Avenged Sevenfold Members Share Cover Of Misfits’ “Hybrid Moments”

Avenged Sevenfold’s Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ, and Brooks Wackerman have shared a cover of Misfits’ “Hybrid Moments.” You can check that out below. Zacky Vengeance said the following about the track:

“We wanted to have a little fun with you to kick off the Halloween Season. Brooks wanted to do a Misfits song. I wanted to paint my face like KISS and call ourselves the KISSFits and Johnny wanted to drink and walk around town dressed like a skeleton. I forgot to paint my face like KISS. We still kept it punk rock and spooky for ya! Enjoy!! -ZV”

Watch Infectious Grooves (Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica, Etc.) Cover Faith No More’s “We Care A Lot” At Sick Bastards Social Fest

On November 17, Infectious Grooves took the stage at the Sick Bastards Social Fest in São Paulo, Brazil with a lineup consisting of Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies), Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Jim Martin (ex-Faith No More), Brooks Wackerman (Avenged Sevenfold), and Dean Pleasants (Suicidal Tendencies). You can see footage of the group covering Faith No More’s “We Care A Lot” below:

[via Blabbermouth]

Watch Members Of Avenged Sevenfold Read More Mean Tweets About Themselves

Avenged Sevenfold have shared the second installment in their “Mean Tweets” series. The clip is inspired by a Jimmy Kimmel segment, and it can be found below. The first video can be found HERE.

Watch Members Of Avenged Sevenfold Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Avenged Sevenfold have decided to do their own version Of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment. You can check out footage of Synyster Gates, Johnny Christ, and Brooks Wackerman partaking in that below:

Avenged Sevenfold’s M.Shadows Talks Warner Bros. Records Lawsuit, Addition Of Brooks Wackerman, “This Is Bat Country” DVD, Etc.

In a new interview with Loudwire, Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows commented on the band’s lawsuit with Warner Bros., adding Brooks Wackerman (ex-Bad Religion) to their lineup, their “This Is Bat Country” DVD, and a lot more. You can read some excerpts from that chat below.


On lawsuit with Warner Bros.:

“There hasn’t been a resolution with that. I saw a thing on, I think it was another website was saying that what we had said was not true about the reason we left. That report is not true. We left because every single person at the label, not every single person, the radio department is still intact. But the people that signed us, the A&R people, all the people that had to do with the high up at the company didn’t know who Avenged Sevenfold was or cared at this point. So we had to leave.

It had nothing to do with anything other than if you’re at a place where they don’t care about your band, then you have to do somewhere where they do care about your band. So, as labels start morphing and changing over time, you have to do what’s best for you and that’s the main reason we left. For us, it’s about finding a home that care about rock music and they care about Avenged Sevenfold and want to further our career as we try to push through this thing.”

On Brooks Wackerman contribution to new material:

“The newest thing I can say is that having Brooks in the band, we are definitely utilizing him, we are not just saying, ‘Hey dude you’re a hired guy,’ because he’s not. He is part of the band and we wanted to write it with him, we wanted to feel him out and that is what we have done. It’s going to be exciting and I think a lot of people are wondering if the band’s going to write a record and make Brooks play on it. It’s not the case. We are writing everything together which has been really fun.”

On “This Is Bat Country“ DVD:

“The reality is the DVD just never got there. I know some fans don’t want to hear this, but for us when we’re looking at something and deciding on whether to put it out or not, it’s gotta go through some sort of process or, “Is this good enough to come out?” You get asked a question a million times of “You got a DVD?” It starts leaking out that there’s a DVD and you go “Okay yeah, we have a DVD.” Then when it doesn’t get there and there’s no reason for us to put it out and the DVD was never quite good enough to come out in our opinion.

So, I don’t know what’s happening with it right now. I know it’s still on the cutting floor. We’re still trying to make tweaks to it, but then there’s also the Warner Bros. thing. We’re not with Warner Bros. anymore and they own the rights to that footage. So, I don’t know what’s going to happen with that DVD. The real answer is just that it wasn’t up to par with what we wanted to be releasing.”

On when fans can expect new music:

“I really have no clue at this point. Nothing. I am sure every magazine is mad at us right now and every radio station is mad at us, but the reality is when there is something to be heard, then it will be heard. Right now we are working our butts off and we want to make sure everything is right, when something does come out and just kind of giving people little tidbits right now”

Head to Loudwire to read the whole interview.

