The Plot In You Premiere “Face Me” Music Video

The Plot In You have premiered a new video for their new song “Face Me.” This track is from the band’s new album “Swan Song,” which will be released on September 17.

Landon Tewers said the following about the new song:

“‘Face Me‘ was the first song written for ‘Swan Song‘ in early 2019. “It explores the intricacies of a relationship where one person is severely mentally distraught. The damage is so deep but there’s an unspeakable element that keeps them laced together. It’s about wanting to pull away just as strongly as they want it to be perfect.”

He also added the following about the album:

“The album is about the end of things, the end of friendships, the end of relationships, and the end of people’s lives. There’s not a whole lot of hope. On the other side of it, my life is in a way more positive place now. I said, ‘Alright, this is all of the bullshit I can conjure up in my life. Goodbye.’ It was therapeutic to dispense all of these painful things from the past and wash out the negativity.”

“Swan Song” Track Listing:

01. “Letters To A Dead Friend”
02. “Fall Again”
03. “Face Me”
04. “Too Far Gone”
05. “Paradigm”
06. “Both To Blame”
07. “Too Heavy”
09. “Whole Without Me”
10. “Freed”

Drummer Josh Miller Exits Emmure

Drummer Josh Miller has officially exited Emmure. A replacement has yet to be revealed.

Miller said the following:

“It is with heavy heart that I will be stepping down from Emmure. I have been with my dudes for almost 5 years now. Some of the best years of my life. I’ve been all over the world, met so many new friends, and have had memories you can never get anywhere else.

I am so grateful for Frankie, for bringing us along on this amazing journey and being a great friend to me and always looking out for us. I am so grateful for Josh for always being my big brother and inspiring me to the max on a daily basis. Josh changed my life in so many ways as a musician and always pushed me to be better and do better and I’ll hold that with me forever. He is hands down the most talented person I’ve ever met in my life. No one like him.

I am grateful to all the fans that welcomed me with warm hearts and showed me love and support. without you guys it’s not possible. this isn’t the end of me playing drums or not seeing all of you again. just a new chapter. see you all soon.”

Bad Wolves’ Doc Coyle On Tommy Vext Drama: “A Big Portion Of The Fanbase Has Essentially Been Radicalized Against The Band Under False Pretenses”

Former Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext recently made headlines after filing a lawsuit against Better Noise CEO and band manager Allen Kovac. Now, during an episode of his “The Ex-Man With Doc Coyle,” Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle shared his thoughts on the situation.

Coyle said the following:

“He [Tommy Vext] filed a lawsuit. Keep in mind, I’m not involved in any of this shit. All right? I’m not in the band business. I’m not on the record label, so I’m not involved in lawsuits, no one’s suing me. I mean, not yet [laughs]. But like I don’t own anything with the band. And so it’s like so I hear about this shit all like secondhand.

…So this article comes out on TMZ, and it’s basically like a press release for him. I’m like damn, you could just do that with TMZ? They’ll just kind of like, filter your talking points as if it’s an actual story? And then our label owner/manager, Allen Kovac, he put out a statement, kind of refuting some of the stuff that seems like a really frivolous lawsuit, you know? And I’m being a little bit more outspoken about this stuff.

Everything I can’t talk about right now—and I’d like to be more open with it—because, like I said, I think, you know the reason why Allen made a statement is because you’re just saying things that are not true. And I think you have that you have this weird kind of no-win situation when you’re dealing with someone who’s a troll, or just trolls in general.

Because a troll, the way they win is by getting you to react. And when your kind of day-to-day thing is drama, and having something… It’s like playing tennis right? Like I need someone to hit the ball back. So you’re in the situation where if you say nothing. Yeah, I mean you’re taking the high road and there’s, there’s elements of that that’s good.

But if someone says something about you that’s false and that is damaging to your reputation, it’s difficult not to respond that takes a lot of willpower. But then there’s also the element of sometimes certain charges against you are so ridiculous by even acknowledging it, you’re almost giving it oxygen. So that’s a really tough balancing act we have to figure out.

And so we haven’t been that that open was stuff because we’ve been advised not to say anything. But I think that’s going to start changing. And I think it’s important because our fanbase, or a big portion of the fanbase has essentially been radicalized against the band under false pretenses.

And that’s, that’s a real thing, you know, I don’t know how many people it is, I mean who knows, who knows how many fucking people see the bullshit on Instagram every day. It’s probably like 20-30% of the people that follow him and maybe less, I don’t know, we really just don’t know.

And so we can do is go out there and out the music and promote it, get it out there and just hope people like it. And I’m really confident in the record, I think it’s phenomenal. And hopefully that’s what actually matters in this situation is music.

The songs man, man. I mean, you think about your favorite bands and those that how magical it is right? And that’s all we want to do I think as creators and being part of this thing like this… anything like this that you make things that last and affect people.

