Sadus Sign With Nuclear Blast Records, Premiere New Song “It’s The Sickness”

Sadus have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s new album will be released through the label next year. A lyric video for the effort’s first single, “It’s The Sickness,” can be found below:

Nuclear Blast’s Monte Conner said the following about signing Sadus:

“I am thrilled to be reunited with Darren Travis and the mighty Sadus. Signing a band I have worked with in the past is never a given. Quite the opposite, in fact. I need to be blown away, and let me tell you, this new Sadus material is some of the best work I have ever heard from the band. It is the Sadus you know and love, with the same elements that made them unique in the past, but now with even stronger, more focused songs, and with crushingly heavy modern production!”

Darren Travis also added the following about the song:

“As Joe Perry from Aerosmith says… ‘Let the music do the talking!!!'”

Green Lung Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

Green Lung have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s new album is expected to be released through the label next year.

Vocalist Tom Templar commented:

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with the team at Nuclear Blast to usher in the next era of Green Lung. Over the past five years we’ve gone from playing DIY basement shows and selling our music on home-taped cassettes to playing international festivals and working with the world’s biggest metal label, and that’s entirely down to the support and enthusiasm of our endearingly cult-like fanbase.

We can’t thank you all enough for your faith and support in getting us to this point, and rest assured we’re only just getting started. We’ve spent the past few months hoping to repay the debt by writing our most ambitious album yet, and look forward to getting back into the studio to record it. But before then, we’ll be embarking on our biggest tour to date, supporting Clutch across the UK and Europe this November and December. Come, join our rites!”

Tour Dates:

With Clutch and Tigercub:

11/11 Glasgow, UK – O2 Academy
11/12 Newcastle, UK – O2 City Hall
11/13 Leeds, UK – O2 Academy
11/15 Exeter, UK – Great Hall
11/16 Brighton, UK – Brighton Dome
11/18 Hannover, GER – Capitol
11/20 Hamburg, GER – Markthalle
11/22 Berlin, GER – Huxley’s Neue Welt
11/23 Munich, GER – Neue Theaterfabrik
11/24 Wien, AUT – Arena
11/25 Zagreb, CRO – Culture Factory
11/26 Milan, ITA – Fabrique
12/02 Toulouse, FRA – Le Bikini
12/03 Lyon, FRA – Le Transbordeur
12/05 Zurich, SWI – X-TRA
12/06 Stuttgart, GER – LKA Longhorn
12/07 Frankfurt, GER – Batschkapp
12/09 Cologne, GER – Live Music Hall
12/10 Paris, FRA – Bataclan
12/13 Bristol, UK – O2 Academy
12/14 Birmingham, UK – O2 Academy
12/15 Manchester, UK – O2 Academy
12/16 Nottingham, UK – Rock City
12/17 London, UK – The Roundhouse

Trivium’s Matt Heafy Releases “Metality (The Vitality Anthem)” For Team Vitality

Kiichi Chaos, aka Trivium’s Matt Heafy, has released a new song titled “Metality (The Vitality Anthem).” The track was recorded for the esports organization Team Vitality.

Heafy commented:

“Metal and gaming are two constants in my life that I hold near and dear. I’ve always found that gaming and metal go so well together… it’s as if they BELONG together.

Vitality is an org I have been a longtime fan of — I love their players and I feel they are some of the best on the planet. I love that they have their Metality brand built inside the org as well! When I was approached to create the theme song for their CS:GO team, I knew instantly what it needed to sound like.

It was such a blast to create the piece in which I heard in my head when I think of Vitality and Metality. Thank you so much to Vitality for allowing me to do this — the partnership between Vitality x Nuclear Blast x Kiichi Chaos is going to show the world how far ahead of the game Vitality is. I look forward to what the future holds for Vitality!”

Nuclear Blast Head of Marketing Tiffany Cantegrel added:

“I am thrilled about this collaboration with both Matt Heafy and Vitality. Creating more synergies between metal and gaming has been on Nuclear Blast’s radar for a while, and we are proud to make a striking entrance into the esport space with those two heavyweights. It’s a project built from scratch in just one month thanks to the passion of all partners involved. Expect other exciting initiatives to follow!

As a metal fan, I am amazed this killer track will be the Vitality CS:GO anthem, and proud to release it on Nuclear Blast. Special kudos to Matt; his combination of talent, enthusiasm and kindness is unparalleled.”

Judas Priest, Pantera, And Rainbow Members Join Forces For New Project Elegant Weapons

Guitarist Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest), bassist Rex Brown (Pantera), drummer Scott Travis (Judas Priest) and singer Ronnie Romero (Rainbow) have announced a new project called Elegant Weapons. The band have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records and are planning to release their debut album, “Horns For A Halo,” in spring 2023.

