The Color Morale Go On Hiatus

The Color Morale’s Garret Rapp has revealed that the band have gone on hiatus. You can read his full statement below.


““this is where the devil goes to take a shit.”

I’ll never forget the day that I got to quit my job to be in a full time touring rock band. I set sail to the open asphalt with my best friends southbound to Florida, only to be completely broken down and stranded in Gulfport Mississippi just days after leaving home for the first time.

We met a local there that quoted the above to us as we were broken down and stranded at a local Gulfport gas station. Mississippi was hot that time of year, a perfect correlation between hell and the devil, and apparently the unforgiving world of touring in a rock band. Fast forward to nearly a decade later and here I am writing this eventuality.

The Color Morale was birthed as more than a band name, more than it’s members, and more than just the music. It was a mission statement and an idea of something greater. Even the name was a reflection of an alternative cognition, agreed upon by it’s creators. Whether that message was from a place of practiced spiritual refuge or some perplexed chaotic depressive sabotage, it was always brutally honest.

I can’t believe that nearly 10 years and 6 albums later, I still can’t go a single day without reading a message or comment about how that very same design affected and continues to affect you all in positive ways. That is the greatest privilege I have ever known in my life.

This is where you start to assume that this is The Color Morale announcing it’s break-up. When Steve and I started this band the goal was never to sell thousands of records, be on magazine covers, or even leave the midwest. The goal, along with the rest of my band mates was to have fun making art with my best friends. It always started there, in a garage across a field from a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

In the middle of nowhere is exactly where you discover who and why you are. Within the expanse of that idea, The Color Morale could never break up. If it broke, it was only because it wasn’t ours anymore. While we’ve been through many member changes over the years, the reason has been the same and for that same very reason this band will never expire. The truth is after over a decade, strife demands rest.

For the time being we’re going to get back to being human…enjoy some other outlets, challenges, and comforts. We’ll be prioritizing focuses we probably should have, and revisiting influences that drove us to create in the first place. Call that a hiatus if you will, but this will never be over.

I’m going to continue to post things on our social media, communicate as much as possible with you all, and get back to writing again eventually. The illustration above consists of thousands of photos of your tattoos together as one, a beautiful symbol of the community we share. You are all loved and greatly appreciated…beyond social media and beyond prose.

–Garret Rapp

“Ocean tides move to the voice of the moon,
Strange how we move.
How strange that I move to the voice of the moon,
Love ringing out of tune.

Leave your bad limbs behind,
For they are conduits to the heart.”

–as cities burn, tides“

The Color Morale Cover Thrice, Comeback Kid, Misery Signals, Etc. Songs For New EP

The Color Morale have released a new “Artist Inspiration Series” EP composed of the following covers: Comeback Kid’s “Wake The Dead”, Thrice’s “Stare At The Sun”, Coldplay’s “Fix You”, Jimmy Eat World’s “Blister”, and Misery Signals’ “The Failsafe”. You can stream that via Spotify, and purchase it in various digital outlets.

The Color Morale Announce Summer 2017 Tour With The Plot In You, Dayseeker, & Picturesque

The Color Morale have announced a summer tour with The Plot In You, Dayseeker, and Picturesque. Check out the dates below.

Tour Dates:

07/05 St. Louis, MO – Fubar
07/06 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street Collective
07/07 Houston, TX – Walters
07/08 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
07/09 Dallas, TX – Dirty 30
07/10 Springfield, MO – Outland Ballroom
07/11 Indianapolis, IN – Hoosier Dome
07/12 Detroit, MI – The Shelter
07/13 Lakewood, OH – The Foundry
07/14 Iowa City, IA – Gabe’s
07/16 Grand Rapids, MI – The Stache
07/18 Rochester, NY – California Brew Haus
07/19 New York, NY – Studio – Webster Hall
07/20 Worcester, MA – The Palladium
07/21 Philadelphia, PA – Voltage Lounge
07/22 Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
07/23 Columbus, OH – Park Street Saloon

Memphis May Fire, Blessthefall, The Color Morale, Sylar, & Bad Seed Rising Announce 2017 Tour Together

Memphis May Fire, Blessthefall, The Color Morale, Sylar, and Bad Seed Rising have announced a 2017 tour together. Check out the dates for that below.


Tour Dates:

03/03 El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls
03/04 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
03/05 Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep
03/07 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre
03/08 Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theatre
03/09 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
03/10 St. Louis, MO – Ready Room
03/11 Columbus, OH – Park Street Saloon
03/13 Pittsburgh, PA – Diesel
03/14 Clifton Park, NY – Upstate Concert Hall
03/15 Patchogue, NY – The Emporium
03/16 Providence, RI Fete
03/17 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club
03/18 Freehold, NJ – GameChanger
03/20 Charlotte, NC – The Underground
03/23 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
03/24 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
03/25 Pensacola, FL – Vinyl Music Hall
03/26 Birmingham, AL – Zydeco
03/28 Austin, TX – Grizzly Hall
03/29 Corpus Christi, TX – Brewsters

The Color Morale Premiere New Song “Clip Paper Wings”

The Color Morale have premiered a new song titled “Clip Paper Wings,” via Alternative Press. This song is from the band’s new album, “Desolate Divine,” which will be released on August 19.

Garret Rapp said the following:

“‘Clip Paper Wings‘ was written around the imagery of a relative sky that separates two people. The ‘constant north’ refers to someone I was involved with on and off for years whom I never really learned to let go of. To move on is to grow, so I guess I found this song necessary as a departure from that person.”

The Color Morale Premiere “Walls” Music Video

The Color Morale have premiered a new video for their song “Walls,” via Kerrang!. This song is from the band’s new album, “Desolate Divine,” which will be released on August 19.

Garret Rapp said the following:

“The music video is a representation of the personal and social disconnect in relationships. This is a topic heavily debated within social media and a reflection of the songs lyrical content which deals with creating barriers to avoid vulnerability to another.”

The Color Morale Premiere New Song “Walls”/Reveal New Album Details

The Color Morale have premiered a new song titled “Walls,” via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s new album, “Desolate Divine,” which will be released on August 19.


“Desolate Divine” Track Listing:

01. “Lonesome Soul”
02. “Clip Paper Wings”
03. “Walls”
04. “Trail Of Blood”
05. “Version Of Me”
06. “Home Bittersweet Home”
07. “Misery Hates Company”
08. “Perfect Strangers”
09. “Broken Vessel”
10. “Fauxtographic Memory”
11. “Keep Me In My Body”

The Color Morale To Re-Release First Three Albums On Deluxe Colored Vinyl

The Color Morale‘s first three albums are set to be released on limited edition vinyl, via Rise Records, on March 31. They will be available as a 3xLP set with “We All Have Demons” on half clear/half red with green splatter vinyl, “My Devil In Your Eyes” on half clear/half brown with orange splatter, and “Know Hope” on half clear/half gray with purple splatter vinyl. There will only be 1,000 available and preorders can be found HERE.

Marmozets Drop Off Of ‘Monster Energy Outbreak Tour’, The Color Morale Added

Marmozets have dropped off of the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, due to Becca Macintyre’s recent knee injury. Taking their place will be The Color Morale.