Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) Says He Has 26 Songs Written For His Upcoming Solo Album

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) previously said he was “giving serious thought to doing a solo album” in 2021 and now the singer has offered a new update on the project. He said the following during an interview with WhatCulture:

“…It’s been cool to kind of start building the momentum for a potential solo run… It’s definitely going to be rock-based, but it’s going to be rock meets so many different things. There will be harder-edged stuff, but there also will be big, expansive, huge, world-changing guitar songs that you’re going to want to sing along to. That’s just who I am, and I’m not going to fight who I am. I’ve got 26 songs written, and I’m not done yet.”

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Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) Says He Is “Giving Serious Thought To Doing A Solo Album” In 2021

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation,” Corey Taylor revealed that he is “giving serious thought to doing a solo album.” However, he did add that it probably won’t surface until 2021.

Taylor said the following:

“I’m actually giving serious thought to doing a solo album and a solo run. Obviously, it’s not gonna happen for a while. And I’m actually giving you the exclusive, ’cause I haven’t told anybody that I was gonna do that… Honestly, it’s something that I didn’t even consider for a long time until people just kep beating me up about it, asking me when I was gonna do it. And the more they kept asking, the more I just kept thinking about it, the more I was just, like, ‘You know what? If I don’t do it now, I’m never gonna do it.’ So, yeah, probably 2021. I’m actually putting a band together. I’ve already told the guys in STONE SOUR and SLIPKNOT that I’m doing it, just out of respect. And, yeah, I’m gonna start working on a solo album. That’s all I’ll give you for now. But, yeah, that’s the plan as of right now.”

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Kyle Shutt (The Sword) Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Solo Album

Kyle Shutt (The Sword) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his new solo album. The effort is expected to be released next year and it will see Shutt handling all the instruments and vocals himself.

Shutt commented:

“My name is Kyle Shutt, and you may know me from my years raising hell with The Sword, or from turning Pink Floyd upside down with Doom Side of the Moon, or from sitting a the Draughthouse bar. No matter where you know me from, you probably know that I love a cold beer and playing the hell out of the guitar.

What you probably don’t know is that I love producing albums and rolling up my sleeves to tackle big challenges. While wondering what to do with a mountain of material not necessarily fit for any band that I am in, I heard a tiny, very loud voice telling me to make a solo album in that very sense, solo! I’ll be hitting those drums, slapping that bass, singing those lyrics, and absolutely shredding that guitar. If there’s something that makes a noise I like, I’m playing it.

Now, while making albums is a load of fun, it’s also a load of work that, in 2018 doesn’t come cheap. That’s why I thought I’d ask you all be a part of the launching of this wacky solo career, which isn’t just stopping with this initial album. I’m starting with this record and will go wherever my inspiration takes me. Packages include sick colored vinyl variants, test pressings, studio drop ins, badass baseball tees, hell, I’ll even fly to your hometown to hand deliver your record or hang at your favorite brewery or cover any song of your choosing. Every record purchased will be hand packaged by me and sent with love.

It‘s not easy being an artist these days, and I truly couldn’t do this without your support, so if you have the faith in me to do my part in saving rock ’n’ roll, pick up a record and a shirt and LET’S DO THIS THING!

Risks and challenges:

Everyone knows vinyl takes forever to manufacture, so I’ve chosen May 6, which happens to be my birthday as the release date, since that will give us all plenty of time to produce this record and have it mixed, mastered, sent to press and ready for your needles! I work hard and I work fast and, trust me, this is the soonest I can have these records available.

Shipping worldwide is very pricey, but I’m doing it just for y’all, the only cost that may sneak up is whatever customs charge that your country of residence will apply to the record. There is nothing I can do about that, you have been warned!

The goal, if met, will be going to manufacturing all physical products, studio time, and travel and transport while making the album. The goal, if exceeded, will be met with stretch goals to possibly make a video or additional vinyl pressings, so please, spread the word and let’s create this experience together!”

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett On Possible Solo Album: “One Of These Days When It Feels Right”

During an interview with Metal Hammer, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett talked about the possibility of recording a solo album at some point. The guitarist says he still has “so much to give Metallica” but he wouldn’t rule out doing a solo effort “when it feels right.”

Hammett said the following:

“I have so much material sitting around that’s obviously not Metallica stuff, and that pile gets bigger and bigger. One of these days when it feels right… I still feel I have so much to give Metallica. When that feels more complete, maybe I’ll think about doing that other stuff.”

He continued:

“It would not look like a metal album at all. It’ll be something so weird and far-ranging in styles, but cohesive at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of us did some solo, independent, autonomous sort of thing. I think it’s healthy, and if anything, when you come back to the band you’d come back with more enthusiasm. It’d feel like going on a little camping trip, and it’s always good to come back home to a nice warm bed!”

D.D. Verni (Overkill) To Release New Solo Album “Barricade” In October

Overkill songwriter and bassist D.D. Verni has announced that his new solo album “Barricade” will be released on October 12. The effort, which was mixed and mastered by Chris “Zuess” Harris, features a lineup consisting of former Overkill drummer Ron Lipnicki, and guest guitarists Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), Angus Clark (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Bruce Franklin (Trouble), Mike Romeo (Symphony X), Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), Steve Leonard (Almost Queen), and Andre “Virus” Karkos (Dope).

