New Years Day Premiere New Song “Come For Me”

New Years Day have premiered a new song titled “Come For Me.” This track is from the band’s new album “Unbreakable,” which will be released on April 26.

Ash Costello commented:

“‘Come For Me’ is my fight song. It’s my call to rally everyone who wants to get together and stand against anyone and everyone who’s got something to say to us.

We live our lives online so much now. That invited anyone who’s got a negative opinion into our worlds. I got to a point where I just felt that I wanted to turn it into a fun time, a fun song. It’s the New Years Day version of ‘Hollaback Girl’… just A LOT heavier. It’s also the first song we wrote for the album AND the first song that I got to have 100% say in exactly what I wanted, how I wanted it to sound, what I wanted the song to do and what I wanted to say.

No more metaphors. If you don’t like me then say it to my face and not behind a screen. I’ll guest list you”


Watch New Years Day Perform An Acoustic Cover Of Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile”

During a February 7 set at Sony Music Studios in New York, NY, New Years Day performed an acoustic cover of Pantera‘s “Fucking Hostile.” You can see footage of that below. The band previously recorded an electric version of the track for their “Diary Of A Creep” EP. This news comes after the group recently announced that their new album “Unbreakable” will be released on April 26.

New Years Day Premiere New Song “Shut Up”, Reveal Details For New Album “Unbreakable”

New Years Day have premiered a new song titled “Shut Up.” This track is from the band’s new album “Unbreakable,” which will be released on April 26. Frontwoman Ash Costello said the following:

“‘Shut Up’ was written in a day, which just doesn’t happen. I was going through some heavy personal stuff, and I was just, ‘Don’t tell me what I want. Shut up and give it to me.'”

“Unbreakable” Track Listing:

01. “Come For Me”
02. “MissUnderstood”
03. “Skeletons”
04. “Unbreakable”
05. “Shut Up”
06. “Done With You”
07. “Poltergeist”
08. “Break My Body”
09. “Sorry Not Sorry”
10. “My Monsters”
11. “Nocturnal”
12. “I Survived”

New Years Day Reveal New Album Title

New Years Day have revealed that their new album will be titled “Unbreakable.” Several song titles have also been confirmed including the previously released “Skeletons”, as well as “Done With You,” “Misunderstood,” “Come For You,” and the title track. Frontwoman Ash Costello told BUILD Series’ Kevan Kenney the following about the album title:

“When I really thought about the year it took to write the record, everything that I’ve been through, I really felt like came out unbreakable on the other side. As opposed to our record before this one, where I felt almost like I was too breakable. But now with the fans behind us, and our team behind us, and this new music, I really feel like I’m unbreakable.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Ash Costello On New Years Day’s New Album: “The Record, Actually, Is Quite Heavy”

During a recent interview with Alternative Press, Ash Costello talked a bit about New Years Day’s latest single “Skeletons” and their upcoming album. She said the following:

“‘Skeletons’ is, out of all the new songs, I’m gonna say one of the lightest-sounding, if that makes sense. The record, actually, is quite heavy. So we figured we’d start at the bottom of the hill and work our way up instead of at the top and work our way down. So, what you can take away from ‘Skeletons’, though, is that the newer songs are gonna be very catchy. Even though it’s gonna be very heavy music, the melodies and the lyrics are still going to be very, very catchy and poppy.”

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Halestorm, In This Moment, & New Years Day Announce UK Tour

Halestorm, In This Moment, and New Years Day have announced a 2019 UK tour. Here’s the dates:

11/24 Glasgow, UK – The SSE Hydro
11/25 Nottingham, UK – Motorpoint Arena
11/27 Cardiff, UK – Motorpoint Arena
11/28 London, UK – Alexandra Palace

New Years Day Premiere New Song “Skeletons”

New Years Day have premiered a new song titled “Skeletons.“ This track will appear on the band’s new album, which is expected to be released in the spring.

Frontwoman Ash Costello commented:

“I have been working for over a year, constantly writing new music. We want everyone to know that a new wave of music will be coming to you soon and I thought our new song ‘Skeletons‘ would be a great intro to the new world of my band, New Years Day.

More than anything, I wanted the era of New Years Day to be rock that is also fun to listen to.”

She also added:

“‘Skeletons‘ is about wanting to know all the parts of someone, even the parts they deem to be negative.

It’s saying that when you are into someone, you’re into ALL of them, and want to love the dark in them as well as the light. It’s a fun rock song with a heavy riff intro, a bouncy lead vocal line, and a soaring chorus.”

[via Alternative Press]