Lacuna Coil: “There Will Be New Music Coming Out Soon”

It looks like we might be getting new music from Lacuna Coil in the near future. Singers Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia recently told Rock Sound that fans can expect to hear new material “soon.”

Ferro said the following:

“We’ve been a bit sneaky, to be honest. Because, yes, there will be new music coming out soon, and soon we’re gonna announce what is it exactly, but it’s not album number ten.”

Scabbia continued:

“It is something special — it is a special project. But it is recorded. We’re actually finishing little things here and there.”

Ferro added:

“We can’t say much. [But] very soon — in a couple of months everything will be more clear.”

Scabbia concluded:

“And you will see something new as well soon.”

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Lacuna Coil Announce U.S. Tour With Butcher Babies, Uncured, & Lions At The Gate

Lacuna Coil have announced a September U.S. tour with Butcher Babies, Uncured, and Lions At The Gate. Here’s the dates for that run:

09/08 Harrisburg, PA – HMAC
09/09 Frenchtown, NJ – Artie’s
09/10 Danville, VA – Blue Ridge Rock Festival (Lacuna Coil and Butcher Babies only)
09/11 Charlotte, NC – The Underground at The Fillmore
09/14 Buffalo, NY – The Rapids Theatre
09/15 Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore
09/16 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance Theater
09/17 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
09/18 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
09/20 Pittsburgh, PA – Jergels
09/21 Columbus, OH – King Of Clubs
09/22 Pontiac, MI – Crofoot Ballroom (no Butcher Babies)
09/23 Joliet, IL – The Forge

Lacuna Coil Announce “Comalies” 20th Anniversary Show

Lacuna Coil will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Comalies” by performing it in full during a special show at Fabrique in Milan, Italy. The concert will take place on October 15 and fans will be able to access pre-sale tickets tomorrow (May 10) via Metalitalia. Tickets for the general public will be available on May 13.

Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia Opens Up About Contracting COVID-19 In December 2021

During a recent interview with The Metal Circus, Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia opened up about her battle with COVID-19. The singer, who is fully vaccinated, says she contracted the virus in December 2021 and had to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve by herself.

Scabbia said the following:

“I got it in December. I spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve alone at home. Yay! [Laughs] Actually, it was not that bad, because I am a very independent person, so even when I’m alone, I’m fine. And I am not a huge lover of Christmas and New Year’s Eve anyway. Of course, I missed my family, but at the same time, I was, like, ‘I have everything I need. I have a TV, I have a computer, I have a microphone, I have all the outlets that can keep me busy,’ so I cannot complain.”

She continued when asked how sick she got:

“The first week was not fun. Two days were pretty bad because I had a high fever for not even a day — a fever that went down with medicines. But it hits every person differently, and the way it hit me was not on the throat. For example, a lot of people suffered throat and coughing. For me, it was just like normal coughing. The throat was okay. I had a sense of small and taste; they never went away. But for a week I suffered. Like, my nerves were hurting — from the back into the legs. I couldn’t find a comfortable position in bed, so I couldn’t sleep because I would keep waking up because I had, like, nerve pain. Like sort of a sciatica, but double — not only on one side; on the other side as well. It was pretty bad. Then the second week I had sort of a congestion, so I was talking very nasally. But overall, I was okay.”

Scabbia also expressed her frustration with those who still refuse to get vaccinated:

“Well, that’s a hard topic because I get really, really angry, in a way, when I talk about this. Because I trust science. A lot of my friends are scientists, biologists, virologists, so I talk to them constantly. And to see people that have no idea about medicine, including me, because I never studied science or any type of matters related to science, thinking that they know everything about how a vaccine works, what’s in there, long-term risks, trials, it’s very depressing. Because now on Internet, everybody’s an expert after watching a couple of videos on YouTube or a web site created the day before from a person that you don’t know. Yet again some people [are] more willing to believe a person that they have no idea about instead of a whole community, a worldwide community, of doctors. And this is really depressing to me because we’re in 2022 [and] we should be open about that and, most of all, we shouldn’t make something that helps our health politic.

