Obey The Brave Recruit Despised Icon’s Ben Landreville As Their New Bassist

Obey The Brave have officially welcomed Despised Icon guitarist Ben Landreville to the band as their new bassist. The group commented:

“It’s with great pleasure that we announce the addition of Ben Landreville as Obey The Brave‘s new bass player! On top of playing in Despised Icon with Alex for a decade, Ben has been killing it on tour with us all year. We’re so stoked to have him on board and are excited for the next chapter!”


Terror Eject Violent Security Guard From Their Dallas, TX Show

During Terror’s August 17 show at Trees in Dallas, TX, Scott Vogel ended up ejecting a security guard who was getting violent with crowdsurfers in the venue. You can see footage of the guard slamming one fan below. Vogel told him the following, before he left:

“Yo, you can’t fucking do that to people. Get the fuck out of here. You fucking slam people here. Get the fuck outta here!”

[via MetalSucks]

Emma Ruth Rundle & James Kent (Perturbator) To Curate 2020 Roadburn Festival

Emma Ruth Rundle and James Kent (Perturbator) will be serving as curators at the 2020 Roadburn Festival. That event will take place on April 16-19 in Tilburg, NET. In other news, the festival will be commissioning original pieces of music with Perturbator and Cult of Luna’s Johannes Persson set to collaborate. Jo Quail will also be collaborating with the New Trombone Collective as well. Furthermore, Vile Creature and Bismuth are working on a piece called “A Hymn of Loss and Hope” and Julie Christmas is panning to debut new material with a backing band featuring Laura Pleasants (ex-Kylesa) and Persson.

Ozzy Osbourne Discusses His Ongoing Recovery

As you are probably well aware of by now, Ozzy Osbourne postponed all of his 2019 dates due to injury. While dealing with a bout of pneumonia, the singer fell in his Los Angeles home and aggravated previous injuries he sustained in his 2003 ATV accident. Osbourne has since discussed his injury and ongoing recovery with Rolling Stone, saying he is hoping that he will be back in action in January.

Osbourne had the following to say about his injury and surgery:

“For the first, say, four months, I was absolutely in agony. I was in agony beyond anything I ever experienced before in my life. It was awful. I’m taking physical and occupational therapy classes, but the progress is very slow. They say it’s going to take at least a year. I’m hoping that I’ll be OK and ready to go by January [when the tour resumes]. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed.”

He also said the following about some lingering complications from the surgeries, which were related to the way his spinal fluid moves due to the 2003 accident:

“I was getting a strange feeling sometimes, like nerve pain going down my arms. I used to think it was wear-and-tear from being on the road and didn’t give it a second thought.”

He also added the following about his latest surgery:

“When they do surgery on your neck, they cut through all the nerves, and it fucked everything up. So I’m wobbling all over the place. And since they cut through the nerves, my right arm feels permanently cold. You’d get a warm feeling in your hands. I wake up with it, and I go to bed with it.”

He went on to say that he is now on a nerve-pain medication. Unfortunately, the frontman also ended up with blood clots in his legs and has since had to go on blood thinners as well.

Osbourne also talked about his ability to move:

“I’m used to getting up, getting on my elliptical and going for an hour or so and breaking a sweat. But I can’t do it. One day, I was doing an hour or two on the elliptical; now I can do just barely half an hour. I go out with a walking stick, and I walk up the road and I’m bushed. The nurse told me, I have to be careful if I bang myself, because there’s a blood clot and all that shit. It’s scary stuff … From 40 [years old] to 70 was OK and suddenly you get to 70 and everything caved in on me.”

He also discussed the mental toll everything is taking on him:

“The most depressing thing I’ve been thinking is, ‘Am I gonna walk properly again? Am I gonna be able to perform again? I thought, ‘Well, if I just lay there watching fucking World at War again, I’m not gonna fucking do anything. So do what you can, even if it’s a little, just so you’re doing stuff … I don’t think I can do a rock concert right now. I’ll go, ‘Hello,’ and that’s it.”

Despite this, he is hoping to be back in action in January:

“The progress is so fucking slow. It’s like, come on. My date is January, I hope to fucking God, ’cause I’m gonna go fucking nuts. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed. It’s like making a sculpture. You chip away at it and it turns into this thing. You have to resculpture your life again.”

Osbourne’s current dates can be found HERE.

Metallica’s James Hetfield Donates Classic Car Collection To Petersen Automotive Museum

According to Hagerty, Metallica’s James Hetfield has donated 10 custom classic cars to the Petersen Automotive Museum. The vehicles will be on display starting in February as a part of the 30-car “Hypercars” exhibit. Furthermore, Hetfield was also named as a Founding Member of the museum. The following cars were donated: the Voodoo Priest, based on a ’37 Lincoln Zephyr, a ’36 Auburn roadster named Slow Burn, a Delahaye inspired ’34 Packard, Aquarius, a ’36 Ford in bare metal called Iron Fist, a purple ’56 Ford F-100 pickup truck, and three cars by custom fabricator Rick Dore: the Black Pearl, a custom 1948 Jaguar, a ’52 Olds named Grinch, and the Skyscraper, a 1953 Buick Skylark.

Weedeater Announce Summer U.S. Dates

Weedeater have announced some summer U.S. shows. Here’s the dates:

08/27 Johnson City, TN – The Hideaway (feat. Irata)
08/28 Tolono, IL – Loose Cobra
08/29 Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall (feat. Orange Goblin & The Skull)
08/30 Cookville, TN – Muddy Roots Fest
09/01 Chattanooga, TN – Ziggy’s (feat. BEiTTHEMEANS & Prowess)
09/02 Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern (feat. BEiTTHEMEANS & Prowess)
09/03 Savannah, GA – Jinx (feat. BEiTTHEMEANS & Prowess)
09/04 Athens, GA – Caledonia (feat. Prowess)

Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (Venom Inc.) Undergoes Hip Surgery

Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (Venom Inc.) has revealed that he recently underwent hip surgery at a hospital in London on August 15. He told Lords Of Metal following:

“The pain is not so bad. I just feel happy that it is done at last. I’ve had an accident as a 12-year-old kid, when I was hit by a car and landed flat, after the car had thrown me 20 feet straight up in the air. The last ten years, I’ve been attempting to get help, and the last three years in Venom Inc., there was always a reason why it couldn’t happen, mostly due to rescheduling at the hospital. It came to the point I could wait no longer; I could barely walk after Wacken. So I am very happy it is finally done and I can look forward.”