Cameron Losch (Born Of Osiris) Releases New C$L Album “Stre$$ed”

C$L, the rap project featuring Cameron Losch (Born Of Osiris), have released a new album titled “Stre$$ed.” You can find that effort HERE.

“Stre$$ed” Track Listing:

01. “Swalloween” (feat. Steve Gerard)
02. “$andy” (feat. Project Pat)
03. “M A C A R O N I”
04. “Conjuring” (feat. Antiserum)
05. ‘Joe Exxxotic”
06. “Money Long Fettuccini” (feat. Lurk)
07. “Stre$$ed” (feat. Steve Gerard & Antiserum)
08. “L I C K S” (feat. Sam Beck)
09. “Paddy Wack 2021”
10. “S W I P E L E F T”
11. “Head’s Strong” (feat, Kenny Graves)
12. “Xanta Clause” (feat, Sam Beck)
13. “E Q U A L I T Y”
14 “REAPER MAN” (feat. Steve Gerard, Joe Buras, & Tokyo Witch)

Cynic Tease New Tracks “Sha48*” & “6th Dimensional Archetype”

Cynic have shared some previews of their new songs “Sha48*” and “6th Dimensional Archetype.” The full tracks will appear on the band’s new album “Ascension Codes,“ which is set to be released on November 26. Paul Masvidal commented:

“Here’s a preview of ‘6th Dimensional Archetype‘ from our new album ‘Ascension Codes‘—featuring artwork by Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman. This album and its forthcoming film immerse us in the Starseed’s journey.”

Slipknot Cancel Alabama Concert Due To Flooding

Slipknot have been forced to cancel their October 24 show at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre in Pelham, AL due to flooding. The band commented:

“Due to flooding of the venue caused by recent storms in the area, we are unfortunately unable to play our October 24th show at Oak Mountain Amphitheater. All of our fans and everyone in Birmingham is in our thoughts and we look forward to coming back and playing for you all soon! Stay safe. Refunds will be available at point of purchase, tickets purchased online will be refunded automatically.”

Steve Perry (Ex-Journey) Shares Cover Of “Winter Wonderland”

Steve Perry (ex-Journey) has shared his cover of “Winter Wonderland.” This track is from his new holiday album “The Season,” which will be released on November 5. Perry commented:

“‘Winter Wonderland’ is one of my favorite tracks on ‘The Season’. I have always felt a close love for Motown’s music and how it shaped my early school years. This track is a homage to that.”

Ozzy Osbourne Digitally Releases 20th Anniversary Edition Of “Down To Earth”

Ozzy Osbourne has digitally released a 20th anniversary expanded edition of “Down To Earth.” This version of the effort features three bonus tracks including: “No Place For Angels,“ an acoustic rendition of “Dreamer,” and the single version of “Gets Me Through“.

“Down To Earth” 20th Anniversary Track Listing:

01. “Gets Me Through”
02. “Facing Hell”
03. “Dreamer”
04. “No Easy Way Out”
05. “That I Never Had”
06. “You Know… (Pt. 1)”
07. “Junkie”
08. “Running Out Of Time”
09. “Black Illusion”
10. “Alive”
11. “Can You Hear Them?”
12. “No Place For Angels”
13. “Dreamer” (Acoustic Version)
14. “Gets Me Through” (Single Version)

Listen To Tom Morello’s New Album “The Atlas Underground Fire”

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) has officially released his new album “The Atlas Underground Fire.“ The effort, which features Bring Me The Horizon, Dennis Lyxzén (Refused), Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Chris Stapleton, Damian Marley, Grandson, and more, can be streamed below:

Suicide Silence Plan To Release Two New Singles In Early 2022

During a recent interview with KCAL 96.7’s Radioactive Mike Z, Suicide Silence’s Chris Garza revealed that the band are working on two new singles. The tracks are expected to be released early next year.

Garza said the following:

“We’re doing two singles just about now, but it’s going to be a record eventually. [We’re working with] Taylor Young. He’s a producer out of the Valley. He’s done Nails and Twitching Tongues, very heavy stuff. He’s from Connecticut but moved down here when he was 16 and joined a band called Crematorium back in the day when we were playing together at a showcase.”

“We’re all very focused. We’ve not been in the same room like this for the past 15 years. It’s taken us a long time for us to get to where we are now. We’re a band. We write music in the same room and we don’t have a laptop in front of us. Throughout pandemics and tragedies, money disappearing, girlfriends, wives, we still go here and get in a same room and do music together as a band. I can say straight up, we’re the only band in our genre that does that, and that’s not a good thing either.”

“We’re all in a good headspace and I’m curious what the outcome is and I’m really stoked to hear it and I’m stoked for our fans to hear it. It’s Suicide Silence being Suicide Silence more than ever.”

[via Loudwire]

Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Reveals He Recently Battled Prostate Cancer

Judas Priest’s Rob Halford has revealed that he recently underwent a battle with prostate cancer. Fortunately, the frontman has since gone into remission.

Halford told Consequence the following:

“I had my little cancer battle a year ago, which I got through and that’s in remission now, thank God. That happened while we were all locked down, so things happen for a reason as far as time sequence of events. I have nothing but gratitude to be at this point in my life, still doing what I love the most.”

He also discussed his cancer battle in a new chapter that was added to the paperback edition of his memoir “Confess.” In the book, he revealed that he had a prostatectomy in July 2020 before more cancer was found around his prostate earlier this year. He then had to undergo radiation treatment for that and also had to undergo an appendectomy after a tumor was found on his appendix. Halford said the following about that:

“It’s been a draining year, I can’t deny it, but I’m delighted to have come through it. I feel like I’ve had the most thorough MOT that a Metal God can have.”