Behemoth Announce “Wolf Ov Siberia” Beer

Behemoth have teamed up with Kings Country Brewers Collective to create a new double IPA called “Wolf Ov Siberia.” According to a press release, the 7.7% ABV beer “pours pale gold in the glass, with a light lupulin haze. A blistering blast of bright lemon and crushed lime greets your nose, followed by grapefruit, melon and green pine from a megaload of Citra, Motueka and Centennial hops. Balanced by soft wheat and flaked rye, with a touch of savage bitterness on the finish.”

Tony Bellis, co-founder of Kings County Brewers Collective, commented:

“We love brewing a wide variety of different beer styles at KCBC and strive to constantly challenge our drinkers’ taste buds – in the same way that Behemoth has consistently pushed the boundaries of metal into brutal, uncharted territories over the years. Having been long time Behemoth fans, we’re incredibly excited to collaborate with them on this killer Double IPA.”

Nergal added:

“Behemoth global domination is still in full effect! After partnering with our friends at Perun to give you a unique craft experience, we thought why just brew beer for the lucky ones in Europe? Kings County Brewers Collective said they could delight the palate of the Americans too! Just in time for our album release October 5th, you’ll be seeing Wolf ov Siberia at a bar near you!”

A “Wolf Ov Siberia” release party will take place at the KCBC Brewery and Taproom in Brooklyn, NY on October 15. The beverage will also be available at the band’s “Thou Art Darkest” art exhibits, which are set to take place in New York on November 3 and Los Angeles on November 25. You can find more details on those HERE.


Whitechapel To Launch “Possession” Beer

Whitechapel have joined forces with Elkmont Exchange to create their own IPA called “Possession.” The 4.07% ABV beer is an unfiltered session IPA that was brewed with jalapenos and citrus peels. It will officially launch during a release party at the Elkmont Exchange in Knoxville, TN on October 22.

The Black Dahlia Murder Team Up With Weyerbacher Brewing For “Warborn” Beer

The Black Dahlia Murder have teamed up with Weyerbacher Brewing to create a 5% ABV rye pale ale called “Warborn.” The beer will be available at the Los Angeles Decibel Metal & Beer Fest, which is set to take place on December 1-2 at The Wiltern.

Frontman Trevor Strnad commented:

“We’re extremely excited to pair with Weyerbacher in the creation of Warborn Rye Pale Ale for our appearance at Decibel Metal and Beer Fest Los Angeles. Named after the closing track of our third album, ‘Nocturnal’, Warborn is sure to be a bona fide hit amongst even the most discerning metalhead palette in attendance. The nostalgic Bolt Thrower-esque artwork was originally commissioned by the band in 2009 for a limited run of Warborn-themed long sleeve shirts that were sold exclusively on a European festival tour, and has triumphantly returned here almost ten years later to grace each can of this exquisite craft beer of the same name. The original painting was expertly handled by one John Sibbick, who constructed the iconic futuristic war scene that adorned the first edition of Warhammer 40k and subsequently Bolt Thrower’s ‘Realm of Chaos’ album.

Painstakingly aged to delicious perfection on white oak and seasoned in death metal glory, Warborn will emerge victorious!”

[via Decibel]

Deftones Release “Digital Bath” Beer

Deftones have teamed up with Belching Beaver Brewery again to create their fourth beer. This one, which is called “Digital Bath,” is a New England Style IPA with notes of citrus. The beverage is available at the brewer’s various locations.

Def Leppard Join Forces With Elysian Brewing Company For “Def Leppard Pale”

Def Leppard have joined forces with Elysian Brewing to create a new beer called “Def Leppard Pale.” According to, the beverage was “brewed to fuse the infamous malt bodies of British ales with the mysteria of Pacific Northwest hops.” It is being released for Def Leppard’s co-headlining tour with Journey, and starting on the second date of the tour (May 23) it will be available in 16oz cans and on draught at most concert venues and at select restaurants, bars and pubs near the venue. Joe Elliott told Billboard the following: “It tastes great — that’s the most important thing I can tell you. I would pass on doing an interview about this if I didn’t like it. That to me is the most important thing.” He also added the following when asked if the beer will continue to be produced after the tour;

“There’s no cut-off time on this. If it takes off and people like it, it can be around. Iron Maiden has a beer named Trooper and they’ve done really well with theirs. We have to see if we can match that. It’s been around five years or so by now, so there’s a long way to go to keep up with them and all these other people [with branded alcohol such as] Jimmy Buffett. We don’t know what kind of legs it’s going to have — come back to me in a couple years on that one, I’m not gazing into a crystal ball right now.”

Deftones Release “Good Morning Beautiful” Beer

Deftones have teamed up with Belching Beaver Brewery again to create their third beer. This one, which is called “Good Morning Beautiful,” is a brown ale with coconut, coffee, and maple syrup. The beverage is expected to ship throughout the U.S. over the next two weeks.

Dropkick Murphys Team Up With Magic Hat Brewing Company For Barroom Hero Pub Ale

Dropkick Murphys have joined forces with Magic Hat Brewing Company for their new Barroom Hero Pub Ale. The beverage is “an English pub ale with a roasted coffee aroma and a smooth caramel and chocolate malt finish” that was brewed to benefit the Claddagh Fund.