“Barricade” Track Listing:

01. “Fire Up”
02. “Miracle Drug”
03. “Off My Leash”
04. “(We are) The Broken Ones”
05. “Lost In The Underground”
06. “The Party Of No”
07. “Night of the Swamp King”
08. “We Were Young”
09. “Slow My Ride”
10. “Heaven Calling”

Verni commented:

“So, why do a solo record… well I never really stop writing material, and after some time, it starts to pile up and take shape and I wonder what it will be. In the past, anything that was not Overkill material I would put aside for my other band The Bronx Casket Co., but when I starting pulling these songs together, it was clearly not that, and I thought, ‘Okay, I guess it’s a solo record.’ The material was kinda metal and kinda rock and kinda punk, so those really are my basic influences. In Overkill, I take all that background and funnel it into our thrash sound. But these songs were not thrash but a combination of the other stuff.

“I would never really have an interest in doing a record that was thrash-sounding outside of Overkill; I just don’t think it could be any better. The fun is trying new shit and seeing where it goes for me.

“I could always do all the instruments myself, as I have in the past on projects, but thought this could be a good opportunity to try working with some new people. My wife was hearing me thinking out loud and basically said, ‘Why don’t you just call some guys whose work you like and see if they would be interested?’ And so that’s what I did.”

Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon “Writing With A Very Well-Known Singer In The Rock World” For Solo Project

Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon is still working on a solo project and has revealed that he will be “writing with a very well-known singer in the rock world.” He said the following on “Jon’s Untitled Podcast”:

“Actually, I’m still working on some solo stuff. So I’m excited about that too… You know I put a song out on iTunes called ‘Love Song‘ you know that some people seemed to dig. It was a little different side to what I do. I do know that I’ll be doing some writing with a very well-known singer in the rock world that I really admired. I think a lot of people will be excited about but I can’t say no more than that. We’ve been wanting to do some music for a long time l, so we’re gonna make that happen and it’ll be with my solo stuff. So yea just in the future, not too long. When the Sevendust ship starts slowing down a bit, taking on a lil’ water. [laughs]”

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Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein Says He Is Working On A “Mellow” Solo Album

During an appearance on Jamey Jasta’s (Hatebreed, etc.) “The Jasta Show,” Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein revealed that he is working on a “mellow” solo album. He said the following:

“…I’m doing a solo record, but we don’t want everyone to have a preconceived notion as to what it’s gonna be. It’s not an acoustic record. It’s mellow, dark music, basically is what it is.”

He also added:

“…It’s got a lot of everything in it, but it’s just much more mellow than… It’s my version of a mellow Crowbar basically. But it’s very… It’s heavily influenced by The Beatles and stuff like that and it’s coming along really well…”

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Saxon’s Biff Byford Has Seven Songs Written For His Solo Album

Saxon’s Biff Byford recently appeared on “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon” and during the interview he talked a bit about his upcoming solo album. According to him, he has seven songs written for the effort and that “it’s probably gonna be a bit more rock and roll.”

Byford said the following:

“I think it’s probably gonna be a bit more rock and roll, a bit more classic rock. I mean, I’ve got seven songs, and it’s quite mixed, really. But I’ll have to wait and see.”

He also added the following after he was asked when it will be completed:

“Well, I’m writing on the road already. I’m writing some stuff with Nibbs [Carter, SAXON bassist], I’m writing a bit of stuff on my own. We [SAXON] finish [touring] here in May, in America. I think we’ve only got two weeks off, and we start again. So I’m gonna try to get some time. It’s the writing that takes the time, not the recording. You can record things really quickly.”

He went on to say that it will probably feature some special guests:

“I’m gonna ask various people [to appear on the record]. It’s not easy for guitarists to work with you, because they just smack down their signature solo and off you go. Singers, I might do some duets and things. We’ll see. I wanna get the songs written first, and then see who wants to work on them. I’ll probably have a nucleus of a drummer and a bass player, although I might play bass myself. I’ve still got my Rickenbacker.”

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Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares Working On Industrial Project With Die Krupps & Leæther Strip, Collaborating With Jamey Jasta, Etc.

While answering a fan on Twitter, Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares offered an update on all his various projects. In addition to working on a solo album, he is also working on a new Asesino album, as well as an industrial project with Die Krupps & Leæther Strip. Furthermore, he is also collaborating with Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and producing a band called Darksun.

As for Fear Factory, there is unfortunately “no news”:

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Jonathan Davis Confirms Release Date For New Solo Album, Says Korn Covered The Charlie Daniels Band & Billy Squier For Tentative Covers Album

Jonathan Davis recently guested on 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield, and confirmed that his new solo album will be released on May 25. However, it is worth noting that the effort still doesn’t have a title. Davis has been working on it for about ten years, but a failed record deal, and more hindered its release. Bassist Miles Mosley (Kamasi Washington, etc.) helped with the writing, and Davis’ Korn bandmate Ray Luzier handled the drumming.

Davis went on to say the album was actually barley finished:

“I just finished it last night actually. I’ve still been working on it. I’ve been working on songs being mixed, so the last song I finished last night. It’s being mixed today and it’ll be done.”

A couple of songs on the effort include “Final Days“, which he says was written in the early 2000s and has a Peter Gabriel/’Blade Runner‘ vibe, and “Basic Needs” which features tablas, Indian music influences, etc.

In other news, Davis also revealed that Korn have “been talking about a cover album for years,” and that they have already covered The Charlie Daniels Band‘s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” and Billy Squier‘s “The Stroke“ for it. He also added:

“We got some good ones. We’ll probably do… We’re still picking ones—it’s been a work in progress for a long time. But whenever we get a little free time, we go ahead and do a couple songs. One day it’ll see the light of day.”

For more, check out the full chat HERE.

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