Deicide Premiere “Excommunicated” Lyric Video

Deicide have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Excommunicated.” This track is from the band’s new album “Overtures Of Blasphemy,” which will be released on September 14.

Track Listing:

01. “One With Satan”
02. “Crawled From The Shadows”
03. “Seal The Tomb Below”
04. “Compliments Of Christ”
05. “All That Is Evil”
06. “Excommunicated”
07. “Anointed In Blood”
08. “Crucified Soul Of Salvation”
09. “Defying The Sacred”
10. “Consumed By Hatred”
11. “Flesh, Power, Dominion”
12. “Destined To Blasphemy”


Deicide To Release New Album “Overtures Of Blasphemy” In September

Deicide have announced that their new album “Overtures Of Blasphemy” will be released on September 14 via Century Media. The effort was recorded at Audio Hammer with producer Jason Suecof.

Frontman Glen Benton commented:

“This album came together over time, meaning we didn’t want to rush it. A few people might remember an interview where Steve Asheim (original member, drummer/songwriter) said ‘the material is done, but it’s just not there yet.’ Well, that was the jumping off point of when this album truly started taking shape and the songs became what they are now…complete, compact and effective.

As the band pushed forward, so did the writing process and a few other processes which made the record and the band stronger. The result is Overtures Of Blasphemy, perhaps the group’s strongest release to date. Jason Suecof lended his considerable talents and attention to detail in making the tracking of the songs as great as they can be and the final mix as sonically brutal, yet as listenable as possible. An arduous process, but one well worth the time and effort.”

Artist Zbigniew M. Bielak created the cover art and had the following to say:

“If you experienced the death metal boom of the early 90s first hand, you know why Deicide‘s flaming logo was the ultimate threat in the sanity department. Working with Glen Benton was a great honor and a throwback to the time, when death metal aesthetics were at their vilest. Satan Spawn the Caco Deamon is alive and well.”

Deicide Nearly Done With New Album, Announce Spring Dates

Deicide’s new album is almost complete, and the band have announced some spring headlining dates. They said the following:

“the new record is almost completed, right now its down to scheduling, this run of shows were setting up is to introduce and work in our new guitarist Mark English, that and I need a break from this thing called Florida…”


Tour Dates:

05/19 Miami, FL – Churchill’s Pub
05/20 Panama City, FL – Dungeon Tavern
05/21 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
05/22 Baltimore, MD – Sparta Inn
05/23 Philadelphia, PA – Voltage Lounge
05/24 Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
05/25 Detroit, MI – Harpo’s
05/26 Dayton, OH – Oddbody’s

Deicide Have “About Eight Or Nine Songs” For New Album

In recent interview with Metal Wani, Steve Asheim said that Deicide have “about eight or nine songs” set for their new album. You can check out that chat below:

The following was transcribed by Blabbermouth:

On the progress of the songwriting sessions for DEICIDE’s follow-up to 2013’s “In The Minds Of Evil” album:

Steve: “We’ve got about eight or nine songs, and we’re gonna do another three or four; we’ll pull together when we get back from this tour. And if we can pull that music together, the ten or twelve songs, whatever it might be, and maybe get into the studio and start doing the drums and the music by the end of the year or something, we can have something out by next year. I doubt we’ll have anything out by this year.”

On the musical direction of the new DEICIDE material:

Steve: “It seems like we’re gonna be taking the same approach. I mean, we’re not gonna fix what isn’t broken, as far as what we do. You know, we’ve been writing heavy riffs. We’re just gonna make ’em heavier as work [on] them together. It was weird. When we did the last record, I was, like, ‘Eh, I’m really not that psyched about these songs,’ and the album turned out being great. And the way the new material is, it’s funny, I’m kind of, like, ‘Eh, it could be better.’ So we’re just gonna be hashing some more stuff out and really make it intense, because we know we did a pretty good one and we’re gonna have to beat it. But we’re gonna work on it hard, make sure it’s good.”

On what inspires DEICIDE to keep making new music:

Steve: “Well, you know, just wanting to be heavy. We have a nice, steady band lineup that is focused, and we feel that we can really do some good work now that everyone’s kind of on the same page. So as long as we focus our riffs and focus our energies on making the songs good and doing good tours, it’s gonna give us another few years, another few records, and a good number of years left ahead of us to keep doing this. It still feels good, it’s fun, and we’ll keep at it as long as we can keep going.”

Deicide Announce “In The Name Of Satan” Tour With Season Of Suffering

Deicide have announced a headlining trek called the “In The Name Of Satan” tour. The band will also be joined by special guests Season Of Suffering.


Tour Dates:

04/29 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room
04/30 Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge
05/01 Sioux Falls, SD – Biggs
05/02 Omaha, NE – Lookout Lounge
05/03 Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
05/04 Billings, MT – Pub Station
05/06 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Bar
05/07 Jerome, ID – Diamondz
05/08 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
05/09 Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom
05/10 Oakland, CA – Metro Opera House
05/11 West Hollywood, CA – Whisky
05/12 Phoenix, AZ – Joe’s Grotto
05/13 Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
05/14 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street