Malefic Throne (Morbid Angel, Origin, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Deciding The Hierarchy”

Malefic Throne, the new project featuring Gene Palubicki (Perdition Temple), Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel), and John Longstreth (Origin, Hate Eternal), have premiered a new song titled “Deciding The Hierarchy.” This track is from the band’s upcoming self-titled EP, which will be released through Hells Headbangers. Palubicki said the following about the project:

“Malefic Throne was conceived over conversations and shared ideas among the three of us since around summer of 2020, deep in the early pandemic upheaval, while everyone was — and has been — in limbo for live shows/tours/etc. We hit on the idea of just going for it, writing some furious death metal material with the three of us, and seeing what would happen. Given who the bandmembers are, it is surely clear the nature of what this is all about. We originally considered just doing an independently released demo, but we approached Hells Headbangers to see if they were interested in handling the debut EP release. They agreed, and onward it goes.”

Deeds Of Flesh To Play First U.S. Show In Over 15 Years At 2022 Maryland Deathfest

Deeds Of Flesh have been added to next year’s Maryland Deathfest. The set will serve as the band’s first U.S. show in over 15 years.

The group commented:

“We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be playing the Maryland Deathfest in May of 2022. It will be our first show on U.S. soil in over 15 years! The set list will contain songs from a mix of old and new albums. Let the pummeling begin!

UPDATE: This is likely to be THE ONLY U.S. show in 2022. We won’t be adding any dates around Maryland, so get your asses there if you want to see the show. Power Plant Live on Saturday, May 28, 2022″

The festival is scheduled to take place in Baltimore, MD on May 26-29 and the daily lineups can be found below:

May 26 (Rams Head Live): Asthma Castle, Acid Witch, Cough, Frizzi 2 Fulci (Fabio Frizzi in Concert. A Tribute to Lucio Fulci), Primitive Man, Warmask, and Yautja.

May 26 (Soundstage): Funerus, Limbsplitter, Mortiferum, Putrid Pile, Scattered Remnants, and Skeletal Remains.

May 26 (Power Plant Live!): Mortician

May 27 (Edison Lot): Atheist, Bloodbath, Carcass, Graveyard, Massacre, Monstrosity, Obituary, Suffocation, and Scorched.

May 27 (Rams Head Live): Blaze Of Perdition, Panzerfaust, The Ruins Of Beverast, and Spite.

May 27 (Soundstage): ACxDC, Antichrist, At War, Blood Feast, Cloud Rat, Fistula, Fuck The Facts, Miasmatic Necrosis, and No/Mas.

May 27 (Power Plant Live!): Vio-lence

May 28 (Edison Lot): Cancer, Cardiac Arrest, Cavalera (Max and Iggor Cavalera performing songs from Sepultura‘s “Beneath The Remains” & “Arise“), Cerebral Rot, Coroner, Dismember, Enforced, Imprecation, Novembers Doom, Onslaught, Triptykon, and Vircolac.

May 28 (Rams Head Live): Impure, Avslut, Necrophobic, and Nifelheim.

May 28 (Soundstage): Backslider, Cadaveric Incubator, Flesh Parade, Haemorrhage, Holy Cost, Impaled, Malignant Altar, Napalm Raid, Skitsystem, and Throaat.

May 28 (Power Plant Live!): Deeds Of Flesh and Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench.

May 29 (Edison Lot): Blood Incantation, Demilich, Destruction, Divine Eve, Hypocrisy, Morbid Angel, Necrofier, Nocturnus AD, Nunslaughter, Sacrilegia, Triumph Of Death, and Valkyrja.

May 29 (Rams Head Live): Archgoat, Devil Master, Dark Fortress, and Sacramentum (performing “Far Away From The Sun” in full)

May 29 (Soundstage): Antichrist Siege Machine, Birdflesh, Butcher ABC, General Surgery, Gravesend, Shock Narcotic, Warfck, Whoresnation, and Zombie Assault.

