Borknagar Finish Writing New Album

It looks like Borknagar have finished the writing sessions for their new album. It is unclear when they will begin the recording process, but it is probably safe to assume they will start soon.


Borknagar Part Ways With Guitarist Jens F. Ryland

Borknagar have parted ways with guitarist Jens F. Ryland. The band said the following:

“Borknagar and long time guitarist Jens F. Ryland have decided to part ways. We would like to thank and salute him for all the time we shared on and off stage the past 20 yrs. The very best of luck with all future endevours!

As a sidenote, Borknagar is currently working on a new album, roughly planned for a late 2018 or early 2019 release. More info soon!”

Borknagar Premiere “Winter Thrice” Music Video Feat. Kristoffer Rygg

Borknagar have premiered a new video for their song “Winter Thrice,” which features guest vocals from Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver, ex-Borknagar) This song is the title track of the band’s new album which will be released on January 22.

Øystein G. Brun issued the following statement:

“Finally it’s time to present our brand new video for the song “Winter Thrice“. Being the title track for the 10th album, we wanted this to be something special. We are indeed a special band.

The song and the video features all the 4 vocalists throughout our 20 years of adventure, including Kristoffer Rygg a.k.a. Garm, who was our very first vocalist back in the days. The video was produced by the eminent team from Twitchy Films and was captured at various locations in Norway; first and foremost at the amazing Midgard Historiske Senter at Borre, but also in the furious wilderness of the wintry Telemark.

We all laid our hearts into this project, we hope that shines through!


Borknagar Premiere New Song “The Rhymes Of The Mountain”/Reveal New Album Details

Borknagar have premiered a new song titled “The Rhymes Of The Mountain.” This song is from the band’s new album, Winter Thrice, which will be released on January 22.


Winter Thrice:

01. “The Rhymes Of The Mountain”
02. “Winter Thrice”
03. “Cold Runs The River”
04. “Panorama”
05. “When Chaos Calls”
06. “Erodent”
07. “Noctilucent”
08. “Terminus”
09. “Dominant Winds” (digipak/LP bonus track)

Borknagar To Release “Winter Thrice” In January

Borknagar have revealed that their new album, “Winter Thrice,” will be released on January 22.


Øystein G. Brun said the following about the effort.

“Finally a release date for our new album is set. The album was finished back in July and it has been a painful ordeal to hold our “breath” until now. We are extremely satisfied with this album in every aspect; the songs, the production and the overall feel. We have definitely climbed yet another musical peak! Once again Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studio has proven to be a true magician of sounds. He was really able to pinpoint the nerve of the music and unfold the visions that we strived for. None above, none aside – none even close!

The album title “Winter Thrice” may chime familiar in the minds of those who have followed Borknagar throughout the years. Both musically and lyrically the new album has a clear reference to the “Olden…” days of the band – in the same time as we take a huge leap into the future. Literally the title refers to the 3 continuous winters (Fimbulvinter) which ensign the downfall of the world (Ragnarok), according to northern mythology. The rest is up to YOUR very own imagination.

Last but not least: For the very first time in our career we actually have a title track on this album, named “Winter Thrice“. Along with Vintersorg, ICS Vortex and Lazare, none less than our original vocalist Fiery G. Maelstrom take on the lead vocals. It’s breath-taking, nothing more need to be said, just heard.”

Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver) To Guest On New Borknagar Album

Original Borknagar vocalist, Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver) has been confirmed as a guest on the band’s new album. The singer will perform on two new songs.


The band issued the following statement:

“These days, 20 years ago, Kristoffer and I hooked up for the very first time in Bergen to record vocals for the Borknagar debut album. Glorious days, indeed. Last night I was barely asleep as I got the first vocal samples from Kristoffer late yesterday evening – and have been listening to the songs repeatedly since then. Being a former bandmate and a huge fan of his work ever since we parted ways back in the days, I certainly did expect a lot, but what he sent over this time around surpass every expectations. Really! Still trying to get my jaw back in position and the goosebumps seem to have turned chronic on me.

Kristoffer performs the lead vocals for one full song called ‘Winter Thrice‘ and does additional vocals for another opus called ‘Terminus‘.

Being a profoundly nostalgic person, this makes me reflect about how damn lucky I am to have been able to work with some of the finest vocalists in the world, throughout the years. Musically the upcoming album will be a celebration of just that. Along with the vocals of Vintersorg, ICS Vortex and Lazare, it should be needless to argue that this will be a very special album! Massively so! More info will follow soon!”

Borknagar Vocalist Hospitalized After Head Injury

Borknagar vocalist, Andreas ‘Vintersong’ Hedlund has been hospitalized, after sustaining a head injury, seven days ago. The band waited to comment until Hedlund was able to comment himself.


Hedlund said the following about his condition:

“Seven days ago I was injured in an accident leading to some quite heavy down grade of my physical condition. I fell down and crashed head first on a concrete floor while helping out with a moving some furniture. The accident is only to be blamed by myself due to stress andnot paying enough attention to saftey issues.

I got hurt in different ways. The most significant is three cracks in my head.bleeding in my brain and a disfunctional ear.

Im now trying to cure myself at the hospital and come back full strengt asap. As where I am in my recovery I wish to focus on getting better and not to go through the whole scenario over and over again. Take care of eachother… can show its ugly face when you least expect it

Mr V”

The band issued their own statement as well:

“This have been a rough week. Seven days ago Mr. V was seriously injured in an falling accident. This resulted in multiple fractures to the skull, brain hemorrhage and momentary dysfunctional hearing on one ear. We have intentionally kept this off the radar, till he felt fit enough to update the public himself. So his post on Facebook today should be regarded as an heartwarming and uplifting statement of his recovery.

We would like to wish our collegua and dear friend all the best, the best possible treatment and a speedy recovery to full health. Also all the best to his closest family, his wife and kids in this difficult situation.

In the current situation Mr. V’ process of recovery and regaining health is the most important thing. The release of our new album might be delayed accordingly, as there is absolutely no option to leave our bro behind or in any way compromise on his recovery.
Get well bro!

—- Ø”