Saxon’s Biff Byford Is Working On A New Album With His Son Seb

Saxon’s Biff Byford is currently working on a new album with his son Seb (Naked Six). The frontman revealed the news during a recent interview with Sweden’s RockSverige.

Byford said the following:

“The record company wants to call it ‘BIFF AND SEB’ or ‘SEB AND BIFF,’ but we would like to do it with a band name and we’ve got the name HEAVY WATER. I quite like that name. We have a working title called ‘Red Brick City’. We’ll call it ‘Heavy Water’ or… I don’t know. The working title might change. As we speak at this moment, we’re doing bass guitars. I’m playing some and Seb’s playing some. When I finish talking to you, I’m going back into the studio.”

He continued when asked if he is singing on the album:

“Me and Seb. He’ll sing a song, I’ll sing a song and we’ll sing a song together. He plays guitar and I play bass and a friend of ours is playing drums, so it’s a three-piece band at the moment. We might add some stuff, but I don’t know. Again, we’re recording it pretty quick and live, just like [SAXON’s upcoming covers album] ‘Inspirations’, really. Very similar to my solo album, a very similar production.”

He then went on to say that the record sounds similar to his solo album “School Of Hard Knocks” and Saxon’s “Inspirations”:

“There’s some laid-back stuff and there’s some heavy stuff. I wouldn’t say there’s any prog rock on there, but there are definitely two or three metal tracks on there. Seb’s a great songwriter, and he likes to play heavy guitar riffs, so I’m sure people will be interested.”

Byford also added the following when asked what it’s like working with his son:

“It’s pretty cool. We’re both pretty set in our ways, so it’s working really well. It’s great for me and for him, really. I’m getting off on his excitement and his first time doing things, and he gets off on my that wisdom that I’ve learned over the years.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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