Kill Division (Megadeth, Gruesome, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Cultists”

Kill Division, the band featuring Kyle Symons (ex-Malevolent Creation), Gus Rios (Gruesome, ex-Malevolent Creation), Jeramie Kling (The Absence, etc.), and Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, etc.), have premiered a new song titled “Cultists.“ You can find a lyric video for that below:

Rios commented:

“I would say that Kill Division sounds like what if [late Terrorizer and Napalm Death guitarist] Jesse Pintado was from Florida! This is most aggressive and extreme stuff I’ve ever written, and having two massive grindcore dudes like Dirk and Kyle as quality controllers was key to the songs coming alive! I’ve never written ‘grindcore’ per say, but after what we have all been going through, I had quite a bit of rage inside of me and grindcore was the perfect vessel for that release!

I had been doing an online show on the Sick Drummer Magazine Facebook page last summer called the Gus and Seth Metal Show. Every week we would choose a band to talk about, then play some of their songs live. It was a lot of fun and Kyle had watched a few episodes. He eventually contacted me to do an episode, which I was super stoked about!

Kyle and I were in our first band together back in the early ’90s called Sickness, so we go back to the beginning together! We also did our first tour together with Malevolent Creation back in 2002. So Kyle does the Massacre episode with Jeramie Kling on drums and we had a blast! Fast forward, Kyle’s down for another album and I wanted to write an assault of grind, punk and death metal. I knew my brother Dirk would be down too and when I told Jeramie about it, he goes ‘I’m on bass, yo!’

‘Cultists‘ is good indicator of what Kill Division is about: speed and aggression! The lyrics are my views on current and not so current mindlessness. If people were empowered to think for themselves, they would then soon realize that we’re much more alike then they want us to believe.”

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Obituary & The Absence Members Announce New Project Inhuman Condition

Terry Butler (Obituary), Jeramie Kling (The Absence), and Taylor Nordberg (The Absence) have teamed up for a new project called Inhuman Condition. The band are currently working on their debut album at Smoke & Mirrors Productions in Spring Hill, FL and a teaser can be found below:

Nordberg commented:

“Jeramie and I can’t wait to finally release these songs! Him and I wrote the album back in September of 2019, and after we left Massacre last fall, we wanted to keep the songs alive but under a different flag. Enter Terry Butler on bass. Enter Jeramie Kling‘s vocals. Inhuman Condition was born! We are finishing up the vocals now, but we made a quick teaser/demo for you to hear a sneak peek.”

Butler added:

“I am very excited and honored to be a part of Inhuman Condition! Taylor and Jeramie wrote some blistering heavy-as-hell songs full of hooks. It’s a perfect mix of brutal death/thrash metal. Can’t wait for people to hear this!”

Jeramie Kling And Taylor Nordberg Exit Massacre

Drummer Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc., The Absence, etc.) and guitarist Taylor Nordberg (The Absence, etc.) have both exited Massacre. This news comes less than a year after the two joined the band.

Kling and Nordberg issued the following statement:

“It is with both regret and relief that we announce our departure from MASSACRE.

To everyone who warned us a year ago when we joined the band: you were right.

It has been a year of severe ups and downs and unfortunately it has become a working environment we cannot be a part of any longer.

What was presented as a democracy turned out to be a dictatorship with an excruciating lack of communication.

We will not stand by and have our reputations meddled with by childish behavior.

We present ourselves as professionals and bring 110% of our beings into all of the projects we have.

We wrote and presented 14 songs for the band’s new album, provided our contacts in the industry which we have naturally/organically procured through our years of touring, only to be accused of trying to take over the band, which is a paranoid delusion. It is also unfortunate that a certain individual refused to speak on the phone to us to discuss any issue of the band, but we have no choice but to bow out of this unhealthy relationship.

We apologize to our fans and the MASSACRE fans that they will not get to hear the new album we wrote for the band… at least not as a MASSACRE album.

