Hawthorne Heights Announce “Is For Lovers” Festivals

Hawthorne Heights have announced three “Is For Lovers” festivals. The events will take place in Kansas, Colorado, and Ohio this summer.

Here’s the dates and lineups:

08/27 Wichita, KS – The Wave:

The Wonder Years, Thursday, Laura Jane Grace, Story Of The Year, Hot Mulligan, Hawthorne Heights, Emery, Real Friends, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The OBGMs, Thick, Old News, Life In Idle, Yasmin Nur, Social Cinema, and Glass Ager.

08/28 Denver, CO – Levitt Pavillion:

The Wonder Years, Thursday, Story Of The Year, Hot Mulligan, Hawthorne Heights, Emery, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The OBGMs, Thick, and My Body Sings Electric.

09/10 Cincinnati, OH – Riverbend Music Center:

Descendents, Bayside, Senses Fail, The Wonder Years, Story Of The Year, Hawthorne Heights, Knuckle Puck, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Emergy, Dopamines, Crimson Apple, Bad Luck, Nightbeast, Mint Green, Dead Bundy, and Better Anyway.

Falling In Reverse Announce U.S. Tour With Wage War, Hawthorne Heights, & Jeris Johnson

Falling In Reverse have announced a headlining U.S. tour with Wage War, Hawthorne Heights, and Jeris Johnson. Here’s the dates:

01/13 Atlanta, GA – The Tabernacle
01/14 Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works
01/15 Cincinnati, OH – ICON
01/17 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
01/18 Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore
01/19 Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore
01/21 Boston, MA – Tsongas Arena
01/22 New York, NY – Hammerstein
01/24 Detroit, MI – The Fillmore
01/25 Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
01/26 Minneapolis, MN – The Fillmore (no Wage War)
01/28 Kansas City, MO – The Uptown Theatre
01/29 Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
01/30 Dallas, TX – Southside Ballroom
02/01 Phoenix, AZ – The Van Buren
02/04 Los Angeles, CA – The Palladium

Hawthorne Heights Team Up With Siiickbrain For Reworked Version Of “Ohio Is For Lovers”

Hawthorne Heights have joined forces with Siiickbrain to record a reworked version of their song “Ohio Is For Lovers.” You can find a video for the updated take on the track below:

Siiickbrain commented:

“This collaboration means so much to me for so many reasons. A few years ago I was listening and singing ‘Ohio Is For Lovers’ in the car and discovered for the first time that I could scream. Ever since then, Hawthorne Heights has been a huge part of the music that I create and a tremendous influence to me. The concept of the music video was heavily influenced by my love for horror films. I wanted to portray a dark, distorted take on the original song, and how sometimes you feel like you can’t live without someone.”

Hawthorne Heights frontman JT Woodruff added:

“It’s a truly treasured experience when you get to step into someone else’s world, as they step into yours. When approached by Siiickbrain, I was flattered that a younger generation of artists had even heard of us, and to work together was divine madness. I’ve never thought of my music as having a dark side, so it’s super wild to see and hear it like this”

Hawthorne Heights Premiere New Song “The Rain Just Follows Me”

Hawthorne Heights have released the title track of their new album “The Rain Just Follows Me.” That effort will be available in digital outlets on September 10 (physical copies out October 22). JT Woodruff commented:

“I really wanted to name this album after those lyrics. It perfectly described what I’ve been going through. During the day, everything seems totally fine, but when I lay down and turn out the lights, my world comes crashing down. If this happens on tour or at home, I usually just think of the coast. I think of the way I feel, watching pelicans on the pier. And usually everything will stabilize, but for some reason nothing was working. When you’re gone for months out of the year, it starts to feel normal. Your entire family and circle of friends have to rearrange their lives to stay connected to yours. And as much as this seems like a woe is me, touring band sob story, it really isn’t about that at all. It’s about how our society has taught us to work ourselves to exhaustion, and at the end of day, our prize is an early grave.”

Hawthorne Heights Premiere Music Video For New Song “Constant Dread” Featuring Brendan Murphy (Counterparts)

Hawthorne Heights have premiered a new video for their new song “Constant Dread.” This track features Brendan Murphy (Counterparts) and it will appear on the band’s new album “The Rain Just Follows Me,” which will be digitally released on September 10 (physical copies out October 22).

JT Woodruff said the following about the new song:

“When writing, I tend to dig through memories, both good and bad. In ‘Constant Dread,’ I was searching through one of my favorite tour memories. Warped Tour 2017, in the tour bus village. One of our favorite hardcore bands, Counterparts, was hosting karaoke. As I was standing there, Brendan hit play on Niki FM, and then threw me the microphone, and as I was singing my own song to a jury of my peers, I realized that I need to loosen up. This should be fun, not agony. When I thought about that moment, while laying bed in the throes of the terror-filled gaze of the moonlight, I knew we needed to put Brendan in this song. And I’m so glad he said yes, because absolutely crushes it. “

He also added the following about the new album:

“The most unbelievable part of this story is that this entire album was written and recorded BEFORE the pandemic. All of this darkness and turmoil is basically a summation of the coldest and loneliest nights I’ve tried to reconcile for the past 17 years.”

