Bleed From Within Sign With Nuclear Blast, Premiere “I Am Damnation” Music Video

Bleed From Within have signed a new worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records. With this news, the band have also premiered a new video for their new song “I Am Damnation.”

Drummer Ali Richardson commented:

“I’m happy to finally announce that Bleed From Within has signed to Nuclear Blast Records. Their enthusiasm was obvious from our first conversation back in 2020 but as negotiations continued, the team proved that they possess the passion, drive, and knowledge to take this band to the next level.

It’s also an honor to join such a prolific roster – something that we do not take lightly. ‘I Am Damnation‘ is the first step in a new chapter for us; a sonic development and a true taste of the music that has still to come as part of this new deal. I’m very excited for our future together and can not wait to share what we’ve been working on.”

Nuclear Blast Founder Launches New Label Atomic Fire

Nuclear Blast founder Markus Staiger has launched a new label called Atomic Fire Records. The label’s current roster includes Helloween, Opeth, Meshuggah, Amorphis, and more.

The following was said about the label on Facebook:

“New metal label launched: ATOMIC FIRE takes off as a new independent company!

Heavy metal is a way of life that is shaped by dedication and passion. Founded in 1987 by Markus Staiger, it was exactly that passion paired with a flair for talented artists that cemented NUCLEAR BLAST at the top of independent metal labels for over three decades.

A new chapter starts now: Under the new name ATOMIC FIRE, the following bands will be released by Markus Staiger and serviced by a team of metal experts who share their love for heavy metal – effective immediately: HELLOWEEN (most recently ranked # 1 in the German charts), OPETH, MESHUGGAH, AMORPHIS, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, PRIMAL FEAR, SONATA ARCTICA, AGNOSTIC FRONT, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR, as well as respective projects SILVER LAKE by ESA HOLOPAINEN and WHITE STONES.

In addition to the already announced studio albums by SONATA ARCTICA (“Acoustic Adventures – Volume One”, released January 21) and AMORPHIS (“Halo”, released February 11), the first half of 2022 will also see the releases of new works by MESHUGGAH, the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP and RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR. Markus Staiger is owner and CEO of ATOMIC FIRE GmbH.

Simultaneously, the two former Nuclear Blast employees Florian Milz and Markus Wosgien founded the label ATOMIC FIRE RECORDS GmbH, where they will share CEO / label management duties. Not only will they be developing new artists, but also enlisting a variety of established acts.

Collaborating under the mutual banner ATOMIC FIRE, the goal of all parties is to strengthen the physical product, as well as drive the digital sector forward with innovative ideas and attention to detail. ATOMIC FIRE partners with major sales experts WARNER MUSIC (GAS) and ADA (rest of the world), with the exception of Japan, where the company is licensed to WARD RECORDS.

Additionally, the label will operate its own mail order shops in Germany/Europe, UK, Australia and North America with immediate effect. Furthermore, ATOMIC FIRE will look after the roster of the label REAPER ENTERTAINMENT, led by Florian Milz and Gregor Rothermel, featuring acts such as TANKARD, MEMORIAM, METAL CHURCH.

The ATOMIC FIRE headquarters are located in the South German town of Donzdorf, where a new record shop, and thus, a meeting point for metal fans will also be launched in the spring of 2022.

International offices and representatives are located in England (director: Dan Tobin), the USA (director: Liz Ciavarella-Brenner), Australia (tba), Sweden (director: Darren Edwards), France (director: Olivier Garnier), Italy (director: Barbara Francone) and Spain (director: Sergi Ramos).

The new company’s staff contains the following positions: Ute Linhart (sales & merchandise), Patrick Walch and Sarah Wohlfahrt (digital), Philipp Adelsberger (press promotion & publicity), Gregor Rothermel (graphic design & product management), Timo Beisel (publishing), Thomas “Zwini” Zwirner (mailorder & wholesale), Markus Wielandt (IT & new media), Siggi Popp (accounting) and Heiko Heike/Zimmermann & Decker (legal affairs). Mat Sinner (senior consultant), Achim Köhler (A&R) and Iris Bernotat (product management & promotion) are providing consulting support.