May 29 (Power Plant Live!): Exhorder

Outer Heaven Release New Covers EP “In Tribute…”

Outer Heaven have digitally released a new covers EP titled “In Tribute…“ The effort, which can be streamed below, features covers of Repulsion’s “Maggots In Your Coffin,” Morbid Angel’s “Word Of Shit (The Promised Land),” Pig Destroyer’s “Junkyard God,” Mortician’s “Drowned In Your Blood,” and Death’s “Secret Face.”

The band commented:

“In the very uncertain and depressing times during the beginning of the pandemic, we wanted to find a way to keep ourselves occupied as a band. With shows falling to the wayside for the foreseeable future, we decided to push our efforts into celebrating our label, Relapse Records, in their 30th year.

We scoured the timeless discography of the label and chose a handful of tracks that meant a lot to us, and decided to record covers of them as an offering of tribute to the label and all the fans who have supported us all this time. We also recorded an extra 5th track from outside the RR discography that we just couldn’t resist including with this release. We hope this will do the job of holding everyone over as we complete work on our 2nd full length album! DEATH METAL FOREVER!”

Behemoth’s Nergal Recruits Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Exodus, Etc. Members For New Me And That Man Album “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 2”

Me And That Man, the dark folk project featuring Behemoth’s Adam “Nergal” Darski, have revealed the details for their new album “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 2.” The effort will be released on November 19 and pre-orders can be found HERE.

Here’s the guests that will appear on the record:

  • Gary Holt (Exodus)
  • Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God)
  • Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy)
  • Devin Townsend
  • David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel)
  • Hank Von Hell (ex-Turbonegro)
  • Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden)
  • Olve “Abbath” Eikemo (ex-Immortal)
  • Doug Blair (W.A.S.P.)
  • Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver)
  • Jeff “Mantas” Dunn (Venom Inc.)
  • Michale Graves (ex-Misfits)
  • Chris Georgiadis (Turbowolf)
  • Mary Goore
  • Anders Odden (Cadaver, Satyricon)
  • Chris Holmes (ex-W.A.S.P.)
  • Douglas Blair (W.A.S.P.)
  • Ralf Gyllenhammar (Mustasch)
  • Myrkur
  • Frank The Baptist

Here’s the track listing:

01. “Black Hearse Cadillac” (feat. Hank Von Hell, Anders Odden)
02. “Under The Spell” (feat. Mary Goore)
03. “All Hope Has Gone” (feat. Blaze Bayley, Gary Holt, Jeff Mantas Dunn)
04. “Witches Don’t Fall in Love” (feat. Kristoffer Rygg)
05. “Losing My Blues” (feat. Olve “Abbath” Eikemo, Frank The Baptist, Chris Holmes)
06. “Coldest Day In Hell” (feat Ralf Gyllenhammar, Douglas Blair)
07. “Year Of The Snake” (feat. David Vincent)
08. “Blues & Cocaine” (feat. Michale Graves)
09. “Silver Halide Echoes” (feat. Randy Blythe)
10. “Goodbye” (feat. Alissa White-Gluz, Devin Townsend)
11. “Angel Of Light” (feat. Myrkur)
12. “Got Your Tongue” (feat. Chris Georgiadis)

Nergal said the following about the album:

“Here we go again, mother lovers! ‘New Man, New Songs, Same Shit VOLUME 2‘. You guys know the drill, I recruited the best of the best in heavy music to collaborate on some unique tracks me and the Polish, Italian and Ukrainian crew have been working on over the last 18 months.

Once again, the result, amazing and the performances, inspired! Thank you, Comrades – Abbath, Alissa, Amalie, Anders, Blaze, Chris G, Chris H, David, Devin, Douglas, Frank, Gary, Hank, Jeff, Kris, M.Goore, Michale, Ralf and Randy. Who knows when we’ll get together to play these songs but I will try my best to make it happen! Enjoy it everyone!”

