Eighteen Visions Release New Covers Album “1996”

Eighteen Visions have released a new album titled “1996.” The effort features the new title track and nine cover songs.

“1996” Track Listing:

Side A (Hardcore):

01. “1996”
02. “D.T.O.” (Vision Of Disorder cover)
03. “The Hangedman” (Damnation A.D. cover)
04. “Born From Pain” (Earth Crisis cover)
05. “Blanket” (Unbroken cover)

Side B (Hard Rock):

01. “Them Bones” (Alice In Chains cover)
02. “Scentless Apprentice” (Nirvana cover)
03. “Sad But True” (Metallica cover)
04. “Terrible Lie” (Nine Inch Nails cover)
05. “Down” (Stone Temple Pilots cover)

James Hart commented:

“Today we dropped our covers album titled ‘1996‘ A collection of 90s hardcore and hard rock songs from bands that helped shape Eighteen Visions and our style. I had such an amazing time tracking my vocals and putting our own little spin on these jams. These bands will always be so important to me. Hope you love them as much is I do.”

A Killer’s Confession Premiere “Rebirth” Music Video

A Killer’s Confession, the band featuring Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead), have premiered a new video for their song “Rebirth,” via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s debut album “Unbroken,“ which is available now.

Reavis commented:

“The meaning behind “Rebirth” is understanding that harboring hate towards oneself or others always turns around and bites you in the ass. This song is about reflecting on that and letting it go.

With the video we wanted to portray myself being resentful and somewhat mean to the band because I was projecting my own inner anger towards myself onto them. During the climax of the video where I am singing to myself in the mirror – I am reminding myself of what that anger was going to get me… Which is nothing good.

The video was shot in three different places: We had a Cleveland crew consisting of Joseph Shaw and Andrew Sgambati – they both did a very good job with the mirror seen. Then we shot with Mr. Evil Robb in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire and Providence Rhode Island. Mr. Evil Robb shot all the outside footage and live performances. Everyone directed in their own way, but really we did not have a “set” director. I had a vision for the song and given the time and budget that I had to make it, I’m thankful that everyone was able to work together and make it happen.

When it came to editing I sent the song to my home state of North Carolina to let one of my old friends, Peredy (that’s the only name he’ll go by) piece it together. So I’m thrilled to have this go through so many hands and still turn out to be the vision I originally wanted.”

A Killer’s Confession (Ex-Mushroomhead) Premiere “A Killer’s Confession” Lyric Video

A Killer’s Confession, the new band featuring Waylon Reavis (Ex-Mushroomhead), have premiered a lyric video for their track “A Killer’s Confession.” The song features Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, and it will appear on the band’s debut album, “Unbroken,“ which is set to be released on February 17.

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch To Guest On A New A Killer’s Confession Song

A Killer’s Confession, the new band featuring Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead), have revealed that Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch will appear on their new song “A Killer’s Confession,” which will be available on Halloween (October 31). The band’s debut album, “Unbroken,“ will be released on February 17. In other news, the band’s first show will take place on December 17 at the Agora Theatre and Ballroom in Cleveland, OH with Dead By Wednesday.

Waylon Reavis (Ex-Mushroomhead) Launches New Band A Killer’s Confession

Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead) has launched a new band called A Killer’s Confession. The band will release their debut album, “Unbroken,“ early next year via David Ellefson‘s EMP Label Group. Check out an unmixed teaser below:

Reavis said the following:

“I am so proud of this project, and being able to come back with an absolutely KILLER record, with KILLER musicians. Anyone who has been a fan of anything I have done previously, is absolutely going to be floored by AKC. Seriously, if you have a dick, this record is going to knock it in the dirt.”