusive), black/blood red (500) (Relapse.com Exclusive), clear with blood red/bronze/aqua blue splatter (300) (Relapse.com Exclusive), and on picture disc (300) (Relapse.com Exclusive).