“AC/DC 1973-1980: The Bon Scott Years” Book To Be Released In November

A new illustrated book on AC/DC’s Bon Scott years, titled “AC/DC 1973-1980: The Bon Scott Years,” is set to be released on November 14 via Jawbone Press. You can pre-order that HERE and read a synopsis below.


“To fans and critics alike, the years 1973 to 1980 – the Bon Scott era – are the most significant of AC/DC’s five-decade career. In a prolific and frequently brilliant run, they recorded six studio albums, established a diehard fanbase that stretched from Australia to the UK, Europe to North America, toured relentlessly, and created no small amount of controversy and chaos.

At one low point in Australia, the band’s records were banned, their shows were cancelled, and they were hounded by police – all because Angus Young dared bare his spotty backside at a press conference. In the midst of the mayhem, however, they were building a body of work that remains unmatched in hard rock. Many of AC/DC’s classic songs were cut during this time – Dirty Deeds, Rock and Roll Damnation, High Voltage, If You Want Blood (You Got It), Whole Lotta Rosie, Long Way to the Top, Let there be Rock, and more – and it says plenty that these fan favourites are still staples of the band’s current live sets today.

Illustrated throughout with rare photographs from the era, this book documents all the key events of this frenetic time, beginning with the band’s very first shows in the bloodhouses of suburban Sydney – even before the name AC/DC had been dreamed up by Margaret Young, Malcolm and Angus’s big sister – and culminating with 1979’s Highway to Hell, the album that paved the way for the mammoth success of Back in Black and all that was to follow, and the untimely death of Bon Scott, both an end and a new beginning for the band.”


Rumor: AC/DC’s New Album Will Feature Late Guitarist Malcolm Young On All Songs

Rumors of a new AC/DC album have been heating up ever since photos leaked of various members of the group at Vancouver’s Warehouse Studio, and now it looks like there is some more exciting news. JAM Magazine are reporting that a “reliable source inside the AC/DC camp” has told them that the band’s upcoming album will feature the late Malcolm Young’s rhythm guitar on every song. The guitar tracks are said to have been recorded five years before “Black Ice” was released.

JAM Magazine posted the following on Facebook:


We are hearing from a reliable source inside the AC/DC camp that Angus Young is working on a new AC/DC Album that will be dedicated to his brother, the late Malcolm Young.

Here’s the exciting part… the new recordings will include Malcolm Young playing rhythm guitar on ALL TRACKS!

Turns out, five years prior to the Black Ice LP, AC/DC’s 15th studio release, Angus and Malcolm Young lived to together where they literally wrote hundreds of songs, many were recorded and have been stashed away until now.

Angus has decided to selected the best tracks from those recordings that Malcolm played on and is now back in the studio recording and mixing them with fellow band mates Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams and yes, Brian Johnson on vocals.

Not sure when the release date will be announced but this should give all the Hardcore AC/DC fans a hard on!

New Photo Surfaces Of AC/DC’s Brian Johnson & Phil Rudd With Engineer Mike Fraser

Rumors of a new AC/DC album are continuing to flare up. Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd were photographed outside Vancouver’s Warehouse Studio once again, and this time the band’s longtime mixer, engineer, and producer Mike Fraser was present as well. The group previously recorded their last three albums at that studio. You can see the previous photo of Johnson and Rudd HERE and a photo of Angus and Stevie Young in the same location HERE. All three pictures were taken by Crystal Lambert, who has an apartment near the studio, and Glenn Slavens.

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AC/DC’s Angus And Stevie Young Photographed Outside Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios

Rumors of a new AC/DC album are continuing to flare up. Just one day after a photo surfaced showing Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd outside Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, BC, another photo has emerged showing Angus and Stevie Young in the same location. The band previously recorded their last three albums at the studio. Like the last one, the latest picture was taken by Crystal Lambert, who has an apartment near the studio, and Glenn Slavens. An umbrella has since been installed at the studio to prevent further photos.

Brian Johnson & Phil Rudd Appear To Be Back In The Studio With AC/DC

Rumors of a new AC/DC album recently started to heat up after drummer Phil Rudd and guitarist Stevie Young were spotted in Vancouver, BC. Now, a photo has surfaced and it shows Brian Johnson and Rudd outside Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, where the band recorded their last three albums. According to Steve Newton of Straight.com, the picture was taken by Glenn Slavens, whose longtime friend, Crystal Lambert, has an apartment near the studio. This is particularly exiting news considering Johnson was unable to finish the group’s “Rock Or Bust” tour due to hearing issues. Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses) took over for the remaining dates of that trek.

New AC/DC Album Rumors Flare Up After Stevie Young & Phil Rudd Were Reportedly Spotted In Vancouver

It looks like AC/DC may be working on a new album. Rumors started circulating after Canadian journalist Steve Newton said some of his “rock ‘n’ roll sources on the street” claim to have seen two members in Vancouver, including drummer Phil Rudd, who was originally replaced by Chris Slade in 2015 after he was sentenced to house arrest, for drug possession and threatening to kill someone, and guitarist Stevie Young, who took over for the late Malcolm Young after he retired in 2014 due to dementia. Furthermore, Kyle Harcött (Hexripper) claims to have seen Rudd in the city as well. Considering the band recorded their last three albums at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see them return. There isn’t much more to go on, but back in March Rose Tattoo’s Angry Anderson said Angus Young was planning to make a new album with Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses) on vocals. Rose previously sang with the group on the remaining dates of their “Rock Or Bust” tour after Brian Johnson was unable to perform because of hearing issues.


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Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Recalls The Time AC/DC’s Angus Young Told Him Off

During an appearance on Dean Delray‘s “Let There Be Talk” podcast, Mastodon’s Brent Hinds recalled the time AC/DC’s Angus Young told him off when he got the chance to meet him. Apparently Hinds was taking Young to the bathroom during an award show, and when he tried to tell Young what an inspiration he was to him, he responded by telling Hinds to “quit pissing in [his] pocket, which Urban Dictionary says it as an Australian phrase that “means to insincerely attempt to convince a person that you’re doing them a favor, when you actually have only your own interests (generally either making a profit or ingratiating oneself) at heart. ”

Here’s Hinds’ story regarding that situation:

“Angus Young was my original first favorite guitar player. And then I met him and I told him that he was my favorite guitar player. And he told me to stop pissing in his pocket. So I told him, ‘Fuck off’ or something. ‘Whatever, fuck you.’”

“We were at the Golden God Awards and one of my liaisons was like… I was supposed to take Angus Young to the bathroom. ‘I know you’re a huge fan, take him to the bathroom.’

So I take him, like grab his arm and take him to the bathroom. I was waiting for him and I was like, ‘Hey man, I just want to thank you for your work.’

And he just looks at me like I’ve got shit on my face or something. ‘I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.’ And he said, ‘What are you talking about?’ I’m like, ‘I started playing guitar because of you.’

And he’s like, ‘Quit pissing in my pocket.’ I was like, ‘Fuck you,’ basically. I say, ‘Your pocket is way too far down there to piss in.”

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