Moon Destroys (Ex-Torche/Royal Thunder) Release Early Demo Collection, Premiere “Wondrous Beast” Video

Moon Destroys (ex-Torche, ex-Royal Thunder) have released a new collection of demos that they recorded in 2009 under the name Stallone. You can purchase that set on Bandcamp. With this news, the band have also premiered a new video for “Wondrous Beast”:

Juan Montoya (ex-Torche, etc.) commented:

“In this time of seemingly widespread forlorn hope, we are releasing this music as a love letter for those struggling to bear with the solitude and frustration. All of us musicians are feeling an emptiness right now.. Being away from our close friends and bandmates is making us a bit mental. We needed something to temporarily distract us from stress and show you how ridiculous we can be while we’re alone.”

Evan Diprima (ex-Royal Thunder, etc.) added:

“Filming the video was the most fun I’ve had in social isolation thus far and represents cabin fever at its finest. We are excited for you to see the slow decline of my mental state. Carole Baskin killed her husband.

These demos are raw and have no boundaries. This collection is the first installment of what would become Moon Destroys many years later and are some of my favorite recordings of all time.”

Moon Destroys (Ex-Torche, Etc.) Premiere “Stormbringer” Video

Moon Destroys (ex-Torche, etc.) have premiered a NSFW video for their new song “Stormbringer.” The track, which features guest vocals from Cynic’s Paul Masvidal and synth from The Sword‘s Bryan Richie, will appear on the band’s debut EP “Maiden Voyage“ (out March 27). Juan Montoya commented:

“Now is the time to connect with people, through music, through love. ‘Stormbringer‘ is from my soul. We will weather the storm together.”

Moon Destroys (Ex-Torche, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Blue Giant” Feat. Mastodon’s Troy Sanders

Moon Destroys, the project featuring Juan Montoya (ex-Torche, etc.) and Evan Diprima (Brother Hawk, etc.), have premiered a new song titled “Blue Giant.” This track features Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and it will appear on the band’s debut EP, “Maiden Voyage,“ which is set to be released on March 27. Montoya told Kerrang! the following about working with Sanders:

“…Troy’s brother Kyle used to be in [Monstro] with me. We worked in the same music store, so they would always invite me to family parties and Thanksgiving because I couldn’t go all the way back home to Miami. We’re family. So with Troy, I felt comfortable to ask him. We did Killer Be Killed together. So I hit him up one day and asked him to do this song. I gave him the title, and gave him the idea of giants in space, some kind of sci-fi thing. He gave it a twist of giant whales, returning home, swimming through the galaxy.”