Revocation Are In The Studio

It looks like Revocation are in the studio working on their new album. The band made the below Instagram post with the caption “It begins…”.

It begins…

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Former Revocation Drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne Accepts $30,000 Settlement After Oklahoma City Arrest

According to NewsOK, former Revocation drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne, who also serves as a drum tech for Cannibal Corpse, has accepted a $30,000 settlement from the Oklahoma City Council, after filing a suit against the city and three police officers for false arrest and excessive force. The suit stemmed from an August 8, 2014 arrest that left him with a broken arm during a Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest after-party.

Dubois-Coyne was detained and charged with public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and resisting a police officer. Before his arrest, he was apparently chanting “Fuck the police” and “Kill the police,” however his attorney has argued that the chanting was protected under the First Amendment and that part of it was just lyrics from Body Count’s “Cop Killer.”

Dubois-Coyne was treated at a local hospital and spent 12 hours in jail that night, and pleaded no contest to public drunkenness in Oklahoma City Municipal Court last November. He had to pay $178 for that, but the other charges were dismissed in 2015.

You can read more about all that at NewsOK.

Dave Davidson Discusses New Revocation Material & Upcoming Side Project

Revocation’s Dave Davidson was recently interviewed by, and discussed some of the new material the band have been working on. You read what he had to say about that and his upcoming side project with Berserk Lout (Ayahuasca) below.

Davidson on new Revocation material:

“We are writing new material right now. We got a lot of cool songs in the works. I’m really excited about the new material. We’ve definitely been on a trend of getting more and more death metal on each release, and I think it’s gonna continue on that path. This is probably going to be our most death metal album to date. It’s also super progressive though. It’s going to be like a mean, progressive death metal record, with some thrash elements thrown in. I’m stoked on it.”

He also added the following about his new side project:

“We wanted to use Virus as a base for our sound. From there it’s developed and morphed out into it’s own thing. Vocally it will be all singing, there’ll be no screaming. It sounds like a weird amalgamation of avant-garde influences like Virus, some cool hooky vocal melodies, like some parts remind me of Alice In Chains, some parts remind me of Faith No More.

The dude I’m working with, Lout, he’s a Canadian, he lives up in Toronto, he’s the guitar player for Ayahuasca. They’re an incredible metal, rock band, and it’s a real pleasure to work with him. He’s super talented, and yea, I think we have about seven songs written so far, so we need like three more to go and we’ll have a full length. I’m probably saying too much right now cause I have no idea when we’re gonna get other members, or thinkg about recording, but that’s been in the works…”

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Revocation To Release “Existence Is Futile” On Vinyl

Revocation will be releasing “Existence Is Futile” on vinyl for the first time on October 6. It will be available on amber marble vinyl (USA retail exclusive – limited to 500), pastel orange vinyl (USA exclusive – limited to 200), green vinyl (USA exclusive – limited to 100), 180 gram black vinyl (European exclusive – limited to 400), pale golden yellow vinyl (European exclusive – limited to 200), and clear orange vinyl (European exclusive – limited to 100). Preorders are available at

At long last "Existence Is Futile" will finally be seeing its first ever vinyl release on October 6th! This is the only album in our catalogue yet to be issued on vinyl and we're very stoked to offer a bunch of different exclusive color options for the US and Europe. Here's the breakdown: –Amber Marble Vinyl (USA Retail exclusive – limited to 500 copies) –Pastel Orange Vinyl (USA exclusive – limited to 200 copies) –Green Vinyl (USA exclusive – limited to 100 copies) –180g Black Vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 400 copies) –Pale Golden Yellow Vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies) –Clear Orange Vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 100 copies) You can preorder in the USA at the link in our bio!

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Gorguts, Revocation, Fallujah, Havok, & Venom Prison Announce 2017 European Dates

Gorguts, Revocation, Fallujah, Havok, and Venom Prison have announced some European shows together. Check out the dates:

08/14 Wiesbaden, GER – Schlachthof
08/15 Leipzig, GER – Naumanns
08/16 Rotterdam, NET – Baroeg
08/17 Oberhausen, GER – Kulttempel