Biff Byford (Saxon) Planning To Release New Solo Album “School Of Hard Knocks” In Early 2020

Saxon frontman Biff Byford has revealed that he is planning to release his new solo album “School Of Hard Knocks” in early 2020. With this news, he also confirmed that the first single, “Welcome To The Show,” will be released on October 25 and that the title track will be released on December 13. This news comes after Byford recently revealed that Saxon are recording a new album.


Saxon’s Biff Byford Has Seven Songs Written For His Solo Album

Saxon’s Biff Byford recently appeared on “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon” and during the interview he talked a bit about his upcoming solo album. According to him, he has seven songs written for the effort and that “it’s probably gonna be a bit more rock and roll.”

Byford said the following:

“I think it’s probably gonna be a bit more rock and roll, a bit more classic rock. I mean, I’ve got seven songs, and it’s quite mixed, really. But I’ll have to wait and see.”

He also added the following after he was asked when it will be completed:

“Well, I’m writing on the road already. I’m writing some stuff with Nibbs [Carter, SAXON bassist], I’m writing a bit of stuff on my own. We [SAXON] finish [touring] here in May, in America. I think we’ve only got two weeks off, and we start again. So I’m gonna try to get some time. It’s the writing that takes the time, not the recording. You can record things really quickly.”

He went on to say that it will probably feature some special guests:

“I’m gonna ask various people [to appear on the record]. It’s not easy for guitarists to work with you, because they just smack down their signature solo and off you go. Singers, I might do some duets and things. We’ll see. I wanna get the songs written first, and then see who wants to work on them. I’ll probably have a nucleus of a drummer and a bass player, although I might play bass myself. I’ve still got my Rickenbacker.”

[via Blabbermouth]