Avenged Sevenfold Play First Show With New Drummer Brooks Wackerman In Minneapolis, MN

Avenged Sevenfold performed their first show with new drummer Brooks Wackerman (ex-Bad Religion) at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN yesterday (August 18). Footage of that can be seen below. The band’s next show will take place tomorrow (August 20) at the U.S. Bank Stadium with Metallica and Volbeat.

Zacky Vengeance On New Avenged Sevenfold Album: “It’s Pretty Much Completely Aggro”

In a recent interview with Kerrang!, Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Zacky Vengeance, and new drummer Brooks Wackerman (ex-Bad Religion) discussed the band’s new material. You can read some of their responses below.


As far as the sound of the album, Zacky Vengeance offered:

“It’s pretty much completely aggro. It goes in all sorts of aggressive directions and melodic directions. It has a lot of metal elements that we grew up loving. And tons of melody. It’s hard to say. At this point the only word that would describe it is ‘aggro’.”

Wackerman also added the following about the effort’s timeline:

“We’re just focusing on writing right now and trying to put together a new record. That’s the focal point. There’s no set timescale, we just want to make sure we all feel confident with it. It is moving right along.”

Brooks Wackerman (Ex-Bad Religion) Joins Avenged Sevenfold

Brooks Wackerman recently announced his departure from Bad Religion, and now it has been revealed that he left to join Avenged Sevenfold, as their new drummer. The news was announced this morning on Chris Jericho’s (Fozzy) latest podcast.


M. Shadows had the following to say:

“To be honest, Brooks’s name has always been in the mix. It was one of the names we were throwing around when Jimmy passed away in terms of who was going to step up for Nightmare. We felt Mike was the right choice and we still feel that way. Mike just destroyed on the record. He was perfect. But at the time, our tour manager brought up Brooks’s name as well. But at the time he was also busy with Bad Religion and it was also… People were going to look at it differently because he was a punk drummer at this point.”

“It just became increasingly difficult to be on the same page, not only touring, but with writing and just where we want to take things. We’re just a bunch of guys who are all over the place and we have a bunch of different influences and we need somebody who can instantly… who can sit there and say, ‘Yeah, I’ve got that influence too or I understand why we’re gonna go here. I understand why we’re going to do that.'”

“It just got to the point where after Mayhem Festival last year, we had just decided to fire on all cylinders the way we want to, we needed to make a change. And we all had our little talk. We said, ‘Listen, we can ride this thing out the way it is right now and we’ll be fine or we can shake the nest a little bit and we want to fire on all cylinders again. We want to be the baddest band on the planet. We want to just dominate onstage.’ And I came up with the idea that I really want to talk to Brooks and see if there’s any chance and see where he’s at in his life right now.”

“Jimmy’s missing and you’re not trying to replace that and you’re just trying to get to the point where if you were to tear this thing to the bottom floor, how would you rebuild it — to just say new band, new mentality, new fire. And one of the things was, ‘Let’s give Brooks a call and see what he’s doing.’ It wasn’t like we were going to start trying guys out and we were serious about this change. It was, like, ‘If Brooks is willing to do this, that’s what we want to do.’ So it wasn’t like we were gonna just start looking for drummers.”

Wackerman added:

“I’ve been a fan of the band for a decade and when Matt gave me the call last year, I was absolutely thrilled.”

“This past year I have been reassessing what I want to do. With a band like Bad Religion, I’m so proud of all the work we’ve done together. But I was yearning for something new, a different style and during that time is when I got the call.”

Bad Religion Part Ways With Brooks Wackerman

Brooks Wackerman has exited Bad Religion. The drummer said he is leaving to “pursue another path.”


Here’s his full statement:

“Dear boys and girls,

After 15 years, 6 records and countless tours- I’ve decided to move on from Bad Religion.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make after spending a good chunk of my life in such an iconic band, but after reassessing my future in music it was time for me to pursue another path.

As I’m writing this, my mind is flashing back to my audition with these guys in 2000. I’ll never forget how exhilarating it was to pay “Stranger than Fiction” (my first song) with them and how well is all jelled, as I was doing my best to camouflage my nerves while walking into Cole Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

To have this education and growth has been invaluable to me, and I’m forever grateful to this band for allowing me to be a part of a movement that I can honestly look back on our time together and say, “I’m proud of what we accomplished.”