A lot of people are confusing politics and the vaccine. I mean, we’re still in between a pandemic — we’re right through a pandemic; we’re getting out, but we’re still in it — so we should trust who can help us to get out of this pandemic. So no YouTubers, no streamers, no unknown people on Internet; we should trust doctors because they’re studying the matter. They know what a virus is and they know how to fight it. They got together with other doctors around the world to solve the problem. Instead, all the other things are coming out. ‘Oh, it’s just for money.’ ‘Oh, it’s a political thing.’ ‘Oh, they want to control us.’ And I’m, like, how do they control you? You have this [lifts her smartphone]. You’re writing on Facebook. They know your cellphone. They know where you live. They know what you eat. They know when you go to the bathroom. Yet again, you think that they’re gonna be controlling you putting 5G with the vaccine. And I’m, like, ‘Really? Really?’

So the only thing that I can say is that it was very clear from the very beginning that the intent of the vaccine was to keep the bad symptoms down. It wasn’t intended to, ‘You’re never gonna get COVID.’ Because they’re still studying it.

There is always an answer, a clear answer for very [anti]-vaxxer that I talk to. Yet again, they don’t accept it. They like better to trust strangers or a fake study on a picture that everybody can manipulate. But no, [they think] it’s easier to manipulate a whole community of doctors around the world [who] don’t know each other.”

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Lacuna Coil Working On “Very Special Project”

Lacuna Coil are currently in the studio working on a “very special project.” The band said the following about that:

“Ready for #day2 of the recording of a very special project. Keep it classy and damn’ caffeinated! Any coffee maniac out there?”

Lacuna Coil Premiere “Veneficium” Live Video

Lacuna Coil have premiered a new live video for their song “Veneficium.” The footage is taken from the band’s new live release “Live From The Apocalypse,” which will be available on June 25. That effort will feature the band’s September 11, 2020 livestream show in which they performed “Black Anima” in full at the Alcatraz Club in Milan, Italy. Cristina Scabbia commented:

“‘Veneficium’ is the painful and fierce scream that rises from the darkness. Another day has born and has new hope in it, the poison inside has been defeated and a new refreshed and healed life can start again.”

Apocalyptica & Lacuna Coil Postpone North American Tour To 2022

Apocalyptica and Lacuna Coil have postponed their North American tour once again. The trek is now set for 2022.

Tour Dates:

04/07 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
04/08 Orlando, FL – The Plaza Live
04/10 Houston, TX – House of Blues
04/11 Dallas, TX – House of Blues
04/12 Austin, TX – Emo’s
04/14 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
04/15 Phoenix, AZ – Van Buren
04/16 Los Angeles, CA – The Belasco
04/17 San Francisco, CA – The Regency
04/18 Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom
04/19 Seattle, WA – Showbox Sodo
04/20 Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
04/21 Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
04/23 Edmonton, AB – Midway
04/24 Calgary, AB – The Palace
04/26 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue
04/27 Chicago, IL – House of Blues
04/28 Detroit, MI – St. Andrew’s Hall
04/29 Pittsburgh, PA – Roxian
04/30 Albany, NY – Empire Live
05/01 Hartford, CT – Webster Theatre
05/02 New York, NY – Webster Hall
05/03 Boston, MA – Big Night Live
05/04 Montreal, QC – MTELUS
05/05 Toronto, ON – Queen Elizabeth Theatre 4

Iron Maiden Announce “Legacy Of The Beast” In-Game Collaboration With Lacuna Coil

Iron Maiden have teamed up with Lacuna Coil for a new collaboration inside their “Legacy Of The Beast” mobile game. As part of the collaboration, Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia will be appearing in the game as a character called “The Shadow Sorceress.”

A press release offered more details:

“Iron Maiden’s Legacy of the Beast free-to-play mobile game is excited to announce another in-game collaboration, this time with Italian metal band Lacuna Coil.

Following the sensational debut band collaboration in April with Amon Amarth, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast has now teamed up with another metal band, Lacuna Coil, that has shared festival stages with them on numerous occasions since their formation in 1994, to create a new limited time in-game event and character.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast wanted a character that would fit perfectly into a story with Mystic Eddie, a fully-fledged seer that can control his visions (based on Maiden’s classic track “The Clairvoyant” from their legendary ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ album). The result of this collaboration is a dungeon entitled ‘The Search for the Black Anima’ & The Shadow Sorceress, a character influenced by Lacuna Coil’s interest in the creative force that comes from the ‘shadow side’ and featured in their 2019 album, ‘Black Anima‘.

The week-long event will take fans and players on a journey to find a malevolent entity who has become a harbinger of other evil creatures. It’s within these forsaken lands that Iron Maiden’s famous mascot Eddie and his eternal confidant and guide, the wise and ancient Alchemist encounter the Shadow Sorceress, a mysterious wielder of dark arcane power. She has been drawn to the area, with a keen interest in what she calls the “Black Anima”. With the help of Eddie and the Alchemist, their goals are seemingly in line as they battle their way through waves of monsters.

