Marilyn Manson Premieres New Video For His Cover Of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”

Marilyn Manson has premiered a new video for his cover of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.” That track is a classic American folk song that has been recorded by a number of artists including Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, etc. A limited edition picture disc vinyl pressing of the cover will be released on December 13 and can be pre-ordered HERE.


Saint Asonia (Ex-Three Days Grace, Staind, Etc.) Premiere New Song “This August Day”

Saint Asonia (ex-Three Days Grace, Staind, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “This August Day.” This track is from the band’s new album “Flawed Design,” which will be released on October 25.

Adam Gontier commented:

“Two years ago this August, I went through the single most trying time of my life. I had gone to a very, very dark place, and, to be honest, I didn’t know if I would make it back. Not only me, but people who know me and love me didn’t know if I’d ever be back.

After a long and very difficult relapse with alcohol and substance abuse, and with the help of some very close family and loving friends, I found myself at a treatment center in Nashville. Not only that, but I found myself in an emergency room, hanging onto life by a thread.

At that exact moment, on the other side of the continent, my life was changing in the best possible way. My son was being born. Not being physically present the day my son came into this world is something I will look back on and regret for the rest of my life.

Albeit I didn’t have a choice. For me, to be the father, the son, the brother, the husband, and the person I want to be, I had to go through that darkness, to finally live in the light. ‘This August Day‘ is about all of that. It’s about that one day in August that completely changed me — forever.”

King’s X Cancel Shows Due To Jerry Gaskill Suffering Heart Issues

King’s X have been forced to cancel their remaining 2019 dates. This news comes after drummer Jerry Gaskill “was informed that he had some issues with his heart that needed to be addressed.”

The band issued the following statement:

“A letter to the Fans,

On October 14th, during a recent check-up with his Cardiologist, Jerry Gaskill was informed that he had some issues with his heart that needed to be addressed and as a result, he will need to have some procedures to help rectify these issues. Jerry is feeling positive and is looking toward the future, He wanted to make sure that his feelings were truly expressed, on how awful he feels about having this happen. He and the band were looking forward to playing these upcoming shows, especially knowing that they were selling out. Jerry is determined as always to do whatever he can to get back out and see all of the fans, and as his focus is turned inward we all ask that you keep FAITH HOPE AND LOVE during this process.

“ It is with great sadness and sorrow that we must cancel and reschedule these upcoming shows. I thought of every possible way that I could actually get out there and do this. I was very much looking forward to it. But I realized in the end that it just would not be wise. Yet, I am determined once again to come back and be better than ever. Thanks for all the love and understanding.” – Jerry Gaskill

On behalf of King’s X, It is with humbled sadness, that we must announce, that ALL upcoming “King’s X” shows for 2019 will be canceled, to allow for Jerry to fully recover after his operation. The band and Jerry ask that you respect his privacy at this time and please allow for him to recover with peace of mind that he will be back upon the rock’n roll throne once again.

King’s X and its representatives have rescheduled these Dates for April 2020

Thursday, April 16th – TBA
Friday, April 17th – HAZARD, KY – City of Hazard Hal Rogers Center
Sunday, April 19th – NASHVILLE, TN – The Basement East
Thursday, April 23rd – AUSTIN, TX – Come and Take It Live
Friday, April 24th – DALLAS, TX – Canton Hall
Saturday, April 25th – HOUSTON, TX – Warehouse Live

Please contact the promoters and ticketing outlets for further info about your purchased tickets.

All the Love… King’s X”

Michael Keene Says The Faceless Have Two Releases In The Works

In looks like The Faceless have a couple of releases in the works. Michael Keene confirmed the news on Twitter:

Ihsahn Premieres “Until I Too Dissolve” Live Video

Ihsahn has premiered a new live video for “Until I Too Dissolve.” He said the following about the clip:

“This Live version of “Until I Too Dissolve” was part of an exclusive performance at Mnemosyne Production´s Motstrøms. Celebrating over two decades of artistic collaborations, Mnemosyne gathered Starofash, Leprous, Ihsahn, Emperor and many other friends and colleagues for a local show at Myrens Dam in Notodden, Telemark, Norway.”

Tripp Eisen Claims He Played A Big Role In Static-X’s Reunion

Former Static-X guitarist Tripp Eisen previously claimed that he was involved with the band’s new album “Project Regeneration.” This news understandably didn’t sit too well with a number of fans, considering Eisen served prison time for sexually assaulting two underage females in 2005, and the group decided to issue a statement to downplay his role. However, Eisen has now followed up with a new statement claiming that he is more involved in the situation than the band are letting on.