ATOMIC FIRE RECORDS announces its first signings today: The young Icelandic power metal force POWER PALADIN, whose anthemic debut album “With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel” has already taken the media by storm. In addition, the Scandinavian all-star formation AT THE MOVIES was brought on board. Their line-up features musicians from established acts such as PRETTY MAIDS, HAMMERFALL, KING DIAMOND, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA and THERION, whose collaboration has immortalized well-known film hits of the 80s and 90s in a unique hard rock outfit on the two albums “The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 1″ (80s) and” The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 2″ (90s). All three aforementioned works will be released on January 7th, 2022, marking the first releases of the new label.”

The Halo Effect (Ex-In Flames) Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

The Halo Effect, the new band featuring former In Flames members Mikael Stanne, Jesper Strömblad, Niclas Engelin, Peter Iwers, and Daniel Svensson, have officially signed with Nuclear Blast Records. The group’s first single “Shadowminds” will be released on November 9.

The band commented:

“Having grown up alongside Nuclear Blast in the early days of extreme metal, it just makes perfect sense for The Halo Effect to partner with this prestigous label. Our music holds true to our roots and what made us who we are today while trusting our shared experiences to move forward. Joining our old and new friends at Nuclear Blast Records is an honour and a privilege and we look forward to to releasing this labour of love for metal together!”

Nuclear Blast Europe‘s head of A&R Jens Prueter added:

“In 2009 I was going to Gothenburg to produce the ‘Where Death Is Most Alive‘ documentary for a Dark Tranquillity DVD. Getting deeper into the Gothenburg scene, going through hours of archive footage and listening to all the interviews, I though it was a jungle of incest.

In the early 90s a bunch of guys moved between In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Ceremonial Oath, Hammerfall and many more. We shouldn’t forget that most of the protagonists were still teenagers when they released their first ‘Desecrator‘ or ‘Septic Broiler‘ demo tapes. What looked like incest was just a group of friends who shared a deep passion for metal.

You could call it an all-star band but it’s basically just an all-family band. Listening to The Halo Effect is like going to a New Year’s dinner enjoying the best food and drinks of the year. And it’s a pleasure to be invited and share the joy with the rest of the world. Cheers!”

As previously reported, The Halo Effect will be opening for Amon Amarth and Machine Head on their co-headlining European/UK tour next year.

Municipal Waste Re-Sign With Nuclear Blast

Municipal Waste have officially re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s new album will be released through the label in 2022.

The group commented:

Vocalist Tony Foresta:

“When we were asked about re-signing to Nuclear Blast only 2 words came to mind…no brainer! Having such a long history with an amazing label that’s been nothing but supportive made it an easy decision on our part. Looking forward to many records and even more years with The Blast!!! And an extra special thanks to everyone in the warehouse and offices all over for agreeing to stick it out with us for the years to come. Cheers NB and the Waste!”

Guitarist Ryan Waste:

“We couldn’t think of a more suitable place for the Waste than our radioactive family at Nuclear Blast. They’ve always given us complete creative freedom and challenged us to push it to the limit with our deranged ideas. As the music business changes with the times, we trust that our vision remains unfazed by trends and our label backs us up with full force.”

Bassist Land Phil:

“I think I can say that working with Nuclear Blast has been a pleasure from start to finish. Moving forward with them has been a no brainer, it is also a privilege to be on the same label as many MANY other fantastic bands! Looking forward to bringing more music to the world with Nuclear Blast!”

Drummer Dave Witte:

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ya know? I’m so happy we extended our relationship with Nuclear Blast. They understand what we’re all about and it was a no brainer to re-sign. Their dedication to metal combined with the history the label makes NB the perfect home for us.”

Cabal Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

Cabal have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band said the following about that:

“We are beyond ecstatic and proud that Cabal is now a part of the Nuclear Blast family. A lot of the bands that we grew up listening to and idolising were signed to Nuclear Blast, so joining the roster ourselves feels quite surreal, in the best way possible way, for a bunch of fanboys like ourselves. Having the opportunity to work with such an incredible team is truly a dream come true for us. This is a new and exciting chapter for Cabal. We can’t wait to release our best material yet with Nuclear Blast Records, and we’re ready to take our musical careers to the next level.”

