Biff Byford Working On New Saxon, Heavy Water, And Solo Albums

It looks like Biff Byford currently has several new releases planned for the future. During an interview with TotalRock, the frontman confirmed that he is working on new albums for Saxon and Heavy Water, as well as new solo material.

Byford said the following:

“We’ve got this album [‘ More Inspirations’] coming out [from SAXON], obviously. We’re still touring [2022’s] ‘Carpe Diem’ [LP]. We’re writing the new album, which will be out — I think it will be out sometime early ’24. But we’ve got a lot of touring to do this year.

I’m sort of tentatively starting another solo album — maybe. We have another HEAVY WATER album coming out, which is me and my son [Seb Byford of NAKED SIX] in a band together. So that’ll be coming out soon as well; that’s all finished and ready to go. So there’s quite a lot of stuff happening for the band and myself, actually, in the next two years.

So we’ll just keep going, just trying to stay healthy, and we hope everybody likes what we’re doing, really.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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