Filter Premiere “Murica” Music Video

Filter have premiered a new video for their new single “Murica.” This song is expected to serve as the title track of the band’s upcoming album.

Richard Patrick told Alternative Press the following:

“The ultimate sin of the entire thing is that it’s poor people versus poor people. If Americans actually learned the real truth of what was going on with their finances, with everything that’s going on in the world, rich people have a stranglehold on them. It’s outlets like Fox News and Breitbart and the Mercer family.

It’s rich people that are keeping us at each other’s throats so that we don’t fucking see what they’re doing with their finances.

And it’s so obvious. Trump is just playing along in the game. He’s not rich. He’s not seriously wealthy. Like [2.5] billion wealthy. You know, he’s sleazy. He’s a bottom dweller, just like the rest of us.

It’s the people that are super-insanely wealthy that are really fucking controlling us. For the last four years, the right has owned the government. They’ve loosened up their taxes. They can pollute more. And they’ve got the right mad at the left. And it keeps us all occupied.”

He also added:

“The character in the video is a Trump-supporting, gun-loving, unmedicated, super-freak ’merican unhinged and at his wits’ end. And he’s trying to take control of something that is not out of control. And he’s afraid. He’s the super-afraid white male. The Trump-supporting nutbag that I hope I can reach.

These guys that are so far right that they think CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC [and] BBC are all out to get our President Trump. Like they’re all in a conspiracy to be super-left-wing, crazy liars. I’m trying to make an attempt to show them what they look like.

These are the guys that can only listen to Fox News and Breitbart and that type of news outlet. They believe every fucking thing that the Rush Limbaugh’s, the Alex Jones’ [say] and listen to only the right wing, ‘the truth, man.’

They ‘do their own research’ and believe 9/11 was an inside job, President Obama wasn’t a real citizen and the lunar landings were faked. Hillary Clinton personally went out and killed people in Benghazi and it’s her fault, she’s [a] criminal and ‘lock her up.’ It’s those people that I’m portraying in the video.

Who is the character aiming at at the end of the video? He’s aiming at anyone from the left and at anyone from the normal middle. The regular folks who make up the country that are pretty much normal and just want to raise their kids and stay COVID-19-free and try and make a living.”

Filter Premiere “Thoughts And Prayers” Video

Filter have premiered a new video for their new song “Thoughts And Prayers.“ This track will appear on the band’s upcoming album “Murica.”

Richard Patrick commented:

“America is spinning out of control. It’s never been more sick, unemployed and especially divided. I love my country so much that I’m willing to part with some fans that might not like my message to her.

‘Thoughts And Prayers’ has become a meaningless catchphrase that gets thrown out every time something bad happens. Usually a mass murder etc. It’s an empty gesture. It’s time for more than thoughts and prayers. It’s time to wake the fuck up and start listening to each other.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Filter To Release New Song “Thoughts And Prayers” This Week, Tease Another New Song “Come Take My Guns”

Filter will be releasing a new video for their new song “Thoughts And Prayers“ on June 18. Richard Patrick confirmed the news in the below video, while also teasing another new song titled “Come Take My Guns.” Both tracks are expected to appear on the band’s upcoming album.

Filter Announce Los Angeles “Title Of Record” 20th Anniversary Show

Filter will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Title Of Record“ by performing the album in full at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, CA on November 27. This news comes after the band previously postponed their “Title Of Record“ 20th anniversary tour.

Filter Postpone “Title Of Record” 20th Anniversary Tour

Filter have been forced to postpone their “Title Of Record” 20th anniversary tour due to scheduling conflicts. The band issued the following statement:

“Due to scheduling conflicts and deadlines for Richard Patrick‘s work in film scoring, the Filter dates announced previously will be postponed to an undetermined later date. Refunds will be given at point of purchase.”

Filter Reveal New Album Title

Richard Patrick has confirmed that Filter are working on a new album titled “They Got Us Right Where They Want Us, At Each Other’s Throats.” The frontman was previously working on a follow-up to “Short Bus” with Brian Liesegang, but those plans were recently scrapped.

Patrick told Loudwire the following:

“reBus is noBus, or at least not-right-now bus.

Brian and I have decided to shelve the reBus album for right now for a variety of reasons, but know this…

I will be working on a new FILTER album called “They Got Us Right Where They Want Us, At Each Other’s Throats.”