Watain Sign With Nuclear Blast Records, Enter The Studio For New Album

Watain have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band have also confirmed that they are working on a new album at Necromorbus Studios near Uppsala, Sweden. The group said the following:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great reverence and infernal hunger alike that we now stand before the next chapter of Watain. Armed with the faith, force and fire accumulated during the ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse‘ era we are now entering terra incognita, to again face our inner selves and the ever expanding abyss that roars within. A few months of hard noble work lay ahead, and we could not be more ready for it. We are most eagerly looking forward to sharing the result with you all in the wild times to come. Until then: stay hungry, stay deviant, stay free and fuck the world!”

Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Etc. Donate Items For “#ILoveMetal” Charity Raffle

A new “#ILoveMetal” charity raffle has been launched in an effort to raise money for Stagehand, a charity that benefits stage and road crew workers. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motörhead, My Dying Bride, Nuclear Blast Records, and more have donated bundles for the raffle. Each prize has a different drawing and you can enter by donating HERE.

The following was said about the initiative:

“UK Metal Merger is raising money for stage crew charity Stagehand’s #ILoveLive campaign, which is providing financial help for all UK stage crew who are in the greatest need. Stage crew seem to be the forgotten ones in the current pandemic. They’re the unsung heroes of the live entertainment world. Without them shows just couldn’t happen.

The impact of Covid-19 has been devastating for the whole music industry but particularly for the stage techs, sound engineers, guitar techs, keyboard techs, drum techs, stage managers, production managers, tour managers and other live support personnel who make shows possible.

With no shows since March 2020, crew’s income has been slashed with many finding that they are ineligible for any kind of government financial aid. Many are in desperate need and most are sitting with mental health issues.”

Rings Of Saturn Dropped By Nuclear Blast Following “Threats” And “Baseless Demands”

Nuclear Blast Records have parted ways with Rings Of Saturn. The label issued the following statement:

“Nuclear Blast has a long-standing history of supporting its artists, treating them with the utmost respect and integrity. This included Lucas Mann and Rings Of Saturn. Nuclear Blast is proud to provide this support and strives to make all its artists feel comfortable that they have a transparent, honest relationship with their label. Sadly, Lucas Mann on behalf of Rings Of Saturn has brazenly threatened to issue public statements “condemning Nuclear Blast in the strongest terms possible” if the label does not give in to his baseless demands. While Nuclear Blast is truly shocked and saddened by Lucas Mann’s actions, Nuclear Blast also does not tolerate threats. Accordingly, Rings Of Saturn have been dropped from the label.”

Massacre Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

Massacre have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s new album will be released through the label later this year.

Vocalist Kam Lee said the following:

“I would first like to give my appreciation to Nuclear Blast for signing Massacre. It’s a long time dream of mine to be a part of the metal family under the NB flag and I am even more so grateful that it’s with my signature band. We have a lot of plans for the future of Massacre, and what a great place to be making such a proper return other than one of the best independent metal labels in the world.”

Bassist Michael Borders added:

“It’s a privilege at this point in our careers to be associated with the big name in metal labels, we did our best to make this a proper Massacre release, an authentic sounding representation of a band we started over thirty years ago.”

Nuclear Blast’s U.S.A. general manager Gerardo Martinez also commented:

“For many of us at Nuclear Blast, Massacre is one of our favorite bands, and instrumental in the formative years of death metal and with their debut album alone. It paved the way to many artists to follow. It’s an honor to be working a brand new record with Kam Lee on vocals after nearly 30 years!”

Behemoth Planning To Release New Album This Fall

Behemoth have expanded their contract with Nuclear Blast to a worldwide deal. The band’s new album is expected to be released through the label this fall.

Frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski commented:

“Nuclear Blast has been a household name in metal for decades, and Behemoth has been part of that long and illustrious history. But now is about the future, and we look forward to beginning Behemoth‘s next chapter with a refocused and revitalized team at Nuclear Blast!”

Jens Prüter, Nuclear Blast Europe’s head of A&R, added:

“It’s a great pleasure to extend our partnership for the worldwide release of Behemoth’s upcoming studio albums. Their 30-year journey has not yet reached its pinnacle, and we are more than proud to assist them on their way to being not only the biggest extreme metal band, but also one of the most exciting rock acts of the next decade. There are just a few bands who have the vision and will to dominate the music scene. Special thanks also to their management powerhouse 5B — namely, Adam Foster and Justin Arcangel — for making this happen on all levels.”