Borknagar To Release 25th Anniversary Edition Of Their Self-Titled Debut Album In November

Borknagar will be releasing a remastered 25th anniversary edition of their self-titled debut album on November 12. The effort will be available as a 2-CD digipak and digitally with 12 bonus tracks and on vinyl with eight bonus tracks.

Here’s the track listing for the digipak:

CD 1:

01. “Vintervredets Sjelesagn” (Remaster 2021)
02. “Tanker mot Tind – Kvelding” (Remaster 2021)
03. Svartskogs Gilde” (Remaster 2021)
04. “Ved Steingard” (Remaster 2021)
05. “Krigsstev” (Remaster 2021)
06. “Dauden” (Remaster 2021)
07. “Grimskalle Trell” (Remaster 2021)
08. “Nord Naagauk” (Remaster 2021)
09. “Fandens Allheim” (Remaster 2021)
10. “Tanker mot Tind – Gryning” (Remaster 2021)

CD 2:

01. “Vintervredets Sjelesagn” (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995)
02. “Svartskogs Gilde” (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995)
03. “Krigsstev” (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995)
04. “Dauden” (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995)
05. “Grimskalle Trell” (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995)
06. “Fandens Allheim” (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995)
07. “Ved Steingard” (Alternate Mix)
08. “Nord Naagauk” (Alternate Mix)
09. “Vintervredets Sjelesagn” (Rehearsal 1994)
10. “Grimskalle Trell” (Rehearsal 1994)
11. “Ved Steingard” (First ever recording 1994)
12. “Vintervredets Sjelesagn” (Alternate Mix)

Øystein G. Brun commented:

“Throughout the years I have received countless requests for a re-release of this album…but because this album represents such a personal and treacherous part of my life, I wanted it to be done with dignity. And here we are: This is the definitive re-release of the debut album of Borknagar.

This release contains a genuine re-master of the debut album, based on the original mix tapes. This has been done with the uttermost care and love by yours sincerely to maintain the original sound and flavour of the album, and solely to improve the listening experience. Working on this re-release has been an emotional ride. While always maintaining a good feeling about the project it has been times of frustration and technical obstacles.

Hours has been spent finding and compiling old pictures, dealing with tapes and equipment that has not been played or used in over 25 years. But now it is done, and I hope you all enjoy and appreciate this release as much as I do.”

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