Mutoid Man To Enter The Studio This Month To Record Their New Album

Mutoid Man will be hitting the studio this month to record their new album. The sessions will take place at Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou’s God City Studio in Salem, MA.

Watch Mutoid Man Perform New Song Live During First Show With Jeff Matz

Last night (August 20), Mutoid Man played their first show with new bassist Jeff Matz (High On Fire) at the Psycho Las Vegas festival in Las Vegas, NV. You can see footage of the band performing a new song during the set below, courtesy of Metal Injection.

Mutoid Man Officially Welcome High On Fire’s Jeff Matz To The Band As Their New Bassist

Mutoid Man have officially welcomed High On Fire’s Jeff Matz to the band as their new bassist. He will be replacing Nick Cageao, who exited the group earlier this year.

Vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky said the following:

“Countless times we’ve asked ourselves ‘What would High On Fire do?’ while writing music over the years — now we can go straight to the source! Getting to know Jeff has been a real treat, and his devotion to music is nothing short of astounding. We’re pumped for the next chapter of Mutoid Man now having Jeff on board with his unparalleled 4-stringed Thunderclapping fury!”

Drummer Ben Koller added:

“Jeff was at the top of our list for new bass mutants, and after playing with him the first day it became obvious that he was the only choice. He is so dedicated to his craft and we are thrilled to be creating new mutations with him.”

Matz also commented:

“I’m thrilled and honored that the Mutoid dudes have entrusted me to handle bass duties. From the first time we jammed together it felt great, and it just continues to get better. Steve and Ben are two of the most ripping and creative musicians I’ve had the pleasure of playing with, and all-around awesome human beings to boot. Major props are due to Nick as well, he set the bar high with his great musicianship and writing. I’m looking forward to hitting the stage with these fine mutants, and can’t wait to unleash the new music we’ve been working on.”

High On Fire’s Jeff Matz Rumored To Be Mutoid Man’s New Bassist

It looks like High On Fire bassist Jeff Matz might have joined Mutoid Man as a replacement for Nick Cageao, who recently exited the group. There has been no official announcement, but some photos on social media, including a picture that appears to show Matz in the studio with the band, seemingly broke the news:

[via The PRP]

Bassist Nick Cageao Exits Mutoid Man

Nick Cageao has announced his departure from Mutoid Man. The band are currently finishing up the writing process for their next release with a new bassist.

Cageao said the following:

“Hey! I’m no longer in Mutoid Man. Nothing but love for the camp and family I’ve made there. I needed [some] big changes in my life to get healthy and focused and this is how it manifested itself. I’ll probably still put out music that now none of you will care about.”

The group’s label Sargent House also issued a statement:

“7 years ago on this day we announced signing @mutoidman 🖤 3 Albums later and I am delighted to say we are keeping them 🤟🏼This weekend @benjaminkoller and @stephenbrodsky will arrive to @thefarmfamily compound along with their secret new bass player to finish writing their next opus. We will of course miss Nick but just wait until you hear who is stepping in ….stay tuned, ROCK LIVES.”

Mutoid Man’s Nick Cageao Injured In Fall, Holds Successful Raffle To Cover Medical Bills

Mutoid Man’s Nick Cageo recently sustained a number of injuries after taking a fall. This includes a fractured collarbone, a partially separated shoulder, and several bruised ribs. The bassist has since hosted a raffle to help pay for medical bills and it was a success with 200 $30 tickets having been sold.

[via The PRP]

Mutoid Man Premiere “Micro Aggression” Video

Mutoid Man have premiered a new video for their song “Micro Aggression.” The following was said about the clip:

“New video of Mutoid Man playing “Micro Aggression“ live from God City shot back in 2017 while they were recording “War Moans”. To celebrate Sargent House put it on sale, 20% off the Vinyl or CD’s all this week in both Mutoid Man stores Hello Merch and EVIL GREED (EU/UK) both stores ship worldwide. The record is also an option in the Sargent House Vinyl and CD bundles at Hello Merch. Also available at Evil Greed some classic designs from their tour of 2015. Mutoid Man will be recording this year.”

Mutoid Man Release Two Demo Tracks

Mutoid Man have released demo versions of “Headrush” and “Micro Aggression” via Bandcamp. The band’s label Sargent House said the following about the tracks:

“Today is Bandcamp Friday and Mutoid Man are releasing two demos recorded at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn in March 2016. These two songs would later be recorded for the album ‘War Moans’. All proceeds from the sales of these tracks on Feb 5th will go to the band. There’s also a new longsleeve now available in their stores US Hello Merch and EU/UK EVIL GREED.”

Ben Koller Offers Updates On New Material From Converge And Mutoid Man

During a recent appearance on the “BREWtally Speaking Podcast“, Ben Koller offered updates on new material from Converge and Mutoid Man. He said the following:

“Yea Converge, we have a ton of stuff ready to go. We just need to get in the studio and sort of hash it out. I think right now I’m at the point where I’m just ready to move on and start doing stuff, because I’m going crazy here not being able to tour and stuff. So I’m ready to fly back to Massachusetts—safely obviously—and get some stuff done. So Converge has stuff, Mutoid Man basically has a whole record ready to go. We just had to get the studio, find the time, but you know it’s a weird time and a lot of weird life stuff going on and yes, it’s, it’s just very strange. I mean I’m definitely stoked to record stuff but yeah it’s just a really weird time right now, but yeah expect new material it’s coming. Maybe slowly, but it’s coming.”

[via The PRP]

Mutoid Man Release “Bandages” Demo

Mutoid Man have released a demo version of “Bandages” via Bandcamp. The track will only be available for one day only (August 7). The band commented:

“’Bandages’ demo recorded at Saint Vitus Bar in 2017 now streaming via Bandcamp for 1 day only! Mixed by Chris Johnson from Deafheaven. Artwork by John Santos. Released by Sargent House / Sargent House Europe. Thanks for listening ❤️”