Faulkner said the following:

“It’s exciting to be part of a label like Nuclear Blast that has such a rich history and level of respect among fans and the music industry. Monte Conner [Nuclear Blast VP A&R] knows [producer] Andy Sneap well, and Andy has always held Monte and label in very high regard. Monte has loved the record from the very early demo stages. It’s very valuable and important to me that the label I sign with understand and connect with the music. This record represents for me more of my DNA as a guitar player and a songwriter. Heavy, but moving slightly outside the realms of ‘heavy metal.’ Those roots are obvious, but I wanted to reach in a bit and see what else came out that wasn’t necessarily ‘expected.’

I’ve always wanted to make a record with Scott outside of Priest. Add to that Rex Brown’s unmistakable tone and attitude is something special. Having those guys as the rhythm section is a guitar players dream. The icing on the cake was Ronnie Romero. One of the new breed of instantly classic vocalists, Ronnie brought a character and a swagger to the songs that is instantly iconic, making these songs his own.”

He went on to say that the new material is “a mix of Jimi Hendrix, Priest, Sabbath, solo Ozzy and Black Label Society”:

“[It’s] heavy, catchy, and with melody. Sort of old school and modern at once if that makes any sense, and actually down-tuned a whole step. The Marshall Plexi basically does one thing, but you’ve got to crank it to 11 for it to have that distorted sound. It hasn’t got a lot of bells and whistles on it or different channels and effects. It basically does one thing and does it very well. But again down-tuning creates more of a modern sound, and by using the classic sound of the Marshall Plexi, you get that juxtaposition, that contrast. All told, there are a lot of guitar solos and the songs are on the heavier side. And even though there’s a lot of melody, it’s still going to shake your bones.”

He also added:

“Me and acoustic don’t really get along, so there’s only one mellow song on it, a sort of smoky, haunted, New Orleans kind of tune called ‘Ghost of You,’ with de-tuned 1920s piano on it. That one is about a memory, or ghost of a lost love. But that’s about as acoustic as it gets. I’m not really attracted to acoustic guitar in general. It’s mainly kind of heavy and full-on, really. There’s a song called ‘White Horse,’ plus ‘Horns for a Halo’, which is like Tony Iommi crossed with Alice in Chains. That’s about the way we justify the bad things we do. When we turn up on Judgement Day, will the angels kind of confuse our horns for halos, if you know what I mean.”

Monte Conner commented as well:

“I am such a huge fan of all the players involved, especially Richie. As a diehard Priest fan, I have enjoyed watching help breathe new life into the band and add to their incredible story and legacy. What an amazing player he is. People always focus on leads, and of course Richie is a master in that department, but I can listen to him play rhythm guitar all day long! His rhythm playing is just so tasteful and magical. I can’t wait for fans to hear this album and discover how multi-faceted he is.”

Aborted Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

Aborted have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. With this news, the band have also revealed that they will be releasing a new song, titled “Infinite Terror,” on October 19.

Vocalist Sven de Caluwé commented:

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce our signing to Nuclear Blast — one of the premier labels for extreme music with tons of label mates we love. We are very excited to see where this mad caravan leads to next! After a very long and solid partnership with Century Media, it was time for us to try something new.

To celebrate our signing with Nuclear Blast and the upcoming monster of a tour with our friends Lorna Shore, Ingested and more, we decided to unleash a new single. ‘Infinite Terror‘ will obliterate all your senses on October 19. The song is inspired by ‘Event Horizon’ and marks the debut of new guitarist Dan Konradsson (Ophidian I, Une Misère). Expect something dark, imposing, and HEAVY as fuck!”

TEETH Sign With Nuclear Blast Records, Announce “575” EP

TEETH have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s new EP, “575,” will be released through the label on October 28. Pre-orders, including clear cassettes, can be found HERE.

The group commented:

“TEETH has always been – and always will be – a passion project for us. A visceral creative outlet not to be marred by outside influence or external pressure to achieve anything but creating music that we enjoy. We promised ourselves that if the opportunity to work with a label ever arose, they’d have to share our artistic vision, and ultimately want to help TEETH connect with everyone who’d listen.

When we began talking to Nuclear Blast at the beginning of the pandemic, it became immediately apparent they checked those boxes. Growing up listening to bands like Hatebreed, Ministry, and Slayer and eventually discovering artists like Nails, it felt like Nuclear Blast understood everything TEETH stands for, and aspires to be.

So, with that said, we’re excited to finally announce that we are now part of the Nuclear Blast family. We’re just getting started.”

Vocalist Blake Prince added:

“We are extremely thrilled to finally announce that we’ve signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. This has been something we’ve had to keep close to our chest throughout the pandemic and we’re eager to get to work. To be a part of this legendary roster is an honor and a perfect home for TEETH.

