Electric Callboy To Release “Tour Edition” Of “TEKKNO” In March

Electric Callboy will be releasing a “tour edition” of their latest album “TEKKNO” on March 24. This version of the effort will include the original record as well as five bonus live tracks. A video for the first single, a live version of “We Got The Moves,” can be found below:

“TEKKNO: Tour Edition” Track Listing:

01. “Pump It”
02. “We Got The Moves”
03. “Fuckboi” (feat. Conquer Divide)
04. “Spaceman” (feat. Finch)
05. “Mindreader”
06. “Arrow Of Love”
07. “Parasite”
08. “Tekkno Train”
09. “Hurrikan”
10. “Neon”
11. “Pump It” (Live)
12. “Hate/Love” (Live)
13. “Spaceman” (Live)
14. “We Got The Moves” (Live)
15. “Hypa Hypa” (Live)

Metal Anarchy’s Top Albums Of 2022

I have put together a list of my top 10 albums of 2022. You can check that out below. This is just for fun and I know I probably left out some of your favorites, but these are all of the albums that I enjoyed the most this year:

10. Korn – “Requiem”

Korn’s latest album finds the band returning to form with a classic dose of nu-metal. It has all of the elements fans have come to love over the years wrapped into a small package with no filler. Some highlights from this one include: “Let The Dark Do The Rest,” “Worst Is On Its Way,” and “Lost In The Grandeur.”

09. Undeath – “It’s Time…To Rise from The Grave”

Undeath’s latest album is a full-on display of pummeling death metal that manages to stay true to the genre while still sounding fresh. It’s a killer record that proves the future of death metal is in good hands. Some highlights from this one include: “Rise from The Grave,” “Defiled Again,” and “Fiend For Corpses.”

08. Slipknot – “The End, So Far”

Slipknot’s latest album feels like a culmination of the band’s career and a glimpse into the future all at once. It combines elements from throughout the band’s history with new soundscapes to create something that sounds familiar yet slightly different. Some highlights from this one include: “Hivemind,” “Warranty,” and “Medicine For The Dead.”

07. Venom Prison – “Erebos”

Venom Prison’s latest album finds the band expanding their sound, while still sounding as crushing as ever. The effort is still a death metal record at its core, but it shows an evolutionary step forward for a band that keep rising to greater heights within the scene. Some highlights from this one include: “Comfort Of Complicity,” “Born From Chaos,” and “Nemesis.”

06. Lamb Of God – “Omens”

Lamb Of God have continued to crank out high-quality material for years and “Omens” is no exception. The effort is a heavy, classic sounding Lamb Of God record that takes into account the band’s evolution through a more focused lens. Some highlights from this one include: “Gomorrah,” “Ditch,” and “To The Grave.”

05. Halestorm – “Back From The Dead”

Halestorm are one of the strongest acts in the current rock scene and their latest album further cements that fact. The record gives the fans exactly what they want, Lzzy Hale’s soaring vocals backed by a hard rock explosion. Some highlights from this one include: “Wicked Ways,” “Brightside,” and the title track.

04. Arch Enemy – “Deceivers”

Arch Enemy’s latest album is one of their best pieces of work to date. All of the songs have the potential to become melodic death metal classics thanks to the band’s impeccable musicianship and powerful vocals. Some highlights from this one include: “Handshake With Hell,” “In The Eye Of The Storm,” and “The Watcher.”

03. Electric Callboy – “TEKKNO”

Electric Callboy’s latest album “TEKKNO” is a catchy display of electro-metalcore that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a fun ride that makes you want to smile and headbang the whole way through. Some highlights from this one include: “We Got The Moves,” “Hurrikan,” and “Arrow of Love”.”

02. Motionless In White – “Scoring The End Of The World”

Motionless In White managed to top themselves again with their latest album. The record is a work of art that packs elements of metal, hard rock, and industrial into infectious songs that you can’t help but move to. Some highlights from this one include: “Werewolf,” “Slaughterhouse (feat. Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris),” and “Broadcasting From Beyond The Grave: Corpse Nation.”

01. Ghost – “Impera”

You can’t get much bigger than Ghost’s latest album. The effort combines elements of ’80s hard rock and pop to create massive songs that have the ability to transcend into the mainstream. Some highlights from this one include: “Spillways,” “Watcher In The Sky,” and “Respite On The Spitalfields.”

