Downset. Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

Downset. have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. With this news, the band have also announced that they are planning to release 7 inch vinyl pressings of their “Anger/Ritual” and “About Ta Blast“ demos this fall. Those efforts are also available digitally. Furthermore, a new album is set to be released this year as well.

Here’s the track listings for the demos:


01. “Anger” (demo)
02. “Ritual (Spoken Protest)” (demo)

“About Ta Blast“:

01. “About Ta Blast” (demo)
02. “Body Cry” (demo)
03. “Breed The Killer” (demo)

The band commented:

“Being signed to Nuclear Blast is a big honor for me. It’s a great organization/record label and working with the people there has been nothing but pleasant, professional experience. Nuclear Blast is the #1 heavy metal label in the world with so many great bands and amazing album releases. It gives my band and me the feeling of being a part of something special. We feel right at home, excited and look forward into the re-release of the first two original 7” records as a reissued bundle, as well as our forthcoming 6th album!

Look out for a mix of old school sound and 12 songs featuring the new era of downset in 2022. With our new lineup, Bobby Blood Ponte on drums, Phillip Gonzales on bass, myself on Guitar and OG Rey Oropeza on vocals, we plan on continuing the legacy with future albums to come. WE ARE BACK!!”

For now, you can watch a new video for “Breed The Killer” below:

Mutoid Man Release Two Demo Tracks

Mutoid Man have released demo versions of “Headrush” and “Micro Aggression” via Bandcamp. The band’s label Sargent House said the following about the tracks:

“Today is Bandcamp Friday and Mutoid Man are releasing two demos recorded at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn in March 2016. These two songs would later be recorded for the album ‘War Moans’. All proceeds from the sales of these tracks on Feb 5th will go to the band. There’s also a new longsleeve now available in their stores US Hello Merch and EU/UK EVIL GREED.”

1996 Rehearsal Recordings And Demos From Bruce Dickinson’s “Skunkworks” Surface Online

According to Blabbermouth, Chris Dale, who previously played bass for Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), has uploaded some rare “Skunkworks” rehearsal recordings and demos from 1996. This includes an unreleased song titled “Falling,” one unnamed track, and early versions of various other songs. You can check those out below:

Moon Destroys (Ex-Torche/Royal Thunder) Release Early Demo Collection, Premiere “Wondrous Beast” Video

Moon Destroys (ex-Torche, ex-Royal Thunder) have released a new collection of demos that they recorded in 2009 under the name Stallone. You can purchase that set on Bandcamp. With this news, the band have also premiered a new video for “Wondrous Beast”:

Juan Montoya (ex-Torche, etc.) commented:

“In this time of seemingly widespread forlorn hope, we are releasing this music as a love letter for those struggling to bear with the solitude and frustration. All of us musicians are feeling an emptiness right now.. Being away from our close friends and bandmates is making us a bit mental. We needed something to temporarily distract us from stress and show you how ridiculous we can be while we’re alone.”

Evan Diprima (ex-Royal Thunder, etc.) added:

“Filming the video was the most fun I’ve had in social isolation thus far and represents cabin fever at its finest. We are excited for you to see the slow decline of my mental state. Carole Baskin killed her husband.

These demos are raw and have no boundaries. This collection is the first installment of what would become Moon Destroys many years later and are some of my favorite recordings of all time.”

letlive. Celebrate 10th Anniversary Of “Fake History” With Demo Collection

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of “Fake History”, letlive. have decided to release a collection of early demos from the original sessions for the album. You can purchase that on Bandcamp.

Jason Aalon Butler commented:

“2007-2009. Whenever I think about those years I smile and I’m overcome with this sense of inimitable nostalgia. We learned a lot about freedom during that era. We worked multiple shit jobs and/or hustled in ways that some may consider questionable just to buy equipment. We found the most nefarious of establishments to call our studio. We quite literally risked our health and lives in mobile death traps we called “tour vans”.

I mean one of our vans had a hole in the floor during a winter tour of America. It was completely metal inside with no lining, and my best friend and I agreed to share the back floor where the doors didn’t lock properly and would randomly open when we were driving on the highway. That’s how bad we wanted it and I truly believe it showed.

In these demos, all we wanted to do was create something different. Different than the primary music we listened to or the “scene” we would be considered in, different than that around us, different than what each other wanted at times even. That’s what made these demo years so special. We allowed ourselves and each other an opportunity to be free as creatives AND as people.

Our effort to be so different was ironic as one of the biggest hurdles we faced when trying to grow the band was our lack of breakdowns and swoopy bangs. But in the end it is what made ll. so special to us and to those who became bold enough to say they liked it. The ones brave enough to come to the shows and let go with us. The ones with the courage to be different within an already sub-cultural arena. Those ll.ifers. That ll.ove.

I think I speak for us all when I say we had no idea where these demos would bring us and that’s the most beautiful part about it. That aforementioned freedom and uncertainty – it brought us to you.”

Windhand Release New Compilations Featuring Demos, Rarities, Live Tracks, Etc.

Windhand have released a collection of compilations featuring various demos, rarities, live tracks, etc. spanning their career. You can purchase those via Bandcamp. Proceeds will go towards helping the band get back on their feet after losing instruments, gear, and more in a recent theft.

Twitching Tongues Release Two-Song Single “Disharmony Zero“

Twitching Tongues have released a new two-song single titled “Disharmony Zero.“ The release includes demo versions of “Insatiable Sin” and “Asylum Ave” off their 2015 album “Disharmony.“ The band commented:

“In our quest to thoroughly demo each song before we record the final studio versions, sometimes it becomes impossible to replicate the magic of the first attempt… Thus, we give you our beloved demo versions of INSATIABLE SIN and ASYLUM AVE on the 3rd anniversary of Disharmony. Available for streaming on Apple Music/Spotify or purchase on Amazon/iTunes.”

Tacoma Musician Posts Early Nirvana Demos That He Says Were Given To Him by Kurt Cobain

A Tacoma musician named John Purkey has uploaded four videos to YouTube containing cassette audio of Nirvana demos that he says were given to him by Kurt Cobain. The tapes feature music the band recorded with Dale Crover (Melvins), tracks that eventually made it onto “Bleach,” pre-Dave Grohl “Nevermind” material with Chad Channing on drums, etc.

Fit For An Autopsy Demoing New Material

It looks like Fit For An Autopsy are already demoing new material for their next album. The band posted the following:

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Happy New Year.

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