Larissa Stupar On New Venom Prison Album: “This One Is Going To Be A Lot More Personal For Me”

Venom Prison’s Larissa Stupar was recently interviewed by Metal Hammer and she offered some more insight into the band’s new album, which is expected to be released early next year. The effort will deal with a variety of subjects including depression, suffering, and the #MeToo movement.

Stupar said the following when asked what the album sounds like:

“Ash [Gray, guitar] and Ben [Thomas, guitar] do most of the writing and they realised what they liked and what they would have improved from last time. So we went from there and just tried to write. This album is definitely heavier than Animus and it’s more experimental and technical, too. There are some electronic bits and some melodic parts that people wouldn’t necessarily expect.”

She later added:

“I think we realised that people really like breakdowns, so we’ve tried to put a lot more of them in there! We’ve got heavier beatdowns and some faster grindcore elements. Just anything to make people start a circle-pit.”

As far as lyrical themes, she said:

“This one is going to be a lot more personal for me, because I’ve been suffering from depression for the last few years now and I’ve been going through some really hard times. I just wanted to write down and communicate those feelings. I read somewhere that if you express those thoughts it feels better as you stop carrying it. But I’ve also written songs about homophobia and transphobia. Basically, the whole record is about suffering, whether it is societal suffering or internal suffering. I wanted to express those feelings.”

She also had the following to say about the #MeToo movement and its influence on the album:

“One thing that rarely left my mind was the #MeToo movement, in music and especially in Hollywood. I don’t know if you remember the case of the girl who was assaulted behind a dumpster in 2016 by [U.S. athlete] Brock Turner, there’s a line that was said to the judge in his defence that was something like, ‘They’re ruining his life just because he had 20 minutes of action.’ It was so ridiculous. There’s a line in one of the songs that actually references unfair court hearings for rape survivors. We thought it was important for us to set out our stall in Animus and then push it a little bit further. I tried to incorporate more femininity into my lyrics, talk about the role of motherhood. It’s much more personal but it’s very politically minded as well. It’s pretty dark.”


Venom Prison Finish Tracking New Album

Venom Prison have officially finished the tracking process for their new album. The group recorded the effort at Vagrant Recordings in the UK.

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Venom Prison Appear To Be In The Studio For New Album

It looks like Venom Prison have returned to the studio to work on their new album. The band posted the following:

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VP 2.0 – Studio Day 1 #venomprison

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Venom Prison Debut “Immanentize Eschaton” Video

Venom Prison have premiered a new video for their track “Immanentize Eschaton.“ This song is from the band’s 2016 album “”Animus.” A deluxe version of that effort will be available on February 23. Frontwoman Larissa Stupar told Revolver the following about the clip, which was directed by Tom Cronin: “The song — and the video — are about finding yourself, and eradicating the weakness in your head. It’s about creating your own heaven on earth.”

Venom Prison Announce November 2017 UK Tour With Corrupt Moral Altar & God Complex

Venom Prison have announced a November UK tour with Corrupt Moral Altar and God Complex. Here’s the dates:

11/11 Bristol, UK – Thekla
11/12 London, UK – The Black Heart
11/13 Birmingham, UK – Flapper
11/14 Glasgow, UK – Classic Grand
11/15 Leeds, UK – Key Club
11/16 Manchester, UK – Star & Garter

Venom Prison Drop Off Decapitated’s 2017 European/UK Tour

Decapitated’s planned European/UK tour with King Parrot, Venom Prison, and Thy Disease will probably end up cancelled, considering the fact that Decapitation are being held in a Los Angeles jail as they await extradition to Washington, where they will face kidnapping and gang rape charges, but just in case it doesn’t, Venom Prison will be dropping off the trek. The band made the decision based on the aforementioned crimes Decapitated are accused of.

Venom Prison commented:

“It is with great dismay that Venom Prison is opting to pull out of our scheduled dates in the UK with Decapitated. As you are no doubt aware, the members of Decapitated were arrested on Saturday, 9th September in Santa Ana, California.

It is no secret that Venom Prison are opposed to rape and sexual assault, the band continue to advocate women’s rights and bring attention to the many serious issues which continue to plague the extreme music genres.

Venom Prison would like to stress that everyone is entitled to a fair trial – via the appropriate legal channels, not just via social media – and Decapitated remain respected musicians until proven otherwise. In addition, we would state that the burden of proof in any criminal matter, at least in the UK, is that of beyond all reasonable doubt, that 99% what is alleged to have happened did happen. On that basis, until an individual is convicted, we are not in a position to comment on the present allegations.

It is imperative that we state that we don’t believe these things ‘just happen’, so regardless as to the extent of the allegations, inevitably situations such as the one Decapitated have found themselves in, more often do than don’t involve some degree of inappropriate behaviour.

As above, we have not made any effort to hide our views on what we see as an issue that is becoming more and more visible, an unfortunate ugliness that continues to spread. On that basis, we apologise to anyone who has already purchased tickets specifically to see Venom Prison, and whilst we would ask that you reserve your judgment, Venom Prison will not be performing at the scheduled dates.

Furthermore, we have opted to donate £200 to Rape Crisis England & Wales. We hope that you will continue to raise awareness to issues such as rape and sexual assault, in music and anywhere, we must continue to take a stand and as long as Venom Prison is a band, we will continue to resist censorship and make our feelings known.

We thank you for your continued support.”