Nonpoint Release New Version Of “Frontlines”

Nonpoint have released a new version of their song “Frontlines.“ The track, which has been re-titled “Remember Me (A Frontlines Tribute),” is dedicated to workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. The original version of the song is from the band’s 2010 album “Miracle.“

Sparta (Ex-At The Drive In) Premiere “Miracle” Video

Sparta (ex-At The Drive In) have premiered a new video for their new song “Miracle.” This track is from the band’s new album “Trust The River,” which will be released on April 10.

Jim Ward told Consequence Of Sound the following:

“(Once in the studio) I had all the parts to a song that was being written in the moment…we rehearsed it through twice, then recorded a version to listen back to. That version is what you hear now- we never touched it again.

It was an experience I’ve never had before, a song exploding into existence and never looking back….it’s inspired by a fictional timeless romance that’s not been allowed. Lovers who, for whatever reason, can’t share a home or a life. Maybe the lovers are in a time when interracial or interfaith or homosexual relationships are forbidden – but the tag of the song is ‘sometimes miracles come late.’

As in – don’t give up on the love, don’t give up on the faith, don’t give up on hope – don’t give up on the song.”

Relapse Records Release 2018 Sampler Featuring YOB, Pig Destroyer, Myrkur, Etc.

Relapse Records have released a new 33 song sampler featuring songs from YOB, Pig Destroyer, Myrkur, Windhand, Skinless, and more. You can download that HERE and stream it below:

Marty Friedman (Ex-Megadeth) Premieres Personal Video For “Miracle”

Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) has shared a personal music video for his track “Miracle,” via Loudwire. This song is from his latest album “Wall Of Sound.“

Friedman said the following:

“Once you’ve grown up in this complicated world, it’s easy to forget the simpler times that were so important in making you who you are now, as well as the people in your family who put up with all of the loud music, smoke and noise coming from your bedroom, and all the other BS that you put them through. With this video, rather than looking at how much of a goofy kid I was, I hope that it inspires you to think about your own family or whoever was closest to you when you were just starting out in the world.”