A video for the effort’s first single, “Got Your Tongue” (feat. Chris Georgiadis), can be found below:

Max & Iggor Cavalera, Morbid Angel, Destruction, And Enforced Added To 2022 Maryland Deathfest

Max & Iggor Cavalera, Morbid Angel, Destruction, and Enforced have been added to next year’s Maryland Deathfest. That event is scheduled to take place in Baltimore, MD on May 26-29, 2022 and the updated daily lineups can be found below. Notably, the Cavalera brothers plan to perform songs from Sepultura’s “Beneath The Remains” and “Arise“ during their set.


May 26 (at Rams Head Live):

  • Asthma Castle
  • Acid Witch
  • Cough
  • Frizzi 2 Fulci (Fabio Frizzi in Concert. A Tribute to Lucio Fulci)
  • Primitive Man
  • Warmask
  • Yautja

May 26 (at Soundstage):

  • Funerus
  • Limbsplitter
  • Mortician
  • Mortiferum
  • Putrid Pile
  • Scattered Remnants
  • Skeletal Remains

May 27 (at Edison Lot):

  • Atheist
  • Bloodbath
  • Carcass
  • Graveyard
  • Massacre
  • Monstrosity
  • Obituary
  • Suffocation
  • Scorched

May 27 (at Rams Head Live):

  • Blaze of Perdition
  • Panzerfaust
  • Spite

May 27 (at Soundstage):

  • ACxDC
  • Antichrist
  • At War
  • Blood Feast
  • Cloud Rat
  • Fistula
  • Fuck the Facts
  • Miasmatic Necrosis
  • No/Mas
  • Vio-lence

May 28 (at Edison Lot):

  • Cancer
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Cavalera (Max and Iggor Cavalera performing songs from Sepultura‘s “Beneath The Remains” & “Arise“)
  • Cerebral Rot
  • Coroner
  • Dismember
  • Enforced
  • Imprecation
  • Novembers Doom
  • Onslaught
  • Triptykon
  • Vircolac

May 28 (at Rams Head Live):

  • Impure
  • Avslut
  • Necrophobic
  • Nifelheim

May 28 (at Soundstage):

  • Backslider
  • Cadaveric Incubator
  • Flesh Parade
  • Haemorrhage
  • Holy Cost
  • Impaled
  • Malignant Altar
  • Napalm Raid
  • Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench
  • Skitsystem
  • Throaat

May 29 (at Edison Lot):

  • Blood Incantation
  • Demilich
  • Destruction
  • Divine Eve
  • Hypocrisy
  • Morbid Angel
  • Necrofier
  • Nocturnus AD
  • Nunslaughter
  • Sacrilegia
  • Triumph of Death
  • Valkyrja

May 29 (at Rams Head Live):

  • Archgoat
  • Devil Master
  • Dark Fortress
  • Sacramentum (performing ‘Far Away From The Sun‘ in its entirety)

May 29 (at Soundstage):

  • Antichrist Siege Machine
  • Birdflesh
  • Butcher ABC
  • Exhorder
  • General Surgery
  • Gravesend
  • Shock Narcotic
  • Warfck
  • Whoresnation
  • Zombie Assault

I Am Morbid To Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Morbid Angel’s “Blessed Are The Sick” On Fall European/UK Tour

I Am Morbid, the band featuring former Morbid Angel members David Vincent and Tim Yeung alongside Bill Hudson (Circle II Circle) and Kelly McLauchlin, have announced that they will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Morbid Angel’s “Blessed Are The Sick” on a European/UK tour this fall. Grave, Gruesome, and Pyrexia will serve as support.