We cherish our time spent with Michael Borders and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

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Allegaeon, Soilwork, Venom Inc., & Warbringer Members Team Up On New Song “Drag Them To The Guillotine”

Guitarist Taylor Nordberg (Soilwork) and drummer Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc.) have released a new song titled “Drag Them To The Guillotine” as part of their “Smoke & Mirrors” project. This track also features vocalist Riley McShane (Allegaeon) and bassist Chase Bryant (Warbringer).

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Massacre Announce New Lineup, Begin Work On New Album

Massacre have officially welcomed The Absence’s Jeramie Kling (drums) and Taylor Nordberg (guitar) to the band. The group, whose current lineup also features original bassist Michael Borders and original vocalist Kam Lee, have also signed a new management deal with Extreme Management Group and are planning to release a new album in 2020.

Lee commented:

“I understand for some fans that it’s hard to not be a bit jaded about a band with such an ugly history, but that is all finally about to change. I’m now in a place in the band where I’m in position to do what is right by the band’s namesake and legendary status quo. Plus, having both Jeramie and Taylor join is the best thing for the band. These members bring a sensibility and professional mindset that the band was lacking before and so urgently needed. Their talents and skill set is a refreshing and positively right direction for the band. I’m excited and looking forward to what Massacre will be doing next, and only hope the fans are just as excited.”

Borders added:

“We’re really stoked that Taylor and Jeramie decided to come on board. I really think it’s a good mix of new blood into our sound. While there will be no doubt when you hear the new material you’re listening to Massacre, fans will know these recent changes were for the better. We’re giving these guys free rein to be themselves, do their thing, not clone sounds and styles of past members.”

A teaser for the band’s new demo track “Cycle Of The Curse” can be found below:

Venom Inc. Recruit The Absence Drummer For Upcoming European Tour

Jeramie Kling (The Absence) has announced that he will be playing drums for Venom Inc. on their upcoming European tour with Suffocation, Nervosa, Aeternam, and Survive. He had the following to say about that:

“Cat’s outta the bag. I’ll be out on tour playing drums for heavy metal legends Venom Inc. in Europe. Come out and bang your heads to a lot of classic Venom tunes as well as some really heavy new cuts.”


Necromancing The Stone (Ex-The Black Dahlia Murder, Arsis, Etc.) To Release New Album “Jewel Of The Vile” In August

Necromancing The Stone, the band featuring James Malone (Arsis), Ryan Williams (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder), John Williams (Brimstone Coven), Justin Wood (Brimstone Coven), and Jeramie Kling (The Absence), will release their new album, “Jewel Of The Vile,” on August 5. You can check out the first single, “The Siren’s Call,” along with the track listing and cover art below:


“Jewel Of The Vile” Track Listing:

01. “Crusher”
02. “Bleed for the Night”
03. “The Descent”
04. “The Siren’s Call”
05. “Ritualistic Demise”
06. “The Old One”
07. “Rotted Reunion”
08. “Unfinished Business”
09. “Honor Thy Prophet”
10. “From Graves to Infamy”
11. “The Battle of Morningstar”

Necromancing The Stone Sign To Metal Blade Records

Necromancing The Stone, the band featuring James Malone (Arsis), Ryan Williams (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder), John Williams (Brimstone Coven), Justin Wood (Brimstone Coven), and Jeramie Kling (The Absence), have officially signed with Metal Blade Records. Their debut album will arrive sometime next year. You can read the press release, via the below Facebook post:

Necromancing The Stone Premiere New Song “The Siren’s Call”

Necromancing The Stone, the new band featuring James Malone (Arsis), Ryan Williams (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder), John Williams (Brimstone Coven), Justin Wood (Brimstone Coven), and Jeramie Kling (The Absence), have released a new song titled “The Siren’s Call,” via Metal Injection. This is the third single released by the band.

Necromancing The Stone Premiere New Song “Rotted Reunion”

Necromancing The Stone, the new band featuring James Malone (Arsis), Ryan Williams (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder), John Williams (Brimstone Coven), Justin Wood (Brimstone Coven), and Jeramie Kling (The Absence), have released a new song titled “Rotted Reunion,” via Metal Sucks. This is the second song released by the band.