Ideally, your label is a partner. Human beings with a strong passion for growing artistic culture and individuality, who believe in you and are working hard to help facilitate our vision. We feel confident that the cooperation with Nuclear Blast will help bring this band to the next level.”

Exmortus Sign With Nuclear Blast, Premiere New Song “Oathbreaker”

Exmortus have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. With this news, the band have also released a new song titled “Oathbreaker.“ Guitarist Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez said the following about that:

“‘Oathbreaker‘ is the perfect teaser for the new album. Not only is it fast, heavy and filled with shred, but it’s inspired by Tolkien’s haunting lore of the Dead Men of Dunharrow in the Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King. While our previous work focused more on the heroic aspect of fantasy and sword & sorcery, this album expresses the darker side with tragic heroes and horrors of humanity. Enjoy the new track cause we feel it belongs in our setlists for years to come!”

Dismember Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

Dismember have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band will be reissuing their catalog through the label, starting with a remastered version of “Like An Everflowing Stream,” which is available digitally. Physical copies will arrive at a

Drummer Fred Estby commented:

“After reuniting the original lineup and performing sold-out shows in 2019, the axe-chopping business needed a solid partner to get the festering complete back catalogue back on the streets. The unholy alliance of 1990 is reconfirmed; DISMEMBER and Nuclear Blast Records are once again a perfect kill team!”

Jens Prüter, head of A&R at Nuclear Blast Europe, added:

“It’s a pleasure to bring back one of the Nuclear Blast bands of the early days. The 1991 debut album ‘Like An Ever Flowing Stream’ quickly became a death metal classic and they haven’t released a weak album until they officially split up 20 years later in 2011. I still remember one of their last shows, in 2008 at the Party.San Metal Open Air, where they played with their buddies Grave and Unleashed — only Entombed was missing to complete the ‘Big Four’ of Stockholm death metal. And it was a pleasure to see them again on their first reunion show in 2019 at the Scandinavian Death Fest in their hometown. Only a few seconds in it was clear that they were back in full force. Welcome back!”

Svalbard Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

Svalbard have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. Vocalist/guitarist Serena Cherry commented:

“I have many fond memories of visiting my local record shop and buying anything that had the Nuclear Blast logo stamped on it. You always knew you were in for a tasty metal treat with a Nuclear Blast band! Most days I have to pinch myself that we have now joined Nuclear Blast, it is a real dream come true for me to work with this amazing label.”

Guitarist/vocalist Liam Phelan added:

“I’m absolutely thrilled that we have been welcomed into the Nuclear Blast family with open arms and cannot wait to work with this iconic label.”

96 Bitter Beings (Ex-CKY) Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

96 Bitter Beings, the band featuring Deron Miller (ex-CKY), have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s new album, “Synergy Restored,” will be released through the label later this year.

Miller commented:

“Nuclear Blast has always been the most personable label I’ve ever worked with. They stuck around and persevered through all of the hard times that hit heavy rock and metal over the years. They’re still here because they always put their love of what they do ahead of scrounging around frantically to make a quick buck. I have 27 years behind me working with various labels, major and independent, and they’re all gone. The people are gone. Nuclear has been the only constant. Passion, perseverance and refusing defeat are the keys to longevity in anything you do, so that makes us the perfect match. The band and I are thrilled to be working with rock and metal heads I’ve known and respected for decades… Still just as hungry, ambitious and excited to see what the future holds as we are.”

In other news, the group have also announced a summer U.S. tour:

07/19 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
07/20 Reno, NV – Virginia Street Brewhouse
07/21 Portland, OR – Dante’s
07/22 Seattle, WA – Funhouse
07/23 Boise, ID – The Shredder

With Howling Giant:

07/25 Salt Lake City, UT – Loading Dock
07/26 Denver, CO – Herman’s Hideaway
07/27 Omaha, NE – Reverb Lounge
07/28 Sioux Falls, SD – Big’s Live
07/29 Des Moines, IA – Lefty’s
07/30 Sioux City, IA – Four Winds Festival
07/31 Iowa City, IA – Wildwood
08/02 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place
08/03 Manchester, NH – Jewel
08/04 Providence, RI – Alchemy
08/05 Hallam, PA – Tourist Inn
08/06 Akron, OH – The Empire
08/07 Chicago, IL – WC Social Club
08/08 Detroit, MI – Sanctuary
08/10 Kansas City, MO – Vivo
08/11 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street
08/12 Fort Worth, TX – Rail Club Live
08/13 New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks
08/14 Corpus Christi, TX – Boozers
08/15 Austin, TX – Come and Take It Live
08/17 Las Vegas, NV – Soulbelly
08/19 Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock
08/20 Santa Ana, CA – La Santa
08/21 West Hollywood, CA – Whisky A Go Go