Relapse Records Release Death “Non Analog – On Stage Series – Live 1990-1991” Set

Relapse Records are continuing their Death “Non Analog – On Stage Series” with the release of “Non Analog – On Stage Series – Live 1990-1991.” You can stream that below. The following was said about the set: “This rare recording features songs performed throughout DEATH’s 1990 Spiritual Healing tour & 1991 Human tour! ”

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Listen To Previously Unreleased Recording From 1995 Death Show In Corona, CA

A previously unreleased live recording from Death’s July 14, 1995 show at the Showcase Theater in Corona, CA has been released and can be streamed below. This set serves as the latest installment in the Death “Non Analog – On Stage Series” from Relapse Records.

Listen To Previously Unreleased Recording From 1990 Death Show In Tijuana

A previously unreleased live recording from Death’s October 6, 1990 show in Tijuana, Mexico has been released and can be streamed below. This set serves as the latest installment in the Death “Non Analog – On Stage Series” from Relapse Records.

Listen To Previously Unreleased Recording From 1987 Death Show In Chicago, IL

A previously unreleased live recording from Death’s April 28, 1987 show in Chicago, IL has been released and can be streamed below. This set serves as the second installment in the Death “Non Analog – On Stage Series” from Relapse Records.

Relapse Records Launch Series Of Previously Unreleased Live Death Recordings

Relapse Records have launched a “Non:Analog – On:Stage Series” of previously unreleased live recordings from Death. The first installment features the band’s June 22, 1995 show in Montreal, QC and it can be streamed below:

The following statement was issued:

“At a moment when the world has been forced to push pause on live music, Relapse Records and the Death estate have pulled together to launch a series of previously unreleased, career-spanning live concerts that touch upon all eras and lineups of the legendary band.

We at Relapse sincerely hope to see you all at a concert, festival, or a stage sooner than later. Until then, the label will release a new DEATH concert every other week across all digital platforms throughout the coming months to tide us all over. The first of this series, Death: Non Analog – On Stage Series – Montreal ’95 is available now.

The On Stage Series collection unearths various DEATH performances across the United States, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and more. Whether its an underground, old-school rager upon the release of Scream Bloody Gore in ’87, or a tour-de-force in California circa ’95 on the Symbolic tour, we hope you revisit DEATH with us and keep the spirit of Metal alive at this time!”

The Late Sean Reinert’s (Ex-Death/Cynic) Organ Donor Request Was Denied Due To His Sexual Orientation

As previously reported, Sean Reinert (ex-Death/Cynic) sadly passed away last month at the age of 48. The drummer was an organ donor, but his widower Tom Snyder has since revealed that his request was denied due to his sexual orientation.

Snyder issued the following statement:

“My husband Sean was an organ donor. He believed that when he passed on if his organs could go to someone in need that it would be a great thing. He was incredibly kind and giving in every way imaginable as many of his closest friends are well aware.

After I got home from the hospital the night Sean passed I received a phone call about 1 in the morning. It was from a person who works with the organ donor program at the hospital where Sean passed. They notified me that Sean was identified as an organ donor in their database and wanted to ask me some questions about him to proceed. I could not deal with the stress of this at the time and asked if I could wait to talk to them the next morning and they said although time was of the essence that would be fine as there’s a 24 hour window to harvest organs.

The next morning when Seans sister Patti arrived from Miami I explained the situation to her and we agreed that if Sean wanted his organs donated that we would honor his wishes. I called the organ donation people back and said I was ready to proceed. The lady on the phone said that was great and began the questionnaire. After the first few standard questions she asked if Sean was a sexually active homosexual male. Without thinking I said “yes” and almost without missing a beat she said “well, unfortunately that means….” and I went numb because I knew what she was about to say. She said a few more words and then I interrupted her, said some words back and hung up the phone.

Sean did not have HIV, or any other STD’s for that matter. But because he was a gay man living in America in 2020 he was not allowed one of his final wishes of donating his organs to help save another persons life. The government would rather let people waiting for a transplant die than give them one of Seans organs. As his husband it makes me sick to my stomach and incredibly angry.


EDIT: Quick comment for those of you looking up organ donation websites and thinking something went wrong here. The specific guidelines are for men who have had male to male sexual contact in the last 12 months. It’s regulated by the FDA and those guidelines are still in place. So while websites may say it’s a ‘myth’ that LGBTQ+ people can’t donate, that is not true of sexually active men. – Tom

Drummer Sean Reinert (Ex-Death/Cynic) Passes Away

Sean Reinert has sadly passed away at the age of 48. The drummer was found unresponsive at his California home on January 24. A cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Reinert‘s husband Thomas Snyder issued the following statement:

“I’m broken. As many of you now know, my husband Sean passed away last night. Some of you in the inner circle I was able to reach via phone last night and this morning to try to let you know what happened before it spread across social media. For those I couldn’t reach to tell you myself I’m sorry.

I’m still trying to put together the events of the last 24 hours. After coming home from work last night I found Sean unresponsive on the floor, I administered CPR with the assistance of the 911 operator and he was taken to a local hospital via ambulance. There is no cause of death and an autopsy will be performed.

Sean and I just completed our yearly physicals about 3 weeks ago and we were both in good health. Sean did not have any sort of drug abuse issues and I’m still in a state of disbelief. I can’t begin to comprehend how my life and the lives of Seans close friends and family have just been shattered.

That’s about all I’d like to share at this point. It feels strange to even have to make this post over such a private matter but I understand Sean was a public figure and beloved by many around the world. For myself, Seans family and close friends I ask that you please give us time to grieve. The fans he adored so much lost an influence and phenomenal drummer. Some of us lost our Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle and Best Friend.

Thank You,

–Tom & Patti (Seans husband and Seans sister)”

His ex-Cynic bandmate Sean Malon also commented:

“I was luckier than most. Complete musical trust — especially between a bassist and a drummer — is a rare and precious thing. Rare, because it’s not something you find by looking for it. Precious, because some may go an entire lifetime without ever having experienced it. But I was luckier than most. Sean offered his trust during every rehearsal, every recording, and every performance we ever did, and it’s likely that I’ll never experience the same again. The truth is that we’re all lucky — lucky to have been alive while Sean Reinert was making music.”

Original Artwork For Death’s “Symbolic” Sells For More Than $10,000

The original artwork for Death’s 1995 album “Symbolic” recently sold online for $10,100. The eBay description for the piece of art said the following:

“Up for grabs is the original cover artwork for Symbolic signed by Rene Miville. It measures roughly 65’’ X 55’’. At some point Chuck [Schuldiner] had it tacked on his wall so there is some wear on the corners as pictured but it is in otherwise excellent shape. Again, this is the original artwork not a copy. I provide a personalized COA upon request.”

Limited Edition Live Death Vinyl Box Set To Be Released In September

Relapse Records will be releasing a limited edition live Death vinyl box set on September 6. It will come with pressings of “Live in L.A.” and “Vivus Dividium: Eindhoven ’98,” as well as a Chuck Schuldiner slipmat and a band poster. Pre-orders can be found HERE and they are limited to 500 copies.

Relapse Records To Release Death “Leprosy” Bust + Vinyl Deluxe Package

Relapse Records have announced that they will be releasing a deluxe package featuring a limited edition vinyl pressing of Death‘s “Leprosy” and a resin bust based on the effort’s cover art. It will be available on July 26 and pre-orders can be found HERE. Only 500 units are being made.