Electric Callboy Postpone U.S. And European/UK Tours

Electric Callboy have postponed their upcoming U.S. and European/UK tours. The band were unable to move forward with the shows due to vocalist Nico Sallach “suffering from a very severe jaw and middle-ear infection.”

The group commented:

“Hey friends,

while we are extremely grateful for all the feedback we get for our new album Tekkno, we have some very sad news today.

Nico has been suffering from a very severe jaw and middle ear infection for quite some time now. He has tried to get better between our shows and rehearsals, but it’s not working. The infection is coming back again and again. That’s why we already had to cancel the Blue Ridge Rock Fest two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, our hopes for a swift recovery were not fulfilled, and we have no option but to move our shows in England, France, and the US to new dates. We checked with every doctor we know, but they all say the same: no shows and especially no flying for Nico at the moment. Otherwise, he would risk permanent damage to his ear. That is a risk we definitely won’t take. We need Nico, and Nico needs his ears. And his ears need some time off.

There is not much we can do about that. We are super sorry and hope that you can support our decision. We were very excited to play those gigs and already put a lot effort in preparing them.

For the shows in England and France we will have new dates soon, meaning that the tickets stay valid. For the almost completely sold-out „THE LEVEL UP“ Tour we had planned in the US, we have to cancel our participation and come up with new dates next year. Support the other bands and party with them!

Believe us: We can’t wait to cross the Atlantic and come back next year. That’s a promise.

Much love
Electric Callboy ❤️”

Electric Callboy Share Music Video For “Fuckboi” Featuring Conquer Divide

Electric Callboy have premiered a new video for their new song “Fuckboi.” This track features Conquer Divide and it will appear on the band’s new album “Tekkno,” which is set to be released on September 9.

Electric Callboy To Release New Album “TEKKNO” In September

Electric Callboy have revealed the details for their new album “TEKKNO.” The effort will be released on September 9 and the cover art and track listing for it can be found below:

“TEKKNO” Track Listing:

01. “Pump It”
02. “We Got The Moves”
03. “Fuckboi” (feat. Conquer Divide)
04. “Spaceman” (feat. Finch)
05. “Mindreader”
06. “Arrow Of Love”
07. “Parasite”
08. “Tekkno Train”
09. “Hurrikan”
10. “Neon”

Vocalist Kevin Ratajczak commented:

“It feels so unbelievably good to finally present our new album “TEKKNO“ to the world. Created in a time without any live shows we put all our passion, energy and craziness into this one record. Never felt it more intense to write new music.

With this announcement, we celebrate the liberation from our daily studio routine back to many awesome live shows with you guys! We can’t wait to see you again soon!”

Electric Callboy Share Music Video For New Song “Spaceman” Featuring Finch

Electric Callboy have joined forces with rapper Finch for a new song titled “Spaceman.” You can find an official video for that track below. The band commented:

“After mullets, pot cuts, and killer biceps, we went to the infinite reaches of space for our new single, under Finch’s watchful eye. And what can we say… “Spaceman” will beam you into other spheres!”

Eskimo Callboy Change Name To Electric Callboy

Eskimo Callboy have officially changed their name to Electric Callboy. The band decided to drop Eskimo from their moniker due to it being a derogatory term that was imposed on Inuit and Yupik people by non-Indigenous people. With this news, the group have also launched a new charity shirt featuring their new name to raise money for Ukraine.

The group commented:

“Hey friends,

Today we have big news for you!

Some of you that watched our last videos might have expected it already, but today is the day that we change our name!

From now on we are ELECTRIC CALLBOY!

Actually we recorded some more videos with lots of more information… but with the senseless violence that is happening to the people of the Ukraine at the moment, it just doesn’t feel right to push that topic any further. Still, we don’t wanna wait any longer with our name change with the knowledge we gained during our journey.

So here we go!

We hope you like our new name as much as we do!

But now, we need your attention to present you 2 charities, that are really important to us!

So please check out this new video and let’s use our energy for peace and solidarity!

Stay safe, We ❤️ You!

#endwar #westandwithukraine #peace #electriccallboy”

This news comes after the group previously announced that they would be removing some of their past music due to offensive lyrical content.