Eisen said the following:


There was a statement made by Static-X back in June about my involvement in the new album. They also made an announcement around the same time that the album was being delayed and now it’s been delayed again. These 2 topics are related.

This delay is due in large part, to my involvement with and legal claim to 12 songs that feature Wayne Static’s isolated vocals. I have been very patient, respectful and courteous with the band, out of respect for Wayne‘s memory and the fans’ view of the matter.

I very much want the album to be released and for the fans to enjoy hearing mine and Wayne‘s material, but the band has gotten greedy and they lack respect for the intellectual property of the original songwriters: Wayne and Tripp.

They altered substantial parts of the songs without my consent and beyond what I believe Wayne would have wanted. Wayne stated in a 2013 interview that I was the only other member of Static-X that wrote whole songs with him.

The other guys only contributed a riff here and there, according to Wayne. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of misinformation put out by the band and the organization, so bear with me. I don’t want to sound bitter or out of line, but there are too many things going on that feel wrong to me about Static-X 2019.


I have waited to make any public statement, giving the band ample time to work something out and compromise with regard to the integrity of the songs that Wayne and I wrote back in the day. Within the 12 songs that have Wayne’s isolated vocals are my lyrics and music.

The band stated to me that they are also altering Wayne’s material and I’ve heard it myself because I was in the band. They believe they can improve Wayne’s guitar parts. Tony has stated to me personally that he’s not that concerned about authenticity. This seems unfair to the fans and lacks integrity. But it also violates mine and Wayne’s songwriter’s rights.

Wayne is not here to offer his opinion, but I am. These songs are precious and sacred to me. And some fans may also care about these details.

The 12 songs with Wayne‘s vocals have no songwriting from any of the other members of the original lineup of Static-X. I am the only person that collaborated with Wayne on these songs. I was the one that made Tony aware of the 3 leftover songs from the ‘Start A War‘ album, and they were finished mastered songs, not unfinished demos.

They made claims that the “newly discovered” Wayne vocal recordings are on “damaged tapes”, that there is “little or no music” on them. I know the real story about these tapes; the timeline, the circumstances and the content. They recognize that all of this material is very special and these are Wayne’s final pieces of art. But they are also my pieces of art from the 5 years that I was in the band.


I also wrote most of the material that was the genesis of this project. I wrote about 15 songs with Tony when this project began; Edsel collaborated on about 6 of them. One new song that I wrote launched this Static-X reunion in October 2018 – “Road To Hell”; it’s the lead song on the teaser video and features the original lineup playing to a song that none of them wrote. This was a song that I was originally doing with my band Face Without Fear. The current version of “Road To Hell” is a collaboration by Xer0 and myself.


Whoever is interested in the new Static-X album should know that my material will be a substantial part of “Project Regeneration.” Most of the songs that contain Wayne’s vocal are either my lyrics or my music underneath, or both. These 12 songs with Wayne‘s vocals have no songwriting from any of the other members of Static-X or the original lineup. I am the only person that collaborated with Wayne on these songs.

I am not here to just attach myself to this project for credibility. I actually started this project! I came to Tony Campos with the proposal of a reunion in September 2016 because I have had this in mind for years. I even was reaching out to Wayne before he passed away.

Tony and the guys turned down Wayne‘s offer to reunite Static-X in 2013. Wayne and Tony had a very public and ugly feud. Tony accepted my offer to reunite in 2016. I brought the singer Xer0 to him, a.k.a. my old buddy Edsel Dope.

The project evolved into the Wisconsin Death Trip anniversary and I agreed to work behind the scenes until a later date (Machine anniversary). I am also the one who made Tony aware that there were 3 unreleased songs with Wayne’s vocals from the Start A War album, of which he had no clue. I had the band’s best interest in mind.

So in October 2018 fans got to hear a teaser of “Something Of My Own” and “Hollow” and also one of my new songs “Road To Hell”.

I was involved in the project up until March 2019. I played 100% of the guitars on all of the remakes of the Wisconsin Death Trip songs, too. They even invited me to come out to California to play on the album as recently as March.

Why would the band work with me for almost 3 years on this? Because they had my back. They believed in me. They felt that my involvement was beneficial and vital to Static-X. They understood that I am a good person and have progressed as a person and made amends for my mistakes in the past.

They knew there would be some negativity, but they were prepared to support and defend me as friends and bandmates. They knew I wouldn’t let the past define who I am today. They believed we’d overcome it and move forward. Unfortunately they now don’t have the courage to state this and to be honest with the fans about how they feel.

It’s really not that hard to just be honest. And now they made the unfortunate decision to try to minimize not only my role in this current version, but also my history with the band. There really ain’t no need for all that.