And I don’t want to be deal with this shit. I don’t want to be in a war, a war of words, a feud, shit is wack. I play music because it’s fun. this That shit is not fun, but that’s the point. The point is to wear you down, it is to make it a war of attrition that is so belabor that you’ll give up. And I look at these situations as a test of one’s will.

Will wins out, you know. It’s a tough one to say like, you go through the gauntlet, but you’re not happy… and it’s just like sometimes people do something they are fighting just to win. And they’re doing it for so long by the time they go through it, they forget they were being fighting for. I’m someone, I don’t really care about fame. I don’t really care much about money.

I don’t want to not have money but I’m not like, I don’t have that thing in my heart that’s like I need to go make $80 million, like I just, I don’t know, it’s just not, it’s in. Listen, I don’t wanna be broke. I definitely want to do well in life, but it’s not my main motivator.

I just want to do cool things things and try and do right by people and I don’t know, just be part of positive inertia. And I feel like if you do the right things, the money will take care of itself.

And we’ll see how that turns out.”

[via The PRP]

Blood Youth & Cane Hill Announce Co-Headlining European/UK Tour

Blood Youth and Cane Hill have announced a co-headlining European/UK tour. Diamond Construct will open.

Tour Dates:

02/21 Glasgow, UK – G2
02/22 Manchester, UK – Rebellion
02/23 Leeds, UK – The Key Club
02/24 London, UK – The Underworld
02/25 Southampton, UK – Joiners
02/26 Bristol, UK – The Exchange
02/27 Birmingham, UK – Mama Roux’s
03/01 Paris, FRA – L’International
03/02 Baden, SWI – Werk
03/03 Milan, ITA – Slaughter Club
03/04 Munich, GER – Feierwerk
03/05 Vienna, AUT – Chelsea
03/06 Prague, CZE – Chapeau Rouge
03/07 Leipzig, GER – Naumanns
03/08 Hamburg, GER – Headcrash
03/09 Hannover, GER – Bei Chez Heinz
03/10 Den Bosch, NET – Willem Twee
03/11 Mainz, GER – Schon Schon
03/12 Cologne, GER – MTC
03/13 Antwerp, BEL – Kavka

Exodus Drummer Tom Hunting Says “It’s Presumptuous To Say” He Is “Cancer Free At This Point”

As previously reported, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt recently said that his bandmate, drummer Tom Hunting, is officially cancer free after undergoing a full gastrectomy. However, Hunting has since clarified Holt’s comments, saying that “it’s presumptuous to say cancer free at this point.”

Hunting said the following:

“Hello Y’all

I just wanted to thank everyone for taking part in the Blind Illusion show. I’m blown away by all the love and support from everyone in this community! It really propels me in this fight!

So I had a full gastrectomy on July 12th. I’ve been healing up good, relearning my relationship with food, smaller portions more spaced out, lotsa proteins, etc… The science of all this continues to blow my mind on a daily basis. Like how can someone even be out walking around 2 weeks after the surgery?? HAHA!! Anyway, I’m super thankful!! I’ve learned that so many people don’t even get a surgical option. The doctors had a good plan, they went in, and they’ve told me they got it all!! Fuck Yesss, sounds good to me!!

But it’s presumptious to say CANCER FREE at this point. I really hope to make that statement myself soon down the road. But let’s not jinx it! I’m still in the middle of this fight. The hardest part is over with still 4 outro chemo treatments pending. After that, I’ll have another scan that’ll hopefully show that Cancers Ass has been evicted from my body and kicked down the road!!

I can’t wait to see you all soon and play some of the new Exodus music live!!! Much Love!!!!

Tom Hunting”

Holt added:

“I MAY have in my excitement jumped the gun on the cancer free YET, but let’s get to that point where it’s kicked to the curb! Some good news in the midst of three straight days of shit news”

Whitesnake To Release 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Of “Restless Heart” In October

Whitesnake will be releasing a 25th anniversary edition of “Restless Heart” on October 29. The effort will be available as a super deluxe 4-CD/DVD set, a 2-CD deluxe edition, a remixed two-LP set, a single remixed CD, and digitally. To promote the release, the band have shared a new video for “You’re So Fine”:

“Restless Heart” Super Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

Disc 1:

“Restless Heart”: 2021 Remix:

01. “Restless Heart”
02. “You’re So Fine”
03. “Can’t Go On”
04. “Crying”
05. “Take Me Back Again”
06. “Anything You Want”
07. “Too Many Tears”
08. “All In The Name Of Love”
09. “Your Precious Love”
10. “Can’t Stop Now”
11. “Woman Trouble Blues”
12. “Stay With Me”
13. “Oi (Theme For An Imaginary Drum Solo)”
14. “Don’t Fade Away”
15. “Can’t Go On (Unzipped)”

Disc 2:

“Restless Heart”: 2021 Remaster:

01. “Don’t Fade Away”
02. “All In The Name Of Love”
03. “Restless Heart”
04. “Too Many Tears”
05. “Crying”
06. “Stay With Me”
07. “Can’t Go On”
08. “You’re So Fine”
09. “Your Precious Love”
10. “Take Me Back Again”
11. “Woman Trouble Blues”
12. “Anything You Want”
13. “Can’t Stop Now”
14. “Too Many Tears ’95 (Live & Drunk in the Studio featuring The Horny B’stards)”

Disc 3:

“Dancing On The Titanic”:

Early Arrangements & Getting Drum Tracks In The Studio:

01. “Restless Heart “
02. “You’re So Fine”
03. “Can’t Go On”
04. “Crying”
05. “Take Me Back Again”
06. “Anything You Want”
07. “Too Many Tears”
08. “All In The Name Of Love”
09. “Your Precious Love (Soul Version)”
10. “You Precious Love”
11. “Can’t Stop Now (Instrumental Version)”
12. “Woman Trouble Blues”
13. “Stay With Me”
14. “Oi (Instrumental)”
15. “Don’t Fade Away”
16. “Snakes Down South (Unreleased Demo)”

Disc 4:

“Restless Heart: Evolutions”:

01. “Restless Heart”
02. “You’re So Fine”
03. “Can’t Go On”
04. “Crying”
05. “Take Me Back Again”
06. “Anything You Want (Red Light Green Light)”
07. “Too Many Tears”
08. “All In The Name Of Love”
09. “Your Precious Love”
10. “Can’t Stop Now”
11. “Woman Trouble Blues”
12. “Stay With Me”
13. “Oi (Instrumental)”
14. “Don’t Fade Away”

Disc 5:

“Restless Heart”: DVD:

  • “All In The Name Of Love” | Fan Video
  • “Anything You Want” | Fan Video
  • “You’re So Fine” | Music Video
  • “Restless Heart” | Fan Video
  • “Too Many Tears” | Music Video
  • “Don’t Fade Away” | Music Video
  • “Can’t Go On” | Acoustic Slideshow
  • “Restless Heart” | Lyric Video

“Starkers Trilogy”:

  • “Too Many Tears”
  • “Can’t Go On”
  • “Don’t Fade Away”

Behind The Scenes:

  • “The Making Of Restless Heart”

Watch Footage From Mammoth WVH’s First Show

Wolfgang Van Halen’s solo band Mammoth WVH played their first live show at Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas last night (July 27). You can find some fan-filmed footage from the show below. Wolfgang also tweeted about the concert:

As I Lay Dying’s Phil Sgrosso Releases New EP, Launches “Raise The Bridge” Podcast

As I Lay Dying’s Phil Sgrosso has released a new solo EP. The effort features two tracks including “Tension Rising” and “Light Of Day.”

Sgrosso commented:

“These were songs that I initially wrote years ago although they never really fit exactly into the mold for any of my bands. I felt like there was still potential for them to serve a purpose somewhere down the line. When I decided to create some musical themes for the podcast, these 2 songs immediately came to mind. From there I began updating them with newer and more modern elements that I find interesting while still working well in an instrumental context. All the downtime in 2021 enabled me to focus more on my technique of incorporating more speed and shred with my solo playing, it’s been a rewarding challenge for sure.”

In other news, Sgrosso has also launched a new podcast called “Raise The Bridge.” The series will find the musician “discussing the backstories, music philosophy, creative approaches, production techniques, and more from his peers throughout the music industry.” He said the following about that:

“A lot changed for me personally during the pandemic lockdowns last year. A big part of it was taking a year off from drinking and refocusing my priorities on my mental and physical health. Part of what got me through the days was running and listening to podcasts, which I really enjoy learning more about interesting people and their experiences.

As a musician, I tend to get stuck in my own head…a lot…so starting my own podcast enabled me to step outside of myself and get into the minds of some very talented people that I’ve become friends with over the years. It’s been an enjoyable learning experience for me, as well as therapeutic in many ways.”

The first episode, which features Beau Burchell (Saosin), can be found below:

Fates Warning Singer Ray Alder Reunites With Former Drummer Mark Zonder In A-Z

Fates Warning singer Ray Alder has reunited with the band’s former drummer Mark Zonder for a new project called A-Z. The group, which also features bassist Philip Bynoe (Warlord, Steve Vai), guitarist Joop Wolters (Steve Walsh, Simon Phillips), and keyboardist Vivien Lalu (Steve Walsh, Jordan Rudess), have already signed a deal with Metal Blade Records. Zonder commented:

“When we were looking for a deal, Metal Blade was number one on the list. First worked with Brian Slagel about 40 years with ‘Metal Massacre II’ and Warlord. No question that they do a great job and we are very excited and proud to be back at MB.”