Meet the Shadow Sorceress in ‘The Search for the Black Anima’ on Monday, June 7th, 2021 at 5pm PT in ‘Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast’ mobile game.

Explaining the series of collaborations, band manager Rod Smallwood explains:

“Legacy of the Beast was built on a foundation of Iron Maiden songs, art and history, but has also always been about introducing and developing creative ideas that extended beyond Maiden and, just as we’ve always invited bands out to tour with us, we are delighted to invite some friends to become part of our game and to provide another dimension to the fun, dexterity and excitement of it.”

In Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, metal and RPG gaming fans take on the role of the band’s iconic mascot, Eddie who travels through time, across a spectacularly diverse array of worlds in captivating 3D environments. Eddie appears in many forms, each a part of Iron Maiden‘s rich history, and each with a set of special powers and abilities.

Vocalist and one of the founding members of Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil, Andrea Ferro says,

“A Lacuna Coil inspired character will be featured in the “Iron Maiden” video game “Legacy of The Beast”… whaaat? Yeah, I’m that excited about this collaboration! Come on, “Maiden” man! I remember me and Maki blasting “Powerslave”, “Seventh Son” and all the other classics as young skateboarding kids getting into playing music. Heavy Metal, monsters and video games, that’s half my lifestyle right there. Horns Up!”

Lacuna Coil singer, Cristina Scabbia says,

“My first experience with Iron Maiden was about 30 years ago, I picked up Piece of Mind because I was really impressed by the cover. They sounded like nothing I had heard before then and it was instant love!” Cristina continues. “I’ve always been attracted to video games, they’re awesome as they project you into a different dimension and allow you to live a different life, even if for a short moment. I prefer games with a storyline because I like to be embraced by it, get familiar with the characters I am playing with and get involved at the maximum level.”

Players can earn the Shadow Sorceress character for FREE from June 7th – July 5th, 2021.”

Lacuna Coil Premiere “Apocalypse” Live Video

Lacuna Coil have premiered a new live video for their song “Apocalypse.” The footage is taken from the band’s new live release “Live From The Apocalypse,” which will be available on June 25. That effort will feature the band’s September 11, 2020 livestream show in which they performed “Black Anima” in full at the Alcatraz Club in Milan, Italy.

Cristina Scabbia commented:

“Looking at the sand gliding down through the hourglass… ‘Apocalypse‘ is factual and actual in today’s pandemic, though, we couldn’t foresee this when we wrote it: the separation, the solitude, the confusion, the resilience. We keep on fighting for our will to survive.”

Fellow vocalist Andrea Ferro added:

“Apocalypse is usually a huge concept involving destruction or damage and the way the world ends. In our vision, there’s no big apocalypse just endless little ones. Ignorance, complacency, selfishness alone can bring apocalypse.”

Lacuna Coil To Release New Live Album/Film “Live From The Apocalypse”

Lacuna Coil will be releasing a new live album/film titled “Live From The Apocalypse” on June 25. The effort will feature the band’s September 11, 2020 livestream show in which they performed “Black Anima” in full at the Alcatraz Club in Milan, Italy. The following formats will be available: CD+DVD digipak, gatefold 2LP+DVD and LP booklet, and digital album. A video for the first single, “Bad Things,” can be found below:

“Live From The Apocalypse” Track Listing:

01. “Anima Nera”
02. “Sword Of Anger”
03. “Save Me”
04. “Now Or Never”
05. “Reckless”
06. “Through The Flames”
07. “Apocalypse”
08. “Black Feathers”
09. “Under The Surface”
10. “The End Is All I Can See”
11. “Veneficium”
12. “Black Dried Up Heart”
13. “Bad Things”
14. “Layers Of Time”
15. “Black Anima”
16. “Save Me (Apocalypse Version)”

Andrea Ferro commented:

“On one hand, it felt awkward to play for a huge empty room. But on the other hand, it felt great to finally reconnect with our fans at home and with the people working behind the scenes. A lot of people enjoyed the show — it was definitely a one-off event loaded with a lot of emotions and feelings. ‘Live From The Apocalypse’ is an opportunity to offer a new release to our fans while the COVID-19 crisis is still a real thing, affecting them and us. The live album represents a unique moment in our career (and life) that will be forever remembered as that one time when we literally ‘rose from the Apocalypse.'”