Many of the people I’ve talked to that worked for and with the band and that were close to Wayne up to the end of his life do not approve of what this version of the band has become. Those involved in profiting from this version think it’s just great.

It is, of course, nice to see the Wisconsin Death Trip album and Wayne’s life being appreciated by the fans. It’s very nice to hear that Wayne’s family is proud to see their son appreciated and memorialized. We all wish Tony, Ken and Koichi the best, but there’s a notion that Wayne would be less than impressed, maybe even appalled at some of the decisions being made.

Of course they are going to put a spin on this and try to deny a lot of what i am saying. But i am being honest out of respect for the fans and Wayne‘s memory. I have photo proof and digital proof from a lot of our communications over the past couple of years, in case anyone doesn’t believe me.

I have made efforts to sort things out and talk to the owner of Static-X, Tony Campos, and we’ve spent hours on the phone and face to face meetings. Tony even said to me earlier this year: “you’re part of the family”. And I was happy to hear that. But it’s been a struggle.

I considered Tony, Ken and even Xer0 as friends. Now the priorities and tactics have shifted and they’re riding on the back of Wayne’s memory and his music, as well as mine. It may not matter to fans, who can just enjoy the music and memories of Wayne and the band. But truth matters, plan and simple. I feel sad that it’s now necessary to explain things.

Wayne once said “Tripp’s the first person I’ve ever met in my life who’s very similar to the way I am.” I knew him better than most people; we were tight and everyone on the inside knows it. My 5 years in the band are not just anecdotal. I was there… and I know everyone involved now.

I wonder what Wayne would think of this incarnation of his band and all that is going on. Proud and honored don’t come to mind. I love the band and care about the legacy and integrity of Static-X. I am excited about my new band Face Without Fear and happy to have my past collaborations with Wayne appreciated now.

Like Tony has said: this is for the fans. And the fans deserve honesty and a true Static-X album, as much as that’s possible without Wayne. I miss the guy and I truly wish he was here.

With respect to the fans and to Wayne’s family,

Tripp Eisen • Guitarist of Face Without Fear“

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched To Help Alterbeast Get Back On Their Feet Following Tour Issues & Weed Arrest

Alterbeast have launched a crowdfunding campaign to try and get back on their feet following a number of issues they faced on their recent tour. While the band were out on the road, they didn’t get the guarantee they were promised, they got arrested for weed possession, and they ultimately had to cancel the trek due to an illness in the family.

Alterbeast commented:

“We are Alterbeast, a death metal band from Sacramento, California. We recently embarked on a 2 week tour that didn’t go how we had planned. After having our guarantee agreed upon, we ordered merch and took on payments for a used van, About a week before the start of tour we found out that we would not be receiving our guarantee, but instead splitting around $200 a night with 4 bands.

On top of that all of us were either given citations or felonies for a laughable amount of weed in Texas, resulting in over $1000 in bail to get our guys out of jail. And to make matters worse, our drummers mother in law fell into critical condition, abruptly ending the tour for us, and sending us home with our tails between our legs.

Now we face a lot of uncertainty as well as a massive merch bill that will begin to incur penalty fees as well as ruining our long standing relationship with our merch company. We have never crowdfunded anything in the past but now we have no other recourse than to ask everyone for any help they can give. We will be putting up the remainder of our merch this week on our BigCartel page and if you can donate, buy any merch or share our GFM link, or BigCartel link, we would be extremely grateful.

We know times are tough for everyone but we could greatly use your guys support in what has turned into an emotional, physical, and fiscal tragedy for everyone in the Alterbeast camp. Thank you guys so much and we hope to have new music as well as new tours for you in the near future. Thank you.

They later added:

“I can hardly muster the strength to make this post but here we go. We unfortunately have to cancel our upcoming shows in NM, AZ, and CA as our drummer was unable to make it back to tour after the family emergency we mentioned in previous posts. Our hearts are with him and his family at this time. Once finding out we just made the 1700+ mile trek home, getting back late last night.

Extremely sorry we are just now letting you guys know. Between the long driving shifts and long gaps with no internet, mental and physical exhaustion, and knowing the thought and care we would need to put into this post, we thought it best to make it today after getting some rest. Besides the family emergencies, and arrests, a great many things didn’t go our way on this tour and we are left with a bit of a fiscal dilemma.

The most important of which being our merch debt. We are very concerned with this first and foremost as we want to maintain our good relationship with a company that has always done right by us. We will be putting up all the merch from tour this week on our BigCartel page, so if you can, please pick something up. We also will have a gofundme up. Anything helps at this time. Thank you guys so much for your support, messages, and everything else you have done so far. Any time we feel like quitting, you guys pick us up. Thank you and we love you.”

[via MetalSucks]