Hopefully three songs will be on the new album that Brian and I wrote together, working titles being “Murica,” “Thoughts and Prayers” and “(Command-Z) High as a Muv’ Fucka’.”

Filter Scrap Plans For “ReBus” Album

Filter’s Richard Patrick previously reunited with Brian Liesegang and was planning to record a follow-up to their 1995 debut album “Short Bus,“ called “ReBus,” but those plans have officially been scrapped. The cancellation of the record follows the collapse of PledgeMusic, which the band were using to crowdfund the effort. Patrick will now be shifting his focus to the group’s 20th anniversary celebration for “Title Of Record.“ The 20th anniversary edition of that album will be released on August 9 and a Dub Pistols Club remix of “The Best Things” from it can be streamed below:

Filter To Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of “Title Of Record” In August

Filter have announced that they will be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of “Title Of Record” on August 9. The effort will come with various bonus tracks and new liner notes by author, journalist and “Side Jams” podcast host Bryan Reesman.

Track Listing:

01. “Sand”
02. “Welcome To The Fold”
03. “Captain Bligh”
04. “It’s Gonna Kill Me”
05. “The Best Things”
06. “Take A Picture”
07. “Skinny”
08. “I Will Lead You”
09. “Cancer”
10. “I’m Not The Only One”
11. “Miss Blue”
12. “Jurassitol”
13. “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” (feat. The Crystal Method)
14. “Take A Picture” (H&H remix)
15. “The Best Things” (Humble Brothers remix)

The digital version will also come with additional bonus tracks:

  • “Take A Picture” (live)
  • “Take A Picture” (Rennie Pilgrim remix)
  • “The Best Things” (Dub Pistols Club Mix)
  • “Welcome To The Fold” (Moving Fusion Mix)
  • “Welcome To The Fold” (FreQ Nasty Mix)

Venue Cancels Filter’s El Paso, TX Show Due To An “Offending” Facebook Post & The Band’s Plans To Display An American Flag Upside Down

Filter were supposed to perform at the Speaking Rock Casino in El Paso, TX tonight (March 7), but the show was cancelled after the venue took issue with a caption on a Facebook post made by Richard Patrick. The venue also didn’t like the fact that the band were planning to use an upside down American flag in their video backdrop.

Filter commented:


Speaking Rock Casino in El Paso, TX, the Tigua Tribe’s Casino / Resort / Music Venue has cancelled tonight’s FILTER show, due to a humorous Facebook post written by vocalist, Richard Patrick, and the band’s plans to use the American flag turned upside down in their background video on stage.

The “offending” post, which included a short video of the band soundchecking at the venue:

This is sound check!! We’re Playing El Paso!!!
Get here later and it will be packed!! A lot of Trump bashing!
Does anyone know Beto?? Bring Beto!

The band was told the venue “didn’t like” the post and that they were getting threatening phone calls and bomb threats from Texans who didn’t like it either. The tour manager was in the green room and woke up from a pre-show nap to 30 yellow-shirted security guards and the General Manager shouting expletives and telling the band they were not welcome at the venue. “The First Amendment does not exist in this Casino. Get the f@*k out,” they said.

Management also told Patrick that it was illegal to display the flag upside down in their video. The law to which they might refer is Title 4, US Code “(a) The flag should never be displayed with union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

Patrick explains “This is a dire emergency! This country is totally jacked up!! This is my right to artistic expression. If they are going to tell me that I am un-American for saying that about the President, I’d ask them if they have been to Iraq or Afghanistan. I have been over there and love and respect the job that our troops are doing over there – fighting to ensure our rights to say what we like. As a matter of fact – I was asked recently what FILTER stands for and THIS IS IT – our freedom of expression!”

In addition to the First Amendment, The Texas Constitution, in Article I, sections 8 and 27 protects the “liberty to speak, write or publish … opinions on any subject.” You have the right to express your views in these ways regardless of how unpopular or controversial they may be. #firstamendment #gop #filter2019 #america”

The venue also issued a statement:

“Unfortunately due to safety concerns associated with Filter’s performance tonight we will be canceling their show. We want everyone who comes to our venue to experience entertainment with positivity, union, safety, and joy. We all have our own political views and want to respect everyone’s opinion, but our shows will not be a platform for it. We apologize for the cancellation.”