Tour Dates:

09/15 Essen, GER – Turock
09/16 Colmar, FRA – Le Grillen
09/17 Paris, FRA – L’Empreinte
09/18 Drachten, NET – Pitfest
09/19 Brussels, BEL – Botanique
09/20 London, UK – Islington Academy
09/21 Manchester, UK – Rebellion
09/22 Cardiff, UK – Fuel
09/23 Wolverhampton, UK – KK’s Steel Mill
09/26 Kassel, GER – Goldgrube
09/27 Rotterdam, NET – Baroeg
09/28 Osnabrück, GER – Bastard Club
09/29 Katowice, POL – P23
09/30 Poznan, POL – Tama Club
10/01 Leipzig, GER – Hellraiser
10/03 Weinheim, GER – Cafe Central
10/04 Graz, AUT – Explosiv
10/06 Kranj, SLO – Trainstation
10/07 Bratislava, SVK – MCC Majestic
10/08 Budapest, HUN – Instant
10/10 Prague, CZE – Nova Chmelnice

Morbid Angel’s Trey Azagthoth Reportedly Told Police That He’s A “Professional Drinker” During DUI Arrest

According to The Smoking Gun, Morbid Angel’s George Emmanuel (aka Trey Azagthoth) got arrested for a DUI after being pulled over for speeding in Florida on January 1. The guitarist, who admitted to taking shots of whiskey before getting behind the wheel, reportedly had a blood alcohol content that was nearly three times the legal limit. Emmanuel was given some sobriety tests, which he ended up failing. Despite this, he allegedly told the officer that he was okay to drive because he’s “a professional drinker.” Emmanuel was ultimately arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge, before being released from a county jail the following day.

[via Blabbermouth]

“Ultimate Edition” Of Morbid Angel’s “Altars Of Madness” To Be Released In May

Earache Records will be releasing an “Ultimate Edition” of Morbid Angel‘s 1989 album “Altars Of Madness” on May 29. The reissue features a “full dynamic range” remastering job, new artwork, a b-side titled “Lord Of All Fevers & Plague,” and a 1989 live album titled “Juvenilia.“ Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

01. “Immortal Rites”
02. “Suffocation”
03. “Visions From The Dark Side”
04. “Maze Of Torment”
05. “Lord Of All Fevers & Plague”
06. “Chapel Of Ghouls”
07. “Bleed For The Devil”
08. “Damnation”
09. “Blasphemy”
10. “Evil Spells”

Disc 2:

01. “Immortal Rites”
02. “Suffocation”
03. “Visions From The Dark Side”
04. “Maze Of Torment”
05. “Chapel Of Ghouls”
06. “Guitar Solo”
07. “Bleed For The Devil”
08. “Damnation”
09. “Blasphemy”
10. “Lord Of All Fevers & Plague”
11. “Evil Spells”

David Vincent (Ex-Morbid Angel) To Release “I Am Morbid” Autobiography In February

David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel, etc.) will be releasing his autobiography “I Am Morbid” on February 11 via Jawbone Press. Pre-orders are available via Amazon.

Here’s a description of the book:

“‘I Am Morbid” tells the astounding story of David Vincent, former bassist and singer with Morbid Angel, and now outlaw-country performer and leader of the I Am Morbid supergroup. Written with the bestselling author Joel McIver, it’s an autobiography that transcends the heavy metal category by its very nature. Much more than a mere memoir, I Am Morbid is an instruction manual for life at the sharp end—a gathering of wisdom distilled into ten acute lessons for anyone interested in furthering their fortunes in life.

Morbid Angel redefined the term pioneers. A band of heavy-metal-loving kids from all over America who broke through a host of music industry prejudices and went on to scale huge commercial heights, they introduced a whole new form of extreme music to the world. Formed in 1984, and breaking into the limelight in 1989 with their devastating first album, Altars Of Madness, the Florida death-metal legends became the first band of their genre to sign to a major label, from which point they came to dominate the worldwide metal scene for two decades and beyond.

David left Morbid Angel in 1996, and again, following a reunion, in 2015. For the first time, I Am Morbid explores the reasons behind his departure, and the transformation of his life, career, and music in the years since. This is a classic but never predictable tale of a man who has fought convention every step of the way—and won.”