“We want to create the best songs that are accurate depictions of our lives and connect to other people through our songs. I hope this record helps people understand that others out there are thinking like them – and thinking about them. Everyone gets poured on in life; we just want to provide an umbrella.”

“The Rain Just Follows Me” Track Listing:

01. “Constant Dread”
02. “The Rain Just Follows Me”
03. “Holy Coast”
04. “Tired And Alone”
05. “Thunder In Our Hearts”
06. “Spray Paint It Black”
07. “Dull Headlights”
08. “Palm Canyon Drive
09. “Seafoam”
10. “Words Can’t Hurt”
11. “Bambarra Beach (The End)”

Hawthorne Heights Premiere “Hard To Breathe” Music Video

Hawthorne Heights have premiered a new video for their new song “Hard To Breathe.” This track will appear on the band’s new b-sides and rarities compilation “Lost Frequencies.” That effort will be released on November 8 and it will feature new songs, acoustic tracks, and covers.

JT Woodruff commented:

“I grew up in a home built on a fractured marriage, alcoholism, and a mother who loved us, but just didn’t know how to articulate it into words. We packed up all of our things and left my father behind in the winter of 1989, and never looked back. I didn’t see him again, until he was in a coffin.

‘Hard To Breathe’ is the story of my youth from 1988-1992. I spent a lot of time with quiet resentment until I found my circle of friends and felt outside love for the first time. While the story has some dark twists and turns, it’s really just an articulation of some of the coldest nights of my life.”

Hawthorne Heights Premiere “Starlighter (Echo, Utah)” Music Video

Hawthorne Heights have premiered a new video for their song “Starlighter (Echo, Utah).” This track is from the band’s latest album “Bad Frequencies.” JT Woodruff commented:

“Since this song is about how much I hate winter, I really wanted to film footage of some of our favorite fans in California having fun. I want to run as far as I can from that snowy night in Echo, Utah and I always want to run back to California anyway. The song is about having no regrets, and always looking forward to the next stop in your life. Crank it up, and stay out of the snow. Palm trees forever.”

[via The Noise]

Hawthorne Heights & Emery To Celebrate 15th Anniversaries Of “The Silence In Black And White” & “The Weak’s End” On Upcoming Tour

Hawthorne Heights and Emery have announced a June tour together. Hawthorne Heights will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of “The Silence In Black And White” on this run, while Emery will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of “The Weak’s End.” Here’s the dates:

06/06 Cincinnati, OH – 20th Century Theatre
06/07 Columbus. OH – Skully’s Music Diner
06/08 Cleveland, OH – Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum (Vans Warped Tour)
06/09 Pittsburgh, PA- Rex Theater
06/10 Indianapolis, IN – The Hi- Fi
06/11 Springfield, MO – The Riff
06/12 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street
06/13 Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
06/14 Wichita, KS – Wave
06/15 Lincoln, NE – Royal Grove

Hawthorne Heights Premiere New Song “Starlighter (Echo, Utah)”

Hawthorne Heights have premiered a new song titled “Starlighter (Echo, Utah),” via Rock Sound. This track is from the band’s new album “Bad Frequencies,” which will be released on April 27.

JT Woodruff said the following about the song:

“I wrote the lyrics to ‘Starlighter’ after the worst drive of my life, in the mountains of Utah. There was snow pouring everywhere, the van I was driving didn’t have heat or defrost, and the passenger was wiping the window frantically with the sock he was wearing, so I could see the road. It was 14 miles ’til the next exit, and our lives kept flashing before our eyes. When we eventually made it safely to an exit, we left the van in the middle of the parking lot, checked into a room, and when I stopped trembling I wrote lyrics about summer. I needed to get my head out of the snow, and think about how this situation would be different if it was in June. So while my mind was racing, I crafted a story about a group of friends whose entire lives are ahead of them, and they just want to have one last weekend blow out. There are laughs, arguments, adventure, and everything that makes a summer weekend great. But the overlying theme is that I thought I was going to die that night, with my friends, just so I could sing and play guitar. Pretty crucial haha.”

He also added the following about the album:

“I think it represents some of the best times of our lives, set to music. I wanted to capture the emotion of your favorite summer growing up, when you just had the best time of your life, but now it’s all over. I wanted to capture the sadness that comes after extreme happiness. The beauty and isolation that comes with the end of excitement is something that is truly special. We spend our lives mired in the highs and lows, but we should really focus on the the in between. We have always just continued to move forward in Hawthorne Heights, and I think that this proves that. We don’t let the bad times get us down, and we don’t let the party last too long. We try to convey that message to our fans at all times.”

Stick To Your Guns & Hawthorne Heights Announce May Dates

Stick To Your Guns and Hawthorne Heights have announced some May dates together. Sienna Skies will serve as support.

Tour Dates:

05/14 Palatine, IL – Durty Nellies
05/15 Columbia, MO – Blue Note
05/16 Sauget, IL – Pop’s
05/17 Indianapolis, IN – Hoosier Dome